✪ Greetings and salutations from rural Middle America my fellow Patriots & other residents parked on Homeland Security’s domestic terrorist watch list! Everything here in my neighborhood is just hunky dory, except for a sketchy squirrel who keeps giving me the finger and urging other woodland creatures to throw ticks at me when I’m mowing the fence line. You know, it occurred to me our alphabet government agencies are ill prepared to make real Americans into the terrorists they insist we are. They’re too busy importing real muzz terrorists and Chinese military men by the thousands thinking this will preserve their status quo. I predict a fatal error on their part. They keep assuming any real conflict will be a traditionally symmetrical & linear war between two clearly defined & opposing sides. Instead, it probably won’t be anything like that at all. The Communists, their supporters & enablers will only find few blue islands of refuge & support scattered across the country. WHERE will they go? Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Behind every blade of grass, putos! Outta here, to another country they can completely wreck? I Can’t wait! Adios! They’ll all skedaddle back to their blue enclaves to live where anarchy reigns. They won’t be safe there either. Well, it’s what they want, I guess. They will be victimized by their own kind. Ahhhhhh, Me so sowwy.  

I have Hunter Burnout; I’m sick and tired of always hearing about this asshole. As if everyone on the entire planet doesn’t already know, they nailed Joe’s Golden Boy, Hunter with guilty on all three counts of him being dishonest in purchasing a gun. Hunter’s strongest defense was he did it because he has an obvious drug problem. NO shit! Everybody knows this! Fuck me tomorrow! In other words, he was blitzed out on crack & just got caught! Damned the luck! Hunter doesn’t feel bad because he’s done bad things, he feels bad that he got caught doing bad things. I’d like to remind everyone a there’s a huge difference between a conviction and sentence. We’re just barely 5 innings into this ball game, so far. So they convicted him. It will be really telling to watch & see what type of punishment, if any, they mete out to number one son.

My guess is that they will hold off on sentencing poor Hunter until a few days after the November 5th Election so that they can hang this bullshit out in the Media until the fucking cows come home for a guaranteed, manufactured story every day! The spice must flow! That’s how these seditionists roll! 

Before you stand up to cheer, let me remind you to always watch what the left hand is doing while the right hand is busy distracting you. Here’s how I think all of this will go. Actual sentencing will happen a few days after the election. To everyone’s shock and dismay, Hunter be given 3 years of supervised probation. The Fapdog Media will carry and run with the ball. If Joe manages to somehow steal November again this year, they’ll clean little Hunter up and plant him somewhere in the Senate. You just watch; you heard it here first! He’ll enter rehab and get himself at least half assed clean; or maybe meet God and then come out again to save the World, as only a Biden knows how to do. Lucky us. Fortunately, there are some serious cracks finally appearing in the walls. The contents of the infamous laptop have already been submitted and accepted as evidence in the gun trial. It’s fairly easy to go to any number of numerous mirror sites each of which contain a copy of the complete index file and subject yourself to some of the most inexcusable human behavior you’ve ever seen. What a dirtbag! In just every way possible you can think of. I bailed early because it felt dirty and was just more of the same garbage. I had seen enough.

That means that most of the laptop contents are now also open to public scrutiny and inspection as technically being a matter of public record. It confirms what we have always known about Hunter; that he’s a spoiled, pampered rich kid whose daddy is the guy leading the world toward WWIII. And what are we gonna do, if anything, about the FIFTY ONE top level Intelligence Community cucks who signed the letter swearing that the Hunter Laptop debacle was all “Russian disinformation” directed towards election interference? What about these traitors? Or do they get to kinda slowly slink back into obscurity? Have you noticed? The squirrels are speeding up now. Used to be we had some Maui sized national events about twice a year. Now there almost feels like there’s one every fucking month. May we live in interesting times. I guess. I have Hunter Burnout. 

So we all know there is an extensive record of enough criminal activity to send Hunter away for the rest of his life. You know, like they would for you or I if we were convicted of doing the very same things. Butt they WON’T! The bigger story is being distracted from the actual business dealings of the Biden Family Crime Syndicate. I’m talking multi layered shell corporations which only exist on paper to hide identities and illegal cash transactions between the different shell corporations without any production whatsoever of any real service or products. Many from foreign sources. WHERE and WHAT are the actual business? Oh, they really don’t exist!  Oppps! Ask yourself; what kind of person do you need to be in order to put your grandkids’ names as the owners of their own corporations which receive money from Chinese contacts? Holy influence peddling, Batman! Come on, man!  

The problem with the entire laptop gambit is the age of it. Who really cares now if they cheated or not? It doesn’t matter, now.  It’s all beside the facts. And even if it did matter, it still doesn’t change history. The 2020 Election was when the laptop story should have been used to bring down Hunter, then Joe. Butt as we all know, it didn’t go down that way. The Media ran a nonstop, relentless, full court push about brainwashing the Sheep the Steele Dossier was legit. They ran full cover interference for it. Not only did they LIE to discredit the truth, they buried and made the entire story go away as quickly as possible. It was squashed and disappeared before it had enough time to develop more visibility. The fuckers did a good job. Unfortunately lotsa people didn’t even hear about the Hunter Biden Laptop Fiasco before they voted. And, almost 20% of all the people who voted for Biden in 2020 say in retrospect they would have instead voted for Trump if they had known more about the Laptop before the election. 

