Reflections On The Present Moment

Reflections On The Present Moment

✪ As I sit here now pondering the latest insanity in all of it’s contrived manifestations which pervade our current society, I notice that for once, I’m not righteously pissed off as usual. Hmmmmm. Of course, I’m still extremely unhappy about the epic clusterfuckery I am forced to endure on a regular, daily basis from this Insane Klown Posse which calls itself a “government” but not my usual “punching holes in the wall” level of pissed off. To be honest, it’s a let down of sorts, because some of my best work here stems from the motivation of being so fucking angry I could just self immolate!  However, during this pleasant mid summer’e eve, I instead just find myself to be numb. Perhaps I’ve finally become so desensitized to the mother of all shit show matinees which continues to play on and on without an intermission THAT, and I’ve finally run out of shits to give. I don’t know. It’s just that while I’m supposed to be enjoying my “golden years” right now, I find myself completely rejecting everything they offer.

No, I can’t and won’t swallow that huge, heaping spoonful of shit which insists Joe won fairly with a record 81 million votes. I won’t be forced into lying to myself in order to just go along to get along. Fuck that, I know damned well what I saw and experienced. So do you! No, I’m also not going to worry about the summer weather, which for this year is really nothing out of the ordinary. I’m not going to live in a constant, brooding mental/emotional stew over ever being able to accommodate everyone’s gender mental illness demands. It’s not my problem.  I’m never going to take a vax for anything and I refuse to believe the bogus MIC proxy war is about saving “democracy.” I’ve already lived plenty long enough to recognize the bullshit of petty tinhorn tyrants regardless of wherever they may be found; eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or even the UNITED STATES. According to them, I’m the real problem because I’m obviously not a team player. I refuse to fall into line and go marching forward to the showers of most glorious new future under the red banner of international marxism. Fuck them & that. 

WTF? I’ve been a good boy and have followed all their rules while working my ass off for more than half a century just so I could relax, enjoy life and take it easy for once. I’ve even allowed them take away a good sized, one third chunk, off of my total labors under the social contract that some sort of taxation is required for the creation and preservation of a free society. Even though they have done nothing to rightfully deserve it, save for the mere fact they possess enough power to completely destroy my life should I fail to comply. You know, I really enjoy the simple life pleasures like tinkering around the garage, yard stuff, woodworking and other delightful diversions I feel I have already long since earned the right to enjoy. And for the most part, since I have already mostly accomplished this, perhaps I shouldn’t complain. However, I do because they fucking just won’t leave us alone. Long ago, I already decided I would retire to somewhere nice in part of conservative and rural flyover country. Some place in a temperate climate where I wouldn’t have to shovel snow for six months out of the year. Some place with all four seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring!  Those same seasons are now falsely being renamed as climate simmering, boiling or whatever else stupid fucking catch phrase is coming out of the ass of the Central Ministry of Information and Accepted Think. The lastest casualties of the Elite Political Klass’ non stop assault on the language and all tradition.

It used to be we got President’s Day. Now we get shit like Happy Indigenous Tranny Sex Worker Celebration Month or some such other communist bullshit. Most of what they spew out of their asses is just calculated fear porn and gaslighting designed to spook and stamped the loyal Sheep in whichever direction they want to make them run. BAAAAHHHHHH! Oh noez, have you heard? The newest & latest version of COH-VUD is back and its called ERIS 2. Oh, I iz so skert! Please knock loudly on my front door oh wondrous government from whom all life flows. I will bees hiding under my bed shivering in the cold sweat of abject terror until you arrive too save the world and my life by showing up to inoculate me with the latest Big Pharma gene altering, mRNA poisoned wunder potion to save my wretched insect life! Oh thank youz, I am not worthy! BAAAHHHHHHH!

Dear Readers, I must now make a confession. I think Billy Gates is really a modern day Jesus!I mean, look at all of his many philanthropy projects and pursuits! I mean, how many other Harvard dropouts from incredibly wealthy, old money families are there who made $100 billion from foisting a shitty OS on the World and have gone on to become sooper hero saviors of Humanity? Well ok, maybe Steve Cook, too. As for me and my family in this house, we will do everything Billy demands. I mean, a guy like him doesn’t make so much loot if he isn’t really smart, right? I even have a totally private space in my home which is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for taking time away from my busy days to give thanks and REFLECT on all the wonderfulness of Billy and the other esteemed members of our Political Elite Klass. This sacred space even includes an original black velvet portrait of Billy with his famous billionaire manteets, smirking while holding a loaded syringe full of the magical elixir of all future life. I always mumble a humble prayer to Billy before pulling the flush handle to send my daily love offerings to him. I know he’s a busy guy because saving the World is such a tough job, but I do hope my daily messages of adoration & praise are finding their way to him.      

