Congress, You Got Some Splainin’ To Do…

Congress, You Got Some Splainin’ To Do…

✪ Greetings Patriots from the place where the pavement ends and real America begins! The place where the rivers all meet the sea and the mountains the sky! Freedom! Bullets! Guns! The pursuit of happiness! And of course, bacon! Smoked, thick cut, delicious bacon! USA! USA! USA! It’s in the rural flyover areas of our country where our esteemed Political Elite Klass seem to ignore the citizenry most. We’re always way down in last place on their list because they know out here we are a very tough crowd. We still like to think for ourselves and haven’t been brainwashed into believing we need the government to wipe our asses. We aren’t anything like the stupid fucking, bleating sheep penned up in decaying blue toilet city who run and don’t walk to get their latest boosters immediately when the order goes out. We aren’t doped up from ODing on blue pills. And we certainly know a LIE when we hear one. We can sniff out dishonest bullshit coming from ten miles away and we aren’t afraid to call it out. And we do! Every fucking day non stop! Those grifting hucksters and DC snake oil salesmen only venture here into the real America when they really want or need something. Every two years these shit beetles come crawling out from under their rocks or out of the woodpile to regale and butter our asses with more of their empty, ubiquitous “campaign promises.” 

You all know exactly what I’m talking about… Klowns standing at the podium flanked by teleprompters and dressed up in the local garb to make some sort of pathetic display about how they are “really one of us.” Spewing the same age old, predictable platitudes and hollow promises they have absolutely NO  any intentions of ever keeping. None whatsoever. They all read from the same prepared scripts written by their marxist staffers who scouted the area a week earlier to take note of the most important “grass roots concerns.” Yeah. When I was a kid, fairy tales begin with “once upon a time.” Now that I’m an adult, fairly tales start with “If I’m elected, I promise….” Blah blah blah. They’re still just fairy tales. The exact same promises Howard Taft was making at whistle stops back when Joe was a wee sprout crapping his drawers. He still craps his drawers, but now he is the president. At least that’s what they keep telling me.

The fact of the matter is that politicians are by their very nature natural born Liars. They tell lies to cover up lies they have already told to cover up more lies they have already told. They tell so many lies, they can no longer distinguish lies from truth. It doesn’t matter if there’s a “D” or an “R” next to their names. They’re either the right or left cheek on the same ass. They don’t seem to realize that We The People know they’re lying to us. Once you dial out all the noise and static, what it all boils down to is convincing us that they are the only ones who have the solutions to all the problems they created. They’ve ruined our entire society just in order to make us all more dependent on them to fix it. How fucked up is that? How is that in any way supposed to be the purpose and mission of responsible government? Of course, the only way you can sell shit like that is with more LIES. So have they got you to where you are worried and skert the hot summer weather means the world is going to end in another 8 years unless we immediately install a communist world government? 

Since elections are no longer free and very far from being fair, politicians no longer have to entertain any pretense of actually giving a shit about what we think, much less how we vote. That’s a nice way of saying voting no longer matters. Have you noticed ever since the Steal, the government players pretty just much do whatever the fuck they want? Constitution, the Rule of Law or what’s best for the country be damned?  That’s because the people who should be stopping them are doing the same. I sure as hell don’t ever remember my congressional representative asking me if I think it’s a good idea to keep sending billions of dollars to Ukraine. I doubt if any of them have ever asked you, either. The House of Representatives is supposed to be where spending bills originate and are appropriated. Not anymore, these new progressive cowboys just throw shitloads of money around everywhere like drunken sailors in a whore house. Now independent Federal agencies can even issue their own orders to direct how money is spent. There’s no longer any checks or balances. It’s all just a huge free for all; one big naked orgy of waste. Everybody is high as shit and rolling around and screwing in big piles of money, stealing & squealing like the dirty, whoring little Piggies they all are.

Getting back to elections: they have become the equivalent of political pro wrestling with various adversarial cults of personality seeing who can sell the biggest load of shit to the greatest number of people. All staged and choreographed according to focus group outcomes. Nothing more now than high school passion plays to keep the Sheep hypnotized and believing the lie that each of us still have a voice in some kind of “representational democracy” which serves us, “We The People.” Hahaha! Fuck me in the morning! If you still think that’s how all of this works, I have some very expensive VIP passes to the TNA executive pool lounge on top of the roof I’d like to sell you!

Out here in authentic America we already know that elections are now for the most part a complete waste of time: hollow exercises in futility. That’s why most of us are really hard pressed to get all swept away with “team spirit.” We understand the crooked government isn’t going to serve any of our interests no matter how we vote. That’s a nice way of saying we know the game is stacked and rigged against us. That’s why we never win anymore. We also see how very little has been done since the Steal of 2020 to restore or reform the voting process. That in itself makes it a lost cause. What difference does any of it make if all that’s going to happen is The Machine is going to fuck us over again? You know it’s going to happen! It won’t matter if ten zillion people vote for Trump this next time around because the Uniparty candidate will still somehow win. Not because he’ll get more votes, but because there will be more ballots marked for him. The Machine will chose and install all of the winners. I hate to sound so cynical; but unless the vote counters are watched at gunpoint to stop all of the cheating, this shit will just go on, election after election. Until the consequences for cheating and violating election laws exceed the rewards for fraud, this crap will continue unabated. And don’t you dare think of organizing to draw attention to the obvious fraud taking place right before our eyes because if you do, they’ll call you a “domestic terrorist” and throw you into prison without a trial or due process for staging an “insurrection.”

