✪ Ah, yes! Here it is again! The lovely month of February has returned! February, where pretty much everything about this month except St. Valentine’s Day has suffered horrible cultural abuse at the hands of Leftists. They molest everything! Oh yeah, HOW could I forget! February is also Black History Month! I didn’t forget, because they won’t allow me or anyone else to forget. The same way they aren’t going to let you forget June is Gay Pride Month. An entire thirty days to celebrate ALL the wonderful things about the GAY lifestyle. You know, cherished traditions like riding dirty, bug hopping, bare backing, fisting, snowballing, golden showers, piss drinking and feces play. Butt don’t forget, LUV is LUV and you’re a hate filled BIGOT if you don’t agree. Is it just me, or is there also kind of an unspoken subtext behind all of the Black History Month crapolla which says let’s not take a serious close look at all the problems in America which involve a particular segment of urban blacks who continue to insist they are the victims of ongoing historical oppression because if you do, especially if you are a white person, then you must be a racist!?

So stand by and prepare yourselves to be subjected to an entire month of injections of patronizing propaganda from almost every government agency, office and corporation in the entire country as they fall all over themselves kissing black ass trying to see who can be the most inclusive and diverse while they butter the back sides of the black community celebrating barely 13% of the population who basically blames us for all of their problems while it is actually they who engage in a disproportionate amount of the present criminal activity which is tearing apart the fabric of American society. WHEW! Exactly what is it we are intended to celebrate? I hardly think an abnormally low amount of traditional family structure, record crime, abortion, murder, entitlement or drug use are legitimate reasons to celebrate. Nor is a thug gang culture which embraces violence and a lack of respect for authority, women and the Rule Of Law. However, that’s merely my own personal opinion. BTW, aren’t many of these the same people who tried to burn down much of the country in 2020? Weren’t lots of these people busy attacking tradition and pulling down statues?

Honestly, I don’t understand what all of the bitching, whining and crying is really all about. Most blacks actually have a fairly good deal now in the Democrat’s America. They are pretty much completely free to commit almost any type of crime with almost NO accountability or responsibility. This is especially true in large Ratnest BLUE shithole cities like Philly, New Yawk, Baltimore, DC, San Francisco, etc. which all have Soros bought and paid district attorneys. In California, you can walk into any store you want and walk out with anything you want without bothering to pay and so long as the total amount of theft does not exceed $950 you can’t even be detained, arrested or charged! Now there’s some real social progress we all should “celebrate!” Right?

Because of skin color, blacks in America now enjoy preferential treatment in education, housing and employment. Yeah, us white folks need to be punished and made to pay for our privilege and for building and creating an America where everyone can advance to success based on merit and a personal commitment to excellence. Fuck that colonial, capitalist bullshit! Who needs ability, experience or merit in an employee when they can instead feel good about hiring someone who may be completely unqualified but still checks all of the affirmative action, diversity, inclusion and equity boxes? It occurs to me that everyone in this country was doing a pretty good job of getting along together with each other until a certain big eared, purple lipped, homosexual marxist interloper came along and started full blown race and class wars under the LIE that America just wasn’t good enough the way it had already been for two full centuries; and instead, needed to be “fundamentally transformed.” Funny, he’s still married to a wife who has a penis. Funny how the current government full of traitors and criminals still stink of his shit.

A large part of these problems and what I suppose may be the real reason behind the national “celebration” of Black History Month involve promoting the political and cultural cottage industries which have been created to serve the perpetual racism Machine. Seems there is BIG money to be made in perpetuating social race victimhood. Don’t believe me? Where are the BLM leaders from 2020 now? You know, those publicly proud militant communists who preyed on the guilty consciences of corporate America and used white guilt to fleece and shake many of them down for BILLIONS of dollars? OH yeah, those communists are busy living the good life of the American dream in anyone of their several exclusive mansion properties. Were they ever investigated or charged with fraud or racketeering? Fuck no! Have you ever noticed how many successful commies are ironically filthy rich? Does anyone bother to ask how much of this money they stole has ever been recycled back into the black community in ways where it might actually do some good in improving the lives of people who really need the help? Of course not, you racist honkie! And let’s not forget to face towards Atlanta every day during the call to prayer to thank Bowel Movement Matters for all of the peace, brotherly love, understanding and tranquility they’ve brought to American society. I know I will! Just as everything to the hammer looks to be a nail, so does everything to a hate filled racist seem to be racism. I’m sorry, but American urban blacks are some of the most racist, hate filled people I’ve ever encountered. It’s even become a thriving business for the worst ones. People like Al Sharpton, Corrie Bush and Kendall X need to keep the hate going in order to keep the money coming in. The professional race hustlers of society will NEVER settle for social tranquility because that means the end of their grift! That will never happen because it’s how they get their bling.

