Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Are Anything But

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Are Anything But

✪ Hello again TNA Patriots! Yet another week of our unbelievable shit show has played itself out again and we are all still here standing. Not a whole lot changed during this last week! It was pretty much the same old predictable crap we’ve come to expect from the mentally ill and morally deficient political Ruling Klass and their brainless, drooling at the mouth, retarded, acolyte, loyalist Sheep. Regardless of the lies the marxists spew about how great the economy is doing right now, you and I known the truth. Everybody is still being squeezed by inflation. Prices continue to rise steadily while product sizes and variety shrink. Ain’t Bidenomics great? I noticed gas prices jumped about fifteen cents a gallon last week because the Resident Shitbag in Chief is still trying to destroy our energy sector to save the Erf from “carbon,” the second most plentiful element in the Universe outside of hydrogen. Healthcare is really going to shit now as DEI mandates skilled doctors and nurses to be replaced by imported, affirmative action grifters and opportunists who check all of the correct cultural marxist boxes instead of being hired based on merit, experience, scholarship or IQ. Who needs any of those in this bright & shining new utopian world where everything is finally “fair” and “equal?” The driving forces behind employment qualifications now seem to be skin color, which shit hole you were born in and how you identify with and deploy your junk.  

The duhversity, equity and inclusion bullshit is now everywhere you look. In the airline industry. In law enforcement. In manufacturing. In the universities and education. In jobs and fields that used to require years of formal education and hands-on training in order for someone to become certified. Now? If you black, you hired and if anyone questions that, well shit, they’re just another “racist.” It’s going to require several tragic disasters caused by catastrophic failures of design, engineering and/or implementation by stupid idiots who didn’t really have a fucking clue about what they were doing when they were put in positions of responsibility far beyond their education or expertise in order to compensate for some stupid notion of of an “oppression” which occurred in another century. Massive numbers of innocent people will die, but at least we won’t have to feel guilty anymore about America being a “white” country. It will happen; mark my words. And when it does, they’ll claim it was because of everything else under the Sun except what really caused it. The same way they now make excuses for all the people who are dropping dead in the prime of their lives. Oh, sunshine and fresh air now causes potentially lethal heart damage in healthy teenagers. SURE. Working a full time job or eating red meat can now give you fatal blood clots! SURE. Woe to those who dare to point out the obvious, because their explanation is obviously rooted in patriarchal, white privileged, systemic racism! 

The DEI narrative will elevate the stupid, sloppy, poorly educated, unmotivated and apathetic into positions of power over the rest of us and everyone who is directly touched, damaged or made to suffer because of their gross incompetence will just have to keep their mouthes shut and take it. The fact that skin color is the predominant qualifying metric of DEI means that there will be mostly non-white people put into these positions of carte blanche negligence. If you think things are bad the way they’re run now, just wait until an imported Pakistani surgeon who doesn’t understand English and graduated at the bottom of his class in medical school at a muslim university with a 85 IQ operates on your gall bladder. Don’t feel too bad when a family of seven is killed when a bridge designed by a wholly unqualified “engineer” who couldn’t pass ninth grade math collapses for no reason. That’s just one of the several costs which are necessary to correct centuries of ignored and neglected “inequities” before we can completely advance into this wonderful brave new progressive world of “fairness” and “equality.” Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs if you wanna make an omelet, right? At least that dead family will never again have to worry about being racist. What a relief!  Or how about the black pilot in the cockpit of your commercial 757 who has less than 40 hours of flight time in a single engine Cessna; now flying you cross country and can’t land it properly because the air traffic controllers confuse him whenever they start yelling out all those strange numbers n sheet? They’re just racists anyway and he should just ignore them.

Under the DEI system, the people building airplanes, freeways, buildings, bridges and ships don’t even need to have to be high school graduates. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you’re black, you got the job! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know jack shit, have no experience or can barely finish a complete sentence in English. You can still be the team leader! Is this a great country, or what? Don’t bother yoself with having to read and technically interpret specific layouts or specifications in order to make correct and accurate decisions which could directly affect the safety and lives of others. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat sheet! If you’re really clueless, you can always ask one of the white guys under you to help but he mustn’t be allowed to say anything or take any credit. Otherwise, he will be singled out as a racist and be immediately fired. Or, if the project turns out to be a disaster riddled with numerous mistakes, you can blame it all on him and your skin color will still protect your job. Because you have suffered so much oppression in the past, you can never be fired from any job, regardless of the level of incompetence and irresponsibility. That’s DEI. 

It should actually be spelled out and read DIE because that’s a more adequate description of what this fucked up pattern of thinking does to everything it corrupts. Corporations who embrace this garbage because of government intimidation or financial manipulation by their investors & creditors are fucking cowards who haven’t got enough guts to do what they know is right. That means refusing and rejecting unqualified and uneducated mediocre failures for employment positions instead of hiring and promoting them because of their skin color. And just in case you think this kind of insanity might be checked when enough people file lawsuits seeking damages for wrongful deaths and suffering as a result of DEI negligence, just remember the legal system and profession is also full of this horseshit, too. We have seen the future and it is no less than willful incompetence imposed by skin color hiring quotas. A system which places the least capable and qualified among us in charge of everything. In charge, but not accountable or responsible. Important distinction. Talk about the inmates running the asylum!  

