Some times, it’s difficult to sit down and write a Double Barrel which doesn’t eventually morph into an anger laced tirade full of wishes of great bodily harm to all of the anti-American, socialist garbage who are doing everything possible in their power to bring this country to its knees. It’s as if everything else in the World simply stopped happening because even though he is no longer the President, the Media STILL can’t STOP focusing all of their hate and vitriol on Donald Trump! He’s still their number one boogeyman; still living rent free inside all of their heads. Ok, every once in a blue moon they do take a spare moment to pillar any conservatives left in Congress with more of the same, dishonest “storming the Capitol,” and “attack on our cherished democracy” propaganda. They also can’t seem to get enough of droning on and on about “white supremacy, income inequality” and their all time favorite pet cause, “systemic racism.” Blah, blah, blah. If you are unfortunate enough to somehow have to suffer through watching the News on a Monday; try turning off & ignoring your television for the rest of the week (highly recommended), you’ll discover the next time you become curious enough to turn it back on, not a damned thing has really changed or is any different. Nothing. It’s still the same legion of apparatchik talking heads, spouting & spewing the same key words, half truths, complete lies, talking points and cooked narratives: the same teams of bobbled headed paid contributors providing “in-depth analysis” which is just another way of telling us what they think we should think. It’s like Groundhog Day without Bill Murray, everyday! It’s not news reporting, it’s opinionated, editorial activism weaponized into a form of media mind and thought control. 

Only listen to these tools and fools if you dare; or, whenever you need a good laugh! All of their empty, endless blabbering rotates around three fundamental narrative lines their masters have ordered them to push: Orange Man bad, Joe is the second coming of Christ and everyone who voted for Trump is a “domestic terrorist.” They might change up the wording while tossing in more recent sound bites or photo ops; but eventually, they steer everything right back to “Trump bad, Joe good, and regular Americans dangerous” lines. There’s not a speck of difference between any of them now, not even Fox; all of their oral diarrhea gushes from the same fountain. Even though all the lies, manipulation and propaganda over the last four years was mind numbing and an insult to even the intelligence of a common garden slug, they have all become even more smarmy, self-righteous, pedantic, irritating and worthless since Joe was crowned king. That’s simply why I don’t bother watching any television news now, kids! I simply refuse to do that to myself and I’m not missing a damned thing except saving myself from the daily inconvenience of having my head packed full of their bullshit. No thanks, I can & will live without it! And even a six year old knows they are all lying. Exceptions are becoming fewer and farther between everyday. There’s one guy in particular who’s on OANN; I think his name is Dan Ball. I can’t believe how he’s still allowed on the air because he’s a straight up patriot and speaks his mind in no uncertain terms without pulling punches. It’s refreshing. I enjoy watching him because there’s never any question about where he stands on the issues or events. He hates leftists, Democrats, socialism & government crooks just as much as we do; but, he’s really the only one and I don’t watch him every night because I am so sick and tired of the drums beating 24/7/362 for fucking politics I could puke. Lately everything presented on the News seems to be connected to either a scam, agenda, or the next money grubbing asshole who wants to lie in front of a camera in order to make more money or control everyone else. It’s all a disgusting waste of time.

Unfortunately, objective journalism and accurate, non biased news reporting no longer exist in America and already have’t for a very long time. Anything remotely resembling fact or real information becomes immediately buried in a dizzying maelstrom of fucking talking head opinions and regulated narratives. I refuse to play along to get along! I didn’t play along when the News was busy pumping all of the covid gloom and doom and I’m certainly not playing now. I know the election was rigged, stolen from Trump and the guy they installed in the White House is a fraudulent President heading an illegitimate administration. Biden is a failure, same as he’s always been. Exactly what does he have to show for his career of half a century in politics besides being able to sell influence to amass an incredible personal fortune? I’m pleased to admit, the last time I gave Joe a moment’s time of my attention was during his debate with Trump. His Depends were filled to bursting that night and the entire world got to see the chemically juiced up old fool being fed answers through his earpiece. I haven’t listened to a word out of the mouth of that wrinkled, old kiddie sniffing mummy since, and I intend to keep it that way until he’s removed from office or JFKed by his own people. I won’t because I don’t have to and because I don’t want to. The same policy is also in effect in my house for Kamel Harris but for slightly different reasons: I can’t stomach even looking at the bitch for a single second. She’s a complete and total fucking idiot in addition to being a hardcore California communist with that vacuous grin, shrieking cackle, looking stupid most of the time while she stumbles around trying to make herself look important. She lies like a rug too: “I was that little girl…” Oh, SOB! She barely garnered 8% total support as a candidate in the primaries, but here she is now as the vice president and only a stone’s throw, one poisoned dinner, or fatal fall in the shower chasing the dog away from running the entire shit show. FUCK! How did that happen? Rhetorical question; we all know damned well exactly how it happened. Oh oh, but she BLACK! Celebrate diversity! She a woman of color! Except that she really isn’t but that’s not enough to stop her or her fawning News Media groupies from pushing that lie. She does fits the most important of all the race politics boxes to be checked when choosing someone for an important position; skin color. Experience or intelligence be damned; who needs those? Now, it’s all about skin color, or somebody’s junk. Just wait until she officially becomes first “black” woman president! It’s gonna happen, just as certain as Hunter likes crack.