But what really aggravates the shit out of me is what these worms actually say. All the crap that comes out of their mouthes. Except of course, Trump. I don’t look at Trump as just being another juggling Klown in this circus. I never have because he’s an outsider, the “unpolitician.” However, listen to all the other yapping mutts and their ridiculous crap. MORE lies! The most robust economy in all history! Record breaking low unemployment! 14 million new jobs created! Inflation is down from 40% to only 20%! Wages are up while taxes are down! I’ve already cut the national deficit by $2 Trillion dollars! The check is in the mail. I promise to put out in time! A Porsche in every garage! That’s not my cocaine! 

Pecker Buttplug brags about the swell job he’s doing to tear down and eliminate all the racist highways on another weekend where 5000 flights are cancelled across the country. And nobody ever questions or directly challenges his stupidity. Nobody! Granholm tells us how we should all run right out and drop $80K on a brand new EV so we won’t have to worry about the Rats destroying the petroleum industry; but conveniently omits the inconvenient detail about how 85% of our electricity is produced by oil and coal. Does anyone openly question her or directly challenge any of her ridiculous claims about energy? Fuck no!  

The grid is outdated, unprotected and strained to it’s limits. Many of the nation’s bridges and overpasses are crumbling and dangerous. Roads in many states suffer from an abundance of potholes. Hey smarmy, know better, government Rat department czars, why don’t you start with fixing a few small, easy things first? How about fixing the water in Flint and a dozen other places in America before you piss away money on installing heated sidewalks in Michigan? FFS, the people in Michigan have been living for eternity while getting by just fine without heated sidewalks. Are you out of your fucking minds?

Most of the Congressional starters aren’t running for office more than they are running against Trump. They don’t really have any plans or new ideas about how to actually make your life better or improve the country. They just want to directly appeal for support from all of the other sexually frustrated Donkee twinks out there who also have Donald Trump living rent free in their heads. They’re not running for America, instead they’re all running against Orange Man Bad. They’re not campaigning for you because if you love America you probably like Trump. Instead, they’re campaigning for The Machine to jockey for a seat at the government roundtable of power and control. Besides The Machine hates Trump because it perceives him as a direct threat.

Imagine. Spending all of that money and wasting all of that time they piss away running for Congress without ever mentioning what they plan to do for America; but they tell you all the time how much they hate Trump and plan to stop him. Cocksuckers! What? No new ideas, or is it your masters in the WEF Star Chamber who do all of your thinking for you? Or perhaps most of you losers are “running” already knowing damned well you have ZERO chances of ever winning anything because the only people who will probably vote for you are your family members and business partners. That doesn’t matter because in American politics you still win even when you lose like the little punk bitch you are. You still get to keep any unspent, left over campaign funds. Everybody gets a trophy! Even if you lose The Machine still takes good care of their own by routinely rewarding loyalty. Most crime syndicates do the same. Even after you lose and drop out of the race, there still may be an extremely lucrative book deal coming your way; or, a job as an overpaid talking head on one of the Fapdog Media alphabet channels. Or perhaps a coveted cabinet position where you can take six months off to birth a queer baby out of your ass. Or, a seat on the Board Of Directors of a prestigious Ukrainian energy company. Or, a cozy ambassadorship to East Bumfuckistan where you can sell influence for bribes, throw legendary parties every weekend and diddle as many little kids as you want. That’s really the reason there’s always so many fucking “hopefuls” we all know never stand a chance of winning. As always, follow the money!

Now we finally arrive at the point in the program where it is customary to suggest answers and effective ways of dealing with all of this shit we find ourselves swimming in. Unfortunately, most of those answers and solutions must remain unspoken, although we all have a fairly good idea of exactly what they entail. Besides, it’s always better to keep your enemies guessing, right? What will their final line in the sand be; throwing Trump in prison to keep him out of the election? American boots and blood on the ground in Ukraine? The collapse of the Dollar and its replacement with a Fed CBDC? Space aliens from planet COVID? Who knows? But I sense the time of our deliverance grows nigh. I can’t suggest what anyone should do when that hour finally arrives because I’m not in charge of anything. All I can do is recommend you all continue to prepare. Good will triumph over evil because it always has since the beginning of time. Sit back and watch them break themselves as they most assuredly will. Remain alert. Stay stalwart. Be patient. They will ultimately fail. Keep your ear to the ground and a lookout for the whites of their eyes. You will know with certainty when that moment arrives and is upon us.✪

For God and Country

General Mossberg