Have you noticed? We’re almost into the middle of summer and that usually means ONE thing unless you happen to be unfortunate enough to live somewhere in a disarmed, post covid, fascist authoritarian state down under. My most sincere & heartfelt sympathies if you do. Yeah, it’s fucking called “SUMMER!” you maligned idiots! NOT “boiling summer, climate change inversion” or “runaway carbon greenhouse effect” you worthless, shit eating climate cultists. It’s called SUMMER because it’s HOT! It’s HOT (no more now than any other time) because the elliptical pattern of the Earth’s rotational orbit is routinely a little closer to the Sun this time of year. That observable fact happens to be established REAL science, not the over-sensationalized, hyperbolic, manipulative and DISHONEST claims of a bunch of unelected and unaccountable, dark servants of Lucifer who lay awake alone each night in their miserable beds fantasizing about butt plowing Karl Marx as they tug on their lonely, self loathing tiny little puds. Mom and Dad always liked the family dog better than me and I was once last chosen for kick ball in second grade: I had a roommate in college who fucked my girl friend. I’ll show all these ungrateful fucks they won’t be kicking me around any more. I’ll take out all sorts of student loans which will later be forgiven by a corrupt and criminal government intent on destroying the national work ethic to enslave everyone, then go to work in partnership with them to help make the lives of everyone who refuses to follow our agenda as miserable as possible. Then I will position myself above all questions or accountability in the high, Ivory Tower of self righteous Scientism by claiming I am somehow morally & intellectually superior to all of you inferior, hick rabble who live outside the Beltway Kingdom.

Yeah, that’s it! I usually make it my daily habit to go out of my way to completely IGNORE these stupid dumbfucks and just call the weather what it really is. SUMMER! When it’s HOT, that means it’s SUMMER! When it’s COLD, that means it’s WINTER. When it’s HOT but the trend is for gradually cooling temps, that means it’s FALL! When it’s COLD outside and the trend is for gradually warming temps, that means it’s SPRING. For fucks’ sake, HOW is it possible to take something so simple and observable as the weather and seasons and completely cloud them all up by interjecting everything with a bunch of mindfuck, convoluted bullshit LIES for NO other reason than to only confuse stupid people through FEAR into following their particular agenda? Well, there I go again. Oh, do you mean like biological sexual orientation, General? See? Whenever I pause long enough to REFLECT on all of the STOOPID swirling around out there, I start to fell my blood pressure rising again. It’s HOT outside because it’s fucking SUMMER and that’s the ONLY reason! Fuck all of you climate poodles, I actually have a real life to enjoy. Go play in your own shit somewhere else where I don’t have to watch, smell or PAY for it!

So here I am now, kinda strange to actually be living beyond an age you once wondered if you’d ever see. Thank you, God! I promise to never waste nor forget this precious blessing! Unless you happen to be a brainless, Donkee pod person, we tend to become more focused as we age because you realize that the decades of future living we all naturally took for granted when we were young, indestructible and immortal have now at best have become only years. The way you spend and experience each moment of life takes on a special significance once you understand it is not an infinite quantity. The accuracy of your decisions and evaluations also tend to sharpen because you enjoy being able to evaluate, weigh and analyze them within the context of a greater amount of experience. That is if you happen to be a somewhat mentally functional individual who revels in accepting whatever adventures the World chooses to send to you. Not so much if you happen to be a perpetual pet victim of the Ruling Klass who subscribes to and embraces every new manufactured outrage and life threatening crisis. In that case, the globalist Masters then juice your metaphorical anal probe with just enough current to make you fantasize about Der Klausemeister himself assboning you for being a loyal Fourth Industrial Revolution supporter. There are special rewards waiting in the Great Reset future for every little good Sheep who masks up and stays up to date saving the Erf by eating bugs and taking all of their boosters. Hey, if you ever wondered how it was really possible to own nothing and be happy, now you know! Of course the mighty hands of the technology gods will move swiftly to cancel you by way of the modern miracles of graphene oxide and the 5G ‘Internet of things” should you ever decide to refuse to be a team player and revel against the will of a world government which has only been established without any regard for what you may actually want for yourself in order to serve “the greater good.” Shit, some times I really crack myself up. It’s a cookbook! Kumbayah! 

