PREP 101: Are You Ready?

PREP 101: Are You Ready?

Good evening, Everyone. Yours truly will be standing in for the General on this week’s special edition of Double Barrel to give the General a much deserved break while hopefully sharing some very important information. We will resume our regularly scheduled Double Barrel programming next week. Thank you.


If you’ve been a regular commenter, reader or lurker in this community for any length of time, you already know things at this present moment are not going well for average Americans or Americans. Elections have consequences and the consequences of stolen elections are even more profound. There are three major events which have transpired during the last two years contributing to all of the chaos, confusion and suffering most Americans are now coping with today in their daily lives:

THE COVID SCAMDEMIC: Yes, I know COVID is real and many people died from it, but there is also compelling evidence it was intentionally engineered; and, in the final analysis, more of a severe strain of flu than the “plague” it was incessantly promoted as being. I will not waste any energy here now rehashing the COVID timeline or all of the sordid details. Suffice it to say, the dangers of the scamdemic were deliberately blown entirely out of proportion and seized upon by globalist world government leaders as an opportunity to expand and consolidate their authoritarian powers over their own citizens. The resulting shutdowns, lockdowns, rules, edicts and mandates actually produced far more economic, societal and individual harm, damage & death than the disease itself.

THE 2020 ELECTION STEAL: An historic and pivotal event carried out by the corrupt and criminal opposition party to rob the American people of their future & their right to self determinism. Since the installation of Joe Biden as President & his shadow government, the Democrats have done everything in their power to reverse and refute all the positive policies put in place by Donald Trump. They have brought America to the brink of a Cloward-Piven style collapse by the deliberate manufacture of one crisis after crisis after another. They are waging war on us, the Family, God, our history, traditions, morals, values, freedoms and way of life in order to destroy the Middle Class and create a marxist, neo-feudal, entitlement society dominated forever by their one party rule.

THE RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR: It doesn’t matter where you stand or which side you support in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Either way, there can be no denying the destabilizing effects the war has had on international trade, energy and the global economy in general. It’s also been used as a tool to divert & distract public attention away from domestic problems and behind the scenes power plays being made by government to “fundamentally transform” America.

It feels like something really big is coming and we all know it; you can feel it. America and the World are poised for economic, cultural & moral collapse; all supposedly as some kind of sinister prerequisite to “transitioning” Humanity into the next epoch of whatever you want to call it; The New World Order, Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, New Green Deal, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc.

I’d like to suggest that regardless of everything happening now, we shouldn’t as Americans lose sight of our own sense of personal responsibility and self sufficiency. While you or I alone may have no way of stopping whatever may be coming; we can however, still mitigate the unpleasant effects of any unpredictable future events in our lives.

As a public service, I’d like to present some simple suggestions & easy steps we can all take to provide more safety and security for ourselves and families. We needn’t accept the alternative of being ground down so low that we find ourselves having to depend on slavery to a centralized government for our survival. The time is growing short, but it’s still not too late. If you haven’t yet started to prepare for the coming storm, you still have some time

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: I do not in anyway consider myself to be a “prepper.” I’m certain there are many in this community who are much more knowledgable and experienced on this subject than I; and, I invite their comments, correction, criticism opinions, observations and feedback to improve upon the following information. I also I understand many here have already been involved in the preparation process for some time. I salute those of you who had the good sense to start early. Today’s column isn’t really aimed at anyone who’s already got three full freezers in the garage, an 10,000 watt generator system, a home farm or 2-3 years worth of stockpiled dry and canned foods. It’s intended as a friendly heads up for anyone else to pause and take stock of their own degree or lack of preparedness.

Here are what I consider the BASICS to help you weather any major shit storms which may be coming our way. The good news is that most of these supplies are not very expensive, still readily available and relatively easy to procure; however, don’t wait until the very last minute. By then, it will be too late. It’s far better later to have it and never need it than to not have it when you really need it. I won’t be talking about “bug out kits” today because the following information is provided on the assumption most of you have plans to remain where you are. Should you wind up never needing most of these supplies, that’s even better. You can always just use or dispose of them at a future date once the storm has passed.


The human body can’t survive for more than only a few days without clean water. I think it’s pretty extreme to think things would ever fall apart so much that water stops coming out of the tap, but we really never can know. In addition, there are parts of the country where public tap water is just wretched quality. Here in southern Nevada, we source our public drinking water from Lake Mead; basically, a really big limestone sink hole. The quality is horrible: the water is highly mineralized and stinks of sulphur. Invest in a few 5 gallon, plastic water jugs like the ones used to stock coolers. Keep them filled with filtered, purified water. Rotate and cycle them for freshness.


