Can Things Get Any More Stupid? Yes!

Can Things Get Any More Stupid? Yes!

✪ Ok that’s it, ENOUGH already! After another mind-numbing week of more of the same batshit crazy hijinks from our communist pals, aka “social democrats,” or whatever the fuck the Leftists now call themselves, I stepped back to see if it was just me being overly reactive to this relentless never ending shit storming assault on every aspect of Human decency & sensibilities being pumped directly by the puppet state Media into my living room. Guess what? It wasn’t me; it’s THEM. The Clown World shit com, TV reality show in which we all currently find ourselves starring; none of which makes any sense to anyone who can still think for themselves. However, that’s supposed to be the entire idea.

There was the usual endless & repetitive garbage about Andrew Cuomo’s resignation. Forget all about the 25K seniors he murdered in nursing homes and go back to sleep, faithful sheep. “He touched my winky ten years ago!” Bless his heart, hasn’t poor Andy already suffered enough, you haters! After all, Joe said he’s done a heckava job as Governor; and we all know how sharp Joe is!  Honestly, I couldn’t give the most wretched case of anal syphilis about this narcissistic, criminal leftist uberdouche. So he’s been abusing the power of the Office of The Governor to assault women for eleven years and suddenly, it’s a big deal? Color me suspicious! Trust me, the Donkees couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass about Andy’s kinky compulsions for molesting women. Read my lips: THEY DON’T CARE! It’s all a smoke screened, dog & pony show to circle the wagons to protect him from ever facing real justice for being a psychotic mass murderer; because as we all know, Democrats always luv themselves their mass murderers. They’ve managed to kill two birds with the same stone here; they stopped Andy cold from ever becoming a political liability to the Party and allowed him to walk so he might still float to the top again another day. Can you say, President Cuomo? Don’t laugh, the country is so fucked up right now, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one day that actually happened. I mean, look who we’re stuck with now. So much for the METOO and “believe all women” bullshit merchants, right? Where’s all the public outrage coming from the usual feminist skanks? Oh that’s right, he’s a holy democrat. Special rules and no fouls. Butt Trump once said “pussy” twenty years ago in a locker room! Imma riot!

Even our communist Attorney General, Mr. Excitement himself, Merrick Garland gave his blessings to Saint Andy when he crushed any possibility of an investigation into his nursing home murder spree. Hey, what are friends for? Of course, the People’s Ministry Of Truth, aka the State News Media did their part by helping to spike the ball in the end zone. This they did by keeping their yaps shut about the entire affair; simply refusing to accurately report on anything, but I digress. Andy got sent to his room without supper when instead he should have been hung by his scrotum in the town square; and this all happened at not a moment too soon because the DNC knows that if he stayed around very much longer, he would have soured like old milk. Very uncomfortable & inconvenient questions would have started to surface about similar policies & behaviors of the governors of New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and other blue states who also used the Chink Flu as a weapon to murder thousands of innocent elderly people in their states as well. After all, that 2022 election is right around the corner and we can’t have blue state governors appearing in public with shit smeared all over their faces, can we? So as Don Corleone once famously said, they made Andy an offer he couldn’t refuse and because Andy’s already a made man in the commie Donkee crime syndicate, he graciously stepped down until his $10 million dollar book deal comes through. The current, temporary, place holder Governor of the State of New Yawk is that Hoozey Bell Limpleg lieutenant governor. She will remain until the state can pay enough reparations to bribe that virulently communist and bigoted Attorney General for New Yawk’s southern district, Leticia James, into becoming their next governor. And if she don’t, it will only be because dat state be systematically rassist & don’t care about black wymmenz! Fight da powa!

Then there was the DC blooper reel which never ends formerly once known as the Office Of the President of The United States. We saw Sniffy Gramps, aka Pudding Joe aka President Potato return to the White House after his extended lid in Delaware. Shit, watching the World as it completely burns to the ground sure is hard work! Even with Secret Service agents standing four feet directly in front of him and pointing out where to walk, Uncle Joe was oblivious as he missed the turn in the walkway. Instead, he took the long way around the bushes. Most. Popular. President. Evah! What a fucking joke!  

