✪ As we all suffer together daily under the iron thumb of the Ruling Class of the pampered, self absorbed, grifting snobs who disguise themselves to the gullible as “servants of the people,” I can’t help but to keep asking myself the same question which goes unanswered, over and over again: why in fuck’s name are they still there?  Unfortunately, the best answer I can come up with is they stay in power because we continue to tolerate them. I know that’s some really stiff medicine to swallow because the “we” I’m referring to here just happens to be “us.” It’s NO coincidence these fuckers have an almost perfect track record for failure; that should tell you there’s NO chance or luck involved any of this; it’s all intended by design. Every possible disaster & calamity we now suffer as a country has been created by our criminal Political Class. And they are not alone in their plotting & execution of our national demise. There’s the other Scum Class of their greedy fuck partners in crime: woke corporations, unions, the Media, political think tanks, academia and the entire host of other butt sniffing, money grubbing assholes. However, none of these other players could exist without the initial backing provided by our political elites and their army of foot soldiers known as “the public sector.” Each feeds off the other in a never ending circular jerking trifecta of money, power, greed and corruption. yes, greed, dishonesty, power, corruption & money; but, the greatest of these is MONEY. OBSCENE amounts of it. The Political Class votes for the funding & spending, then everyone along the way exacts their pound of flesh in an orgasmic feeding frenzy of limitless waste & kleptocracy. These thieves have developed their grifting into a high art form with all of their secret accounts, stock options, insider trading, land holdings, cash and extravagant luxuries. You wanna know what the most fucked up part of this entire wretched situation is? They’re doing it ALL with OUR money. What are they giving us back in return? Only MORE lies, chaos, division and tyranny! They take it from us practically at gunpoint, and instead of using it for a worthwhile & designated purpose like securing the safety & prosperity of the country for ALL Americans, they use it instead to enrich themselves. Do you ever see any of them sweating any of the same financial problems as you & I? Fuck no! Do they ever have to juggle their mortgage, rent, car payments or anything else we the Peasant Class struggle with every day? Fuck no!  They sleep like little phat babies.

Who’s responsible for allowing this endless cycle of thievery to continue unchallenged & unimpeded for as long as it has? The usual suspects; the Political Class. I lay all of the blame completely at their feet. The country and the World certainly aren’t fucked up now because of you and I. ALL of this is made possible and perpetuated only by politicians and their partners in crime.  NONE of whom seem to ever suffer any consequence or penalty for the multiple crimes they commit. That’s not because they’ve learned how to play the system; it’s because they now ARE the system! Until Trump came along and ripped away all the pretense, we were all sleepwalking through some trance about faith in our government. You want WOKE? I got your fucking WOKE right here! Now we know the ugly truth, and now they know that we finally know and they couldn’t care less. Why? Because so far, we haven’t done jack shit to stop them; and until we do, they intend to just keep pushing the limits on everything they believe they can get away with! Some of these turds in suits have been in public office for almost a half century. WTF? Several have even died of old age while in office. A few have even died and yet continue to “serve.” We must ask ourselves, exactly what in fuck’s name have they accomplished for anyone other than themselves? How can they ever be proud in their accomplishment of destroying what was once the greatest country in History, what was once the envy of every society on Earth? While they drown in our money, everything else crumbles around our feet; bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, rail, etc. Everything is falling apart under the blatant neglect of our worthless Political Class. When election time rolls around, they all start spouting their bullshit about “community investment” blah, blah, blah but once they’re re-elected, all they do is steal the money and disappear again. Wash, rinse, repeat. They appropriate the necessary funding with great fanfare, but somehow that money always manages to get siphoned off to “other things.” Nothing ever seems to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. It’s not only the Feds who play this fucking game of Three Card Monty with all of our tax dollars. The State governments are also fucking professional thieves. They also take in BILLIONS every year,  but the roads they manage still suck; and, homelessness, crime and poverty never improve. Everything only continues to get worse! Part of the problem lies in the fact they never have to live with the consequences of the problems they create. I wouldn’t have to worry about crime either if I lived in an exclusively secure multi million dollar home in an elite subdivision and was protected by 24 hour security. Why should they ever be bothered to give a shit? It’s not their problem! Their daily focus and emphasis is on keeping the big money grift going for themselves!

