Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

✪ Hello out there to all of you wonderful TNA community members! Holiday greetings also to our lurkers, readers and drive by posters who refuse to be assimilated by the State Media Borg. To all of you, regardless of who you are or where you are, who continue to defy the malevolent powers by swimming against the tide of phony bullshit manufactured consensuses, determined to continue thinking & acting for yourselves. To those of you who still value God, truth, honor and tradition over the latest bright shiny designed and deployed to tickle all the Sheep buttholes for world communism. To all of you who know and recognize bullshit when you encounter it and refuse to go along just to get along. To all of you who expect and demand justice for the criminal clown klass and a stop to their international orgy of destruction, dishonesty, theft, murder and mental subterfuge. To all of my fellow countrymen traveling on this long, lonely road of trial and redemption, I salute you.

Take heart friends because there’s lots more of us out here than there are God and America hating marxist, globalist shitbags. Many more. They know this & that terrifies THEM. I’m talking to you Resident Sniffer, Soreass, Billy Gates, Klot Schwab, Zoolansky and all of your shiteating queer buddies in the UN, EU, WEF, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. I’ll make a bold prediction, here. Many of you fuckers might not be around next year at this time, so live it up while you can. I’m already sensing a shift in the Force and desperation in your agendas. The Genie is finally escaping from the bottle; and once free, cannot be put back in. It’s only a matter of time until you demons are sent back down into Hell. You may not know it yet, but you’re fucked. The shit you’ve been stirring is starting to get away from you and will blow up in your faces. You’re like the Nazis at the end of the original Raiders Of The Lost Ark who are about to open up the Ark Of The Covenant to take at peek at what’s inside. Bad actors can only act as agents in the service of Evil for so long before it consumes them. Such is the fate of those who chose to dance with the Devil.

So here we are this weekend at another milestone; the end of another year. Before I go any further, please allow me to wish all of you very wonderful people a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! No, that’s not intended as lip service or some robotic seasonal cliche I’m tossing out here. It’s really an honest wish coming from the heart and backed with sincere intent. For the enemies of God, America, morality, freedom and prosperity, I also have a New Years wish to share; go fuck yourselves in Hell. You’re all going down this year.

I do hope you were all able to enjoy Christmas with family and friends and take some personal time to reaffirm everything in your lives which holds true meaning for you. Damn, that’s really important and too easy to miss amid all of the chaos. At the very least, I hope you were able to take a break from the constant assault of the manufactured, artificial synthetic reality being pushed at us daily. Have you noticed? Probably only 20% of the general population who have had complete Donkee brain transplants into their asses are still agonizing over cly-mutt change, rassissm and genocide against trans people? Lardy, what’s going on, Rufus? Have you noticed how we no longer hear as much about drag shows and pronoun fruit power since more dirt about international human trafficking continues to bubble to the surface? Hmmmm. The entire Green Energy scam continues to impact and piss off more people each day because the Rat Shits just can’t help themselves. They have hardons to ban gas stoves, gas powered generators, hair dryers and ceiling fans for NO other reasons than they can, which is really NO reason at all. They are finally showing themselves for the tyrant whores they really are and it’s not a pretty sight. The entire EV thing is being revealed as the total hoax and scam it really is. People are waking up to the ugly reality that mining lithium is 100X more environmentally destructive than drilling for oil and most people are rightly apprehensive about committing $80K to a car that can only be charged on an energy platform supported mostly by electrical generation from coal. Go figure. Besides, who wants to park a car in their garage which may spontaneously combust in the dead of night and burn everything down? Only the most brainwashed of the dumb Donkey fucks or Government shits pushing this crap because they somehow profit directly from it. The automakers are already backing away from their 2030 commitments to “net zero” EV production. Insurance companies are also balking at having to cover these rolling Molotov cocktails. And then there is the inescapable and undeniable truth about EV performance; or, the lack thereof. HINT: It SUCKS! No wonder the Political Elite Klass want to push everyone into one these things. They have NO range! Good luck taking a road trip, hauling loads or driving in cold weather which has the tendency to put batteries to sleep.

Remember the bullshit “Stopping Inflation Act” which was almost another $2 TRILLION dollar ROBBERY of the national public treasury? Besides the fact that looting bill never contributed a single stinking THING towards “stopping inflation” and in fact SPIKED inflation, $7.5 BILLION of that $2 TRILLION was supposed to go towards the construction of something like 50,000 EV charging stations across the country. Remember Resident Shithead touting those LIES up? How the Ratz were going to create a national infrastructure to charge EVs? So go ahead suckers, buy one. Well, here we are almost three years later and guess how many of those government EV charging stations have been completed and gone online in service? If the word ZERO was the first thing to automatically flash inside your mind when you read that question, you would be correct! That’s because fucking Ratz always LIE and always STEAL at EVERY opportunity they can make for themselves! I guarantee a large part of that $7.5 BILLION (if not ALL of it) is going to keep chocolate invader baby asses clean until there are enough of them to replace Blacks on the Democrat Plantation. I’m sure lots of it has also made its way to the Magic Ukie Kingdom to keep Zoolansky’s nonstop gay coke orgy going indefinitely. Slava Ukraine, motherfuckers!