By now, we all know the drill. Black month, queer month, Fruit Appreciation Days, Indigenous People’s Day, happy crappy smiley rainbow transgender rectum month, international handicapped sex worker appreciation month, blah, blah, blah. It’s all ignorant bullshit these socialist fucks just keep pulling out of their asses. All we really need to do is just celebrate the year of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM! Which just so happens to be every year! See? I can invent new holidays, too! That’s what we really need to do! Celebrate an entire year of being proud Americans. Can you imagine the amount of wailing, vicious butthurt from the Left? That’s because leftists aren’t really true Americans. They are political squatters of selfish opportunity; and like real life squatters they’re not fucking smart enough to know you don’t shit in the same place where you eat or sleep; or build fires in the middle of the living room. Like real life squatters they have absolutely NO respect for where they live nor any investment in maintaining it. Gonna shift gears, now…

Recently, I was reading some very strange shit out of “expert studies.” “Expert studies” are often code for communist propaganda which is usually characterized by being the complete 180 degree polar opposite of the actual truth and reality! If I remember correctly, one of the things this particular “expert study” claimed was that a diet of M&M’s is more healthy for you than eating beef or pork. Please don’t ask, ok? I imagine this bullshit is somehow all tied up in the universal lie about how raising pigs and cows are more harmful to the environment and our mutha the Erf than producing M&Ms for mass consumption. I figure that it would also be LOTS easier to sneak in insect protein powder into something like M&Ms. Well this particular study was written and published by some “esteemed” marxist climate justice perfesser at a big impressive Ivy League indoctrination camp, so you deniers know it MUST be completely TRUE!

Yes, they pump this kind of crap out expecting a certain demographic of idiots to swallow it. And a certain demographic of idiots always invariably do! Go figure! The same demographic of idiots who are completely sold on America being a racist country; or, that women can have penises, men can have babies, pedophilia is another healthy form of sexual attraction and that Bidenomics is really working. Anyway, eating candy is healthier for you than bacon or a rib eye? Sure, go right on enjoying your diabetes until you die while I continue to feel great! Do you think these fake academic hucksters actually take their own advice? Does John Kerry fly economy to reduce his carbon footprint? Fuck NO! The real problem is all the stupid Sheep who take them seriously because there’s obviously a market out there for lies and stupidity. Hey, I’m going to publish a paper in which I claim whiskey is healthier than milk and brushing your teeth with lye completely eliminates cavities. Fucking morons! DUMB Biden voters! Donkee Rat Klowns! There’s another “study” out there claiming Oreo cookies will lower your cholesterol published as undeniable fact by “expert scientists” who have been paid enough by industry to tell you consuming vast quantities of refined sugar and fat somehow benefits your health! WHERE have we heard these sort of LIES before. Oh yes! “Safe & effective!” Sound familiar? I’m old enough to remember when candy and cookies weren’t mass commercialized, industrial chemical formulations. I remember when they were still for the most part made with simple, healthy ingredients. I remember when they were intended as a special treat every once in a while and never in my entire life did anyone ever suggest they should take the place of real food in my diet. I remember whenever I ate too many of them, I always made myself sick.

So you know who mostly funds these quacks to publish this shit? The same companies who stand to gain the most from this sort of dishonesty. And we all wonder why people are now more unhealthy and overweight than ever before! Most of these “expert studies” turn out to be clandestine marketing campaigns which aim to manipulate public perception to point where people’s buying habits can be directly influenced. The damage to people’s individual personal health be damned! Yet, there are legions of these indoctrinated automotons out there who call themselves “college graduates.” I say I should conduct my own “expert study” by locking one of these Einsteins in a room for several month and subjecting them to a diet of ONLY M&Ms and Oreos. Let’s wee how long it takes before the entire study has to recalled off because our lab rat needed to take a trip to the hospital. Shit, I bet I could even get a big fat government grant for that kind of study.

