There’s a very ill wind blowing through this country right now. I feel it and I know you can feel it, too. It’s like that “feeling” you get right before a really bad storm hits. Perhaps you can’t exactly put your finger on it; yet you still know. Things suddenly become strangely quiet to the point they no longer make any sense given the overall circumstances. As far as having any similar “feeling” about the current miserable state of our Nation, that’s a completely different proposition. We know who the troublemakers are: we can directly finger the obvious source of our national unhappiness! If you really want to know who the creators and purveyors of the current depressing malaise in America are, you needn’t look any farther than the Democrat Party. If you want to know who’s benefitting most from all the chaos, division and confusion, you needn’t look any farther than the Democrat Party. Their particular political orthodoxy is a hydra with many heads, an ideological poison, marketed & dispensed under any number of misleading names: Marxism, Progressivism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Critical Race Theory, the Frankfurt School, Communism, etc. Take your pick. They can dress it up however and call it whatever they want; but in truth, it’s all the very same poison coming from the same bottle; Communism. And a “liberal” is only someone afflicted in the earliest stages of this dreaded “progressive” disease. Have you noticed how Communism always seems to appeal to the lowest, most selfish part of human nature when it comes to destroying your fellow man in order to steal everything he’s worked for to enrich yourself? There are now so many opportunists riding on this band wagon of collective thievery because they see it as the fastest and most direct path to achieving increased person power & wealth. To Hell with ever having a good idea, then working your ass off to become a success with it. Those days are gone; much easier now to let someone else take all of the risk and do all of the hard work, then justify stealing it under some lofty ideal you are somehow correcting an unfair social or cultural injustice. For leftists, the cult of communism is the closest they’ll ever come to having an actual religion; and, they are just as brainwashed & blinded by it as anyone else trapped inside a cult.  Strangely enough, although Communists and Muslims have lots in common, particularly when it comes to nihilism and their worship of death culture; both would still end up as bitter enemies in any scenario where their ideologies were the only two remaining once the dust settled in some future, post apocalyptic World. Both are extremely extreme, fanatic and highly radicalized beyond any ability to logically reason with their crazed followers. Both demand and will settle for nothing less than absolute and complete control over everyone and everything in the entire fucking World as their desired objective. Neither will hesitate for one second from attacking and murdering anyone who gets in their way. Both fiercely hate Western Civilization, freedom, capitalism & the Judeo-Christian moral code which for the last several hundred years has allowed individuals the freedom to manage their own lives and create their own destinies. Neither will rest until all of that is completely eliminated: and, both see themselves as some sort of new defining and controlling master authority entity in their own little version of this future, post-Western fantasy. 

The bad news about any such possible future is that only the cruelest & most savage of their kind will survive to prevail. According to their twisted ideologies, you only grow in power & strength by eliminating your opponents and adversaries; even if they happen to be those competing with you on your own team. Nothing “compassionate” is to be found anywhere in Islam or Communism; as both have long, well documented, historic traditions of ruthless viciousness. Which is one reason why we should continue bidding our time; why perhaps we shouldn’t be so fast to jump the gun (pun intended). Hopefully sooner than later, these competing death philosophies will start attacking and devouring one another, because in their mentally fucked up way of thinking, there can only be their version of tyrannical, absolute authoritarian power to rule over all. It’s no secret, neither has any intention of sharing their crown of World domination with the other. And because their death oriented ideologies appeal and attract only the most self loathing of sociopathic followers who have no other way of addressing their own fucked up personalities, they are completely doomed to 100% failure because they still won’t ever be able to break the spirit of true American individualism and exceptionalism. Never. They can’t, because after 250 years, that’s already permanently tattooed into our national DNA. That’s the one glaring detail these lickspittle wannabe tyrants are in complete denial about. Do you dumb fucks honestly think we’re going to wear masks for the rest of our lives simply because you say so? Sorry to disappoint you, Joe. Do you honestly expect us to hand over our guns simply because you wake up one morning and proclaim “it’s now the law?” Since when has any “law” ever stopped you? Do you honestly expect us to sit back quietly as you force new edicts which declare us to be “domestic terrorists?” Hell, I know exactly what you’re thinking right now! There’s a little voice inside your head screaming, “Fuck no!” Nobody will be allowed to ever completely destroy our freedoms or exceptionalism, ever. It can’t be done and it’s not too terribly difficult to understand; people just want to be left the fuck alone so we can simply provide for ourselves and enjoy our lives. Why does this seem to be such tall order for you leftist assholes? I don’t need any of you annoying pricks to “manage” my life for me. Mind your own fucking business and stay out of mine, assholes.

Continuing on; the Left is also a lot like the cuckoo bird; a bird too lazy to build its own nest or be bothered with raising it’s own young. Instead, it lays its eggs in the nests of other poor unsuspecting sucker birds who aren’t smart enough to know any different or better. Once the little cuckoo eggs begin to hatch, the surrogate parents will continue to feed and care for them as if it they were their own. Dumb birds. When the new little cuckoos have finally grown big enough, they push everyone else out of the nest to seal their selfish dominance over the exhausted parents. When a cuckoo is finally old enough to fly on it’s own, it shits the nest as one final parting FU gesture to all of the siblings it killed. That’s an analogy for exactly what the Left is trying to do by flooding the country with illegal aliens. They’re laying tens of millions of cuckoo bird eggs all over the country which will soon hatch and push the rest us out of the nest while they consume all of our resources. Then they will shit the nest once they are done with America. Why are almost all of the illegal invader migrants coming here children; and, why is the Federal Government now in the business of feeding, sheltering and transporting more than 25,000 unaccompanied children from the border and randomly dropping them off in the middle of American cities? Why children, you may ask? Here’s why; because those kids are anchors to serve for future chain migration of immediate and extended family members. They’re here to make it even MORE easier to fill the nest with even MORE cuckoo birds later. Once these kids get to where they’re supposed to be, like ET they ‘phone home’ to let the rest of their family know they can come too. Then there’s the heartstrings play: it’s easier for adults to be detained, or in many cases, to even be sent back, but who can resist the dilemma of po’ chilluns who only wish to make a better future for themselves? Well, I for one certainly can and do. So do more than 100 million additional Americans, many of which include LEGAL immigrants who followed all the rules and worked hard for the honor to come here and become American citizens. None of that seems to matter anymore now because we are too pre-occupied as a nation with stuffing our nest with as many cuckoo birds eggs as we possibly can.

Here’s how this shitty crooked communist gambit keeps itself going: globalist billionaires and wannabe little Hilters like Billy Gates, Soros & Fauci plan and fund it all. There’s the source of our national cancer, right there. The United States Congress then implements their plans once they have become sufficiently buttered by enough money from the special interest lobbyists into accepting it. Meanwhile, our state-sponsored mainstream media runs propaganda 24/7 to brainwash the sheep into believing that what they are actually seeing happen right before their very eyes isn’t what’s actually happening right before their very eyes at all. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. DOH! Everyone makes out like the bandits they are, while honest, regular Americans get fucked & left to pay the bill, again. Wash, rinse & repeat. Not that long ago, American citizenship or the privilege of even being able to live in America were life goals many aspired to, but were finite & limited quantities. Now, thanks to more than half a century of incredibly stupid & irresponsible immigration policies of the marxist democrats and this illegitimate regime in DC, American citizenship is as easy to come by for anyone as a set cheap plastic Mardis Gras beads; you only have to be standing in the right place with your hands wide open when the parade passes. Everyone’s a winner in the new USA, even foreign criminals, human traffickers and pedophiles! PS Carlos; when its time to vote don’t forget your friends who brought you here and gave you all of your free shit, comprende esse?  

