Why Is The Left So Obsessed With Harming Children?

What is this obsession with hurting innocent children by artists, movie makers, and those who run ad agencies and fashion houses? Are kids the only forbidden fruit that’s left for these sickos to exploit?


The latest example of this obsession is the Balenciaga ad campaign showing small children holding up teddy bears that are dressed in bondage and sadomasochistic costumes. The bears, not the kids. Balenciaga hired a children’s photographer to capture the images for the ad campaign.

The fashion house yanked the ads and huffed and puffed in the press, vowing to sue the persons responsible. That would be the photographer and production company the fashion house hired. I know what you’re thinking; it’s hard to fathom a fashion house not having the final say in the brand’s own ad campaign featuring BDSM teddy bears. Or featuring a purse that is set upon a U.S. Supreme Court case reaffirming that images of children being abused are not protected speech. One of the images “includes a Michael [Borremans] art book. His work has featured nude children and adults engaging in acts of violence, including cannibalism.”

The question is, how did the fashion house not know?

A writer for Vogue, Jerome Lamaar Rice, said that of course Balenciaga had control of its own ad campaign!

At the end of the day, someone approved it…If you were serious about business you would have more voices present to call out the BULLSHIT that people submit for concepts. I don’t have any empathy for this situation as it clearing could’ve been avoided is they had the right people involved who had a moral compass and not trying to be fabulous. Everyone that supplied the pieces, posted it, edited , casted it , and approved should be held accountable.

The co-founder of Valentino, Giancarlo Giammetti, called it out as well on the Diet Prada Instagram page, noting that the fashion house chose a children’s photographer for the shoot for some reason.

If the objective of the ad campaign was to cater to weirdos, then congratulations, mission accomplished.

Abusing children for “art” isn’t new, of course, even if The New York Times is trying to blame this current interest on “QAnon,” but it is gaining more notice and repulsion by the public, and it’s about damned time.

Several years ago, I was thumbing through Elle Decor, which is no longer my favorite home design magazine, and noticed a spread of a New York home that featured “art” depicting men and boys. One boy held a rooster. Well, cockadoodle do to you, too. I wrote Elle Decor a letter, quit my subscription, wrote about the photos, and never got one response. Not one.

When I later wrote about it at Political Vanguard, it received zero comments. Apparently, people were too busy sorting their socks or something.

I described the scene:

In this spread I didn’t see any art showing the female form while there were several male images. Stop the presses, I yawned, he’s gay. Got it. The interior is described by Elle Decor as, “equally idiosyncratic and intoxicating” — and indeed it was–but my instincts were heightened by the painting of a shirtless underage boy holding a rooster. Who features the painting of a shirtless boy? Is it him when he was young? A turn of the page seemed to confirm my creeping suspicions. Over his bed in the master bedroom was a portrait of a man and boy, both shirtless. The photograph was a homoerotic man-boy-love portrait by Israeli artist Avi Nes.

A prepubescent Brooke Shields debuted in the 1978 film “Pretty Baby,” which chronicled the, ah, story of a child prostitute in 1917 New Orleans. It caused a frisson of concern, and then it was drowned out by howls of derision over how prudish all those outraged parents and pastors were. And then another artist paid Shields’s mom to exploit her again.

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The model was featured in a series of Calvin Klein magazine and TV ads that sent shockwaves through 1980 America. When she was 15, she performed in the Calvin Klein ad wearing tight jeans and, with her legs spread apart, asking, “want to know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing.” And do you want to know what isn’t left to the imagination in that spot? Nothing.

Hollywood gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation – after he fled the country to escape prosecution for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl. In a hot tub. At Jack Nicholson’s house. Anjelica Huston caught him.

Jeffrey Epstein. Harvey Weinstein. Girls and women are mere sex objects. Joe Biden’s daughter suggested that he abused her as they showered together.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman tell stories of Hollywood man/boy sex rings of which they were victims.

Some kooks in Hollywood collect children like baseball cards but with less seriousness.

Killing kids in the womb? Big deal. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s billboard campaign states that if you really love your neighbor like Jesus, you’d make it easier to kill babies.

When she was attorney general of California, Kamala Harris wasn’t shocked that her friends in Planned Parenthood were selling human baby parts. No, she was mad that her campaign donor was outed by a citizen journalist for illegally trafficking in body parts. What did she do? She sent her gunned-up agents to raid the journalist and take all of his equipment and materials and then prosecuted him.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s prison system just released thousands of child molesters who’d served mere months of years-long sentences. This week. Thousands of pedophiles. What about the rights of innocent children to be protected from these monsters who have already committed crimes against children?

Get off your high horse, you holier than thou, uptight Karen!

Washington state banishes predatory sex offenders to an island in Puget Sound. How long will it be before that state’s governor follows suit, and lets out these unfixables to stalk our children again?

A college football player was just busted for possessing illegal underage porn. How did he get hooked on that sick stuff?

On and on it goes. The debasement of society begins with the failure to protect the most vulnerable. But you knew that. It’s the reason people are angry over sexualizing kids in schools and indoctrinating them with hate and not truth. It’s one of the worst things about the invasion at the border and the trafficking of those kids.

Remember just a couple of years ago when Netflix carried a French film about prepubescent dancers called “Cuties?” That was yanked off the streaming service sacrément rapide. But doing the right thing these days seems to be based on momentary outrage and profit and loss statements, not morals, ethics, and first principles. ✪


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