Holy crap! Has another week already passed us by? Is Buy-them is still our P-Resident?  Will wonders never cease?  Oh wait, he really isn’t; that’s another Media circle jerk for the fools who aren’t paying attention. He’s just a hollow place holder, a front man pretending to run the country for his masters in the democrat, communist Party. You would never know that from listening to the yapping, Pravda media lapdogs because according to them it’s still all about Orange Man Bad, Covid Covid Covid, vaccine vaccine vaccine, blah blah blah! That’s why people with more than half a brain no longer listen or get their reality from the Pravda Media. Oh, Orange Man Bad! Orange Man is really double pinky swear bad! Orange Man must be destroyed at all costs and by any means necessary! Orange Man must be made to pay for his sins of loving America! Indonesia may disappear under the ocean after a series of earthquakes, Australia could put the first bint on Mars or Arizona might suddenly be annexed by Namibia but you would never know a thing about any of this because of the News Media’s constant compulsive anal retentive obsession with Orange Hitler! I found myself becoming really pissed off earlier today. We are facing down some real major winter weather activity here from a double storm system that could give us over a foot of snow for the first time in five years. I turned on the television hoping to see the latest weather report update to help plot my run to the store. What did I find instead? I was greeted by some ugly, communist, democrat pig going on and on, barking about how Trump said he would pay a million dollars if his supporters would burn down the Capitol building. Seriously? WTF? Really? You and I know damned well Trump never said any such thing! Needless to say, the local Media cock holsters consider filling the airwaves with this kind of dishonest propaganda garbage much more important than reporting on hazardous road conditions. Accurate weather information is very important to rural dwellers because we seldom if ever see a plow out this far; even though we always end up paying taxes for that service. They can’t even do this right, anymore. 

So it hasn’t even been one full month yet and already, I’m completely fed up with the Dems driving the country into the ditch. They certainly seem to enjoy lording it over us everyday, while the country continues to slide deeper & faster into the shitter. Their psychotic pre-occupation with their “High School Impeachment” play completely blinds them from accomplishing anything remotely constructive for the benefit of the country. Apparently their mantra is still “burn it down, burn it all down.” However, this is only important if you don’t happen to be one of their slathering, runny nosed, face diapered, brainless sheep followers sporting thirty five layered face masks because you are just so woke and terrified the Rona is going to get you. For everyone else, it’s a fucking train wreck nightmare in slow motion. I have a perverse daydream about driving up to DC, walking into Congress and then just bitch slapping whichever political stooge happens to be reading from the prepared Deep State script at that moment while screaming “ Enough of this shit; it’s over!” Then like the “domestic terrorist” they have labeled me to be, hold up a mason jar full of old cat shit and dirty litter declaring it’s the latest mutation of the covid virus with NO CURE! None of this charade no longer makes any sense at all to normal people who still bother with thinking. If you’ve already been vaccinated, you can still supposedly catch the virus and die. Even if you’ve been vaccinated & wear a mask, you can still catch it and die. Then what’s the fucking use? And now they are starting to tell us we may have to wear masks forever, accept mandatory vaccination and need their permission to travel between states? 

Thankfully, many of Biden’s excessive executive orders are starting to meet with pushback. All but the most rabid, foaming at the mouth progressive extremists are beginning to quietly mumble “oh shit” to themselves as they wake up to the very unpleasant reality they signed up for: THEY WILL NOT BE IMMUNE from the planned destruction of our society they fucking voted for. Imagine their shock as they come to realize they are also going to be buried in the avalanche. Too bad in all of their smarmy, self righteous ignorance and hubris, it never once occurred to them the 75 million Americans they now accuse of being “domestic terrorists” are also the producers of everything vital to their miserable survival & existence. Oh snap, stupid dumb asses! Being the greedy takers and spoiled, self-centered dick cheeses that they are, they just always assumed America would continue operating uninterrupted as they sat back & paid themselves to watch it burn down. You know the mentality; the ones who think electricity is created by the plug in the wall and that all food comes from the grocery store. Suddenly, they’re distraught at the prospect of having to spend an extra ten dollars to fill up their Prius now. “Somehow must all be Trump’s fault; look at the incredible mess he left poor ole Gramps Joey!” Say it with me, “Orange Man bad, Orange Man bad!” Their champion, their savior, their Un-Trump president and his radical marxist agenda are already starting to eat their lunches and that’s making them really nervous.  They voted for Joe because he lied and told them he was going to give them all $2000! So where’s that $2000 now, useful idiots? It’s NOT coming you stupid fucking morons, not ever! Your dumb donkee sucker asses got played by the real con man and executive grifter and it wasn’t Donald Trump! It was Slow Joe! And now that you all have cheered on the social media censorship and banishment of conservative voices, it’s only your own pathetic screaming, crying and gnashing of your teeth in the night you have left in your failing Twitter and FartBook bolshevik echo chambers. Orange Man Gone! Without a target for all of your hate and stupidity, what ever shall you now do with yourselves? May I suggest you could always do the country a big favor by putting yourselves out of your own misery? Let me know if you need any help.