American Teachers unions are tasked with brainwashing our youth into the full blown hive mind: in everything from Critical Race Theory and why they are damned for all time because they were born white, to which one of the 157 different gender flavors they might actually be but don’t know yet because that horrible capitalist patriarchy continues to lie to them about their true identities. Private companies which have for so many decades enjoyed prosperity and success as a direct result of capitalism and the free market system are now becoming politically “woke” in order to help along the process of centralizing more and more power into the hands of fewer billionaire globalists & their Big Tech toadies. The ultimate goal seems to be to implement a neo-feudalist system where you’ll need their permission before you’re allowed to live in their new world order. Then like good little sheep, your ass will be washed, you’ll be weighed and sheared, chipped and logged in such a way you and everything you think, say and do is surveyed and monitored by artificial intelligence for all time to come. Kumbayyah! You like to eat don’t you? Of course! Do you also enjoy travel and having a job? Of course you do, but coffee & donuts are only for closers and those simple aspects of life you once took for granted like shopping, eating, mobility and a roof over your head will soon be reserved exclusively for only those most socially conscious sheep who have all their shots up to date on their universal digital vaccine passports. However, in order for this brave new world to finally manifest in all of it’s splendid power and glory, the powers that be will need you to remain completely distracted…I beg your pardon, pathologically obsessed with the so-called false inequities of skin color and all the horrible ways mentally ill people have been denied from being able to completely enjoy their junk by the horrible racist, fascist, homophobic, islamaphobic, sataniphobic nazi, white supremacist, domestic terrorist capitalist culture which has spawned the evil known as the United States to enslave humanity forever. Whatever. The beat goes on as race merchants continue to seduce the weak, guilty consciences with all of their lies and bark like trained seals for their ALL WHITE globalist masters. Why? For dreams of immense wealth and total power. It’s nothing less than ideological adrenochrome for theses psychopaths. 

The Left consists mostly of lots of people who for whatever, reason didn’t have the childhood they thought they deserved and at some level of their hive mind have come to hate themselves for this forever lost and unrealized fantasy. In other words, they feel cheated by life and have never been able to get over being pissed about it. Instead of directly confronting their own self loathing to work through it, they seek relief by projecting it all out in the form of hate against others and the World at large. At this moment, we Conservative Americans are the most obvious & convenient target of their projected hate. Seems they resent the rest us for all of our happiness and success; how dare we not be as miserable as they have made themselves! They are stuck waking up each day in another version of Groundhog Day full of broken dreams and unrealized expectations because as you know, they live in an unfair system which always discriminates against them. So they have decided to unite in their anger against us and apparently seek revenge by destroying the entire country. That makes complete sense! What other explanation could there possibly be for why they are working 24/7 to make life a living Hell? What other reason could there possibly be as to why there is never any fun, enjoyment of happiness allowed in Communism? Revenge drives their unimaginable self hate for their own failings which started early in their youth, and then left the Left hellbent on punishing everyone else for their failure to ever mature into productive, well adjusted adults. Perhaps their beat poet uncle diddled them at Thanksgiving in 1970 and they’ve never been the same since. Who knows & who cares? All you need to remember is they are the victims and everything is our fault. Unfortunately, they have NO intentions of ever growing up or stopping until they finally “win.” I guess “winning” for them means the country is finally a smoldering pile of ruin, everyone is dirt poor and there is no longer any escape from the sufferings of their projected sadistic mental madness. In that unlikely event, should they discover themselves to be the kings of the hill in this wonderful new utopia of theirs, they’ll still be tormented by the inescapable reality they are utter failures, morally bankrupt as they continue living out that big lie their arrested development just can’t cope with. 

I guess the kind thing to do would be to just pity them, but that ship already sailed too many years ago. They have become far too accustomed to using their twisted and perverted way of thinking to reap chaos, crisis, division and destruction on the rest of the country in an attempt to threaten and bully the rest of us into going along with their agenda. Perhaps what I am saying here is long ago, I already stopped caring or giving a shit about how they feel about anything whatsoever. Fuck em. As I have said more than once here, this shit show we now find ourselves in can’t & won’t go on forever.“ I still believe that. We all know for certain one day this ship will have to right itself; the unanswered questions are “when” and “how?” The end may come easily & unexpected through some sudden miracle, or perhaps, by other more obvious means which have already proven themselves to be expedient throughout History. I’m prepared for any possible solutions to present themselves, as I assume are most of you. This too shall end & pass. Let’s remain true to our sense of patriotism and unbreakable Faith in God, to get through this dark night to the new morning which must follow. Pray we get a miracle, and soon.

As you were,

General Mossberg