Boy, another really fucked up week, eh?  What a fucked up coup!  And it’s still going on. Not to worry, as their entire shit show, commie carnival will soon enough implode because everything they are doing is simply untenable. It’s not going to work because it simply can’t work. It’s all going to self destruct; if Americans don’t rise up in the meantime to put a stop to all of this criminal insanity; and we may do exactly that. The Democrats are hellbent on driving the country towards a final breaking point. Earlier, there was a thread on TNA detailing all of the reasons why you should own an AR15. At this moment, the conversation isn’t as much about what people may own as it is about their willingness & ability to use use it if the situation demands it. I believe it’s the ONLY reason the Communists in this country haven’t gone for the final take down, yet. Let them banter & bloviate away all they want about all of their newly made up rules and “laws,” but deep down in that dark, empty space where they once could of had a heart, every last one of these rotten, stinkin’ pig shit marxist assholes know things won’t go well for them or their agenda if all Hell actually breaks loose. Don’t tread on me and do the math; there are less than 15 million official card carrying members in their extremist Donkee fan club while almost 180 million of us legal gun owners and between 2-3 TRILLION rounds of ammo in private hands. Those numbers don’t in any way add up to their advantage, even when you use Common Core! 

There are also only about 880,000 law enforcement personnel in this country; and, even if everyone of them went along and agreed to a plan to confiscate our weapons (which they won’t), there is still nowhere near enough manpower required to forcefully separate Americans from their guns. Not too many Police are going to potentially risk their lives fighting a new battle at each house when they show up to take someone’s guns. Not happening. It also won’t take long for the word to go out among patriots that teams are going house to house and sweeping the neighborhood for people’s firearms. The police aren’t that dumb and won’t put their lives at risk for a cabal of corrupt & pampered politicians. The cops have families, too; and at the end of the day, they want to go home and see them again. They also live among us in our communities; they’re our neighbors! The worst case? They will run out of enforcement resources in less than a month, and probably sooner once everyone is aware and prepares, or starts preemptive strikes back upon designated threats. Granted, there will probably be a few wild and loose cannons, but most LEOs with homes and families will be hard pressed to carry out any unconstitutional tyrannical edicts about gun confiscation when the orders come down. So let the DC commies throw more red meat to their moonlit base and continue blustering about gun control. Blah, blah, blah! We won’t comply, fuckers! On the contrary, you’ll only further harden our resolve to defend ourselves, businesses, homes, families and lives to the death. Try us.

While they now seem to hold most of the cards and talk a big game, they are really only pampered, simpering coward weenies who will only be able to rule over those who agree to capitulate. Count me out of that group. They can’t do very much about more than half the country once we permanently revoke our consent to be governed. These communists should thank their lucky stars the majority of us still wish to respect & abide by The Rule of Law. Of course, if they still wish to continue treating the Constitution like toilet paper and pushing the limits on everything a la Cloward & Piven, all that could suddenly change overnight. Their choice. I know that’s a horrible thought to entertain; but trust me, if those commie pukes came up with a sneaky, underhanded way to kill millions of Americans who might offer them serious resistance, they wouldn’t think twice about doing it. They could do it a bioengineered virus and poisonous vaccine (wink, wink!) Oh, they’d kill people like me in a heartbeat, but they wouldn’t be able to help themselves and stop there. Their loyalist others who are strung out their hopium would soon enough also become their targets. Oddly, I believe the democrats prefer instead to enslave us. Think about it; they need our labor and wealth to support their growing, imported army of illiterate entitlement maggots. After all, who else will they have to tax into oblivion should we all suddenly disappear? They need a reliable group they can continue stealing from in order to stay in power. Remember kids, socialism only “works” until you run out of other people’s money.

In other news, our wonderful, feel good News Media now has things so twisted around, average Americans have now become “domestic terrorists.” Did you know you are now a “domestic terrorist” in your own country. Go figure! Are you someone who supports the Constitution and The Rule Of Law? Domestic terrorist! Do you believe in God & live a moral life? Domestic terrorist! Do you enjoy having a job and being able to make your own decisions? Domestic terrorist! Do you agree with the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and still believe in the promise of America? Domestic terrorist! The only real “domestic terrorists” are the communists shits in our government who are trying to take over and destroy the country! As the real “domestic terrorists,” they’re also traitors, seditionists and criminals! The rest of us have only been conveniently designated as “domestic terrorists” because we happen to standing in the way of their plans. We represent the final line of defense against their neo-european, homosexualized, socialist entitlement utopia. Their butt-sniffing, ass-licking whore media mouthpiece dogs are now running their yaps 24/7 in wide open throttle to brainwash and convince the country WE are the real enemies of freedom, prosperity and democracy. Then there are the 7% of the most hardcore, frothing at the mouth, moon bat shit crazy donkee extremists who are convinced the very air they breathe is racist. You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones wearing the shit colored (pun intended), race tinted glasses. The ones calling everything and everyone else racist in order to avoid facing the fact they themselves are the biggest racists of all. Have I told you lately how much I absolutely fucking hate dishonest hypocrites? All this is happening while the broadcast television industry in this country continues tom try and convince everyone America is a black country, regardless of the fact everyone knows this to be the opposite & complete bullshit propaganda. Perhaps Negro fatigue is the real pandemic!