Meanwhile, there’s no business like show business; the Donkee shit show must go on. That includes the hilarious spectacle of watching a bunch of sociopathic leftist middle schoolers attempt to out virtue signal and out woke each other by seeing who can be the most self righteous and politically correct as they weaponize and destroy everything in sight with the mighty progressive flame thrower of “systemic racism.” And I fucking mean they’ve hammered on everything with their racism victimology. Hey, did you know Tom Brady is a racist because he won the Super Bowl during Black History Month? “Damn Shaquina, why dem racist white folk always puttin’ down our peoples?” Perhaps next time they should reschedule the Super Bowl to be played during “White History Month” instead. The most frightening part is how serious & determined they are in their delusional worldview to force the rest of us agree and conform. Trump may be no longer be President, but these idiots still insist he’s the big, bad boogeyman who must now be blamed for everything. Instead, they need to take a really, long, hard look in the mirror. That’s the place they need to direct the blame for this miserable state of affairs in which our country now finds itself. THEY built this shit, completely! Now that socialist democrats control virtually every position of power in government, it’s obvious to everyone else except themselves and their most rabid, extreme followers they’re now completely responsible for this disaster of Biblical proportions. Hey assholes, stop trying to make Trump into your whipping boy. He’s not there anymore! 

Have you also noticed how we patriotic Americans are no longer welcomed anywhere on almost any social media? There is no longer even any pretense of mature debate or exchange of ideas remaining. Everything has devolved down into a furious tantrum of Proggie name calling, finger pointing and complaining. Post a different viewpoint or challenge the leftist absurdity? You will immediately be banned for “hate thought” and violation of “terms.” They have deemed almost any opinion or comment which does not praise Dear Leader or advance their self loathing narrative of America hate as “violations of their commenting policies & user agreements.” Uh -huh. Unless any of the simpering, perpetually outraged soi and estrogen soaked, limped dick, woke freak creeps venture out onto evil conservative sites, they are left trapped in the deep down in the dark echo chambers of their own making with only the mainstream media left to feed them with every flush of the toilet. The natural habitat of all Bolshevik cowards; buried deep down in some dark shit hole where they can celebrate LBGTQZXABC diversity and be constantly outraged by any suggestions of personal freedom. Cowards that they are, they’re too chickenshit to leave the plantation & venture anywhere near independent Conservative sites because their mommy and daddy progressive tech gods are not around to protect them while they fling their shit. The baby totalitarians can’t tolerate any environment of free speech which would allow for a dissenting opinion if there’s nobody in authority to go running and crying to when they see a Confederate Flag. So they stay huddled in their warm little pits where they can find comfort and security in stroking one another’s feeble tiny egos by reassuring each another only they are the possessors of the real truth. Fuck ‘em. Twitter, Fartbook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok are all on their way towards imploding on the dung heap of historical obscurity within the next four years, anyway. I say good riddance to bad garbage. Those not afflicted by their ideological ass cancer will grow even more weary of the constant whining, complaining, fake moral and intellectual superiority, self righteous wokeness and stupidity in abundance to be found on these platforms now that Joe is the king. Normal Americans are passing them by and if you doubt me, just ask yourself why you don’t have a Twitter, Fartbook or Instagram account. If you perchance you do, then ask yourself why you seem to be spending less and less time on them.

Unfortunately, if it looks like things are kinda bleak now, it’s because they are. I won’t feed you sugar pills and tell you it’s medicine. I won’t be like Congress or the Media and lie to your face. We’re stuck in a world of shit right now, and it could get much worse before Biden sinks farther into the oblivion of dementia & Headboard Harris takes the wheel of the ship. I can’t imagine there must still be too many moderate Democrat voters who now still think she was a brilliant idea, but here we are. I’m smelling the stench of buyers’ remorse in the air. However, at this point, it’s not about what’s best for the country or even what people like. It already hasn’t been for a very, very long time. Money is the only thing that seems to talk and filthy whores of all kinds love money. Once Joe finally shits the bed, Ho Harris will gladly do the bidding of her masters for the payoff; and if she doesn’t, they’ll replace her with a greater and more obedient stooge too. The truth is, everyone is now expendable in the new USSA. I know, we’ve seen rough times and been in dire straights before. Only this time, it’s different because half of our fellow residents are actively seeking our demise under the fools’ errand they can’t complete the transformation of America into some socialist shit hole under the thumb of a World communist government without first disposing of the rest of us. That’s how deep this crazy cancer has gone so far. What we need to do is continue standing fast; keep looking out for ourselves and one another. We can still chose to ignore and disobey their preposterously illegal edicts while attempting to carry on with our own lives as normally as possible until all of this shit sorts itself out, or we sort it out for them. This level of insanity can’t last forever before it begins to fail under the weight of its own stupidity. After 250 years of individualism and independence, our square pegged American mindset isn’t about to be forced into the round hole of collective conformity. I don’t care who tries or how. Deep inside, you & I know this to be true, but they still may have to learn it the hard way. While it appears like they hold the hill for now, they have very few lines of real support which will help them maintain that position indefinitely. While they may control the government, we control most of everything else they rely on to survive in their ivory towers. Once we finally say “fuck you” and cut their essentials like food water, energy and most importantly our tax dollars, their mandate to govern will officially be revoked and they will be rendered clueless and useless. It’s looking like this current class of elite political malcontents are going to have to be taught that lesson. Nothing else seems to grab their attention; they need us much more than we need them. See? Don’t let them bluff you, we really got this, it’s just going to take time. We can completely destroy the parasites feeding on America without firing a single shot. We will prevail.

As you were. Carry on

General Mossberg