So far, I’ve excluded Asians from my rant about DEI because they will probably end up being even punished more than us evil, straight, qualified white folks by this backwards way of completely reorganizing professional society. That’s because a typical Middle School, Middle Class kid in China or India is educated at about the same level as our senior year math university majors. You can thank the teachers unions and the government run domestic edukashun system for that. Asians in general wouldn’t rate as high on the DEI victim index as they do if they weren’t so damned smart and well educated in school systems in other parts of the world where they can still learn something useful. Seventh graders in China are learning integral calculus and foreign languages, while seventh graders here in the US are taught how to be queers who hate their country and culture. Asians also do not fit the ideal skin color requirements to afford the full advantages of DEI. While they may nor be technically white, they are also most certainly not black. A real deal breaker! Finally, they have too much personal confidence in their knowledge, skills and experience to ever be duped into going to work at any company which values saving money by hiring less qualified over excellent people. Can you blame them? Who would ever want to accept working below their level of qualification for less money with bunch of incompetent idiots? DEI makes it possible for someone who can barely hold a job at McDonalds to sit on the board of directors. DEI is one of the deadliest and most destructive mindfucking worms the communists and cultural marxists have ever released on our society. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats have been grooming and conditioning blacks for decades to identify as a  victim class of ignorant dependents. This has completely destroyed the family as an institution in the black community. It has also opened the door to rampant crime, drug abuse and a thug gang culture which celebrates death and irresponsibility. DEI is just the next step in this process. It validates and re-enforces all of the previous racial destruction by elevating it to position of social dominance under the guise of being some sort of “solution.” In other words, it’s how the commies plan to drag everything and everybody down to the level of the lowest common denominator. I guess they are counting on being able to rule over all of us once everything finally goes completely to shit. Of course, all of the race pimps, activists and radical black dominance theory academic operatives burrowed inside our universities and government just LOVE DEI. It’s a fucking gift sent to them from Hell. It provides them a way to hold people down while still pretending it’s some form of equalizing empowerment which makes up for past injustices. Read that last sentence again. However, actions always speak louder than words! The complete opposite actually happens whenever DEI rears its ugly head. Where is actual diversity to be found in a system which favors only unqualified blacks and the ever ubiquitous “POC” people of color? Since when did diversity become so specified? Since the communists realized they could weaponize it in service to their racial class warfare to advance their agenda. How the fuck do they get away with claiming “no whites allowed” is diversity? 

I’m old enough to remember the marches, riots and protests of the Civil Rights days. That was actually a period in History when social and cultural forces were focused on actual racial equality. What the fuck happened? It seems as if we have gone full circle. Not only have we LOST all of that progress we made but it seems with DEI we are poised now to actually lose ground and move backwards. Seems I remember we were all making great progress and getting along with each other until sometime around the Millennium, then everything started going to shit. Exactly what happened around the beginning of this century? Let’s see… Oh yeah, I know! It all started turning to crap about the same time that Manchurian, blue lipped, big eared, son of a race whore came along and convinced the STUPID half of the country that America desperately needed to be “fundamentally transformed” because for whatever reason, the way things had been working for the previous 225 years simply wasn’t good enough. Yes, I lay ALL of this at the feet of the Kenyan born marxist faggot married to a man with two fake rent a kids. Of course, he hasn’t done all of this damage by himself. He’s had plenty of help and I suspect he’s still pulling lots of strings and throwing lots of switches behind the scenes.

Just because whites are now made the targets of open discrimination as some sort of answer and solution to previous discrimination against blacks, does that really solve anything? Does such a dynamic move us forward as a country or a culture? Fuck no. The new anti-racism is still the old racism, only in different clothes. The entire idea behind the 1964 Civil Rights Act was to put a stop to racial discrimination! Remember? Supposedly, people cannot be discriminated against because of their race or skin color, but here we are again! FFS, it was enacted as LAW! There’s even an entire completely useless and bloated federal bureaucracy called the Civil Rights Administration which oversees and regulates racial discrimination! Butt only for people of color, not white folks. Answer me this: HOW is it that there is such a thing as the Black Congressional Caucus? WHERE is the White Congressional Caucus; or, the Asian Congressional Caucus. Oh no, those are not allowed because they would be racist and discriminatory. Yet, a Black Congressional Caucus is NOT racist and discriminatory? Fuck me running, I’m tired of all the double standards bullshit and hypocrisy which allow blacks to get away with doing to everybody else the very same things they complain everybody else is doing to them. ENOUGH! I’m afraid DEI is just going to make all of that a lot worse.           