I will admit, I made a brief foray there to check it out. It’s a shitload of content all basically chronicling their crimes. Holy shit! What kind of idiot records all of their crimes? Perhaps only the most pathological, perverted, sick, out of control, addicted narcissist! The laptop index is really a one trick pony with most of the same crap everywhere. Dirty partying photos which include clandestine drug abuse, sexual situations with paid hookers (most involving illegal drug use), drug abuse at parties, sexual contact with minors, records of one obtuse business deal after another. There is also a large collection of emails connected to buying influence in exchange for for a payoff from questionable places like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China and Russia. I’m certain that all of this is just an innocent misunderstanding. Seems the business of this regime is to enrich themselves at the cost of everyone else and so far business is good. Let’s not confuse the issue; we’re talking about amounts in the BILLIONS! There is now a very visible and growing public perception that if there is still such a thing equality under the law, then we should come to expect Hunter will receive real punishment. You would think, right? You & I both already know that’s not happening. 

So Trump is convicted on 34 identical felonies which really weren’t felonies at all that he had nothing to do with? Accusations made past the expiration of the statute of limitations for the crimes in question. Butt thanks to special Donkee Political Magic, the Rats found some way to justify bringing those expired charges back to life again. Have you ever heard of our side doing such a thing? That’s a rhetorical question, I know. Don’t forget the judge’s daughter who works for the opposition & makes numerous donations to Joe’s campaign. Move along, Citizen. Nothing to see here! And who could forget the judge’s last words of advice to the jury before sending them out for the verdict? Oh yeah, do whatever you have to do to find him guilty, but just find him guilty, or else. Who the fuck is gonna argue with that, right? What a shit show. 

I’m getting a real kick out of their own shit backfiring and blowing up in their own faces because every thing they touch turns to crap. Thankfully, that includes their own plans& efforts. It still gives me some personal satisfaction to see that there is a large amount of America that is now shifting over in our direction as we approach the elections. That includes everybody from inner-city blacks looking to finally leave the Rat Plantation; all the way to Silicon Valley/Wall Street billionaires who want to have a place at the Trump table during a second Trump Administration. That’s why the Rats are so hellbent on open borders. They know they need to import and create another subservient demographic class of people who politically rely on them to replace the traditional black community. Importing and seeding the country everywhere seems to be the way they have chose to do this. Butt that in NO ways means ALL of these fucking people couldn’t be sent back home if we really put our minds to it. At some point all the money is going to run out. Then watch lots of these invaders deport themselves. Good times. I’m even open to helping by paying to send them out of here. One free passage to any where you wish in the world absolutely free with $1000. GO home! We don’t want you here.

Of course, the person who has lost the most in all of this is Donald Trump.  Since his 34 verdict convictions were announced, his 2024 presidential campaign war chest has only grown by a $Billion dollars. He also made $4 billion extra from his 51% interest in Truth Social the same week as the Jean Carroll ruling. Winning! Trump is now such a universally known & recognized personality only the numbed, stupefied, recalcitrant donkey loyalists remaining are still gonna hate him. Butt those people would just as well hate him anyway so WHO cares? Those people are really only around 18-20% of the country. Not anything I would necessarily consider too formidable to deal with. Although they are a minority, they still make the majority of noise and trouble. These are the communists, marxists, etc, etc. The freaks, gays, sexual mutants. These are the staunch rabid supporters of universal abortion on demand, gun control, open borders, and all the climate change bullshit. These are people who spend their entire lives rectum gazing over diversity, equity & inclusion or environmental social & governance. These are the Karens, so saturated in their own self loathing that they can neither face nor think for themselves. So they project their own shit out into the universe. On to us. Joy. These are the people who hate America and like to support foreign governments of bad people who hate us too. I could go an and on but you know the type.  

We are currently leaderless. Doesn’t the US at times under these idiots seem like a ghost ship with an empty bridge listing to wherever the currents take it? We should all stay aware the Democrat party has become a radicalized, Marxist Party. This isn’t in anyway your grandparents’ or even your great grandparent’s Democrat Party. I expect today’s Democrat party to finally fade way into historic obscurity when it finally becomes overwhelmingly clear as day to the entire world the Left is on the wrong side of everything. So much that they run counter to the Universal Law of Order being the first command under Heaven. It will only proceeded to go more downhill from here. 

Too be fair, there’s lot’s of shit happening right now. Everything is “off,” out of wack. Of course all that is by design. As I have said here more than once that this is a contest of wills, an endurance test to see which side blinks first. The socialist democrats have once again failed for plan for contingencies. That means they can’t keep making it all up as they go along indefinitely. They may think they can, but they can’t. I guess some offer of thanks is in oder for celebrating the fact they are too stupid to be able to see past the end of their own noses. However I digress. Let’s continue holding our positions in the face of all this stupidity, insanity and criminality for the coming week. The contest of wills continues. Don’t BLINK! I will return again next week to ponder the people, places and events of this runaway Ferris Wheel operated by a drunk crew of Monkees. Until then enjoy life, hug your kids and don’t let the bastards get to you. Godspeed, Patriots! ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg