✪ From the Ozark Mountains of southwestern Missouri, a great BIG “HOWDY” out to all of my great TNA Patriots Friends on this Saturday before the Stupor Bowl. Rural living has both its advantages and limitations; but overall, it affords me the enjoyment of one of the greatest benefits of all: having real Americans as my neighbors! Not 18 people who don’t speak English living all crammed into one house and BBQing rats. When I say real American neighbors, I think you know who I am talking about; people who were born here and learned English as their first language. People who routinely engage in some form of work activity which gives purpose and meaning to their lives while allowing them to make an honest living. That would be a legitimate JOB or independent BUSINESS instead of squeezing out kids as quickly as possible to collect free government money.

The area where I live is mostly populated by who I call “good folks” and almost all of them would lend you a hand if asked; and sometimes without even asking! Out here, sometimes they just show up out of concern whenever they hear about something with a neighbor is amiss. Lots of times, especially on these rural roads when a storm blows down a tree, it’s cut and cleared in only a few hours by neighbors with chainsaws and tractors who just take care of it because they understand it’s the right thing to do. No accolades. No pictures in the paper. Nobody waits around whining and wringing their hands until the government shows up to give them permission, they just know what needs to be done and take care of it. I really like this kind of thinking because it flies completely in the face of all the bullshit about America we see being pumped out on the news and the internet. We don’t have any of these sorts of concerns here because everyone already knows nobody stands to gain anything from believing any of the MSM propaganda, gaslighting crap, at all. Everybody out here has already become wise to all of the Media lies and manipulations. Yet, we all strangely get along very well together without hardly any racial tensions. Why? Because we’re authentic Americans and we know better than to go making problems and trouble where NONE really exist! Too bad our own government isn’t honest nor smart enough to understand the tremendous power in doing this, instead of working overtime to shit all over everything good about this country.

The legacy Alphabet Media and World Wide Web are full of activists, operatives, advocates, opportunists, race hustlers, political anal-ists, special interest panderers, professional victims, millionaire communists, idiots with too much money, time and power who like playing God, blue haired fruit screechers, perverts, child molesters and white collar criminals. However, I am very fortunate I don’t have to deal directly with most of this human garbage, because the cultural and social rot being inflicted on the country by those brilliant know better social engineers is concentrated mostly in Blue Rat shithole cities and states. Most people out here in the sticks couldn’t give a flying fuck about “systemic racism, climate change, special rights for sexually confused morons or the worker’s struggle.” Blah, blah, blah.

I’m certain there are probably a few leftards living up in the larger town north of me, but not enough to cause any serious damage. At least not enough to organize and start fucking anything up here. Thankfully, we don’t have any protests here or idiots blocking Main Street because those whack jobs think it’s their job to punish anyone who uses petroleum products to enhance the quality of Life. We don’t have drag queen shows at the local library or in the school because most people here have been raised with a set of values which triggers revulsion and suspicions at the sight of such mental illness on display. I think I can also say with fairly safe certainty most people here have normal, healthy sex lives. They don’t copulate with farm animals, dress and act like members of the opposite sex, or explode in a rage at the gas station whenever someone doesn’t use the correct “pronoun.” If there are GAY people living here, they mostly keep to themselves and don’t feel the compulsion to demand the rest of us accept and celebrate their particular lifestyle choice because if they did, we certainly would not feel comfortable.

For the most part, living here is quiet and peaceful. However, isn’t that how life is actually meant to be? I guess the “revolution” has passed us by. Besides, nobody here is interested in buying whatever it is the commies are pushing. Make trouble acting up here and our local Sheriff and Police won’t think twice about locking your miserable ass up. Block the roads to protest and expect to be run over. Count on it. Mob looting a store will get you shot and dead. In fact, just about any kind of stealing and looting will get you shot, because it’s common knowledge rural America doesn’t suspend the Rule of Law because you may belong to some candy special victim group who thinks they can do anything they want because their heads have been packed with some sort of lies deys been oppressed n sheet and everybody else owes them. Fuck that! You won’t find any of that kind of social decay here, at least not yet. I’ll wager my little rural town will remain a really great place to live for quite some time even after the blue cities completely implode. Once that happens, all the city zombies better think long and hard before deciding to come here, thinking they are going to loot and pillage for survival. Boy, are they ever in for a BIG surprise! Everyone here owns at least five guns and have grown up living their entire lives with firearms. If anyone comes here thinking they will start shit, we’ll finish it.

