Porky Congress

There’s so much wrong with the Bat Flu Bill, I don’t know even where to begin. Suffice to say, it’s like needing $4500 for new tires and expecting taxpayers to fork over another $1.5 million for a Bugatti Veyron to put them on while swearing it’s all for the children. Of course, you got to have a Bugatti so you can drive faster to save “the American People” from a virus that must be deadly because the media says so. Because the people who’s salaries & perks you pay, also say so. In truth, only about $500 billion Dollars of the entire $2 trillion Dollar “virus” bill will go towards mitigating the actual virus. That’s right kids,  $1.5 trillion Dollars is going toward everything BUT the virus! 3/4 of the bill doesn’t do anything to help anyone except the House & Senate members shoveling boxcars full of cash into the hands of people they know will return the favor by funding their campaigns; giving them even more power to do anything that’s more important than stemming a viral epidemic: become even more obscenely wealthy. I can’t list all the obscene pork in this bill here because I simply don’t have enough time or space, but they do!

How cleverly they can hide what they don’t want you to see; unless you have an interpreter & magnifying glass. There are some truly fucking scary provisions in this bill that allow an even deadlier virus to gain a stronger grasp around our necks: socialism. Provisions which make ballot harvesting, same day voter registration, zero proof of personal identity all completely legal; and, allow the vote counting to continue up to two full weeks after the election. All of it benefits mainly those who commit fraud for a living by cheating as a way of life. I still can’t get any definitive answers as to what’s actually in the bill or isn’t. Only McCarthy voted no; and, others completely dodge the question. So who’s lying? They all are. Who’s going to get royally fucked?  We all are. Well, not all of us, because Congress didn’t forget to earmark $300 million dollars for special “overseas projects.” That’s code for we get 90 cents on each of those Dollars because we’ve run this scam for decades. The Dems also want $300 million more for illegals! The Republicans said “Hold our beer” as they tacked on another $50 million so Dems wouldn’t call them ugly names or make them feel bad.  How about us, the taxpayers? Wellllll… “we” get a $1000 check, but only if we qualify, which means most of us probably won’t. Even if every person in this country got a $1000 check, that only comes to a total of $327 billion Dollars. But not everyone in the country will get a check. Approximately 220 million people will qualify, so that means they’re only giving $220 billion to actual American citizens. See how that works? The 220 million Americans will actually end up getting less than $1000 each because government is the only entity to deem you worthy to give your own money back to you so you can be taxed on it again later in 2021.  

However, NPR, NEA, and NPB will all collectively receive over $100 million Dollars to help in the fight against the virus. How? By teaching kids to count the sick and dead? They don’t do anything but fucking brainwash people with the virtues of socialism!  Ohhh wait, now I get it: instead of using the money to buy 11 million N-95 masks, they give $25 million to the Kennedy Center so the Elite have a well funded opera house they can’t attend. Maybe they’ll also bankroll a play called, “We Are The Elite, Fuck You Peons.” The Peace Corps? They’re a front line in the fight against the virus, so they get $80 million; except the Peace Corps fired 7600 Americans & wants more money to pay for their new “foreign friends” replacements who will work for food. The rest goes to handle “administrative fees.” Please understand bloated bureaucracies don’t run themselves! Speaking of bloated, worthless ticks; the teachers unions will receive an extra $31 billion “for the children.” Yes, children who can’t read a book or barely sign their own names, but can readily recite all the wonders of socialism & know how fucked up our country is. They’re trained to remember catchy slogans, but never taught to actually fucking think for themselves. A society full of Individuals who can think critically for themselves means no worker class. The education system starts to destroy them on their first day of school. We spend more money per student, yet produce more mediocre & functional illiterates than any other country on Earth. How? The answer is simple: teacher unions pocket most of government education funding. Fuck them all.

In the bill, each senator includes an extra $1.5 billion for their home state. They didn’t elaborate specifically why or for what; only claimed it as their “fair share.” This, on top of all the state assistance the Fed already gives them!  Also included in the bill are items bound to help defeat the virus; like “innovative sunscreens.” Looks like I now only need to apply some sunscreen & I’m out of lock down! Sweet! Except it’s only more pork for the L’Oréal Company in Mitch’s home turf of Kentucky, see? Then there’s “harbor dredging.” Apparently, Covid19 likes to live in river muck, so what’s a few extra billion Dollars to dig it out? Wow look, oil is at 25 bucks a barrel now!  Why don’t we buy some at these low prices & save billions topping off the strategic petroleum reserves! Oh, fuck no! That makes too much sense! There’s ZERO dollars in the bill for that! Both parties in both the House & Senate voted against appropriating one, single fucking penny for a slam dunk opportunity to buy oil super low to sell high later!  We could have kept our oil industry going full throttle for months! Instead, the bill prevents us from buying & having extra oil supplies for our own country in case of an emergency. The House & Senate conveniently left out the oil funding because they wouldn’t make any money off of it. Fuck them with a dead cedar tree.They chose personal gain over national security yet again & let the Saudis take more control of the world oil market. The fucking elitist, snot nosed, ruling class, fuck faces sold America out in favor of more socialism, in favor of open borders, in favor of illegals & non citizen refugees, in favor of everyone & everything else that is NOT AMERICAN. Never forget this. If we even happen to have an election this November, make certain to vote every incumbent out of office. Yeah, I know I’m dreaming, but it still sounded good. The Coronavirus flu is pretty much just another strain of flu; even though it’s certainly a nasty ass one. Two weeks of empty grocery stores have already given me a taste of how socialism works & feels; I’m never doing any of this again. When they waste $1.5 trillion Dollars of our money to fund their own power & pet projects, that tells me they weren’t really ever serious about the fucking virus to begin with.  

How about a fucking relief bill to replace the part of my 401k they’ve evaporated? Government at every level is responsible for every hardship we endure today. Elected officials who, if you haven’t noticed, haven’t lost a fucking dime at all in any of this. Only us sucker taxpayers grow poorer while they grow rich. No matter who happens to win on Capitol Hill, seems we always lose. I’m going to apply for virus relief tomorrow, and see if I can also get my road repaired & drainage installed. It’s vital to virus mitigation! It will allow EMTs to arrive faster trying to save what’s left of my sorry ass after the government’s finished helping me out by giving away trillions to people unaffected by anything except their bank accounts. I get it, but I’m at that point where they’re going to get it soon. This fucking circus they’re putting us through is wearing really thin; and, I’m not the only one who feels this way about their disgusting political ghoulish indifference to true Americans; instead of those who live here & hate our country. The only ones being taken for this very expensive ride are taxpaying Americans. Each & every person in this country could have received $5000 dollars and it still would have saved a trillion off of this legal rape bill. I was very fucking sick this week; and of course, I had the bat panic! High fever, ached like a bitch, sweaty, snot by the quart, you know…I took a real an ass whipping. It was a bug for sure, but only one of the many going around this time of year. If I had listened to & believed the media, I’d probably be writing this from the morgue. Sick as fuck & two days later, just fine. I haven’t had a fever in 53 years. No shit, that record’s ruined, but I survived, much to the chagrin of the rage media and Congress. If they ever pull this shit again, I’ll simply say fuck you. Go pay off your lap dogs & buy off your special interests. You lied then; and, you’re lying again now. The ONLY reason you’re still there is because you can’t legally be shot to death. Fuck all of you grifting, shit breath anti-American targets…. er …… I mean Congressional ticks.