Fact: Blacks in this country happen to enjoy more freedom, prosperity and opportunity than anywhere else in the world. It’s a waste of valuable time, energy and resources for us to believe as a society that they are ever going to be satisfied with anything long enough to stop their endless whining, bitching or complaining because they won’t. There is no such thing as ever pleasing or satisfying them. There will never be “enough.” 

How about that shrimp dick Fauci? Isn’t he special? Isn’t he such a national treasure; the fucking gift that never stops giving? People are sick of this little sadist creep. Fuck him, he’s the real virus and much more dangerous and destructive than that phony chink bat flu he continues pushing. Of course, he and his partner in crime Billy Gates need the chink flu to never end, to go on forever so they can keep milking their billions. As bad as Fauci is, Gates takes Human psycho-narcissism to an entirely different level. In addition to being the Vaccine emperor, Billy now also aspires to become the Lord of Weather. He’s got yet another brilliant plan to completely fuck everything up in order to save us all. Now he’s going to dump millions of tons of chalk powder into the atmosphere to “cool the earth” and slow “climate change.” Who the fuck elected this weasel to be God? Who the fuck told him it was ok to mess with the environment we ALL share and depend on for life? Has he ever bothered asking your opinion or if you think this would be a good idea? I must have been taking a nap when he called to ask me. How in Hell did this insufferable jackwad ever manage to make so much money by being so stupid? Since the beginning of the Industrial Age, the levels of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere have only marginally increased, because the oceans act as a built in CO2 modulating buffer to keep the atmospheric levels constant within a fairly tight range. If anything, there has been a slight beneficial “greening of the planet” during that time because as every fifth grader in this country already knows, CO2 is not a poisonous gas. Plants LOVE CO2 and sunlight so much they die when they can’t get enough. They also convert CO2 into valuable O2 which WE need to stay alive. We could save ourselves a ton of money and grief if we would stop letting these arrogant, stupid shit know it alls pushing for the New Green Deal and the Paris Climate Accords second guess what Nature is more than capable of already handling. However, Gates is on a mission to DIM the sun and diminish plant activity! The stupid shit must know when plants can’t flourish, worldwide famine will ensues where millions could potentially die. Gee, you don’t suppose perhaps that could be what he really wants, do you? I mean, Billy couldn’t possibly have an Agenda 21, global depopulation & Great Reset hard on for power & control over other people’s lives, could he? He’s now officially one of the most dangerous people on the planet. He’s gotta go! I have an idea how to “save” the planet! How about we pump tons of chalk dust up his ass and see what happens! THAT would make me laugh!

However, I digress; back to our original topic regarding the true virulent and fanatical enemies of our republic; the Biden cabal and our Congress of reprobate marxist narcissists. You see, like cockroaches swarming over a freshly deposited dog pile, they thrive on their own lies, treachery, betrayals, greed and personal power. Not on traditional American ideals or anything that could remotely benefit the country as a whole. That’s why they’re importing millions of illegals as fast as they can; to skew the demographics their way and forever solidify their rampant corruption with a clueless & complicit voting base. They need to replace us because everyday, more normal Americans are waking to their ploy and fewer of us are willing to go along simply to get along. Dems are now so hungry for their permanent one party rule system they are opposing the removal of dead people from voter rolls because they insist it’s “suppressing the vote.” Do these assholes even bother to listen to themselves? Of course whenever you point that out to them they scream at you and call you a “racist” or a “domestic terrorist,” or both.

I strongly suspect their hubris will soon completely back fire on them. It has to end and when it does, look out! It won’t be pretty! They will soon discover to their shock and dismay that most of us are still Americans and NOT global communists like them. We’ve had enough and understand these pigs will never stop until someone stops them; because they certainly aren’t going to stop themselves! One day, they will finally go too far and we will simply quit them. Hell, they can’t kill, imprison or re-educate 120 million of us. Just let them try! We however, CAN prevent them from having to ever suffer again the indignities of personal freedoms, individual greatness, equal opportunity coupled with hard work and a belief in God that they all seem to loathe so much. Honestly, we should help them out with that. Patriotic constitutionalists who believe in American greatness & America First can really extend the warm hand of friendship & brotherly love to relieve our commie pals from their needless suffering of having to live in a free, open and prosperous society. We should lighten their burdens by sending them onto a much better place which happens to be that special Hell reserved for liars, thieves, perverted reprobates, betrayers and traitors. Those who abuse public trust and power. Those who steal others’ wealth and labor. Those who are too far gone and past any possibility of rehabilitation because they have already been too corroded by excessive self loathing, hate, envy or the wicked lust to destroy simply for the sake of destruction itself. They knew perfectly well what they were doing when they made their own beds; now they can sleep in them. Fuck them all.

Let not your heart be troubled, because I still have faith in that Light which ultimately conquers the darkness. Good does triumphs over evil, however, usually not on our schedule. I want you all to keep keep your faith in the Light, too. Money, power, position and all things of this World are fleeting, but truth and faith always endure. They are eternal and our most powerful weapon against the forces of marxist evil who wish extinguish the Light and destroy us because they know they can’t ever take away our Faith or destroy the Truth. Be ready when the moment arrives to send them all to their deserved eternal rewards. You all follow my idea, don’t you? I know you do!

Stay focused on the task at hand.

Carry on…  

General Mossberg

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