So our first week of the illegally installed sock puppet clown regime is now done & officially in the books. We just got our first taste of American styled communism & just how fucking incompetent and stupid this Deep State globalist puppet President truly is. This comes as no surprise to any of us who saw through all the gaffes & fakery of his non campaign charade right from the very start. Those of us who disputed the blatantly open, in your face, fraud election and marxist steal that put him in the Oval Office. He is doing everything his master’s voice demands through that earpiece; manifesting the purpose and agenda of his handlers behind the curtain; signing away the future of this country with each executive order, one right after another. However, not all is well in Mudville even as many of the most poorly informed of our electorate sheep who actually voted for this worm are starting to wake up to a giant headache of buyers’ remorse. We told you so, assholes. They swallowed the Media’s big lie hook, line and sinker about how an old, bobble-headed, demented fool who is three sandwiches short of a picnic would make a better president than bad Orange Man Hitler. I guess we’re all supposed to just sit back and watch the DC shit show series finale as the capitol city of our nation is turned into a walled, forcibly armed, military occupied citadel now exclusively the private domain of our Washington elite, their donors & special interest groups. Seems we normal Americans are considered persona non grata in “Capitol City” and no longer welcomed there. Seems we normal Americans are now all “domestic terrorists.” That’s their new message of the next propaganda crusade.

Speaking of the evil Congressional spawn & their special interest toadies, they are all just drooling & toobining themselves silly over the old DC gravy train starting up again; and have you noticed the insider trading on Capital Hill is now back in vogue as we saw this last week with Pelosi’s recent $1 million play in the Options Market. Remember now, don’t you peasants dare try this at home because we’ve made it illegal for everyone else but ourselves! We’ll throw your upstart asses in jail if you start making too much money, too fast and too easily! Only we are allowed to do that.

I hope you all have enjoyed our very brief, yet temporary excursion, into DOW 30K territory, because I don’t think it will last much longer. Congress’s real talent is in voting themselves regular pay raises when they can’t even be bothered to help most Americans struggling to stay alive after suffering the destruction wrought by their covid scamdemic. Seems these days, our corrupt political class are the only ones able to laugh all the way to the bank with their lobbyists’ suitcases full of cash & bribes. If you’re a true American, all the stops are now being pulled out to destroy and bury you by those who promised to represent your interests in exchange for that vote you give them to hold that power over you. So much for trust, eh? No one is safe: just ask Josh Hawley how standing up for real Americans & making America first is working out for him. How about Marjorie Taylor Greene being villainized for only being good friends with President Trump & supporting his policies? It’s the crime of the century and she must be removed! The marxist DC crime syndicate is out for blood on any and all of their political opposition. Now that they have already stolen the election and cheated themselves into complete control over all three branches of whatever was left of our government, the Donkees no longer fear any reprisals from anyone for their actions. Your public lynching is acceptable if you disagree with them, so long as they’re the ones doing the lynching.

Practically every position of power in this country has been infiltrated, commandeered and corrupted by their marxist, America hating scum so now the ugly truth may finally be told; they don’t care about anyone but themselves; worse, they don’t even care that they don’t care! And they also don’t care if you notice that they don’t care that they don’t care. They now own the system and have already corrupted it to the point where it’s now only another part of their Mafia, covering their wretched criminal asses thru the courts, Congress, the DOJ and the FBI. Are they drunk on their own power? Definitely! Are they insane? Quite possibly. Will they eventually overreach? Guaranteed!  While they may be on top holding the high ground for now, it is still a tenuous & precarious advantage to indefinitely maintain because they are in NO way even close to being the majority! That’s the bitch of this entirely fucked up situation! How only 25% of the country is capable to hold the other 75% hostage through forced lawfare and the insidious cancel culture bullshit. So far, the only reason they’re getting away with all of this nonsense is because of their flock of appalling acquiescent sheep who continue to support their ignorant insanity. Seriously, isn’t it enough these brainwashed assholes are total embarrassments, but do they also have to bend on their knees in supplication to CEO’s of companies who hate their guts, a Media that wants them to forever remain cowed & uninformed, and a Congress who expects them to pay for all of it thru increased, arbitrary and unrepresented taxation? These brainless donkey fools are all in for one very rude awakening, soon. You can only push good people so far; especially when those good people are righteously armed and pissed off Americans. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. I mean nothing, if it ain’t free.

