For Eff’s Sake, What’s Next?

For Eff’s Sake, What’s Next?

PAhhhhhhhh, yes! Yet another wonderful week of total tomfuckery has gone by us again, and there’s still Sunday left to bore us to death with more black this & black that, blah, blah, blah, black. For fuck’s sake! I don’t get out too much; but, I’m positive there are other thing are going on in this country & the World besides all of this gaslighting shit about racism! It seems these morons are all still stuck somewhere back in the 1950’s!  I hate to have to be the one who red pills these mental masturbators, but “systemic racism” does not exist in America!  Speaking of “systemic,” there are democrats who have been in Congress for fucking DECADES: if racism is so systemic, why the fuck haven’t they ever done anything about it? In the last 60 years, trillions of dollars have literally disappeared down the entitlement shitter. Congress is supposed to be in charge of that money; but the majority of these corrupt, reprobate aholes have already climbed completely on the Black Lives Matter train. What was happening three months ago?  Where the fuck was all of this fawning, glowing, virtue signaling & adoration then?  I’ll tell you where it was: the democrat leadership of this country in collaboration with the communist chinese launched a biological agent attack on our country as part of a plan to destroy our economy & remove Trump from office. At least that was their top plan until Americans started to wake up & say “enough, no fucking more!” Everybody now knows the virus was deployed as part of a coordinated effort to destabilize our country. It’s just the damned flu, pretty much the same as it’s been every year for the last 250 years!  Supposedly, what’s so terribly different about it this time? Not much, except for in CV19, the Chinese Communists saw a great opportunity to leverage more of their power across the World while everyone else floundered. Like all of their other coup attempts, this one finally failed too. It failed as much as Nancy Pelosi failed while pandering to the sympathies of the Black community by wearing a Kenti cloth & kneeling for eight minutes. All for only a disgusting, politically motivated photo op. Then she breaks down & cries on the floor of the House while eulogizing Saint George, that drug addict addicted, long rap sheeted democrat saint. That fucking leather skinned dinosaur Pelosi could barely stand there upright on her own; and, all the vodka & Vicodin didn’t help.

Anyway, getting back to the black shit, again.  Seems as though perhaps there may not be enough hate crimes happening now for such a country full of of “systemic racism,” so the BLM folks just took it upon themselves to make more; anywhere there happens to be cameras close by. There’s certainly no shortages of seditionist journalists tripping over themselves as they run to cover these horrible outcomes of “racism” and “white supremacy.” Take for example, that stupid “noose” Bubba Wallace found in his garage! It must be true, racist rednecks snuck into his garage completely unnoticed only to hang a “noose” to threaten him because he’s black. Of course, NASCAR was completely outraged by this blatant hate crime of “systematic racism.” They first immediately condemned it and then promised to investigate.  Celebrities took time from their busy day of expensive wine tastings & Ferrari shopping to show their solidarity with Bubba. “Racism bad, boooooo!”  Politicians raced for the cameras to be the very first to swear they’ll put an end to this type of racism by spending more taxpayer money for themselves.  Everybody squeezed into that clown car; everyone got on the bandwagon. How could such horrible racism still exist in a country like America; how could it possibly?  Except they all overlooked one small, little detail; it never happened. The reason nobody saw it happen was because it never happened to begin with. NASCAR even called in the jokers at the FBI to investigate. Their findings? Not a racist “noose,” but rather, a garage door pull down cable looped at one end for a better grip. Even a small child can easily see & understand this, but Bubba just can’t get enough of the publicity, even if it’s bad for him. Pointing out the obvious only makes him double down and dig in deeper. He sold out; only in it for Bubba now; and, he’s singlehandedly done more to damage to set back the black sports community than any KKK. Is it only a coincidence Black Lives Matter is Bubba’s only racing sponsor? That would make perfect sense if someone was planning to stage a fake “hate crime” to fuel a race war in America? Noosecar is now cooked, done, finished, over; and, it has failed miserably. They made the mistake of pandering to the sixteen black NASCAR fans while pretty much saying “fuck you” to the other 127 million whites who made & supported their sport. Way to go, you brilliant dumb fucks!  Go ahead & see how far you get with trying to appease a group who actually hates your guts. Yet another American sports institution has been ruined by progressive racists.  I hope NASCAR is as happy as pigs in mud now that they have their new spokesperson, Jussie Wallace, race card driver. 

Speaking of “finished,” where the F is that old mumbling & bumbling, child molesting, grifting mummy, Joe Biden? Even he himself probably isn’t quite certain of his own whereabouts! It’s gotten especially bad for him lately; from his rallies packed with six people to those stellar quality, highly informative live video conferences. You know; the ones where he forgets what he’s saying in mid sentence, walks of camera, or gets photo-bombed in the background by his next door neighbor? I can’t make fun of him anymore; because he’s become much too pathetic to remain amusing. There’s not too much that’s funny to be found in a senile old fool who’s only being propped up only for political advantage. In fact, it’s actually disgusting to watch every day. I don’t like Biden: I never have & I never will but what they’re doing to him is very sad if not downright criminal. Politics should never become a freak show, but that’s never stopped Democrats before. What they’re doing to Joe Biden is a form of elder abuse. They know they’re not going to be able to win with him. At some point, the DNC will discard Ole Joe faster than a used condom; but only after they’re completely finished with him. Even if by some wild fluke, he wins & finds himself sitting in the Oval Office, his Deep State cabinet will assume complete control of the country while he gazes out the window wondering where he left his lunch box. Joe isn’t a communist; he’s a puppet of the Communists. How can anyone who honestly supports America also support Biden? The only people who support Biden are those who believe they have something to gain. Biden supporters especially like Joe’s 50 years of insider, Establishment contacts & the government influence he peddles. People who are more interested in enriching themselves than they are in the best interests of the country. When you take a more serious look at who is backing Biden, you’ll quickly understand his supporters really aren’t that interested in Joe at all: they mostly see Joe as their means for establishing their own power & influence in Government. Joe is a tool. Democrats now see most of what they’ve worked on over the last hundred years to attain now slipping away. They can see the finish line, but it still remains out of their reach!  Biden is simply another of their useful idiot & nothing more. Communist World domination is their goal & final end game; and because marxist fanatics never stop, they won’t quit until we put them down. Ask any white person who has real privilege; it ain’t us. They just can’t understand why we haven’t let ourselves be totally baited into violence or started shooting yet. There isn’t any systemic racism in this country, except for that being pushed everyday by bigoted groups like Black Lives Matter & Auntie Fah. Both BLM & antifa are nothing more than Marxist funded activist front groups who could really give two shits about the condition of black people. How is it that most of the donations to BLM strangely find their way back to the Democrat Party? It’s no secret; the unions and the Democrats have had this same arrangement for decades. Biden isn’t ahead of anybody in the polls: Trump will win and all Hell will break loose, count on it. I doubt very seriously if America can take another four more years of these fucking leftarded, snowflake crybaby tantrums. I know I can’t & won’t.

There’s so much liberal progressive fascist garbage going on now it’s just too difficult to keep track. They’re starting to run out of gas though; you can see it everyday. Even the newly revived Covid pandemic version 2.0 is being completely ignored by pretty much everyone who isn’t either a Karen or a Chad. People have seen and experienced progressive policies first hand for themselves in the forms of looted stores, burning buildings and mob violence. They’ve seen the promise of socialism in the suffering of those shot, beat and bullied by racist anarchists. They’ve hear the threats coming from the mouths of agitators calling for “equality” & “justice” that aren’t really “equality” & “justice” at all. I’m growing tired of how they’re always treating us like we’re three years old. I’m growing tired of the satisfaction they take in thinking we’re never going to act or push back. They’ll soon enough be discovering they were sorely mistaken from the very start. Through their mishandling of both the CV19 panic and the subsequent race riots, they’ve given all of America a glimpse into the kind of future we can expect to have for our country should they ever take complete control of the government again. The Democrats are no longer recognizable and really shouldn’t even be calling themselves democrats anymore; they’re now the party of choice for communists, anarchists, Maoists and Marxists. If we don’t get busy voting our way out of this mess in November, we’re going to find ourselves drowning in an even bigger world of shit. Vote every democrat & RINO cuck out of office that you possibly can. Vote for Republicans to take back the House and increase their majority in the Senate. Maybe they’ll finally gain some much badly needed courage: then again, probably not. Except for a small handful, most of our politicians are no longer public servants; they’ve become public enemies. They have plans for us which benefit mostly themselves & don’t seem to care about having to destroy the entire country in order to achieve them. We have one final chance in November to get things right; and yet, the deck is already horribly stacked against us. Vote like your lives depend on your vote because they do, now more than ever. The ballot box is our last resort before serious violence and civil unrest begin. I’d much rather avoid another civil war for all of the most obvious reasons because if it’s forced on me, I don’t want to have to become a monster in order to save this country. As always, expect the best, but also plan and prepare for the worst. We will win because we still possess that “terrible resolve” so many of our past enemies frequently observed. Our enemies are here now; the barbarians are inside the gate and working very hard to bring us down.  Let’s not allow them to do that, ok?’

As you were,

General Mossberg

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