✪ Hello, Patriots! It’s already another Saturday night here in America! As always, the Fapdog Media and our Communist Congress grifters are living on another planet where they consider themselves the absolute masters. That’s the ONLY thing I can come up to explain WHY they are so fucking out of touch with reality! However, I won’t complain. To be honest, I’m already sick & tired of complaining and pointing out how nobody is doing anything about any of the numerous laws being blatantly broken by so many, so what’s the point? Until it reaches the point of no return, bitching doesn’t seem to do a damned thing and it isn’t even fun anymore. However, I am comforted in the knowledge I am as prepared for the point of no return as well as I ever hope to be and that’s better than most. I have placed my Faith completely in God Almighty. I know I will do whatever is necessary to remove evil from Earth until I’m called home; whenever & however that may be. That’s not even a religious thing with me per se, just the honest confidence that good will ultimately triumph over Evil, because it does every single time. Even in instances when Evil seems to be winning, it still suffers defeat in the end. I also understand the events of History usually do not move as quickly as we would like. Sometimes it takes years or decades for things which have been set in motion to reach some sort of natural conclusion. That insight comes from my own observations and experience, not outside voices telling me or exhortations from some storied leader. I’ve just always believed Good defeats Evil and I can find NO reason why that will not be the case again this time. The Bible preaches it and History proves it. It’s the natural outcome and conclusion of all such conflicts.

In this fallen World, we are still blessed with the power and freedom of personal choice, so some people choose to do Evil to others. This has always been a problem which has cursed Humanity and it’s really the only reason why this world is now in such miserable shape. Worse, people often exercise their freedom of choice based on some selfish desire or form of immediate gratification without properly considering the possible final consequences. This is how good intentions can often lead to Hell. That’s why I always think good and long before making any decisions or taking action. I want to be as certain of the results and outcome as possible. That’s how I know I’m always doing the right thing even though it may seem wrong at the time. Of course, I understand not everyone agrees and I can live with that. Apathy is what ultimately empowers Evil.

We will, as Americans, have to do whatever is necessary in order to make this a better country and world. However, isn’t that the way it’s always been? That’s because I know I really can’t live with myself knowing I could of done something to make things better, but didn’t. Our great grandchildren deserve the same quality of life we have enjoyed, if not better. The quality of life this government happens to be trying to take away from everyone. Better to die standing, then to live on my knees cowering in my garage hoping they won’t come for me next. That’s no way to live & I just can’t do that. I think you agree.

Those of us who have been blessed with the knowledge and experience of living a longer life are the ones who have been affected the most by this communist coup. That’s because we still fondly remember the “America” we grew up in and see the Amerikka it is becoming. In the midst of current events and developments, it’s only natural to seek the relief and peace of mind of better days which have already passed. Life and the World were much different before we were thrown head first into the deep end of the pool of life and ordered to “swim!” Even our parents were thankfully never forced to deal with a government at war with its own country.

Let’s not kid ourselves, life is not easy. Of course, there are some who seem to have things easier, but they are the exceptions and not the rule. Most of us have faced down much bigger challenges; and have had things much more difficult. Yet, we never stop striving for happiness and fulfillment. We never stop being grateful for the things we do have or looking to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We are completely fallible and seem to learn best from our failures. At times, this place seems like the college of hard knocks and we are all working on our Master’s Degree. We’re only here for a few decades at best and then who really know what may come next. Our choices may be anything from great to disastrous; so those of us who find ourselves in positions of power making choices which directly affect others are especially responsible for never abusing that trust. And that’s exactly what pisses me off. You can’t convince me that anything which has gone on during the last three years has improved anything for anyone. Not a single stinking damned thing! In fact, the desired outcome seems to be complete failure.

This just isn’t more of that natural “being human” or “learning by our mistakes” thing. This is something new & completely different. Something which has crawled out of the pits of Hell because real human beings learn form their mistakes. Not these communist monsters. For them failure is their objective and destination; while they continue to lie to our faces telling us how wonderful everything is when everybody knows damned well life sucks under their “governance.” Don’t keep pissing on the top of my head and tell me it’s raining because I’m not one of your stupid brainwashed SHEEP.

