It’s All On Us: We’re On Our Own

It’s All On Us: We’re On Our Own

Wow, talk about on Hell of a week!  Inasmuch as I’ve tried my best to stay away from the democrat led, communist funded, all globalist backed insurrection and violent coup attempt garbage, it all seems inescapable. You might ask, why is that? Well, because no matter what you do, it’s either squaring off over masks somewhere with a Karen who still seems to believe the bat flu is just as deadly as they told us.  Of course, it wasn’t…it never was. It was just the next attempt by the communists to grab more power and unseat Trump. The mask Nazis are still out there in full force, the operative word being “out;” pointing and screaming about how some of us are going to kill everybody else because we have stopped falling for the big lie. Of course, if they’re really that concerned about stopping new infections, they’d stay the fuck at home, cower in their bedrooms & huff Lysol while they wait for the end to come; but they’re not doing that. They’re still out there on their little crusade harassing YOU that it’s YOU who are killing innocent people. They’re completely oblivious they’re doing the exact same fucking thing while convincing themselves they’re somehow superior because they cut out the cotton panel of their panty hose and glued it to their face. They are all in very sore need of being punched in the face and beaten into a virus free puddle of unrecognizable protoplasm. I’ve stopped engaging with any of these idiots. You want to wear a face burka? Fine…go ahead! Virtue signal that fat ass of yours all you want until the cows come home! Insist that I also must wear one?  Then proceed carefully at your own risk because even though you mistakenly believe your face burka stops the virus, I’m completely positive it’s woefully ineffective at stopping fists.  Make a choice: if you want to stay out of the ER, keep your fucking mask covered mouths shut. I have already freed myself from your twisted social experiment, just as I am also free from the tyrannical edicts issued by self appointed experts who want to deprive me of my constitutional rights. In other words, a very hearty American “fuck off” all the Karens of the World is in order. And so it shall be; because I’ve already had enough. Shut the fuck up.  

The bat virus unleashed by the communist chinese & used by our own elected communist officials to topple our entire society has failed miserably. The Left has now simply turned to the next page in their playbook & unleashed a race war. Anybody who still believes that this current lawless insurrection is about a dead black guy and a white cop is fucking delusional. Nobody will ever really know exactly what happened because the media, ALL MEDIA, refuses to do their job and report factual truth. The truth may eventually surface one day like it did in the Saint Swisher fiasco, but too many groups have too many agendas, so the media doesn’t care at all about truth. They’re looking for the most favorable narrative to support all the bullshit they spew. Enough about that, because the Floyd family has already bought a very expensive autopsy from the same doctor who performed autopsies on Mike Brown and Eric Garner. For the proper sum, he gave them the exact results they were looking for. The actual initial autopsy report from the county pathologist came to entirely different conclusions. I wasn’t there, so I really can’t say; and neither can anyone else. Not a single journalist, congressman, race merchant; not BLM, CAIR or anybody except three other cops. No justice, no peace? The cop has already been fired, arrested, jailed and has since charged with murder!  That’s the justice, so where’s the fucking peace? Most “protesters” can’t even tell you where all of this happened; but there they are, out “protesting!”  What nobody seems to realize, is how some dirtbag lefty white people still manage to make black people do their bidding for them. These white people march & say, “black lives matter.”  Do they really?  These are the same leftist/communist lowlife scum white people who egg on blacks to destroy their own neighborhoods, then go home to watch the damage and death they helped facilitate on their televisions. It’s absolutely insane how easily blacks are kept on the Dem plantation by leftist whites pretending to support them. That’s the real racism.  

None of these protests have been “peaceful” at all. Antifa & the CPUSA are now involved and exploiting stupid people as their useful idiots. So a man with a long rap sheet dies at the hands of police; how in the World is that any excuse to loot stores, burn buildings or beat and kill people?  What does any of that accomplish? Nothing. How does that destroy any of the cultural stereotypes white race activists have spent decades pinning on blacks?  Black Lives Matter has only managed to prove black lives don’t mean shit!  Communist revolution, not anti-fascism is their real agenda. Unfortunately, Antifa is very well organized, well funded, and well protected by democrats who are all together in this lustful overreach for absolute power. Democrats are the puppet masters behind all of this social chaos and destruction. They’re the ones directly responsible for all the death and destruction. They’re fighting what they believe to be a war against America, while their accomplices in the Media look the other way with blind eyes. Congress, governors and mayors still all insist the “protestors” are peaceful as buildings, businesses and vehicles continue to burn. Strangely, we are instructed to ignore the voices of the poor people trying to protect their own businesses. This is a case of national gaslighting on steroids. Why? The answer should be obvious: everybody with an agenda is in on it because they all stand something to gain.They all see a chance at enriching themselves or gaining a place or some kind of position of influence in the coming “new government order.” It’s not a coincidence the House hasn’t been in session since all of this mayhem first began. They decided they didn’t want any of this coming to Washington; or, they at least didn’t want to be there when it did. It’s also no coincidence how pallets of bricks, rocks piles, Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs are all stockpiled & staged throughout major blue cities. The left is fighting a war they are determined to win against us at all cost against all odds. They have plenty of help from multiple allies who never seem to suffer consequences for any of their actions. And they most certainly know it. How was it that only two weeks ago the Law could find you in a park and arrest you in minutes for not wearing a mask, but a fucking boom truck unloading pallets of bricks on busy corners goes completely unnoticed?  How do unmarked vans without license plates dropping boxes of gasoline filled bottles and pipe bombs move freely around a city and nobody seems to notice, or care?  I’ll give you a clue: those tasked with the responsibility of protecting we citizens by their oath of office are crushing normal citizens with the very laws they find so conveniently easy to ignore for leftists. Open your store? Receive months of jail time and thousands of Dollars in fines.  Watch as those who loot your store and burn it to the ground are released by the same system without facing any consequences whatsoever.  That, is tyranny. That, is insurrection. That, is civil war.  

So what are we to do?  Exactly what we’re doing now.  I don’t condone anyone to drive into a major city and start shooting.  However, I do expect you to protect & defend all your homes and businesses. I remind you here again because it’s become glaringly obvious that nobody charged with protecting us is going to bother. The cavalry is not coming. To be certain, I’m already seeing small pockets of resistance to the anarchists and looters beginning to appear. The good news is wherever & whenever communists are met with the threat of deadly force, they almost always retreat immediately. Every fucking time they see a gun come out or armed neighbors standing ready, they move on to their gun free zones. The cowards that they are, they never risk their own miserable lives for anything. That being said, should they try to come into your area to loot, steal or burn, kill them.  Don’t warn, don’t threaten, just shoot them all. If you chose to stand down, you could lose everything, so don’t make that mistake.  If you believe your property and those you love are worth protecting, then don’t half ass with any of this. Definitely don’t go looking for trouble: but, if it happens to come your way, do whatever you must to stop it cold in it’s tracks. Tell the authorities you were in fear for your life. That’s what you’ll need to tell them in order to protect yourself legally. Don’t take my word for it; because I’m neither a cop nor a lawyer, so I’m certainly not advising you of what you should or shouldn’t do. That decision is only yours & yours alone. In any extreme situation, only you and the outside threat really exist. Act accordingly and do whatever you must; because, emboldened thugs will eventually start running out of places to loot and burn in their own neighborhoods. If this continues, they’ll be coming into the suburbs to test the resolve of homeowners.  Stay alert and always stay locked and loaded.  Expect the unexpected and do not depend on any outside help from the authorities. The left has made it abundantly clear that regular Americans are their target. Their leaders and activist minions are all perfectly safe. Show them the hard way that you’re safe too. Take no prisoners, show no mercy, because they certainly won’t.

It’s all on us; we’re on our own.

Carry on

General Mossberg.