Yeah, the death of Marxism and Communism won’t be pleasant or comfortable to have to live through, but it certainly beats the fuck out of having to live under it perpetually. If you look around, you can see the signs and hear the death rattle everywhere. Bowel Movements Matter has been unmasked and exposed as a criminal communist front. It never really was about racism. It was about a bunch of crooked chimps using the LIE of systemic racism and whitey privilege to leverage making themselves rich. Likewise, stoopid corporations who originally embraced the entire diversity, inclusion, equity scam have since backed off after being bitch slapped by whatever is left of the free market system. See, I told ya we only need to stick in there long enough until all of these fools hang themselves. It’s already starting. They are bankrupt and out of gas! I know it’s been a long slog, but History is much larger than any one individual and moves at its own pace and on its own timeline. We’re only along for the ride.

However, stand resolute and remain alert. As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over til it’s over” and it sure ain’t over yet. Keep your powder dry and the whites of their eyes scoped in because this is the year they reach peak extremes of desperation before they shit their own beds. We very well could see and experience mind boggling shit, both good and bad during this coming New Year. Expect it! Punctuated by a pivotal election (however, isn’t EVERY election now “pivotal?”) Fuck yes, everybody knows they are going to cheat again, but after the complete betrayal of everyone and everything since the STEAL in 2020, I’m not so sure they will be able to get away with it. Likewise, with the next fear mongering plague they release. After the entire Bat Chink Flu fiasco, lots of people’s eyes were opened to the level of evil, fraud and suffering these demons inflicted on the World. For many people, resistance to the next scamdemic gambit will be their automatic response because they have already personally lived through and experienced firsthand all of the hardship and losses inflicted by a bunch of so-called bullshit “experts.” Never again!

So tomorrow is the LAST day of 2023. 12-31-23 or 123123 if you wish. Hmmmm. Not so certain that numerical value holds any real extra weight or significance, but you gotta admit, it’s certainly an interesting phenomenon. To be honest, after being completely abused by 2020, 2021 and 2022, 2023 somehow didn’t seem nearly so bad by comparison. Is it because it actually wasn’t; or, was it more because those three shit years in a row only hardened my resolve to endure? Has the storm actually lightened somewhat or have I just grown more accustomed to the howling chaos? Who knows? Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? What I do know is that they are much farther away from killing me now than at any other time in the last three years. I now give myself even odds to outlasting these cocksuckers long enough to piss on their graves.

In fact, we should all congratulate ourselves for making it through another year, all things considered! Yet the future is still remains uncertain. Yeah, I know that can be stressful and exhausting because sometimes it’s difficult to make important plans because you never know what sort of manufactured chaos they are going to unleash to fuck with you. Who knows, the next toxic train derailment and explosion could happen in your town. No matter how optimistic you may be, there’s always a little voice inside trying to get out in front of any possible worst case scenarios. However, that’s just another part of the trap: how they try to worm their way into our minds to keep us second guessing. I really fucking hate that because I am old enough to remember a time when I could live my life on my own terms in peace and quiet without having to waste my valuable time and energy second guessing a bunch of corrupt, criminal jackoffs playing God with all of Humanity. Oh well, this too shall eventually pass and I am determined to resist as long as it takes to outlast them. Like I said, I plan to piss on their graves.

A very remarkable man whom I greatly admire once said, ”Everything The Left Touches Turns To Shit.” He also said, “Go woke and go broke.” He was absolutely correct! No need to revisit who all the bad players are or any of the incredibly insane shit they are spinning out on the country. By now, anyone with more than three connected braincells already knows the WHO and WHY. That’s WHY they are failing. Here and now is not the most ideal place to discuss more immediate remedies and solutions because as I write, some lickspittle keyboard Stalinist somewhere may be fapping to my words as he copies, pastes and sends them up the lines of the Hive. As I have said many times before, the General is a force of love and tolerance in this Universe to be reckoned with. Violence is never the answer and I only hold a heart brimming with love for my fellow man. Kumbayah!

If anything, I see most of the hate coming from the other side. It sucks, but that’s their version of “democracy.” Mob rule and if you don’t line up and conform, you become a “threat to democracy.” Only because we insist upon a correction and return to a representational republic as originally created by the Founders instead of the current disgraceful, embarrassing clusterfuck of socialist masturbation. So I beg your pardon if I sometimes may seem to hold my cards close or refuse to completely reveal my hand. That’s because even though the stakes are high, I know they are bluffing and full of shit. They are holding an empty hand and it’s only a matter of time until they fold. That and I’m simply too old to give a righteous fuck anymore. At this point, nothing they say really scares me anymore. I’m already beyond all of that…

How many patriotic Americans are still sitting in prison, uncharged and with no trial date? How many have been railroaded into lengthy sentences for “being present” at a protest against a national election which cheated them out of their future? Yet three fucking years later and the KGB is still arresting and imprisoning innocent people without due process of law for the so called Capitol “insurrection.” The “insurrection” they planned and carried out. And look what they are trying to do to Trump! If that’s NOT desperation, then what is? I tell you, this is the year they shit their beds and themselves. It’s coming! I hope you all are ready because in one of their final acts of futility they will probably come for us. Good luck with that, assholes!

