✪ Yes, it’s that time of the week again when I can finally breathe another sigh of relief because I haven’t had to go full Galt yet because of another in our faces, FU America move by the asshole cadaver, dicktater in chief or one of his many freak show, butt loving, destructive communist henchmen. Thankfully, the events of this last week were relatively tame compared to others on the Stoopid Scale. Especially after we have already seen what these twisted jackoffs are really capable of. Maybe they have shot their wad and can’t get it up any more; or, maybe, this is the calm before the storm as they set the stage to roll out the really BIG ONE. What will it be? Inquiring minds want to know. The red Chinks landing in Taiwan? A hot nuke volley with Russia? Will the aliens finally arrive to lecture us on how the only way to save ourselves from cly-mutt change is to install a one world communist government with an AI version of Klausch as king and depopulate ourselves back to the Stone Age? Or will they just deliberately implode the Dollar to fuck us all so they can roll out the new CBDC? Will we be able to make it thru an entire week without another city going up in flames or some HUGE new News Squirrel designed to absorb and consume more than 47 times its own weight in normal reality? I will still brace and prepare myself for impact. I suggest you all do the same.

Hey, maybe I have it all wrong! Maybe they are off somewhere enjoying all the pleasures of their ill gotten gains and have completely forgotten about all of us. We can only hope! Too busy getting high on adrenochrome and rolling around naked in all those big piles of money they have stolen from the rest of us while they lick one another’s rainbow gay tranny buttholes to further insult the rest of us “little people” who are left to peck and scratch in the dirt to survive another week of their selfish, ignorant careless criminal bungling. Remember what they keep telling us; LUV is LUV and it’s ALL about the LUV! Don’t worry, any fucking day now they will deliver and birth a new Mother Of All Squirrels out of their dirty communist asses; a new insult, outrage, injury or weapon of destruction, because that’s just what these commie cocksuckers do. At least when they’re not too busy starting bullshit wars, fucking little kids, pushing new scamdemics or hocking future, unborn generations of Americans into the poorhouse by pissing away God’s blessing for America of abundance and prosperity by putting up millions of imported chilishitters in 5 star hotels all over the country. Watching others needlessly suffer as the natural result of all their ignorance, selfishness and stupidity gives them teacup poodle wood. FUCK ‘EM! Any fucking day now, they’re going to finally push too far and all of this shit will get away from them. Everything will collapse into a final chaotic maelstrom of unbelievable proportions. That’s when the bill will come due and it will finally be time to pay the piper. It will happen very fast and seem to come completely out of the blue, so keep your eyes open and be ready! I’ll leave it to your imaginations to wonder whether the piper will be collecting from either US or THEM. Sorry, I already gave at the office!

It’s like a toothache; it hurts and it’s annoying. It distracts and bothers you, constantly interjects itself into the normal flow and course of your daily life. Wait a minute. REWIND. I’m being much to kind here and I have a reputation to maintain. OK, It’s more like eating five star Thai food and walking around for the entire next day feeling like there is a white hot nail shoved up your ass. Every time you release the Krakken, it only makes matters worse. You know relief will eventually come, just not exactly when or how. Now there’s another apt metaphor of the Left; a few gallons of gasoline infused squirts blowing out our asses. Thank goodness the cures are still much less dangerous than the affliction because without treatment, the cancer will travel from your ass to your brain and one morning you’ll wake up to find your head is full of Donkee shit! Don’t let this happen to you! Regular treatments include scheduled cleanings and additions to your gun collection, range time, eating copious amounts of red meat, owning more than one gas powered car, going to church and installing an 100 foot tall flagpole in your back yard to fly your Made In America 20 X 15 foot Old Glory 24/7 just to piss off the neighbors and your HOA. Yes Virginia, we don’t ever need to settle or resign ourselves to living with the constant annoyance of burning Donkeee asshole syndrome. Don’t let this happen to you! There are also many other kinds of relief available if you only start to think creatively about final solutions to this inconvenient affliction. How many can you think of? Well, I can think of one in particular which quickly comes to mind, but I won’t mention it here because currently, I am too busy putting on a dress and make up so I can go take to the street, march in a protest parade and block traffic to show my fruit pride and demand we all wake up to save the Erf from the weather. Kumbayah! Later this week, I’ll also be faithfully reporting to an official government sponsored inoculation center to do my civic duty and take the 26th booster, because as my television is constantly reminding me, there’s really no such thing as ever being too “safe.”