As you can see, there’s absolutely no lack of Bolshevik tools & stooges to demonstrate just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone after the first two weeks of Team Joe. Hang on to your hats, because these communists fools are just warming up. In future Double Barrels, I plan to neuter as many of these mutts as I possibly can; it’s kind of my therapy. No conversation here about government or media marxist dirtbags would be complete if we didn’t talk about two particular ones leading the way in championing dumbfuckery above and beyond the call of duty. The first is that homely red poodle, Jan Psaki. Haki Psaki is the perfect example of someone  chosen for a job because it’s “her turn,” or she has successfully endeared herself to the right people. Whatever. It certainly isn’t because she’s intelligent, organized or well prepared. Nope, not by a long shot. Perhaps she got the job because of her exceptional beauty or charisma? Huh? So how the Hell does somebody who can barely think or speak get the job as the White House Press Secretary?  That’s an easy one! She’s a loyal Rat party member; a trusted comrade who’s been rewarded for her tireless devotion to the party & its agenda! Comrade Jan got the job not because she’s qualified, but because she was the best ass kisser out of all the other party apparatchiks. Hold on! Is there anyone else in the Bolshevik donkee party who can top Jan’s stupid, “I’ll circle around and get back to you” level of clueless incompetence? Of course there is!

The Grand Prize for the most foolish, arrogant, ignorant, annoying, unqualified, developmentally challenged moron who ever disgraced the Halls of Congress (and there have been sooooo many) with her constant, whining, infantile melodramas is none other than, the one and only (thank God) Alexandria Ocasio Smollett. WTF were the voters in New York thinking? This twit exists only for the reason of opening her big fat mouth to say the stupidest things for attention. Well, she’s also a communist who loves identity politics, hates capitalism & screwed New Yorkers out of 25,000 jobs by pissing off Amazon. I’ve never seen anyone in politics so intensely motivated by her own need for attention to completely twist and fabricate current events. We have been forced to endure not once, twice, three but multiple times her bullshit claims of being some sort of victim of something terrible, like almost being murdered by “white nationalists’ who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6th; when instead, she was actually several block away safe in her own office. Of course because she’s everybody’s little darling, nobody ever dares to hold her accountable for any of the bullshit that continually comes pouring out of her mouth. So she continues to LIE; and then LIE again to cover the first LIE, LIE upon LIE upon LIE upon LIE…but “believe all women” or sump tin like that, right? Everybody knows she’s just another marxist plant in Congress, put there to make trouble and help usher in most glorious fundamental transformation of America. I must say, I’m going to miss her dopey antics after she is hung inside the Capitol rotunda along with hundreds of her other, fellow traitors. Ok, I won’t go that far to say that, but it is rare for this kind of amplified stupidity to last very long because people like her usually self destruct with mental illness long before they ever get old. Pelosi is obviously an exception to that rule, but what has gone around always comes back around again and the day will arrive when Aunt Nan will no longer be able to avoid settling the bill for all of the suffering and destruction she has brought to this country. Let us never forget how Pelosi was a central player and influence in Trump’s coup. I’m afraid we have a very long road ahead of ourselves fellow patriots; all the more why it’s important to remain focused on the image of America our Founders left us and not this sick & twisted, fucking clown world joke they keep trying to make us swallow. I see it everyday; the true resistance is quietly building. Lots of people are starting to say “oh hell no” and quietly organizing the pushback. So stay awake and continue preparing. Don’t believe anything radio or television want you to believe or tell you you should believe. We’re going to prevail; I still know this.  It might take a little while longer than we wish, but we will.

Carry on,

General Mossberg