I have a really old, outdated iPad that is just begging to have the fuck shot out of it with rifles and shotguns. I’ll be sure to take a video, but due to the graphic nature of the video and the particular way lots of little commie snowflakes are triggered by the very sight of bad, evil guns, I’ll have to blur them out and censor the video to protect them before I post it on YouTube. Thank you Google and YouTube for this important social contribution which helps make our World a SAFER place for everyone. Kumbayah! Nah, you’ll get to enjoy every exciting moment as my old iPad is sent to that big Apple Store in the sky.

So I watched The Mummy today. No, not the movie with either Boris Karloff or Brendan Fraser, but that very strange press conference with Skidmark Joey standing there looking like a wax figure and stepping on his own dick every time he opened his mouth, mumbling to himself, not finishing sentences, saying crazy and stupid shit while he crapped his drawers. Hey, did you know Joe personally phoned the President of Mexico and convinced him to let “humanitarian “aid cross over into Gaza? What a diplomatic sooper star! How did we get so fucking lucky? And you guys need to shut the fuck up about Beau, because you didn’t know him and it’s none of your business, so there! I don’t know about you, but I was touched to learn Joe still carries around Beau’s personal rosary beads that he got directly from our Mother of…our Mother of…you know, the Thing! Typical fucking Biden, talking to dead people, unable to complete sentences and dropping a multitude of new Joe bloopers and gaffes. 81 million votes! The most of any president in the entire history of the country, evah!

However, it wasn’t his obvious absence of normal cognitive function that really got to me. It was how completely out of fucking touch he seemed to be about everything, from the economy to the border disaster to the dangerous consequences of all the damned wars his handlers are stirring up all over the world while Joe calls ice cream lids in Delaware. At times, he didn’t even seem to know where he was…He goes on national television and tells the country the border crisis is completely Trump’s fault! WTF? A couple of weeks ago he was saying the border was secure and there was NO problem. He claims Bidenomics has created 16 million, billion gazillion new jobs and lowered consumer prices 10% after jacking them up 50-60%

He sides with HAMAS and islamic terrorism while continuing to push for a “two state solution” after HAMAS has said they are not interested in a two state solution and they will settle for nothing less than the total destruction of Israel and the death of every Jew on Earth. And of course this demented motherfucker wants MORE money for the queer midget tyrant In Eastern Europe who plays the piano with his dick. Joe wants $70 BILLION more for Ukraine, butt somehow, the money we need to secure our own border or care for our homeless veterans is just not there. It’s one thing to intentionally work to destroy the country and the world, butt it’s something entirely different to blame everybody else while you’re doing it! Trump hasn’t been President for more than three years now, so I’d like to know exactly how he is responsible for all the democrat’s disasters. How does Trump have any say about how the border is no longer enforced? Yet Joe & the Rats blame Trump and “MAGA Republicans.” Oh, I get it, stigmatize your political opposition by LYING and BLAMING them for everything YOU are actually doing. How Alinsky! How Stalin! That is, when you’re not busy throwing them in jail and leaving them there to rot for years after denying them their constitutional rights to due process.

I have news for the Resident Sniffer Depends, there are very very few real MAGA Republicans in Congress who actually give a shit about this country and work on behalf of the interests of the American people. Far too few! They can all be counted on one hand with fingers left over. Most of these self enriching snakes who dare to call themselves “Republicans” are in fact phony RINO shitbags & closet Donkees. Traitor scum like Liz Cheney, Dan Crenshaw, Bitch McConnell, Shitt Romney and 95% off all the other corrupt sellouts in Congress. By their actions, you shall know them. However, even Mike Johnson occasionally gets a clue. He did block the border bill because it was so overwhelmingly obvious to everyone involved how bad that pile of shit would have been for America. What was Shitpants answer to stopping the border crisis he has single handedly created? Oh yeah, “give me MORE power and I’ll do something I can already do now, but won’t!” I don’t think so, Joe. Joe could close the border tomorrow with a single EO, but he won’t, because the Rats know the uncontrolled alien invasion is their ticket to permanent one party rule. We don’t need a fucking new bill to solve the the border problem! We already have plenty of immigration laws on the books. The problem is the democrats refuse to enforce them!