Then there was that $1.2 TRILLION dollar criminal boondoggle, also known as the so called “Infrastructure Bill.” Don’t you sleep like a baby at night knowing your government is hard at work getting shit done? Emphasis on the word “SHIT.” This latest episode of looting the country by once again dry raping the American taxpayer was made possible by the flat out bribery used to buy the votes of nineteen turncoat Senator dildos who only play actual Republicans on television. At any other time in the history of our country, the masses would be storming DC with hot tar, torches and pitchforks. No way that could ever happen in today’s political environment, because you know, that would be “insurrection” and a direct threat to our “cherished democracy.” So I guess the message is whenever we see open air corruption happening right in front of our faces, we best be keeping our mouths shut and pay our fucking taxes, lest we end up rotting away somewhere in jail forever without due process. Yassum, Massa!

There was also shit tons of other equally “in your face” treasonous hijinks which transpired during this last week. The intentional “crisis” at the border continued with the usual amount of expected phony outrage and “what me worry” anus gazing & virtue signaling by our esteemed political class. That’s right, all options are on the table to protect Americans from the Chink Flu, including banning air and interstate travel for all of you heathen heretics who refuse to bow your heads in reverence and take the sacrament of the St.Fauci jab. We’ll show you, you ungrateful dirty mouth breathers! Meanwhile, as the torrent of imported, infected mud people from all over the world continues to stampede across our Southern border to claim their Uncle Sugar grand prize, the communists in DC turn a blind eye and continue playing stupid. Relax! haven’t you heard? There is NO crisis at the border! Our Uncle Joe has enough man tits to suckle the entire Third World! How compassionate! How progressive! STFU, you white supremacist, nazi nationalist, bigoted, racist haters! The spice must flow!

Just in case you were thinking last week’s clown show disaster couldn’t possibly be any worse, I’m here to tell you that it most certainly can and did because the commie rats are always in a constant contest to “out commie” each another in front of their brainless sheep at every turn! The objective of their twisted game seems to be who can score the most points with the Deep State shadow government by inflicting the most damage on America. I’m here to tell you that there was still somebody who outshined all of the rest this week in this regard. Someone who managed to elevate themselves to new heights of fucking rabid bolshevik stupidity far beyond the imaginations of normal people. No, even dumber than our VP Kamel. Even more retarded than Adam Schiff and AOC competing for the gold in the stupid olympics!

The hands down, flat out winner of this week’s stupid contest is none other than Ore-gone’s Droopy Dawg Governor, Kate Brown. You know, that pasty, man hating, communist lesbian worm who signed a bill into law making high school seniors in Ore-gone eligible for graduation even when they are unable to demonstrate any ability to read, write, or do math. Because we certainly wouldn’t want to impose any academic standards of excellence on the snowflakes & bruise their widdle feelings. I guess literacy is now considered racist in Ore-gone or some such stupid bullshit. Why the fuck would anyone in that state need to know how to read or write when a wonderful future career of looting, burning, murder and vandalization with Pantyfa awaits them? Looks like old Kate got down on all fours for the teachers’ unions & made it the law that kids will now receive a high school diploma without ever needing to have a basic understanding of anything necessary to survive in the real world. Winning! Instead of upholding standards of academic excellence to motivate everyone to work toward personal achievement, Kate instead decided to reward marginalized and “oppressed” students the same as those who studied and worked their asses off. This she accomplished this week by bringing everyone down to the same level as all of the losers. Of course, she specifically singled out “knowledge” as being “unfair” to all her favorite Rat victim classes; those poor little black, brown, Latino, Latina, Latinx, indigenous, Pacific Islander, Congolese, Namibian, Syrian, Uzbekestani, Mongols, the Seven Dwarves, Arctican, Visigoths, Hutus, Tutsis, Bigfoot, girls named Taniqua, Skeletor, Yogi Bear, and Mutant Ninja Turtles. She all but publicly announced that people of color are too fucking stupid to compete with their “racist” white kid counterparts in school. Easier to just to completely toss out the entire traditional model of study, learning, and excellence because that’s obviously too discriminatory and “colonialistic.” No mention at all of evil white kids in her great woke pronouncement, so I take it that means they still have to pass all the traditional requirements in order to graduate because of their “privilege.” Is your head starting to hurt yet? That’s usually the first sign the Left is trying to rape your brain plate through one of your eyeball sockets.