Real human beings strive in their minds to always do the right thing in tight spots to create a degree of safety, security, health and enough abundance so they won’t have to worry, or at least worry LESS. But not these psychopaths. They enjoy warming their tiny marxist nuts on chaos, confusion, division and defeat. Worse, they have set it all up to where everyone except them and their fellow special club members suffer the consequences of their decisions instead of them. And that’s exactly what makes this entire shit show so exhausting to take on day in and day out; the incredible divergence in logic and action between what you, I and almost everyone else who is not a Pod Person KNOWS what is the better decision and course of action. I can guarantee you, that if we had the power to destroy Western Civilization and the World, we wouldn’t. That’s because you and I are guided by completely different spirits. Who the fuck knows who is really in control of these bastards. I can tell you I know they do not live or act in service of Truth, good, beauty or God.

So where does that leave the rest of us who absolutely refuse to give ourselves over to this sickness, this corruption and darkness? It rests upon us to make the best possible decisions to fortify our lives and immunize ourselves in whatever way possible from this menacing malevolence. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes to protect yourself, your families and all that is important in life. You’re walking on your path, for yourself but maybe also as an example to someone else who unfortunately may not be as strong as you. It’s the Butterfly Effect; everything we do does echo in eternity. If anything, be accountable for your decision and actions because that’s one really big edge we hold over them. The Political Klass never worries about the outcomes, results or consequences of their decisions or actions because they worship at the altar of the graven image of themselves as God in their own tiny minds. As much as they think they are infallible because they already know everything, that’s the blindspot which will be their downfall. It will be what does them in.

I would like to suggest to you that most of the choices you have made so far on your journey of life overall have been good ones which greatly outnumber the bad. They have served you well. And even when you’ve screwed up, you’ve been humble enough to learn something valuable and carry on, right? You’ve invested some serious time and effort as a child, adolescent, a young man or woman, to strive to be a success without hurting or fucking over other people. Now older and wiser, you have actually profited from your mistakes and poor judgements because you’re intelligent enough to understand their consequences. Congratulations, you’ve paid your dues and still live to know better; you can’t be bullshitted so easily anymore. You understand the power of “NO” and how to stick to your convictions. You’re not some disingenuous, wishy washing, flip flopping government sociopath shapeshifter who changes his positions and convictions like the fucking wind because he can’t see any further than his own nose.

You don’t waste time carrying other people’s baggage, and you have a pretty clear idea of HOW you like to live. You also know you’ve worked hard and taken a few licks to get here so you don’t want some outside asshole fucking with you and your life simply because he is amused by the fact that he can. That’s what getting older is all about. It’s not only the passing of the years, it’s the compounding of wisdom through personal experience. Kinda hard to believe that all of this happens without any reason; that when the curtain finally falls and the lights go off , that’s all there is. That seems like it would be a tremendous waste, doesn’t it? The cruelest of all jokes, but I don’t know. Like every body else, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, however in the meantime, I’ll continue to focus on what I know is right. And what I know is right doesn’t in any way involve lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, bearing false witness, abusing power or enslaving other people.

Imagine if all of this life experience had been available to you when you were 25! Coulda, shoulda woulda are just a big waste of time because NOW is the decisive moment of action. Don’t waste it by letting these slugs get you down. Yeah, you still gotta be able to dream. Shit, dream BIG and OFTEN just out of spite against them and all of their bullshit. Dreaming is not a fools errand, it’s the way the future is made. Imagination is FREE and they can’t take that away from you. Envision a FREE world without any greedy communist filth or scum who are hell bent on destroying the single greatest nation the Earth has ever known. Picture MORE happiness, joy, abundance, health, belief & faith.