Hahaha, I often chuckle to myself every time I pause to REFLECT how much I have succeeded at becoming a true individual. The Machine HATES that! Everything I do is by my personal choice and I don’t let any of their bullshit stick to me, ever! I don’t need the globalist social engineers telling me what time I need to to wake up each morning, whether I’m a boy or a girl or how I need to spend my valuable time agonizing over any one of a variety of phony, whipped up, nonexistent fears just so they can keep that fucking ring in my nose to lead me around; or, that electric probe stuck in my ass to condition me with punishment and reward. Quite the contrary, I have my OWN ideas about various things I would be only so happy shove up their asses! STAY the fuck out of my life and personal business, or else! If there’s anything I deserve for working my ass off for my entire life, it’s the pleasure and freedom of being able to make my own decisions for myself and living with the consequences; even if it is for something so seemingly simple as deciding if I want sugar in my coffee this morning. Let’s see what the promise of this new day brings. I don’t need to check in first with some fucking machine to validate my own self hate before I may be granted permission to enjoy my morning coffee. Fuck NO! I’m already up and that means I’m still alive! Sorry if that disappoints you or messes with all your sick & twisted Luciferian plans, cocksuckers!   

When I was young, people would tell me that retirement was gonna drive me crazy because I would be so bored. They told me I wouldn’t be able to get away to some office or workplace everyday to escape my wife. OMG, you’ll find yourself with too much free time on your hands without knowing how to use it! Take it from me because I wanna set the record straight; that’s a huge stinky pantload of “misinformation!” Another incorrect and popular urban’s wivestale. Everything I’ve ever thought or done in my life up until this point has put me exactly right where I am right now. You could say the present moment I am now experiencing is the complete sum of all my previous thoughts, decisions and intentions. Could things for me always be better? Of course, because there are never pure absolutes to be found anywhere in the physical Universe. The very same could be said if I consider how much more worse off I could always potentially be as the result of DIFFERENT ideas, decision or actions. Such is the nature of free will and the blessings of Divine grace. It’s like Duke Wayne said, “Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.” Hell, I’m about as far away from being bored as I could possibly be and I love being able to spend so much time with my wife! She’s my best friend!  

I already have all of the things I really need and a fair share of the ones I actually want. WHY do I need to spend my valuable time agonizing over the normal patterns of the fucking weather or the martyrdoom of holy Saint Floyd? Whenever I don’t get out much, it’s because either I don’t want to or because something around the house has captivated my attention. Besides, have you bothered taking a look at the fucking world out there lately? Ned must be heartbroken and frustrated beyond tears watching my every move on my phone; knowing I will NEVER conform by spreading my buttcheeks to take his anal Matrix ass probe or obediently report to my nearest government inoculation center for the latest flavor of mRNA candy. Sorry NED. That’s a hill you’re more than welcome to die on and to show you just how much of a kind, caring and WHITE guy I really am, I’ll be willing to help you along with that any time you wish. After all, we’re all in this together, right? Isn’t that what you’re always telling us, NED? As far as I’m concerned, where I live is STILL America and will ALWAYS be America regardless of whatever you kiddiefucking, degenerate jackweasels come up with from the toilets of the sewers in your own tiny minds. Do I give a righteous fuck about all of you lying, thieving, murdering asshole criminals? Fuck no! Am I the least concerned about NOT complying with your agenda for total global domination? I’m NOT!

Of course, there’s lots of shit happening now I really can’t do anything about. Sure, but I can know and understand that without living my entire life each day in some horrible hand wringing, panty peeing, whining, complaining, synthetic state of manufactured reality  and complete self loathing personal misery because most of it is only LIES anyway. However, I digress.  Instead, I will choose to stay happy and content while focusing my life on the things I DO have the power to control & change; which are many more than we have been led to believe by all the noise, distractions and purposeful distortions of reality. SHRUG. YAWN.

I really enjoy coming here every day to read the threads and comments because I get to laugh & yell “Yeah! What they said!” and REFLECT on everything which makes life meaningful and significant. When I’m here, I become immunized from all the Donkee Kabuki Theater bullshit. There is certainly something most worthwhile to be said about the beneficial therapeudic effects of sharing time and fellowship with others who have not drunk the Kool Aid nor infected themselves with the cult mental virus! Give yourselves a much deserved high five and pat on the back. The future fate of the freedom of all Humanity now rests in our hands. Consider it as a very special blessing instead of a curse because there is a specific reason God has enlisted you into his army! The REST is all just bullshit. A bunch of stupid Donkees braying in the wilderness. May you REFLECT on these thoughts as we go into the coming new week. May your life be all you wish it to be and everything which provides for your success. Remember to always remain patient, prudent and prepared for whatever they may throw our way. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Go on living the best life possible for you, no matter what challenges you may face. We will ultimately prevail. COUNT on it! ✪

For God, Family & Country,

General Mossberg