Make certain you have a good supply of paper basics: including toilet paper & paper towels. No, you don’t need to run to Costco to buy a truckload of TP, but you also don’t want to be stuck with your pants down (pun intended) with only five rolls should TP become impossible to find for six months. Don’t forget to stock an adequate supply of personal hygiene products like tampons, extra tubes of toothpaste, tooth brushes (or replacement brush heads if you use an electric toothbrush), floss sticks, bandaids, q-tips & mouth wash. None of these items are very expensive.

Extra laundry and dishwashing detergents can double as all purpose cleaning agents in a pinch. White Vinegar costs less than $3 a gallon and will clean and sanitize surfaces and floors. A gallon of bleach doesn’t cost much more and is probably the most effective sanitizing agent available. In an extreme emergency, it can also be used to purify drinking water.

Other valuable but low cost investments include a couple of extra bottles of rubbing alcohol (buy full strength 91% isopropyl or higher) & hydrogen peroxide (can be used as mouth wash, antiseptic for cuts and injuries or an all purpose sanitizing agent.) Hydrogen peroxide will start to break down into water after about a year, but it costs less than one dollar per quart.


If you have a health condition which requires daily medication, explore cost effective ways you can obtain at least a three month’s supply of all your medicines in advance. I know from my own experience with family members that Medicare will not allow you to buy the next month of medicine in advance; but, you also don’t want to ever be stuck going though a extended period of time without whatever is necessary to maintain your health.

The same applies for vitamins or health supplements. You can stock up to a year’s worth in advance; but any longer and vitamins will start to lose their potency.


Our inalienable right to self defense as bestowed to us by our Creator & provided by the Second Amendment is central to our survival & identity as Americans. It also provides the foundations for all of our other freedoms; precisely why the Leftists would love to rob us of our ability to defend ourselves. If you haven’t already provided for your own self defense by owning a firearm & knowing how to use it, then you really should consider starting. It’s still not too late; but due to current demand, you’re now going to pay more and have fewer choices. Also, owning a firearm doesn’t mean much if you aren’t properly trained about how to clean, maintain and shoot it. I can’t overemphasize this very important point; if you’ve never owned a firearm, make certain you get proper trained before you buy one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you go shopping. Most folks in gun stores and at ranges are usually super friendly and very happy to share knowledge & information with newbies. Many stores and ranges also offer beginner training courses. If you buy a firearm, don’t talk yourself out of the proper training. Your safety, as well of that of others, depends upon it.

Here’s what I consider to be the basic minimum for personal protection in any possible future Mad Max scenarios. I understand your mileage may very.

Personal sidearm: A medium or higher caliber handgun. Personally, I don’t recommend small calibers like any of the .22’s or .25 for personal defense. Unless you’ve practiced enough to put rounds directly into the heart or brain through an eye, they simply don’t have enough stopping power. The smallest caliber I recommend is .380. Lots of people laugh at .380 and joke about it as being a “mouse gun” but a .380 round is actually only 1mm shorter than a 9mm. If you use high power loads with hollow points, a .380 is more than adequate to give somebody a really bad day. I use it as my preferred carry caliber because I have small hands.

If you’ve never bought a handgun before and have no clues about what may work best for you, find a gun range which rents guns to shoot. In the course of a single afternoon, you can switch out and try numerous calibers & different makes of guns until you discover what you really like and works best before you drop your money on an actual purchase.

Shotgun: A shotgun is the ideal private property/home security defense weapon. It’s more practical in your house than a long gun like an AR or AK rifle. You don’t need to be as accurate with a shotgun as you do with a regular rifle to be effective, especially when you’re firing shot. Just point and pull the trigger. Unlike a much more powerful AK or AR round, you won’t have to worry about a shotgun blast penetrating walls and striking someone else accidentally.

Rifles & Long Guns: Also known in parlance as the dreaded “black rifles” and “assault weapons” by those who actually know nothing about guns. Long guns are not as practical for home defense as shotguns because their rounds easily penetrate walls. Their long barrels also make navigating enclosed interior spaces problematic, especially going around corners. Rifles are best suited for what I call “distance defense;” or, holding off that rabid gang of looting, murdering marauders coming down the street to target your house and family next.

There’s an endless, ongoing debate about whether AR or AK is the better long gun platform. To be honest, both have their advantages and limitations. For the sake of brevity, I will not go into any further details here about all of the differences. Once again, get thee to a friendly gun store or range and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Educate yourself sufficiently so that you feel confident & know exactly what you are getting when you finally spend your money.

Once you own all three types of these weapons, all of your bases are pretty much covered and protected for any kind of personal defense scenario you may encounter. A handgun for up close and personal, a shotgun for home or property defense and a rifle for “distance defense.”

