✪ Ok, I feel a little better now. Every time I sit down to write about the Afghanistan clusterfuck, I find myself becoming so righteously pissed off it always implodes into a seething diatribe of profanity saturated anger, frustration and disgust at how those miserable fuck-faced idiots who call themselves our “leaders” continue to make America & the World needlessly suffer for their arrogance, ignorance and dishonesty. Things are so bad now, that even their rat-faced, state media apparatchik talking bobbleheads are starting to bail on them. Not because of, nor out of any sudden newly found conscience or moral sensibility, but because the lying bastards probably know the current regime’s ship of state is finally going down this time. Too late! Their new pack of lies will NOT erase the YEARS of their direct involvement in creating this horrible situation. Let’s not waste your valuable time here by joining in the orgy of finger pointing; or, any number of the infinite number of egg-spurt anal-ysies of the current situation because we all know in both our guts and heads how big this particular fuck up really is. Quite possibly, the largest military blunder in all of recorded history. Way to go, President Pudding Head! Instead of serving up the usual rehashed sound bites & photo ops you can find 1000 other places online, I’d rather tell you my thoughts & opinions about this entire mess based on what I know & believe happened before the usual flock of vultures who censor and scrub the truth turn this into yet another brainwashing psyop on the Sheep. While there is a proverbial shitload of reasons why all of this happened, one thing is undeniable. THEY HAVE NO FUCKING EXCUSES FOR ANY OF THIS! None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Niente. This didn’t have to happen at all! Every single culpable player in this dangerously embarrassing fiasco needs to be tracked down, duct taped naked into a chair for a week as every square inch of their skin is slowly removed from their bodies with a blow torch and a pair of needle nosed pliers.

There’s plenty of blame to go around; TWENTY years of blame for Poppy & Whore-Heh Boosh, the purple lipped mulatto bastard, the Hag and every other grifting Rat or RINO politic punk whore who fattened the bottom line of their defense stock portfolios with the blood, death and suffering of thousands of America’s best sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and family members. The rest of us are now left with the bill & haunted by the deep abiding sadness of those losses and a growing seething rage at the complete lack of gratitude and respect the current political class has for the ultimate sacrifices these wonderful Americans made. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! Let us never forget the grief and empty spaces left in the lives of their families who are forced to endure their private nightmares daily. May God grant eternal peace & glory to all who lost their lives, as well as those horribly scared and maimed while courageously endeavoring to create something in Afghanistan we now know can never exist: modern civilization. Damn the politicians & the Military Industrial Complex who sent them there. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! Damn all the so called pieces of shit “know betters, experts & career analysts” and every narcissistic politician who played armchair warrior to gain immense personal wealth under the guise of eliminating Al Queda and “nation building” in Iraq & Afghanistan. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! What we should of done after 9-11 was go into those countries and burn everything to the ground, leaving no two bricks on top of each other & then tell them on our way out, “if we ever so much as even here the word ‘terrorism’ uttered here again, we’ll be back to salt the Earth and kill everything that moves. Kapisch?”

Aside from the usual fart sniffing congressional members, the endless & infinite bureaucracy of woke paper pushers occupying the Pentagon and the corporations who discovered endless war was a mighty profitable business so long as you didn’t need a fucking moral conscience to keep selling overpriced weapons systems to prop up your bought congressional kick back committees, it is really the Flag Rank Generals who have never won a real war for America since WWII, along with all of their boot licking, chin wiping disgusting REMF’s who are actually responsible for all of this. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES!

Career climbers the likes of General Milley, who faked his way to the top not by merit or winning wars, but by whoring out to the Establishment in every way possible so long as it resulted in his next promotion. An incredibly unremarkable but astoundingly woke pile of steaming pig offal who has not only disgraced America and his rank, but is also a liability to all those who are unfortunately stuck serving under him. He’s just as worthless & dangerous as Biden. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! However don’t take my word for it; both Milley & Biden have on more than one occasion declared “systemic racism,” Conservative national populism and climate change to be the greatest threats to America’s national security. Both openly advocate for turning the United States Military into some sort of Orwellian, sexually pathogenic social engineering experiment while endangering the lives of each and every one of us. Fuck them. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! The Chinese, Russians and Iranians must be laughing their asses off at our pig headed obsessions over skin color, diversity, equality and the social elevation of every kind of sexual degeneracy within our ranks while they continue plotting our destruction. As things currently stand, a pack of determined Finnish Cub Scouts could force our unconditional surrender while Milley goes MIA counting his medals and toobining to gay porn in his office at the Pentagon. “General Mills,” as I like to call him, obviously prefers his flakes, fruits and nuts to actual ruthless, toxically masculine successful war fighters. Maybe he needs to be “promoted” to a new office at Leavenworth where he’s free to engineer as many woke sexual provocations as his little woke heart desires. The same goes for everyone down his chain of command who cares more about sucking ass for promotion than they do about the survival & welfare of America.THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES!

