✪ What’s next, America? I mean, seriously!  What demonstration of greater foolfuckery will we all awaken to tomorrow that’s worse than today? Holy Hell, it’s almost like they’re in a contest with themselves to see how fast they can destroy everything good that’s ever been created during the last 250 years. Is there no end to this rolling clusterfuck clown show? WHEN will we awaken from this dystopian nightmare which never seems to end? What in FUCK’s name has to finally happen before everyone gets to the end of their rope and starts putting these communist assholes & their legions of brainless bolshevik zombie sheep back in their places? Sure enough, every time I tell myself, “now I’ve seen it all,” the very next fucking day they pull some new outrageous shit that makes me eat my words. I’m even more astounded at how everybody just seems to sit still and take it, again and again. Thank you Sir, may I have another? I feel this is a very important point which deserves a closer look. OK I get it, we Americans in general as a whole are an incredibly patient and “tolerant” lot. We probably have the longest fuses of any people in modern history, but NO fuse is ever endless and the powder keg it’s connected to only grows in explosive power the longer it takes to cook off. Let those who may lurk here ignore this fact at their own peril. Our current hesitancy certainly is not due to some issue of We The People being incapable of taking care of business because we can’t; this time, for whatever reasons, it appears as though we just aren’t willing, yet. There are probably several reasons for this; and NONE are the result of any cowardice, weakness or a laziness on our part to submit to an unelected, incompetent regime. NONE.

Any government which fucks up as much as the one we’re stuck with now doesn’t do it because they’re “incompetent.” If all of this was only incompetency, the law of averages would provide for them occasionally getting SOMETHING right; however, these criminal marxist shitbags never get ANYTHING RIGHT. NOTHING. They fail at absolutely everything because that’s their playbook. A 100% failure rate isn’t found anywhere in Nature, so it’s a deliberate construct which requires planning and effort. Don’t be fooled by all of the State Media lies and brainwashing; everything happening now is all by design. I say incompetent as a matter of course because that’s how our current faux government wants to appear on a daily basis. That’s their cover for all of the bad shit they’re pulling. If they can convince everyone it’s all just one more instance of “awe shucks folks, we goofed again” Donkee Theater, then they know you can be artificially lulled into a dangerous sense of complacency. They KNOW this. No, it’s all much more sinister & nefarious than a series of poorly executed good intentions by the current crop of unqualified sycophants garnered from central casting to play their part in distracting us from what’s really taking place behind the scenes. And what’s really taking place behind the scenes you may ask? Nothing less than the complete annihilation of individual freedom, the dismantling of Western Civilization and the enslavement of all Humanity into a neo-feudal digital, bio-health police state under a World Communist Government. Fuck them, they know exactly what they’re doing! I’d really love to know who is the velvet covered iron fist calling all the shots of this madness from behind the curtain. I know we all have our suspicions; it’s someone secret, or the group of secret someones we call “Globalists.” This isn’t stupidity, this is intention masked as stupidity as a means to enable it to continue; all the while being told not to worry because the tyranny we are now witnessing with our own eyes is really “democracy.” We’re trapped in the burning theater with all of the doors chained shut.  

What comes next? What kind of low brow, underhanded, cruel and sick garbage can we expect from these worthless, evil shiteaters? What will they pull next to try & break our resolve? What’s next up their sleeves to force an already anxious and destabilized populace into giving in to their authoritarian agenda? I know you all really want some kind of relief. That would be nice, but don’t believe for a second that things will settle down back into any sort “normalcy” if we only surrender our freedoms to the political class because they WON’T. In fact the EXACT OPPOSITE will occur; that’s when the real long knives will come out to vilify and purge the country of everyone of us who stand in their way. They broke their own code long ago when they decided to serve themselves instead of what benefits the entire country. If that doesn’t qualify as TREASON, then I just don’t know what does. How can we ever trust any of our institutions again? How can we ever trust the health & medical professionals after their complicit involvement in propagating the greatest lie ever told?  How can we ever trust or believe anyone holding a public office who changes their opinions on important issues like a weather vane in a fucking hurricane? Voltair once said “to know who rules over you, simply see who you’re not allowed to criticize.” The universal nature of that TRUTH is the quality it possesses of being as accurate & valid now as it ever was. When’s the last time you’ve ever heard anyone use the phrase, “it’s still a free country?” You probably haven’t in a good long while because it no longer is; and more & more we find ourselves having to watch our words in public settings because you never know where the fucking thought police could be lurking and keeping score. Have you noticed, you also now can’t speak out at your job for fear of offending some Karen or gay snowflake with an errant, socially unacceptable utterance and losing your livelihood. Likewise, the paranoia now extends to and affects our behavior on social media in the form of this unconscious anxiety about being watched to keep our messages and emails within the bounds of acceptable discourse, whatever the fuck that may be. I’ll tell you what it’s definitely NOT, it’s NOT FREEDOM. Once, we had a Constitution which provided for the preservation of freedom & rights of the individual over those of the collective; but the best the Constitution can seem to manage lately is either being flatly ignored for the advancement of American socialism, or used as a weapon against us by those who are obsessed with the destruction of this country. Unfortunately, the Constitution has been shredded one cut at a time as not to draw any unnecessary attention to its diminishing relevance. How’s that working out for you, America?