I believe this kind of stupidity and gullibility is exactly why communism is flourishing in our society today. Because you can’t really sell slavery to free & intelligent people. It gets worse! Have you read? Growing your own vegetables and flowers in a backyard garden will destroy the planet! It’s so serious the Government is now actually talking about a national “garden registry” and/or requiring private gardens to secure permits. I’m certain this is all for our own protection, right? Yes, growing healthy food could be detrimental to the environment and dangerous to your health. Better order up another 100 pound bag of those M&Ms. Run for your lives! We’re all gonna die! AGAIN! Plants have been here for a lot longer than us and will continue to be here for a lot longer after we’re gone, which maybe much sooner than we expect if we don’t start pulling our heads out of our asses soon. Everybody and everything was doing just fine until some asshole came along and suggested there was a “climate crisis’ due to the natural, historical progression of human development. Since then, it’s just been one long, nonstop fear mongering, gaslighting mindfuck. The names, monikers and labels may have changed many times ( global cooling, global warming, climate crisis, climate change, etc.) in the last half century, but it’s still the same stupidity and insanity. At first it was about attention, then money, then power, then control. Today it’s all about the money, power and control.

They’ve been busy quietly moving the goalposts each time their predictions of inevitable doom have failed to materialize…which has been EVERY STINKING TIME! The real objective isn’t to “save” the planet, but to subject Humanity to a Neo-feudal system of oligarchal totalitarianism and slavery where all of us live at the permission of a very select few. Control. Power. Money. Holy Hell, how the blazes did I start out on Black History Month and wind up here?

In case you may not have really noticed lately because you have keeping up with Taylor Swift, pretty much everything out there has been corrupted into some form of dishonesty, exaggeration or hyperbole in service to some greater master of slavery, whether that slavery be mental, emotional, financial or spiritual. Slavery is slavery and most of whatever is left of culture is now pretty much bullshit in service to some kind of slavery. However, despite all of their best efforts to enslave Humanity, they have still not been able to completely close the deal. Yet. By their plans, their move to a system of global communism which started more than 100 years ago should already established, but it isn’t. Their plans and timetable were seriously fucked up by two things. A President Donald Trump and 150 million heavily armed Americans. Both have caught them with their pants down and their dicks in their hands. While everywhere else in the world is practically on the verge of collapse and it may appear as if that’s also the case here, I don’t believe we are even close! I’ll tell you why. It doesn’t matter what edict, rule, regulation, mandate or law they want to pull out of their asses, if it’s not constitutionally valid, it doesn’t need to be followed or obeyed. I don’t give a shit what they think or say. Threatening us will only serve to harden our resolve. People can be governed only as in long as they consent and only ruled if they agree to being ruled. However, as every king, dictator, despot, or illegitimate ‘leader’ has discovered, there are limits to their power once they finally betray the trust of their office and the People finally say “no more.” The smart ones flee to escape and save themselves. The stupid, selfish and greedy ones stay and usually die while pushing the issue. That’s the way History rolls, Kids! Don’t believe me, then check for yourselves. So as bad as things may seem, they still aren’t bad enough here because we have yet to stand up and say “no more.” To their credit, I actually see the Europeans starting to wake up and revolt. I hope we never get to that point, but we should still be prepared should circumstances demand. The Joe Regime is full of fools who are drunk on their own power and care about nothing more than their own selfish indulgences, pleasures and personal enrichment.

We will stop them when we have finally had enough; or, they will self destruct in the process and beat us to it! So hang onto that can of whoopass as insurance while we continue to place our Faith in God. Continue to pray, plan and prep. Stay away from trouble wherever possible until it is completely unavoidable and then have a plan to eliminate all threats with extreme prejudice in order to defend yourselves. Take special care of older folks, kids and those of our society who may be more vulnerable to being victimized by evil. Demonstrate sincere kindness & extend help to others in real need whenever possible. We’re really not being governed anymore; it’s just a giant ruse. Soon, they will completely lose what little of our consent still remains and then be replaced by authentic Americans. I believe the chance of this happening this year are very likely. Until that time my fellow TNAers, keep your powder dry, your eyes open and one ear to the ground. Be ready for whatever adventure the World may bring to you.✪

For God, Country and Family!

General Mossberg