I do not like this film flam man

I do not like him, Moss I am

I do not like this current prez

I do not like the things he says

I do not like his thin disguise

I do not like his squinty eyes

I do not like this stupid man

He’s such a dumb fuck, Moss I am

I do not like a thing he speaks

I do not like his love of freaks

I do not like his cabinet picks

He says they’re women, but they all have dicks

I do not like his ruling style

I cannot stand his fucking guile

He can’t conceive his leader role

His VP is a skanked out ho

I do not like this senile man

I do not like him, Moss I am

Fifty edicts he did sign

This shrimp dick is no prez of mine

He doesn’t know he’s even there

And I am sure he doesn’t care

The chicoms prop him up with cash

His fucking son is pedo trash

Smoking crack and getting laid

Then asking when he will get paid

I hate his guts, he makes me sick

He’s just a wrinkled mummy’s dick

A president he’s surely not

He leads a city packed with rot

He cannot speak, he reads to talk

He stumbles when he tries to walk

It’s not as if he’s here or there

He reeks of fraud from everywhere!

I do not like this pisspants prez

I do not like him, Moss I sez

His mind is shot, he cannot think

His handlers tell him when to drink

And when to eat and when to pee

It’s obvious for all to see

He cannot do this on his own

His abilities are overblown

And what’s that smell, he made a mess

All hidden by the lap dog press

That vacuous stare, that open yap

He has no sense, he’s full of crap

He follows cuz he cannot lead

He’s faking it, you must concede!

I do not like him sitting there

Because he’s just an empty chair

This wrinkled Bozo they installed

He hides behind the basement walls

This fucking ruse has got to stop

Because my veins are gonna pop

This dried up fool and his pet whore

Those deep state fucks I say no more!

I do not like him in our house

We should impeach this lying louse

And did I mention those fucking eyes

Those hairy legs and pasty thighs?

His lack of thought and common sense

I think I’d rather vote for Pence!

I do not like this shriveled fuck

It seems our country’s out of luck

I do not like him, come on man!

I just can’t stand him, Moss I am

Since the “cancel culture” (who are in truth the real fascists in our national story) has decided to attack Dr Seuss, I though it would be fitting to rewrite his “Green Eggs and Ham” to show my utter contempt for these miserable creatures who are intent on destroying the fabric of our society. Currently, they think they hold the high ground, but only because of their bolshevik enablers in the Media. That situation cannot and will not last forever. While they also may control other areas of our society like education and practically the entire government, the war we find ourselves in now is a long one; and, winning a few battles does not necessarily equate to a complete and decisive victory. One of the biggest mistakes they could ever make, and are now making, is to gloat in hubris over their new found powers and push our faces in it at every opportunity, believing the larger war is over and they have already won.

As everyone here should already know, a war is only considered over when the one side officially concedes and the other acknowledges the surrender. That hasn’t happened here; and we’re nowhere even close. Hundreds of years ago, kings’ armies would lay waste to the countryside to set up their new kingdoms and then issue draconian edicts to the people under them. Ironically, they planned & coordinated all of this from behind the walls of their fortified castles which were in essence, unassailable. In real life Monty Python fashion, they’d often look down upon the vanquished and gloat over their conquest of the countryside from the top of the turrets behind their castle walls. But only while they remained in the castle! If they ever needed to step outside the castle for food, supplies or to travel anywhere, they’d need to take a legion of armed knights with them, especially whenever they knew the general population of the countryside hated their guts and would kill them if given any opportunity. This worked fairly well until it dawned on the peasants and serfs in the countryside that the castle, the corrupt nobility occupying it and all the attending bung smoochers of the royal court depended completely on them for everything! The castle and its overlords might be able to survive and sustain themselves even for a little while by sending out their armed soldiers to forcibly relinquish the needed food and supplies from the peasantry; or, even tax their subjects to death until the hatred and contempt of the commoners for the elite grew to such a point they were no longer willing to submit. Suddenly, there was no more food available for the elite; nobody willing to repair the main gate mechanism or keep the moats clean. No candles, grain or livestock. Suddenly, there was no longer any direct access to fresh water for royalty. There was still water, only now it was miles away and to access it the elite had to run the gauntlet of hostile, pissed off subjects who knew the lay of land much better. Eventually, the kings, princes lords and knights all sat behind the walls of their self made kingdoms with their “power” and slowly starved. You get my point.