So why in Hell’s name do we continue to suffer while we put up with all of this tyrannical, communist bullshit? Because we are inherently good people who were raised by very good people who taught us we need to be self accountable & reliant with a business or job; that we are responsible for caring for and providing security for our own families, to love and respect those in our families who rely on us for their safety. We continue putting up with all this bullshit because we don’t have the luxury of going to jail, losing our jobs or hurting our families. Apparently, no good deed goes unpunished in the new America. Sorry, but that’s where we seem to stand today. While it may often present tough choices, there is no shame whatsoever to be had in being a responsible and upstanding member in what otherwise should be a free & healthy society. The phony collectivist “it takes a village” crap only works in the pin headed minds of dry humping democratic socialist chihuahuas who hang on every word from Noam Chomsky. The preservation of family ranks high in our reasons why we have not yet taken serious action against the creeping communism. Another reason is a touchy one and I am in no way singling out anyone in particular; but the real fact is, nobody wants to be the first to go because whomever is the first doesn’t have the security of knowing if the rest will follow in support or if they will become an isolated target for destruction by the machine of the Left. I believe this concern is basic to survival and Human Nature; it’s hardwired into all of us. Nobody wants to discover that in being the first, they may also be alone. The question of ideal timing only further confuses and complicates this dynamic even further; because as we all know from History, timing can often either be the deal maker or breaker. Understandably, people know they really should occupy the statehouse, but nobody wants to become the crazed lone independent radical sacrificed upon the altar of propaganda to do it, at least not yet. I strongly suspect that will change as more and more people have their freedoms stolen from them. Once most people arrive at the point where they have little left to lose, then Katy bar the door!

The Regime fully understands this & stands prepared to bring the full weight of their tyranny down on any and all of us who may have the fucking nerve to stand up to them. Heroes must be punished for their courage! Ironic, yes? Don’t believe me? Ask the more than 60 January 6th protesters still being held in jail as political prisoners without due process almost 9 months after their arrest. It’s as if they are daring us and saying, “Don’t try this sheep, because next this will be you!” I’m sorry in advance if I am making any of you angry with this kind of talk, but I’ve already been a witness to decades of both good & bad human behavior; and, I’ve made a real effort to understand the hesitancy of We The People in our current situation. As piss poor as things already are now, it seems we have not yet lost enough to make the risk of action worthwhile. However, THAT CAN CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT; and when it does, there will be no turning back. The coming unfucking of America will in NO way be a half assed proposition. So in the meantime, everyone waits for the whites of their eyes and continues to contemplate “what’s next, what the fuck do they have planned for us today?”  

Another reason which creates a hesitancy on our part to act is the absence of a real leader. At this point, we lack the necessary organization to successfully act as a group; while their side is extremely organized. It’s easier for them because the basic tenet of Leftism is that individuals are discouraged from thinking for themselves. Good little Leftists always follow the Hive Mind of the collective; NO individual thoughts or thinking allowed! Trump came the closest we had to a real leader. Why else do you think they invested so much in trying to completely destroy him? He all but singlehandedly exposed the communist globalist plot to destroy us; bitter medicine. However as a mortal man, he also has a weak point; he’s a very nice man who understandably doesn’t want to see people needlessly hurt or killed. And who can blame him? Not I. Unfortunately, the Left does not have any respect whatsoever for playing “nice,” so we currently find ourselves in dire need of a firebrand leader. An uncompromising, snarling, snapping junk yard dog of a leader who can really dish it out. A no holds barred, in your face fighter to galvanize 100 million true Americans behind him. “Butt, butt, butt General, isn’t this how Hitler came to power?” My answer is perhaps the fucking Left should have thought that thru completely before they let the totalitarian genie out of the bottle. If you’re still thinking all of this gets sorted out by voting or bipartisan cooperation, you are seriously misinformed as you whistle past the graveyard. The Rats buried a hatchet in the back of America’s head with the STEAL and put an end to those unicorn dreams. Our side needs a real leader now who isn’t worried about political focus groups, campaign contributions, the squawking News Media or taking a stand against the evil of the current status quo. Someone who inspires and motivates the nation to cleanse and rid itself of all the agents enabling the spread of the communist cancer. America needs her William Wallace to step forward soon to give us hope and lead us out of this desert of leftist insanity before it’s too late. We only hesitate now because the Left knows how to exploit our innate goodness as a weakness to their favor, but isn’t that how they fucking shit on everything good? May God have mercy upon them the day we finally awaken & discover our strength in our own innate goodness as the means for the complete and non-compromised destruction of all their evil. Let not your hearts be troubled Patriots, that day is certainly coming!

In all of their magnificent and malignant hubris, they will eventually push too far and shit the bed. That’s because people who possess no souls also have NO humility and a very flawed ability to accurately & correctly assess reality. The pushback has already started in varied local areas & will continue to grow & expand to regional and eventually nationwide in scope until the stranglehold of this entire criminal government is finally broken. Deus Vult! The current crop of selfish, communist jerk wad monkeys running the show are not in any way the type of government the Founders ever intended for this country. They will need to be completely replaced by actual Americans who share our love of country. In the process, we’ll also need to dramatically shrink the size and influence of government, streamline the legislative process and take all of the dirty money and payola out of the political process. I know it all may sound like a very daunting task, but consider the alternatives should we fail to rise to these historic challenges. We can once again restore America to a constitutional republic and make it that Shining City upon the Hill, but don’t expect the corrupt bastards we find ourselves now saddled with to ever vote for any of this. “When in the course of Human events…”

America first. That’s the only way forward from here. Have Faith because God & History are both on our side. What an opportunity! Our government needs to fear US for a change. Look, we got this. We’ll know when to act when that moment finally arrives. Of this I am certain! ✪

Do your best & carry on…

General Mossberg