America’s God-Given Freedoms, Once Lost, Will Never Be Restored

Is it possible that Americans, who are not corrupted by “Woke” ideology or sitting idly on the sidelines refusing to believe any realities presented outside the corrupted mainstream media about how America’s Progressive Marxists have been destroying America, are starting to stir a bit?



mericans are realizing the severe dangers we face by ignoring the awful possibility that America’s God-given freedoms, when gone, will never be restored. Sitting idle is not the answer to stop the coming disaster Obama promised us when he said he would “fundamentally transform America,” then set about doing it.

When Donald Trump came along to throw a monkey wrench into their sinister plot, the self-defense machinery of tyrannical deep-state despotism went into high gear to stop the threat to their plans for total control and a New World Order without a meddlesome America screwing up the works. In doing so, they revealed themselves.

Under Trump, we experienced low inflation, reduced taxation, increased tax revenues, near full employment, energy self-sufficiency, an expanding middle class, solid foreign relations, and a strong military, all the elements the Left can’t abide by. If they are to create their socialist utopia, Trump must be deposed.

Since then, Obama’s scheme to bring America to its knees appears to be succeeding. In Biden’s awful two years, the most prosperous nation on earth is facing unchallenged high violent crime rates in Blue cities and states, unsustainable rates of poverty and illegal immigration, high drug death rates, and Woke political theories tearing families and communities apart while inexplicably, citizens appear to be voting for more. This is insane and people are waking up to it; or is it already too late?

Their scam to defund police agencies across America started under the manufactured pretext of fear of police brutality against one minority race. Even in the face of rising anarchy imposed upon the citizens by BLM and Antifa mobs in Blue jurisdictions, the scheme has exposed their entire purpose was to create such a fearful situation that Americans would call for a federal super police state to “save us.” It hasn’t worked because now the citizens have seen the Devil up close and are rejecting his message. Instead, nobody trusts the Dept. of Justice or the FBI. The IRS and ATF have been compromised and turned into other arms of government oppression to threaten citizens who complain in compliance with their dictates.

Their wobbly schemes of civil destruction are to force us into accepting the perverted sickness of transgenderism, to believe that it is the “states” business to raise our children and turn them into willing targets for child molesters, to accept the reverse racism of DEI and CRT that dictates that White European culture is systemically evil and responsible for all of America’s problems.

One needs only look at the leadership of failed Blue cities to understand the coming dangers. Of course, they constantly tell us Capitalism is the real evil that keeps people chained to their miserable existence, and it’s only their version of socialism that can correct it. Karl Marx said so!

This insane Leftist attacks against Trump and the American middle class, and that means property owners and small businesses, is because of the rising threat to the Left’s breathless new religion of environmentalism to save the planet. After witnessing burning rivers and polluting smokestack industries, people agreed they needed clean air and clean water. Fair enough! But the Left perverted that simple cause to justify ending American prosperity by introducing socialism. Scientists seeking research grants were bribed by cash to alter their data to conform to the corrupt government’s agenda by giving “scientific” evidence the bureaucrats could use to restrict America’s freedom and growth by imposing administrative restraints.

The environmental worshipers, singly focused on bringing down our industrial commerce, created panic starting with desperate claims of global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change as America’s greatest threat. “We are polluting everything,” they cried, but they offered no solutions to the issues. It is their job, instead, to defray common skepticism by showing they’re doing something useful, like entering into agreements and protocols to suck money from our coffers to enrich our saviors. Poor countries will stay poor and polluted.

The Left is trying to encourage us to purchase expensive EVs to save our environment. They cling to the false god of affordable renewable energy that is neither clean, efficient, nor affordable over fossil fuels that are. Ignored in the discussion over our future energy needs and the costs of producing that energy are the singular facts that reveal the entire “Green Energy” scheme is a scam not to be discussed because the “Science is settled.” But here are some facts that fly in the face of affordable Green Energy…

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First, it requires fossil fuel energy to run the machines that mine, produces, uses, and disposes of the toxic elements in the new Lithium batteries that will ever be saved. A battery for an electric car is expensive because it requires twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, forty-four pounds of manganese, thirty pounds of cobalt, two hundred pounds of copper, four hundred pounds of aluminum, steel, plastic, and on and on, all produced by fossil fuels.

Remember, batteries do not make energy; they only store it. The minerals required to be processed into a battery that averages 750-1,000 pounds in weight must first be mined. So, add in the costs of the miners’ salaries, health care, food, housing, and insurance, as the purchasing, operating, and maintenance costs of the machinery to dig and haul the minerals needed, and we have already far exceeded the cost to ratio value of even considering EVs.

Most electricity, over 90% in fact, is generated by fossil and nuclear fuels with an insignificant bit from wind and solar. That’s the truth about green energy. It will not save us from ourselves because it’s a scam.

We had better start learning the actual facts about what the Left is forcing us to accept for the future instead of what the mainstream media feeds us with its lies, ignored facts, and hypocrisy. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. Believe it; they are out to get us.

We must protect America’s God-given freedoms at all costs by any means.

Remember, freedom is the goal and the Constitution is the way!


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