Congress is completely worthless and has accomplished nothing. Expensive limp dicks. They’ve stood around with their thumbs up their asses, insider trading and diddling little kids while this illegal, criminal regime wages a non stop war on our constitutional rights, freedoms and prosperity. They are part of the problem, NOT the solution. At every turn, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats have gone gaga over regulating every aspect of our daily lives. During the last year, the fucking Joe Junta has made everything in the country more expensive and more difficult for everyone except their pet special interest groups while lying to our faces about how fucking wonderful everything is since the “adults are back in charge again.” Joe and his merry band of commie crooks have all but abolished our southern border and actively committed treason by misappropriating our tax money to bring all the human sewage from everywhere in the world to our doorstep under the promise of unlimited free shit. Allah diaper heads have been allowed to establish voting majorities and take over large metropolitan areas in blue Rat states. Criminals are now treated like special citizens. Careful citizen, because it will be YOU who goes to prison should you take a stand to defend yourself against their crimes. The Capitol has become a haven for making faggot buttfucking movies, drug dealing, influence peddling, child exploitation and molestation. The vast majority of our elected officials seem to be either compromised, blackmailed or both for perverted shit, thiever, bribes, pay to play schemes and are powerless to ever do what is right at the mercy of some giant dark hand which seems to be running the entire show. Think I’m being extreme here? Name ONE good thing which has come out of Congress since the STEAL. ONLY one thing which actually helps regular Americans or benefits the country. I’ll Wait!

How the fuck can an IDIOT like AOC come to Congress in debt and six years later be worth 30 some million dollars, much less be re-elected after all of the stupid shit that comes out of her mouth? And HOW does she get to skate on her student loan debt or her taxes? You and I still have to pay our taxes! TRY claiming “congressional exemption” on your yearly taxes and watch what happens. Your ass will be nailed to the wall faster than you can cry “I can’t breef!” What do you actually own? Your house? Ha! Stop paying property taxes and watch what happens. Your car? Ha! Stop paying for government mandated insurance and watch what happens. Gas tax? Get real! You have NO choice on that one. Everything you sell and purchase. Every last thing you own. The Government can take it all away from you. Arbitrarily. Even after you die every last fucking thing you already paid taxes on for your entire life is taxed again before it goes to your heirs who then get taxed again because it’s income! Yes, the Special Klub gets special breaks because they make the rules, so it’s no surprise the rules they make makes it all easier for them. You and I? We get fucked because we have to settle for being stuck in the barrel.

This past week, King Joe awarded his Government toadies with an almost 6% increase in their already phenomenally bloated salaries for warming chairs and shuffling paper. Congress gave themselves another annual salary increase which was more than my wife and I take in during an entire year! Dishonesty pays really well; nice work if you can get it! They hate our guts but love our money. The anger and resentment will continue to build as they continue to be emboldened to ever new levels of outrageous extremes because they are drunk on their own power. It’s not just business, now it’s personal.

ALL of this shit needs to end this year. I’m old enough to remember America back “then” and I sure do miss it. I shouldn’t have to keep my head on a swivel every time I leave my house or make a deal with myself at the grocery store about what I’m going to do without this week because the fucking prices continue to climb. I miss the carefree joy, laughter, fun, freedom and stability of an honest government selected by Americans. I miss the security of a strong military and a collective respect for veterans. I miss being able to keep more of what I earn and NOT having my tax money misappropriated or redistributed by a bunch of dishonest socialist crooks who do nothing but threaten me and lie to my face. I miss not having to pay the way for a bunch of lazy, parasitic worms who can’t be bothered to contribute anything.

In closing, here are some of my wishes for the coming New Year. The cancer of Islam removed from the country in addition to Communism completely wiped from the face of the Earth. Yeah, I know those are big bites out of that sandwich. I wish to see at least a resurgence in moral reason and personal responsibility. A new found appreciation of our past traditions and values; a directional shift in the social and cultural inertia. Most of all, I look to see the complete downfall of all the corrupt and treasonous criminals who have created so much damage and suffering. As they say, “by any means possible.” I think you get my drift.

What will 2024 be like and exactly what does the future hold for America and all of us? I wish I had an answer for you. However, I don’t and neither does the opposition because the mystery of the Future is that it always remains unwritten; and that is both a feature and a bug. Only God knows and may he give us the power, determination and fortitude to continue weathering whatever these bastards decide to throw at us. I know Imhotep Biden and Sofa King Stupid Ho can’t carry us much further into this insanity, so something is bound to give and give SOON. I can feel it and I bet you can too. So I will conclude for this week and this passing year by wishing all of you a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year, regardless. We deserve only the best and won’t be stuck on this boat forever. I’m just like you; I really want all of this shit to stop and not a moment too soon. Take note: the quiet man is finally starting to stand up. The sleeping giant IS waking. In the famous words of Rear Admiral Farrgut at Mobile Bay, “Sir, I intend to go into harm’s way. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Onward, into the future, Patriots! ✪

All for God and Country in this New Year!

General Mossberg