That’s really what’s wrong with America right now. The RATS have given her a really bad case of the shits. And that’s why Washington DC is now an open sewer where most of their crap is coming from. As the country continues to decompose right before our very eyes along with Dr. Shitpants, we are constantly bombarded by never ending propaganda about how everything is more wonderfuller now than ever before. How the most popular president evah working with the most transparent administration evah has saved us all from the evil clutches of Orange Man. For fucks sake, it sounds like the storyline from the latest really lame Pedowood Marvel sooper hero movie doesn’t it? President Shitpants VS Orange Man: The Fourth Indictment!

Everyday, it’s the same old tired shit; a blitz of patently dishonest & misleading Donkee mindfucking propaganda pornography. It’s twue, it’s twue! The Joe economy is hotter than Dylan Mulaney in a Tijuana whore house! Shit, I’m so phat I can’t decide at which of my seven new vacation properties I should park my next new EV purchase! Grampy Sniffer and VP Willie Sucker have personally created a ballion gazillion new jobs, ALL of them in high tech and skilled manufacturing. Amerika is back, Baby! And don’t you know it, our democrat miracle workers have been able to perform ALL of this without compromising Amerika’s vaulted position as world policeman. Hey, you either believe in “democracy” or you don’t, you stupid right nutter MAGATS. That’s why I’m proud to say I stand with Joe and the Ukie runt fag to protect the world from the Evil Empire! And finally, what a fucking breath of fresh air to know the 200 years of amazing technological innovations, cultural advancements and safe, comfortable standards of living for Humanity made possible by mostly the White Race are finally coming to an end as the marxists “fix” them with more “dieversity, tolerance and inclusion!” YIPPEE! And not a minute too late because I can’t tell you how many times I’m found myself sitting locked in the bathroom at home, crouched in the corner, sobbing quietly & hysterically to myself with the barrel of a .45 jammed on my mouth, finger on the trigger while I loathe the injustices of being forced to live in a country which was never really that great; suffering under the unconscionable burden of knowing how we all must endure living without enough “dieversity, tolernace and inclusion.” Thank you democrats, for finally setting me free! Butt, butt, butt General, you sound kinda sarcastic and cynical? Do I? Then that’s because you must be a hater and a bigot, right wing nutter!     

Seriously, I originally came here this week to yap about the hurricane which almost wasn’t; and so far I’ve already spent almost three quarters of this missal bitching about the worthless Kommunist Kriminal Killer Klown Possee in DC who have hijacked my country. It’s not only the Rats, it’s also the RINOs. The top congressional RINO poolboy Kevin came out this week and declared that impeaching crime boss Joey Potato just wouldn’t be politically practical. I mean, WTF? Seriously? Oh, I GET it! It’s another one of those faaabbbuuullloooussss “blessed are the peacemakers” moments in US history. Stand tall, Kevin! Then there was Cocaine Mitch doing his best “deer in the headlights” impression again in front of the cameras. Remain calm, citizens, the Americans are nowhere near Baghdad! Mitch’s ministrokes are like earthquakes; we never can tell when the next one might be the BIG one. At least Mitch still has a pulse, for the time being, which is more than I can say for Feinstein. Diane actually died years ago but they haven’t bothered to tell her yet. She’s fucking dead, Jim! No worries though; because as we all know, democrats do their best voting once they’re finally dead. Sociopaths everywhere are applauding this sick travesty. Fucking ghouls.