A few final notes on guns. The ideal defense would be one of each of the above weapons as a minimum; however, if you can only do one, make it the handgun. If you can only do two out of the three; I suggest the handgun and shotgun. If you can go all the way and add a rifle to your arsenal, stick with common and well established rifle calibers because oddball sized rounds tend to be much more expensive and harder to find. Always maintain a minimum inventory on hand of 1000 rounds each for your rifle and handgun, 100 minimum for the shotgun. Any gun is completely worthless without ammunition; and, of course, there’s no such thing ever as “too much ammo.” If you keep it dry and cool, ammunition almost never goes bad and retains an excellent resale value. You can also barter with it. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever lose on an investment in ammo. Lastly, don’t forget to train and practice, practice, practice.


For the very first time in many of our lives, it seems as if food shortages in America during the next few months are an actual possibility. Please prepare accordingly. There are several factors at work coordinating a sort of perfect storm which makes this a very real prospect. The main culprit seem to be record inflation pushing ever higher fuel prices. Diesel in particular has become so expensive many truckers are parking their rigs because they can’t make enough money to support themselves. Consumers can’t purchase food if it doesn’t make it to the grocery store. The problem will only intensify the stress already on supply chains. Record inflation means everything along the lines of production has also become more expensive. There also seems to be some kind of ongoing clandestine campaign to destroy food manufacturing and processing facilities. During the first couple of months of the covid scamdemic, many of us saw completely empty store shelves everywhere for several weeks, so I believe it is wise to take the threat of “no food” very seriously.

You should probably have at least one month’s supply MINIMUM of extra food on hand. A three to six month supply would be even better and a year still might not be too much. A good thing about extra food is that you can always eat it later, even if you never end up using it in an emergency situation. If you can afford it, consider purchasing and stocking pre-prepared survival meals from any number of quality manufacturers. Most have shelf lives of up to 25 years.

When it comes to how much food you may need, you’ll have to think about your own living situation and decide what works best for you. Because I’m single and live alone in a rather small studio apartment, my food reserves consist mostly of dry goods with very long shelf lives and food items high in concentrated protein.

I’ve already stocked lots of rice, pasta and dried beans, along with various canned goods. Stick with the white varieties of rice. Unmilled brown and basmati rices spoil much faster because the oils in their husks will turn rancid. If you live in a hot and humid climate like the southeast US or Hawaii, be certain to seal your rice in completely airtight containers or seal-a-meal bags. Then freeze those bags or containers for 2-3 days to kill off any bugs.

Pasta in all of its many forms will stay good almost indefinitely so long as you keep it dry. It can also be cooked and prepared a thousand different ways. Avoid stocking food items which contain any kind of oil content. These includes most breads, crackers, cookie, chips, snacks and instant noodles. The oils used in these types of foods will become rancid after only 2-3 months.

Canned meats like SPAM, tuna, salmon and even sardines are extremely concentrated in protein and remain good in their cans long after their printed expiration dates. The same for vacuum sealed ground coffee. I’ve opened up and used cans of coffee 2-3 years beyond the expiration and they were still perfectly good.

Maintaining an inventory of perishable foods is a little more fickle. If you have sufficient freezer space, then by all means store as much meat as you can; however, unless you also have a backup generator, you could lose everything in only 24-48 hours if the electricity goes out. With the exception of milk, butter and ice cream, most other dairy products like cheese, sour cream and yogurt do not lend themselves well to freezing.

Food in jars and cans also have a long shelf lives. The trick is to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. Chocolate and nuts will stay good up until a year if you freeze them; otherwise, their oils also quickly turn rancid. A general rule of thumb is the more a particular food has been processed, the shorter its shelf life.

Of course, don’t forget salt, pepper, sugar, flour and any other spices or seasonings you may need. A good selection of spices are usually available at most dollar stores for a fraction of the cost found in most regular grocery stores. Extra supplies of plastic garbage bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and various sizes of ziplock bags will always come in handy. So do matches, lighters and candles.


Consider stocking items which you may not personally use yourself, but will still have excellent barter value in the future should the shit really hit the fan. Luxury items like cigarettes and quality liquor will always be in demand, even after the Apocalypse.

You can pick up an inexpensive DC to AC convertor from Amazon for less than $15 to plug into the cigarette lighter of your car & power things like recharging your phone or laptop. You can also power any appliances in your car which normally require regular wall voltage.

A tool and first aid kit, powerful flashlight along with either a hand cranking or solar powered radio are also beneficial additions to your survival preparedness kit.

Ok, this is already a very long read so I’ll stop here. I just wanted to remind everyone to make certain to be prepared for whatever may happen, even if that means nothing happens. Please feel free to provide your own tips & suggestions below in the comments. Stay safe out there! ✪

Thanks & God Bless,