One of the favorite heroes of the brainless donkey brigade is that fucking annoying and obnoxious, dwarf lawn gnome fraud, Fauci. Have you noticed how Fauci has suddenly come back into the celebrity spotlight again, now that Team Joe is up at bat? We’re now back to “Dr. Fauci says this, Dr. Fauci says that, Dr. Fauci is the savior of Humanity, celebrate Dr. Fauci appreciation month,” Blah, blah, blah. For fucks sake! Somebody bet Fauci in a bar he could spook all the sheep into wear three masks. After all, if one mask supposedly protects people from the Rona, wouldn’t wearing two masks be twice as safe? Wearing three, three times more safe? Somebody has to be working really hard to make up all of this shit and keep it going. It’s all a big fucking joke to that old bastard; and he’s having the last laugh, by making money hand over fist putting Americans out of work with his chink virus boogeyman. I hope I see him hang, along with an entire boat load of his fellow traitors, seditionists, insurrectionists and Congress, but there I go being redundant, again.  

So here we are, at the end of the first inning in the biggest series game evah. If our side actually starts putting people on base and scoring runs later in the game, look for them to change up the rules again or resort to more drastic measures. If they have to, they’ll push to completely eliminate us all one way or another. You’re already hearing them float the genocide ballon with talk about “re-education” and “social containment.” That’s donkeespeak for killing fields and gas showers. Not to worry, the chinese & their tools at the United Nations have Old Joey’s back should things with their “fundamental transformation” of America start to go seriously wrong and into the shitter. Count on it. That’s why while they should be living in abject fear of what’s coming their way, they don’t. I’m not going to sugar pill the situation for you; we face an incredible uphill battle not only to save America, but quite possibly, the entire World. If the light of America is extinguished, Western Civilization dies right along with it and the World will descend into a new Dark Ages from which it may not ever again escape, at least not in our lifetimes. Trump made us feared & respected again because every world leader war lord wannabe knew their asses would be stomped if they even thought about fucking with us. Now, Antigua could invade Cuba and Sniffer Joe would surrender the US if his masters told him to do so. They know they can’t take us on one on one and win because they’d have the piss shot out of them; so they’ll instead go into siege mode by slowly taking away our ability to survive before we can decide we’ve had enough and fight back. This is the old Stalin-Soviet playbook. Not happening!

The good news is they will FAIL because one way or another, coups without a majority support ultimately all FAIL. Rules, edicts, executive orders and laws don’t mean jack shit when you must constantly beat an entire citizenry into submission to obey them. People tend to remember and carry grudges. The Civil War taught us that. You can’t impose “rule” over a constitutional republic; it just can’t permanently work that way. The only reason they continue gloating at our expense is because we let them, at least for now. The only reason they continue abusing our Rule of Law against while they carry on with their many crimes everyday is because we let them, at least for now. It’s only been less than two weeks & their big FU to us is already wearing thin. I strongly suggest we extend Harris and her cuck grandad from Scranton the very same courtesy their side has given us for the last four years. Sorry, NO unity or healing for you, motherfuckers! Communists don’t appreciate civility.

And while we’re at it, lets start telling the Karen mask nazis they can go fuck off, too. Just do it, you’ll feel better! I guarantee it! When they question why you’re not wearing a mask, tell them loudly you don’t support communism talking over the entire World; and if they persist start yelling & calling them racists! Turn THEIR sick &twisted woke game around against them; put them on the defensive and don’t let up! Threaten to call the police and charge them with communicating a threat! Tell them you feel fear for your life. Accuse them of assuming white privilege & superiority. They’ll fold like cheap Walmart lawn chairs & slink away the very first second they get the least amount of push back because they’re not smart enough to think through the consequences of sticking their big fat noses in other people’s business. Walk tall for what is right & carry that big stick. They no longer care about civility, so why should we? This approach works. I know, because I’ve watched me do it on more than one occasion, with success.

I’m finding more and more people are no longer cooperating anymore with all of this gaslighting bullshit; and why should they? I’m an American; I am not nor will I ever be one of these pathetic Pod People. Look out, because I expect all of this is going to another entirely different level once they take out the Sniffer and Harris becomes President. Don’t be fooled; know that’s coming. That’s always been their original plan and they’ve come too far with too many crimes which have hurt so many people to quit their plan at this point. That’s when we’re going to see shit get really serious and this time, it won’t matter how much the Media works overtime to paper over the truth. Meanwhile, Congress continues jamming through their communist wish list faster than Nadler can mess himself. Even though the weather is still cold outside, and the official start of riot season is three months away, keep playing generous with the Hoppes 9 and steel yourself for a wild ride ahead. The Left is already starting to fracture and eat their own; their Brownshirts no longer as useful to the cause as they once were last year, and shit is going to go south once they realize the Rats played them like an out of tune piano. Stay prepared, sit back & enjoy the show. We won’t need to jump into the fray until after they’ve already slaughtered most of themselves; which they will. Pray for America and also keep your fellow patriots in your prayers. I keep all of you in mine and I always will. My brush with mortality last month gave me a great, fresh outlook on life, and no junta of thieves and criminals can ever change that. Only a very few things in this life ever turn out to be really “worth it.”  Defending this country against communist scum is definitely one of them.  

Stay safe & carry on,

General Mossberg