It’s the stinking SUITS and NOT the BOOTS who have brought this nightmare down upon all of us. For years, they lied and peddled off their responsibility in order to hold onto those cushy jobs. They allowed contracting lobbyists to wine, dine and junket their pathetic asses in exchange for endless influence and special favors. This isn’t anything new; this shit’s been going on for years. It’s only now that the rot has finally been opened and laid bare for all to see. Milley and his enablers don’t have to ever worry about being blown up or shot, so why should they concern themselves with those who do? Follow the money & brace yourselves, because in no way have we seen the worst of all this yet. NO, the fallout of this most recent colossal fuck up in Afghanistan is only just beginning. At some point, it wouldn’t surprise me to see another new endless war emerge to further profit the usual set of players. Keep that gravy train rolling! However, this is where the rubber really meets the road: if our government actually believed in a cause truly worth fighting for, then they would care for those they send to do their heavy lifting & dirty work, but they don’t. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! The wounded and maimed would be given the best medical care and support necessary to help meet their needs, but they’re not. The families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice would receive automatic, special dispensations such as no taxes, a paid mortgage or at least a monthly stipend to help them survive financially, but they don’t. Why not? Because as we are now so brazenly witnessing, the government lies about almost everything while betraying the fealty of those who love their country. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! Just ask the South Vietnamese, the Northern Kurds, our Benghazi diplomats, the Marsh People, the Iranian Greens, the Hong Kongese and soon forth. They know. Who’s next, Taiwan and Israel?

While it would be too easy and oh so very convenient to blame Resident Piss Pants for Afghanistan because he is supposedly the president, doing so would only be a distraction from the much bigger criminals running the show behind the curtain. At the end of the day, clueless Joe is probably no more than a mentally addled whipping dog instead of another mastermind behind the plan. He’s too stupid to be much more than a fall guy for the Deep State. That’s why everybody’s ganging up on him now and claiming he ignored the advice of his generals, blah, blah, blah. All of that is window dressing to hide the fact Joe’s masters never let him make any of his own decisions. He’s much more useful to them stupid than involved in the decision making process. He’s merely a hollow figurehead who just happens to be senile enough to be easily manipulated. Shit, half of the time, he doesn’t even know where he is. Joe is the big star of their show, the rube patsy they prop up in front of the cameras to keep the seething, righteous anger of Americans misdirected onto him so the wheels of the Communists’ ongoing operation to destroy America may continue turning uninterrupted. The Joe regime is America’s very own Vichy government. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! To simply say I loathe these traitorous pukes would be a monumental understatement. I fucking hate their guts.

Throughout this entire train wreck, I must remind you to always keep a sharp eye out and watch out for what the other hand does; wait for the other shoe to drop. I can’t stress this enough because our very lives may depend on this. It’s completely possible this latest disaster in Afghanistan might be nothing more than a false flag cover for other things coming down the line. It’s entirely possible this latest disaster in Afghanistan might be completely premeditated and being executed exactly according to plan. It might all be a smoke screen to cover for the undeniable fraud about to publicly be revealed about the 2020 elections. It could also be a deflection from the ever weakening covid scam. Have you noticed that almost all of the policies about covud are now drawn straight along party lines with Conservatives advocating for complete reopening, no masking or vaccine passports while the Rats want mandatory masking, vaccine passports and unending lockdowns? Afghanistan could also be a cover for the resounding nationwide defeat of Critical Race Theory and all of the patently ludicrous gender/trans/new-speak bullshit they they have been cramming down everyone’s throats. More and more Americans are awakening from being woke to discover they just want their regular lives back and to be left the fuck alone. The disaster in Afghanistan could also be a cover for an extreme desperation that the “Great Reset” is actually starting to crumble and fail. We might actually be much closer to the total destruction and ultimate collapse of the criminal Biden regime than we know. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES! This could be the tactical blunder of overreach we have all been waiting for. Stay and steady the course, Patriots!

Stay alert and prepared for any possible additional false flags, especially ones designed to turn us into their scapegoats to justify gun confiscation & martial law. As the Elites’ grip on the Nation fails, expect more desperation and insanity coming from these dying animals. The Globalist scum don’t give a shit about you or anyone else’s life. The death of a few hundred thousand or perhaps even millions of Afghanis at the hands of a ragtag cluster of fanatical, neanderthal warlords is nothing to them; only the warm up and stretching out for what they’d like to do to America and the entire World. It’s not like they haven’t been telling us all along what their plans are; “in 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy,” The Great Reset, the Green New Deal, an economy in which everyone participates, etc. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES!

I wish I could say otherwise, but our government has yet once again betrayed those who trusted them; and in the process, emboldened our enemies. All by design. Once all of this is finally over, we’ll need to make better decisions and take action to make certain this kind of darkness never falls over the land again. No less than the freedom of future generations and all of humanity now rests upon our shoulders and depends upon our resolve to face down this evil. There’s only one sure fire way we can make certain this madness never happens again. I know you know what I’m talking about. THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES!

Carry on,

General Mossberg