The fucking, stinking ruling class of communists we currently suffer under aren’t really any different than those castle dwellers in my example. Safely hidden behind all the fences, razor wire and checkpoints, within the 24/7 well-guarded confines of the Capitol or barricaded in their state houses, they entertain narcissistic delusions of grandeur they will now rule over the rest of us forever; when in truth, all we need to do is just isolate and stop supporting them. Stop feeding them. Stop supplying their energy. Stop delivery of all essential goods. Stop paying their illegal demands for taxes. In truth, they produce nothing and mostly exist to force the rest of us who do onto redistributing the sweat of our labors to their army of lazy, reprobate, brainwashed supporters. That’s the only way they can comfortably survive behind their castle walls and continue their conquest to destroy the land; by our cooperative grace. We can do much more than merely revoke our consent to be governed from them; we can starve the Beast. We can withhold their essentials and how do they say it? Resist! Resist supporting or providing for anyone who only takes but does not produce anything other people really need! Pay attention government, that would be you in your present form I am talking about. I would rather depend on people in the trades to fix or provide whatever I need than some CEO or sports celebrity. It doesn’t matter how many billions you may have in the bank or how many lives you control under the power of your thumb, you’ll still die in the desert from a lack of water just as fast and easy as anyone else if nobody agrees to bring you water. When my toilet is backed up, I sure as hell don’t call Sean Penn, LeBron or a gay gender studies graduate to fix it, I call a plumber.

Of course! You don’t need some purple haired, nose ring festooned, gender fluid idiot showing up at your house to lecture you on your racist white privilege (even though they themselves are white). No, you just need a guy with a truck and some tools who knows what he’s doing when it comes to fixing toilets! You need a guy who won’t try to be another plugged up toilet once he gets in your house because you already have one of those! Whenever things look dark or you may be tempted to think the war has been lost, let not your heart be troubled! It ain’t over yet, not by a long shot and far from it! We hold nearly all the means to isolate and starve out the perpetually angry outraged, “non-essential” mob of useless takers, eaters and breathers at every level of our society. Can’t eat if nobody agrees to sell you bread. Knowwhatimsayin’? The only thing we lack at this moment in this battle is the will to do what we all know eventually must be done: and, for good reason. While things have gotten bad, they still haven’t reached that point yet where they’re so bad we are compelled to do whatever it takes to set things right again. However, that time is quickly approaching and believe me, once things finally reach the tipping point they can gloat and order all they want from behind their castle walls, it won’t make a piss in the bucket’s difference. It will fall on deaf ears. It’s no longer a matter of “if,” it’s now a matter of “when” because these stump dumb, arrested development, mentally defective, marxist trust fund babies and their attendant freak show will inevitably overreach. I guarantee it! I’m not certain how or which spark will  set it all off, but I do know the resulting shock wave will be felt around the world. I pity the the fools who adhere to racism and identity politics as their way of forcing communism onto America.  

It’s totally natural to find ourselves simmering in anger and resentment at this completely fucked up state of affairs, but we need to handle that in a controlled and measured fashion. We need to continue making the best of a worst situation, no matter how bad it may become. For ourselves, our families and friends. Nobody really wants a war. At this point, we regular Americans are still mostly very benevolent and cooperative in our approaches to solving our own problems. Where the real problem lies is that the Left is not. They are cold blooded ideologues who will always feed on crisis, confusion and despair in order to create and maintain absolute control. Like immature children, they are never able to think beyond their immediate needs and desires. The elites who have offered them a place in the castle will soon discover when things really start going south, their own useful idiot toadies will be coming for them next. If we’re lucky, all the rest of us may have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy watching them destroy themselves. Let the rabid hyena antifa cucks and BLM barking jackals the elite spawned burn down that castle. Let them eat each other when their food and resources grow scarce or non existent. Keep the faith. It might take a while, but real Americans will eventually emerge victorious over the leftist marxist scum currently living in their ivory castle towers. The higher they are, the harder they will fall. What a wonderful day that will be when there are no more Left. These freaks only know how to destroy, but Nature and the future only favor those who know how to create and produce. It’s called “the process of natural selection” and not even all knowing, sanctimonious leftists asshats can escape it. There doesn’t necessarily need to ever be any violence; just let any future Elitists pleas for help or rescue fall on your deaf ears. Never interrupt your enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves; and believe me, given enough time, they will destroy themselves. It’s the only thing they really know how to do. That’s one possible scenario that can actually work. In the meantime, do whatever you must to remain alert and focused on the return of an eventually free & prosperous America. Decide what you will do and how you can help to assist in this effort. We will all have the last laugh, but don’t gloat because we are much better than they can ever be.

Carry On,

General Mossberg