Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 16 Years In Los Angeles Rape Trial

Oscar-winning Hollywood producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to an additional 16 years in jail in his Los Angeles rape and sexual assault trial; all but guaranteeing that the 70-year-old movie mogul will spend the rest of his life behind bars…



hursday, L.A. Superior Court Judge Lisa B. Lench sentenced Weinstein to 16 years in jail following his conviction two months ago on three counts of rape and sexual assault.This latest sentence is in addition to the 23-year sentence he received in New York after being convicted of rape and sexual assault in his 2020 trial.

Weinstein was extradited to California in July 2021 to face 11 sexual assault counts made by four women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills between 2004 and 2013. The convictions were all in connection to just one of the accusers in the case — an anonymous European model who alleged Weinstein raped her in 2013 at the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The jury acquitted him of sexual battery of a massage therapist and were deadlocked on counts involving other accusers.

Weinstein also faces charges in London stemming from two alleged offenses in 1996. Unlike many other countries, Britain does not have a statute of limitations for rape or sexual assault.

Weinstein would theoretically serve the remainder of his New York sentence before beginning his L.A. prison term. He is eligible for parole in New York on 2039.

Weinstein has maintained his innocence in the case. His representatives said they will appeal the sentencing, citing his health among other issues. Throughout his L.A. trial, Weinstein appeared frail and often relied on a walker or a wheelcaair.

“It’s a cruel sentence, given his age, his health and the conditions of his conviction in Los Angeles, when the sole charge was from a person who lied, with the judge and prosecutor well aware of it and permitting it, about critical elements of her own claim,” Weinstein’s spokesman, Juda Engelmayer, told Fox News Digital. “It’s not justice, but a pile on for a man many people just decided should be cast off and discarded regardless of facts.”

“It will be appealed.”

Weinstein was found guilty of rape, forced oral copulation and another sexual misconduct count involving a woman in December.

“The sentencing today provides Jane Doe 1 with closure and relief, knowing Weinstein will spend the rest of his life in prison where he belongs,” attorney Dave Ring said in a statement. “It took tremendous courage for Jane Doe 1 and the other victims to come forward and testify against Weinstein. Jane Doe 1 withstood two full days of blistering cross-examination by Weinstein’s lawyers, but the jurors unanimously convicted him and now he has been sentenced by the court. Weinstein is out of options and justice has prevailed.”

Attorney Elizabeth Fegan, who represented Siebel Newsom and Ashley Matthau, said in a statement:

“Today justice has been served. In delivering a 16-year sentence, Judge Lisa Lench has ensured that Harvey Weinstein will spend the rest of his life behind bars. The verdict and the sentence were possible because eight very courageous women stepped forward to confront this serial rapist. Each knew their testimony would force them to relive the trauma and horror he inflicted upon them. They also understood that by standing up to Weinstein in court, they would open themselves up to what turned out to be brutal, misogynistic attacks by his attorneys.”  

“These women deserve our admiration, and our thanks. My clients, California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Ashley Matthau, were resolute that they were not satisfied with Harvey Weinstein’s New York sentence, especially with an appeal in play. Their testimony gave them the power to reclaim their voices, both for themselves and on behalf of the many other women who were abused by Harvey Weinstein. It can’t erase the trauma they’ve endured, but it can serve as catalyst for change and provide hope to other survivors.”  

His downfall brought about the #MeToo movement that saw other powerful men in Hollywood and other industries face accusations of sexual misconduct.

Hundreds of women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct and assault over a period dating back to the eighties. Jurors reached the verdict after more than nine days of deliberations following a monthlong trial in Los Angeles. Weinstein faced two counts of forcible rape and five counts of sexual assault involving four women. ✪


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