Fuck them, we won’t be forced to submit to their vision of the future. Their vision doesn’t include family, community, home, safety or security. They want to get rid of all those because they stand in the way of you being made completely dependent on them for everything. They cannot tolerate the continuance of the American Dream because it exposes all their evil intentions to snuff out the light of hope. All the invaders this government has imported are in for a real monster shock. They’re going to be really pissed when all the free shit and money runs out. They’re going to discover that America isn’t really a place full of streets paved with gold. They’re going to realize the Rats LIED to them. They are going to find themselves trapped in blue democrat cities which are also big shitholes, only much colder and more unfriendly than the shitholes they left back home. They are going to discover that REAL Americans don’t want them here. Like I said, Communists aren’t smart enough to understand the consequences and results of their own choices. They don’t think things thru.

It may be all sweetness and light now because everything is free for them, but there’s a huge break coming soon on the horizon. The line in the sand will be the Democrat’s choice to grant amnesty and allow these parasites to vote by November. IMO, that will be the catalyzing event and it’s all coming to a head faster than I ever thought possible. They are desperate. They know they are running out of time and can feel it all slipping away. Our so called government has spent so much money we really don’t have on so many things we really don’t need in an attempt to solidify perpetual power. And it’s all unsustainable. They fucking know it and any idiot can see this. Our education system is a sick, sad joke owned and run by the same cabal of worthless jackoffs. It turns out mentally deficient, functionally illiterate Sheep who simply cannot think for themselves, so they are mentally impregnated with any number of bullshit lies about imaginary problems like climate change, inequity, systemic racism, transgenderism, etc., etc.. Meanwhile, the natives still living down on the plantation are becoming extremely restless because this criminal government is moving their precious illegals to the front of the freeshit line. They’ve been groomed and conditioned for more than half a century that they’re the victim class most deserving of special consideration and now they discovered they have been played for nothing but useful idiot suckers.

The government is now actively importing their replacements. That includes regiments of unscreened & unvetted jihadists & communist Chinese soldiers being deployed throughout the country just waiting for the go light. Once again, make a choice to know what you need to do when the time comes so that when the time comes you’ll know what needs to be done without hesitation or confusion. Increasingly, we find ourselves surrounded in our own country by hostile people who want to take what we have, funded by evil people who will use them to take it. Look for this shit to kick off with yet another CIA/FBI false flag event to give the government any excuse to declare martial law and a national emergency. Don’t be surprised if you and I are designated as the “enemy” and they call up the military or perhaps UN troops to quell the “unrest” and preserve “democracy.” Look for them to pull some really wild bullshit as an excuse to abandon the Second Amendment, take our guns and completely disarm us. Good luck with that. Promises of peace, food and shelter will be prioritized to marxist Rat snitches who turn on REAL Americans so “everything can get back to normal” as quickly as possible. Only FOOLS will drink that Kool Aid. The actual new normal will be where life is completely restricted, regulated and enforced by government edict. Don’t believe this can happen? They ran a trial run in 2020 using a fake pandemic with a harmless virus to see how compliant the population would become and we all saw how well it worked. While most of us refused to participate in or were forced against our will, we all saw how fast so many others others fell into line.

Look for sleeper cells of armed illegals led by professional Chinese Soldiers who have entered the country illegally only “looking for a better life.” Look for them to declare the Constitution null and void until the “national emergency” passes. That will allow them to continue making up shit as they go along. Only the “national emergency” they cook up will only really end when they are removed by force. How long will that take? Who knows, but in the meantime, they will continue to do their damnedest to replace the makers with the takers. That also is a completely unsustainable dynamic. See? These assholes haven’t got a clue where all of their bad decisions are taking them, the country and for that matter, the World. They are too fucking stupid to learn from History and think they know better. What they are attempting has been tried so many times and yet it ALWAYS fails miserably.Yet here we are. Choices have been already been made by bad, stupid people who hate our guts and want us dead. They have chosen Evil over Good and the only way Evil can triumph is when good people do nothing.

A moment is fast approaching when you’ll need to make an important choice too. If you already haven’t. I have a feeling I know what your choice will be because we here are mostly good people who abhor Evil. We’re smart enough to learn from History and our mistakes. We know which road we need to take once History calls again. I can’t complain, because in a strange way, we are exactly where we need to be. It’s what we decide to do next with this obligation and responsibility that will decide our future. Which path are you on? How will you decide? Which wolf will you feed? ✪

For God, Family & Country!

General Mossberg