That’s how the system manages to shit on whites at every turn, yet still complains about how they are “privileged.” It boggles my mind to see how the Left has gaslighted half of the entire population into believing that lie. There are now more self hating whites than ever before! Idiots who kneel to kiss the feet of BLM radicals and say “we’re sorry” while crying, wringing their hands and pissing their underwear. Ok, I’m probably going to say something here now which may be unpopular or get my name put on a new government list. I suspect Blacks have never really wanted racial equality. I believe their real objective has always been cultural and social dominance instead of equality. Sorry, but that shit isn’t going to happen, ever. For TWO reasons. First, they only make up slightly less than 13% of the overall general population (really about 7% when you consider half of them are already in prison) As a minority, they don’t get to make all the rules because they do not command a majority position. Second, they’re going to have to do much better job at demonstrating they can maturely handle the responsibilities involved in actively managing civilization. FAIL.     

Prove me wrong! White people are now the least privileged people in this country! I’m tired of blacks and minorities continuously bitching. Currently, blacks disproportionately dominate sports and music. There are more black mayors and politicians in office in America now than ever before at any other time in history. How’s that working out for you, America? Blacks are free to do almost anything they want with impunity thanks to a criminal legal system which has been completely corrupted by “social just-us.” The Communists have used racial discrimination against blacks as their excuse to riot, burn, loot, murder, destroy statues and rewrite history while white Middle Class America is lectured, scolded and shamed for being guilty of the crime of automatically being BORN as engrained racists. All the while, being bled dry by a complicit Government which demands they foot the bills for privileged POC entitlements by carrying their water to keep them fed, housed and able to live with almost everything FREE. If there are any SLAVES in America, I suggest it may actually be the white man’s TAX burden to support everyone else through a program of forced government redistribution of wealth AKA “taxation without representation.” I don’t know about you, but Im sick and tired as FUCK watching my money being taken from me and wasted on stupid foreign wars which don’t involve our interests, propping up an entire nations demographic of lazy, dishonest entitlement slackers and grifters as well as every other stupid cause under the SUN.

All Americans have the same opportunity to chose how they wish to live. The decisions we all make in our lives are completely on us and that brings me to the most egregious term of all: equity.  A word most people confuse with equality. That’s by design. Equity is the weakest link in the DEI chain because it does NOT mean equal opportunity. It means equal outcome; and that removes any burden of responsibility of the individual to be responsible for his own life. Instead, it makes the society responsible for guaranteeing him an equal result or outcome, no matter how stupid, careless or criminal a person may be. Equity means if you work your ass off to buy a nice house to live in, then Devontarius deserves to live in just as nice a house regardless of the fact he dropped out of school in the sixth grade, blows dope all day while playing video games after sleeping until one in the afternoon. And if Devontarius can’t afford that nice house, then it become the responsibility of the rest of us to get it for him. Because if we don’t, that means Devantarius is being denied his equal outcome because of racist discrimination. See how that works? Now multiply this insane bullshit by an order of magnitude of a million and you start to see how it has infected everything from business culture to education to the criminal justice system. Of course, the slugs of society are all in for this because it provides a means for them to live off the labors of everyone else. And to think we are told to feel guilty if we refuse to conform! Equity! Fuck that!

The last term in this cruel marxist joke is “inclusion.” It’s just another word that has been kidnapped and whored out by the Left. Kinda like “democracy.” The only inclusion in DEI comes with forcing all of society to INCLUDE POC with everyone else! Inclusion now means leaving everyone else out except POC’s. There is absolutely ZERO inclusion in DEI unless you are a black person or some kind of sexual mutant, and that’s by design. Their form of racial division is identical to Jim Crow, only the colors have been reversed. They have never wanted equality! They want complete dominance. That should be completely obvious today just by looking at what they say and do. We fought a horrible war over this shit in 1860 which cost almost 700,000 Americans their lives; yet somehow, we are right back to where we started. It’s a hard pill to swallow isn’t it? DEI is just more communism, just in a different box and just like communism, it’s all a lie. Only this time, we KNOW it’s a lie. It’s strange listening to the people who are pushing this crap. Do they actually believe their own lies? Holy shit, how scary is that if they do? Or are they being ordered and instructed exactly what to say and when to say it? You fucking better believe they are!  

We’ve seen this play before in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. Same shit, different countries! However, our brand of communism is using these people of color as useful idiots who are not aware their replacements are already being imported by the millions. Illegally. There are now over 50 million illegals in this country at the invitation of our own government being funded with our own tax dollars. We are being forced at gunpoint to fund our own destruction. It pisses me off because there is no longer any possibility we can vote or talk our way out of this. Communists only understand ONE thing. There’s only one way to deal with power mad psychopathic despots determined to rule by absolute power. I hate them just as much as they hate us, if not more. Be prepared. A time may come when good men are called to do bad things. I leave you now until next Saturday to ponder my rant. By their definitions, I am a hopeless racist. I don’t give a dead rat fuck what they call me. I care more about what they do and I’m keeping a very close eye on that. I strongly suggest you should too. ✪ 

As you were patriots!

General Mossberg