Seriously, all joking aside; this last Wednesday Hurricane Idalia finally struck the west coast of Florida. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of Florida hurricanes because I moved to that state right before Andrew gave it a righteous ass beating. That was fun said no one ever. I cleared out and left after Wilma or thereabouts. In 2005 there were more hurricanes than alphabet letters! More cly-mutt change, you science deniers! NOAH was abusing more letters of the alphabet than the gay community! Out of all those storms, Wilma was the one that finally made me question staying. Who knew Fred’s wife could be such a bitch?  To be honest, it was a downright frightening experience and extremely destructive. The eye wall passed directly over where I lived and the winds were and unbelievable 135mph sustained. It wrecked everything. I won’t bore you with the details of that adventure: it was actually was the 12th hurricane I went through! Shit, for a while it was almost one every week all thru the Summer and Fall. After a few of these, you start paying more attention. You start to develop a “sixth sense” of sorts on how these monsters behave and where they are going to go next. You learn to tune out all of the Government and Fapdog Media gaslighting leg humping noise about 300 mph winds and 100 foot tidal swells which never really appear and just trust your gut. I mean, it’s not like anyone doesn’t get a week’s worth of warning in advance to get whatever they need to get; to get to wherever they need to go to be to adequately prepare, so if you’re ever caught in one of these with your pants down, it’s really nobody’s damned fault but your own. Hell, you don’t even need to live in Florida to know the Media turns every hurricane event into another Andrew or Katrina simply for the sake of whoring for ratings. This is it, Elizabeth! This is the Big One! Now they’ve added a new twist; hurricanes are the bastard children for us all failing to repent for our wasteful carbon footprints. Of course, our only hope of saving the world for our chilluns is pissing away all of our resources on huge orbiting shade umbrellas, cutting down the world’s forests and burying them, nuking the Moon or living in 15 minute cities and eating cockroaches. Isn’t the fucking future FUN? Aren’t you happy you’ve been able to live long enough through everything up until this point to ENJOY it?

So now hurricanes have been turned into whores for cly-mutt change by the zombie communist weather Kult. We all know there’s NO such thing as “cly-mutt change’ and they aren’t doing anything because the real objective is NOT in any way to save or improve life. No, it’s ALL just one MORE fucking stinking LIE; perhaps the BIGGEST lie ever forced upon Humanity. ALL designed to beat us down under the boot heel of Globalist control after bleeding us completely dry of everything we own. Know THIS: regardless of whatever these clueless fuckwits say, it’s still gonna storm every Summer and Fall. It always has and always will. Climate change is the next tooth fairy, Santa Claus and Easter Bunny all rolled into one. The ultimate boogie man hiding under the bed. The insane adult children currently in charge of ruining the world are only resurrecting these old childhood fears to spook the Sheep into lining up for MORE control. Hucksters, grifters, cons, flim flam artists and snake oil salesmen are exploiting those irrational fears to line their own pockets full of the New Green largesse at everyone else’s expense. FUCK ’EM! Climate change is what any normal person with a modicum of remaining intelligence calls “seasons.”  So every time you hear one of these intellectually superior, morally self righteous assholes trying to convert another normal weather event into proof of “cly-mutt change” as the reason behind every normal event of Nature, go buy yourself another case of ammo. Once the zombie apocalypse officially arrives, you’ll be glad you did. Trust me on this one. 

Now it’s September in the hottest Summer evah on record, at least until next September when it will mysteriously once again be the hottest Summer evah on record. I’m afraid these morons are going to continue on with this foolishness until they get a wood bat shampoo. Stand by, there’s MORE. The latest flavor of bio-engineered plagues is about ready for prime time & to be released upon the world just in time for the 2024 elections. Here’s some advice and a really easy fix for all of this leftarded bullshit. Just refuse to comply. Tell them to go fuck themselves. No masks, no distancing, no contact tracing, NOTHING! NONE of their totalitarian bullshit. Just say NO! NO debate or negotiating. NONE! If enough people stand together and say NO, then the Ruling Klass will be deservedly outed & humiliated for being the thieves, liars and murderers they truly are. Don’t fall for the gaslighting. There are no laws in existence which can force you against you will to take part in any medical or social engineering experiments. Do. Not. Comply. I am NOT going to wear a mask or take a jab no matter WHAT they say! There is no new virus. There is only an election year and MORE globalist lust and hunger for MORE power and control. Stand up this time and say NO. Your freedom depends on it. I have faith in all of you. I know each and every one of you will do the right thing when the right moment calls for it.✪

For God, Guns, Bacon and Country, Patriots!!!

General Mossberg