You’d kind of think that after a while, they’d finally kill off the golden goose and be forced, like the rest of us, to finally live within their means. Oh kids, they have also found a way around that one! They burned through our money decades ago so now they are on to spending money which really doesn’t exist for things we really don’t need. You may be asking, how is that possible? The politicians and the FED have concocted the perfect ruse for creating unlimited debt, I mean dollars! They can now produce unlimited amounts of money by adding a few zeros here and there at the stroke of a keyboard. Of course, you and I could NEVER do this for ourselves. They would fucking throw us in jail immediately. You see whenever you or I make the mistake of spending more than we produce, those extra dollars are the most fucking real and solid thing in the Universe, but whenever they need more money, they just pull as many phantom dollars out of their asses as they can! Big banks about to fail? Fuck no! SOOPER FED is here to save the day! Does that Stock Market need propping up until election time is over? Call SOOPER FED! Need a few extra TRILLION to finance the United States into becoming a marxist shit hole? SOOPER FED is there! Get paid immediately! Easy terms available if you belong to the special club! The rest of you sorry ass fuckers? Well, you’re just shit outta luck. Your great, great grandchildren will be our debt slaves. The Political Class has a way of making their phantom debt painfully real to us lowly serfs because on top of everything else, they’ve discovered this is a wonderful way to keep us peasants under their thumbs forever along with other tricks like global pandemics where every last fucking Mom & Pop business gets shut down, except for, you guessed it….their pals in large corporations and well connected businesses. If there ever is going to be a genuine financial crisis, big banks and too big to fail corporations should actually be the first casualties. In a real economic crisis, don’t you think government would eventually be forced to control or stop wasteful spending? No, what they do instead while people’s livelihoods are going down the shitter is drown themselves in newly created phantom funny money. The result is the Criminal Class prospers & thrives while the common people like you & I suffer. Don’t believe me? During the chink flu scamdemic they thrived. We did not. So why the fuck are they still there? Aren’t you sick & tired of this shit? I know I am. 

How did we get into this jam? Well, it didn’t just happen over night and we probably also won’t fix it overnight. By now, anyone with more than two connected and functioning brain cells inside of their heads knows that this huge money pump funded the fraud machine that made it possible for communist operative “candidates” to be installed. Politicians are the ones who control where the money goes and savvy underhanded maggot clusters like PACs fleece the faithful to keep the spice flowing. The current system as it’s organized right now has been corrupted for so long that our government could not continue to function if the money circle jerk was ever suddenly shut down. The breadth, depth & scope of the graft, bribes, kickbacks, special favors and book deals are beyond astonishing. They are literally jaw dropping. However, like a raging Cat 5 hurricane which leaves nothing but death and devastation in its path, all that’s required is a small drop in water surface temperatures to weaken the storm and drain all the power out of the engine. As big as it is, it still becomes vulnerable to any changes which may oppose it. Of course, they would never admit to this and they sure as fuck don’t want us figuring this out because that would mean the END of their gravy train. That’s good news; the corrupt government money machine is only as strong as it’s weakest point, and that weakest point depends upon the continued forced cooperation of the American people. Let that sink in for a moment.

Why else would you think these bastards are so obsessed with ginning up one fucking crisis after another? Why else would you think they would be working their damndest to make everything for everyone so damned difficult? Why else would they keep threatening us to “stay in line?” To keep us distracted from ever realizing it’s actually US, We The People who hold the home court advantage. Once we wake up enough to say, “why the fuck are you still here?” Once we wake up enough to decide we aren’t going to tolerate their shit any longer, their money machine grinds to a stop and they are fucked. Well General, what exactly are you talking about here? I’m talking about starving the Beast because in order to live, the Beast must be constantly fed.  Without the main force in keeping the politicians alive, the conveyor belt grinds to a halt. Right now, their elite culture of corruption pays them well. Stop the flow of money and hilarity ensues, as they will start cannibalizing each other. Take away their ability to fuck us over and they’ll next start fucking each other over, because fucking over somebody for something seems to be all they know how to do. There are two ways to accomplish this. First is a tax revolt, but that requires organization because the only way it can succeed is if everyone is on board together. The second is to vote them out of office, but until the electoral process is reformed, that’s a fucking joke.

