Woke Companies ARE Discovering Who Holds The Real Power In This Country

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



nheuserBusch, Target, Netflix, AMC Studios, Disney’s Marvel Universe, just to name a few companies that are paying a price for woke politics and DEI policies.  These are corporate entities that all have something in common, and that is the IRE of Conservative America…maybe not even Conservative America, but NORMAL America.  Each of these companies has thrown several aspects of “Woke” at the American Public and have paid a heavy price.  Americans are constantly bombarded with left wing talking points in almost every aspect of their lives. Green Energy, LBGQT+, Abortion, Environmentalism, Racism, transgenderism the phobia of the day and many other cogs of the left wing agenda are displayed in commercials, movies, social media, schools, political offices constantly, with no break in sight.  It is a multi-pronged propaganda blitzkrieg that has been turning once sensible Americans into foaming at the mouth, hateful, violent maniacs that HATE anything conservative or even mainstream.  But, it would appear that conservative Americans have found a footing in making these “woke” corporations take notice that we are not going to just tolerate what they throw at us.  That “footing” is massive boycotts that are costing these companies BILLIONS in revenue, stock and prestige.

The Movie Industry: The movie industry has been spewing their left wing, anti conservative clap trap for decades now.  Many movie franchises have nearly collapsed and will be relegated to the dustbin of history.  What has happened to the movie industry is not really a Bud Light Boycott, but rather a slow burn of empty movie seats and streaming services.  People do enjoy going to the movies, and will pay high ticket and concession prices to go see a good movie – Top Gun Maverick is a great example.  However franchises such as Star Wars, The Marvel Universe and Disney have seen a significant drop in ticket sales.  You can search on the collapse of The MCU and you will get dozens of sites that say the Marvel Comic Universe is going to collapse and ticket sales are a main factor.  The Marvel Studios began preaching “wokeness” to the masses and a drop in ticket sales is a direct result.  In fact, in the last Antman movie, Michael Douglass openly pushes for “socialism” and that movie FAILED BIGLY.  Star Wars is perhaps an even better example of what can happen when politics is injected into a once AMAZING movie franchise.  Who knew that  a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, they were having the same woke issues that we are experiencing in THIS Galaxy.  Disney has had a list of underperforming movies such as Strange World and Wakanda Forever. In fact, the $7.3 billion box office take may seem like the movies are back on track, but that will mark the worst year at the box office since 1998. CONSERVATIVE Americans are responsible for what is happening to the movie industry now.

Bud Light & Target: Bud Light and Target are fantastic examples of just how much power Conservative America wields in this country.  Lets look at what is happening to Bud Light sales and prestige as America’s most popular beer.  In the past, Bud Light has had some of the absolute best beer commercials in history that NAILED their demographic.  Spuds McKenzie, The Bud Light Frogs and Real Men of Genius got everyone’s attention and the brand climbed to the top of the American light beer world.  Along comes a snooty woke marketing crew and Dylan Mulvaney.  He was shown on camera celebrating 365 days of “womanhood” and drinking his Bud Light while giving a half hearted mention of March Madness.  Bud Light and March Madness seem to go together like Starsky and Hutch, but with that ONE 30 second ad, Bud Light has seen a $29 BILLION Dollar loss and a dive of 24% of its sales with concerns that the brand my never recover from this debacle. In fact it has been called the worst marketing disaster in history.  People are getting very creative online on how to destroy cases of Bud Light.  Frankly, it could just fade away after and most Americans will move on to another beer.  Target has made the exact same mistake, even after watching what has happened to Bud LightTarget pushed a Satanic, transgender line of clothing for children and America took notice.  In just two weeks, they have lost $12.4 Billion in sales and their stock has been downgraded.  Every day citizens are showing that transgenderism is one thing and most Americans could care less, its none of their business, but when it is CONSTANTLY shoved in our faces and it starts indoctrinating the children, Moms and Dads will speak up to protect their children from this insanity and will spend their money elsewhere.

What is the point of all this?  The point is that conservative Americans hold significantly more power than they are led to believe.  Through the power of the purse, We have proven that we are MORE than capable of shutting down a company that wants to constantly shove this madness in our faces.  Star Wars was something from our childhood that we thought was amazing and we waited for the next installment….up until the the time where the franchise started preaching left wing talking points. Conservative Americans have nearly killed the franchise as a result.  There will probably not be any more releases of Star Wars movies, and if there is, main stream Americans will not go see it.  Bud Light in particular shows how powerful we are as a group in this country.  Can the Transgender and LBGQT+ communities shut down brands or a corporation? That is really not possible, just from their numbers.  Even with their allies, they do not have the numbers that normal, mainstream Americans have to pull off these successful boycotts.  Companies such as Chick-Fil-A better take notice before they decide to push this corporate killer known as DEI because mainstream Americans have the power to shut you down as well…and Conservative America needs to collectively understand their REAL POWER. ✪


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