The “Migration Bill” was really just another funding foreign wars bill for the MIC, specifically the $70 BILLION MORE to Ukraine, $20 BILLION to Israel and $17 BILLION allocated for our so called “border security” which would go directly to government employees and pet charity organizations whose job is to process invaders and dole out all the freebies. The bill also included specific language which would have prevented states from being allowed to protect their own borders in the future. The commies who wanted this bill thought of everything! No wonder the bill was presented in private behind closed doors without giving anyone enough time to read or debate it. Just RAM it on thru! Sound familiar? This is the Pelosi strategy to pass shit bills which nobody would otherwise ever accept! It provided for almost everything BUT “border security.” And those worthless piles of dogshit in Congress who were just drooling to pass it wanted to sell out the entire nation for what? A few extra years of control? Power? Money? Their gigantic egos?

Have you noticed how these corrupt bastards name every bill they float out of committee as the exact opposite of what it really stands for? Every time. WHO do they think they are fooling? It’s insane! There aren’t enough streetlight poles in the entire city of DC to take these traitors to task for treason this bold and unbridled. In effect, Joe erased our borders the minute he removed all of Trump’s successful immigration orders and policies. The same way he erased our prosperity, freedoms and energy independence. Joe has single-handedly made crossing the border legal for everyone, including gangs, cartels and human traffickers! NO vetting, checks or screening, just come on in! Way to go, Joe! You’re the first president to successfully legalize illegal immigration! See? He really doesn’t work for us. He wasn’t lying when he said that! Cocksucker!

Remember when I said living in rural America is still kinda like living in the good old days? That’s what continues to give me hope for our nation’s future, because America is really still a vast sea of red with only a few sprinkles of highly populated blue enclaves floating on the edges. However, those blue enclaves make most of the noise and trouble, so we probably mistakenly regard them as having more power and influence than they really do or we really should. I contend America isn’t really as it is being portrayed by the Ministry Of Truth State Media Machine. Sorry, but from where I’m living, I just don’t see that. That doesn’t mean we’re in good shape because compared to the past, we aren’t. However, most of the social blight, crime and cultural cancer is concentrated in the most densely populated blue toilet areas. Around the communist brainwashing and indoctrination camps formerly known as our universities of higher learning. Everywhere you find the rot of progressivism, things have already gone to Hell. You can see it. You know it. Some of you are living behind the lines and under enemy occupation. If that is your situation, I’m very sorry you have to deal with it everyday. I’m just so fortunate to be where I am.

The Communist destroyers can’t survive anywhere unless there is a sufficient concentration of their fellow communists to support them. Ha! They also aren’t really welcome outside of their own little bubbles. Nobody wants to put up with their shit! People have seen and now know diversity, tolerance and inclusion are destructive lies; hyper racist bigotry on steroids. People see exactly WHO these “immigrants” are; invader armies of economic opportunity looking to secure something they have not earned and do not deserve. Criminal filth who have zero regard for laws and people. People now know what happens when Islam is forced onto a community by governments. They are jihadist who have NO intention of ever assimilating into their new culture, but rather, look only to conquer, kill and dominate. This isn’t hyperbole! We are being invaded! We are at war and the Government of the United States is NOT on our side! The sooner everybody understands we are not going to talk or vote our way out of this, the sooner we can start to restore what has been lost. As I have said here so many times before; hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. They are almost out of gas and at their end game. I firmly believe those fucking self centered bastards are gonna double down in their desperation and move to crush us; our spirit, will and resolve. Don’t give them that satisfaction. You cannot destroy an ideal if it is held firmly and highly enough. However, they will certainly try while they still have the chance. All we need to do is hang in there and hold onto our Faith until we outlast them. If we can do that, we will survive and prevail. So will America…✪

Carry on for God and Country!

General Mossberg