Did I say there was TWO ways? Hmmmm, so I did. Well, there is actually a third way that has actually two parts. First, take to the streets everywhere in the hundreds of thousands like the boons and panties do. Imagine what 200,000 or more righteously pissed and protesting Americans could accomplish! Of course it would be a “peaceful” protest. We’ve all seen what only a few hundred Boon Lives Matter and pantyfa  were able to do. Imagine the power of 100, 200, 300 thousand or even half a million patriot Americans. Now imagine if those half million were armed and said, “enough!” Short of calling out the Army, the communists in Washington to go up against that many and even the loyalty of the Military to the Masters of Corruption would be in question. I think less than 10% of the grunts would cooperate in putting down a real insurrection, not another fake bullshit FIB stage play like January 6th. I sincerely hope it never comes to that because for the record, I wish to say that I do not believe violence is ever the answer, kumbahyah. 

Second, real and lasting solutions are to be found best in creating term limits for the Political Class. Don’t let them stick around long enough to amass enough power to become a threat to the country or the rest of us. I know, that’s big bite to swallow because the way things stand now, the only way we can get term limits is if the people who we need to term limit vote it for themselves. Good luck with that. The best we can hope for from these wastes of skin would be for them to agree and vote for term limits which begin in twenty years; and towards the end of that 20 year period, they would vote to extend it out another twenty years. No, that would never work. What we need are immediate term limits on our terms; a direct mandate from We The People, by We The People, FOR We The People. When faced with the prospect of either being shot or hung for treason, I’d wager Congress would hastily call a special session just for that reason. I know, it all sounds extreme and a bit draconian, but that’s because of them! They built this clusterfuck, not us. They’ve built it by eliminating any genuine discourse or discussion on various important issues, by censoring & punishing dissenting viewpoints and by destroying the lives of their political opposition. Then add in the carefully planned and executed fake pandemic to seize control of our country’s vital functions.

Imagine no regal political class bankrupting the country, debasing the currency, importing in foreign armies of mud people, making policies which damage successful institutions and traditions. Imagine actual elected public servants who actually serve the public instead of themselves. I imagine a streamlined Federal Government of no more than 500 thousand which isn’t controlled by lobbyist payola and special interests. I think you get where I’m going if people were instead rewarded for maintaining a lean, working government instead of a life long meal ticket to destroying the country for the graven obscenity of unlimited free money with no accountability, then we would once again be moving in the right direction. A single term limited to a maximum of six years for everyone, but none for life. Without the pressure of having to campaign endlessly for yet another term, public officials won’t be motivated to lie to their constituencies using empty campaign promises. Anyone who drops out before the completion of their term because of illness or legal problems will be replaced by whoever came in second in that race. No more fucking royal bequeathing of offices or seats. All staff will be limited to only two people. I could continue but my point is the system needs to be changed in such a way where it attracts the kind of people who actually want to improve the country because they want to live in a better country! That isn’t really so unreasonable, is it?

It sure beats the Hell out of what we are stuck with now; wealthy fossils, money grifting, influence policy public service whores who are only in it for themselves. We now have power mad dwarves, rabidly insane feminists, virulent racists, radical islamic terrorists and every other type of seditionist low life you can imagine polluting our body politic.  So I’ll ask the question again “why the fuck are they still there?” It’s not a rhetorical question at all and one that eventually must be answered. The only reason they’re still there is because we’re allowing it. The Left has their playbook; Cloward and Piven, Alinsky, class and race struggle, etc. As Sun Tzu said in his epic book, “The Art of War, “shoot the treasonous bastards until there are none left.”  Ok, he didn’t really say that. That was my really poor attempt at tongue in cheek, camp humor. What he really said was, “know your enemy.” Sage advise for these perilous time in which we live. Say, I wonder…..why the fuck ARE they still there?  ✪

Carry on

General Mossberg