Live & Let Live

☆ ADVISORY: Explicit Content & Sarcasm

It’s irritating as Hell to have so much information available out there and still find it almost impossible to decide who is telling the truth and who’s pushing their agenda. I can easily read & find completely diametrically opposed “facts” about the bat flu on the same site. “It’s going to kill millions!  It’s a giant conspiracy!”  See?  While I’ll be the first to point out just about every facet of this crisis is agenda driven, when you step back & absorb it all, many things just don’t add up or make too much sense, do they?  Videos of overwhelmed hospitals which were filmed not being overwhelmed at all. Have citizen journalists missing the overwhelmed hospitals? Who & what should we really believe? Restaurants & churches are shuttered, but big box retailers jammed with people. Again, what’s the reasoning behind that?  An illegal who breaks into a closed store & walks out with a flat screen TV isn’t even stopped, much less arrested & prosecuted; yet people are arrested for attending the funeral of a loved one after violating some edict issued by a local petty tyrant? Why are certain crimes are now no longer considered offenses, but walking down the street is treated like a felony? I’m watching jails release hardened career criminals and child rapists to make room for people who violate social distancing orders or draconian curfews, put in place by mayors & city councils. See what I’m talking about? Why are criminals being set free to protect them from the virus, while normal people are being put in jail or on lock down in their own homes, instead? Wouldn’t it be safer for the criminals to keep them on lock down?  It would sure as Hell would be much safer for the rest of us!! Since home invasion & assault are no longer considered crimes in these cities, will homeowners now face murder charges for protecting their own homes & families?  Seems perhaps so; and that’s exactly why this just doesn’t “feel right”. Something’s off: way off.

We human beings possess a sixth sense of sorts; it’s called “gut feeling.” We’ve all had moments of indecision in particular instances, and wondered which choice would be the right one. We often “go with our guts” and act accordingly.  In hindsight, how many times have you made a decision to act against your gut feeling only to later wished you hadn’t? We all experience this throughout our entire lives; and right now, that gut feeling happens to be working overtime.  What we’re seeing now doesn’t quite mesh with what we hear; and, it’s creating uncertainty which makes us anxious; and continued uncertainty amplifies that anxiety even more in the form of undue angst because we can’t be sure sure if this epidemic is really the experts are describing. However, we don’t want to find out the hard way this is indeed a plague of Biblical proportions that will kill millions if we ignore it. Except for the fact every year, there is a normal seasonal infection of a very similar virus, that until this moment, has been considered normal. It’s called the flu season; the flu d’ jour that infects tens of millions, hospitalized hundreds of thousands and kills tens of thousands of people every year. Every year. We usually take this in stride because it’s expected, it’s common, and has been infecting us for centuries!  Suddenly, we find ourselves being forced into an unwanted & unnatural subservience by a new strain that has come nowhere near in matching the normal flu in it’s deadly effectiveness. See? Yes. What the fuck?  I’m not cutting this out of a whole cloth, but simply looking at the statistics for each flu season & marveling at how this particular strain, which hasn’t even begun to approach the numbers of a regular flu, is being used to destroy our economy & our Constitutional rights. But, what if it’s real; what if it’s not? WTF x 2!

Unlike almost everyone else out there, I don’t have all the answers because I don’t see very much concrete information. President Trump’s daily pressers are pretty much all I pay attention to; but whenever that fucking annoying dwarf Fauci starts spewing his utter bullshit, I don’t even do that as much anymore. What I’m starting to do is tune it all out. Aside from getting gunned down on the Capitol steps in a quixotic attempt to stop all of this madness, there isn’t shit I nor any of us can do. For whatever reasons, there’s a massive battle going on behind the scenes for the control of our country and that outcome is in doubt. Democrats seized this crisis as an opportunity to install socialism & garner phenomenal wealth. The DOW now means nothing to many investors because the greedy fucks that drive it have already taken our money; and, they’re still taking it along with Congress and their special friends. Fuck them all; I stopped caring when my retirement evaporated. OPEC has also taken this opportunity to destroy our energy sector by flooding the World Oil Market with their cheap oil; the same oil Pelosi refused to fund so we could top off our own strategic petroleum reserve at fire sale prices. China is directly responsible for all of this: China released this virus to stop their own system from collapsing. China has gave the communists in our Congress & tin pot state & local government dictators another chance to further attack and weaken us. Expect China to soon begin throwing around their military weight because they can afford to lose the equivalent of our entire population without missing a step. China is at war now with the United States; and, they mean to win too, as evidenced by all the slathering, fawning & adoring support & assistance they’re receiving from our media and Congress. They might very well succeed.

Me? I’ll go on & continue living my life. Anyone who tries to stop me won’t be living theirs. In the long run, it’s actually very simple; I’ll draw my own conclusions without trying to force others to see my point of view. I expect them to do likewise. Arguing about things we don’t control doesn’t do any good, anyway. Everyone dies, everyone. Few live, but I’m going to live.  

Carry on.  General