Happy days! If you are a marxist political activist pretending to be a “teacher” in Ore-gone, this all comes as really great news! With standards of excellence no longer inconveniencing you, your chances of sitting at home on your fat, lazy, marxist ass doing nothing but collecting a paycheck for another year of not working because of co-vud just dramatically improved. Apparently, the teachers’ unions in Ore-gone have finally figured out that NO education is even a better way to go than indoctrination. Actually having to work for a paycheck is one of the most evil, capitalist constructs plaguing modern Humanity. Moving forward, it will now be considered “racist” in the State of Ore-gone to test and evaluate every student according to the same standards. What a fucking relief! Nobody has to work anymore; neither students nor teachers; yet that milk & honey train of Federal education subsidies will continue pouring into the Ore-gone state coffers where it will still be available to buy more undermining, political influence & further solidify the union’s death grip on the education system there. Just wait until all of these illiterate students they are turning out discover there are absolutely NO opportunities waiting for them in the outside world. Can you say “growing the entitlement class?” Sure, I knew you could. Of course, everybody will blame the unfair capitalist system and “systemic racism.” Isn’t communism great?

I won’t bother you by making any comparisons between our public education system & those of other countries because it’s just too fucking embarrassing & depressing. I can with a reasonable amount of certainty predict the superior advantage, oops, I mean ”privilege” home-schooled Conservative kids will naturally enjoy in the job market & life in general. As much as I love hating on the commie chinese, you must admit, they’re not pissing away the future intellectual potential of their kids by constant hand wringing over skin color and the utility of certain body orifices. That’s why Chink kids are eating our lunch now in science and math; not because they are necessarily any smarter, but because they’re not wasting valuable time pumping crap like Critical Race Theory & Amazing Moments In Transgender History into the impressionable minds of their children. If that’s not a wake up call for us to wake the fuck up, I don’t know what is. However, we won’t because TPTB don’t want academic excellence for American kids because intelligent people are much harder to control.

As Communism continues it’s relentless march thru the institutions of Western Civilization, we are only fooling ourselves & whistling past the graveyard to think the system can somehow be salvaged or rehabilitated. The only “cure” for Communism is to remove and eliminate it completely, down to it’s last and final cancerous cell. I wish to God I could peddle some faux optimism your way here, but you know me better than that. We’re very close to the point where the only medicine which may lift your spirits and put that spring back into your step is Hoppes #9. I won’t say anymore about this here now because I don’t want to give the lurking Neds a one inch woody. Suffice it to say & know with certainly, we’re not going to lose our country. Hold fast & tight to your Faith in God and the truth that evil never triumphs over good. While it may at times appear to hold the upper hand, it can never completely win because it is in violation of God’s perfect design for the Universe. We will ultimately prevail because by its very nature, evil contains the seeds of its own destruction. Don’t believe me? Take a look at History. 

It is the LAW: light always conquers the darkness; and, good will eventually always vanquish evil. Every time & without exception. That doesn’t mean there won’t be moments when we’re called upon to do some heavy lifting; or, endure difficult challenges in our struggle against the forces of darkness. As Americans, we have God, Truth & Light on our side & these all make them fear us. Let not your hearts be troubled, even when it seems like this may not be the case, because lies & propaganda are really all the Devil has. Don’t let yourselves be taken in or fooled. They’re not even smart enough to understand that once they finally go too far, they will already have destroyed themselves. They are jealous of our honesty, intelligence, strength, tenacity and unwavering commitment to the truth as the torch bearers of liberty and freedom to the rest of the World.

So stay the course, no matter how bumpy the ride may become. Once they finally succeed in pissing God off, the trumpets will sound for their demise. He has us & we got this, Patriots. I promise. ✪

Carry on,

General Mossberg