Texas And The Never Ending Election Cycle

Texas And The Never Ending Election Cycle

✪ A good evening to all of you stalwart TNA Patriots & Supporters! So much amazing shit has gone down during this past week, I don’t rightly even know where to start! Well OK, yes I do. Apparently, the Ministry Of Truth High Command & their Fapdog State Media tools have decided the small state primaries are the new political equivalent of the Sooper Bowl; lotsa non-stop bullshit hype, over-anal-ization and cheerleading of essentially non-events which have been completely blown out of proportion in terms of overall importance in order to sell more bread and circus entertainment to the clueless Sheeple masses. I mean, is it only me or is more of this election bullshit ringing hollow since the 2020 STEAL? Sorry, but I just don’t really care, anymore. I’m finding it harder and harder to actually give a fuck since I’ve seen how my vote really doesn’t matter. Yeah, I’m still definitely going to vote on November 5th, but the primary reason I plan to show up on that day is so I can cast my vote for TRUMP. Who knows if it will even really matter or count by then? Who knows if Trump will even be on the ballot or if we will even have elections? Who knows if America or the world will still exist in their present forms? Only God knows. Still, I will consider my vote for Trump as MY way of saying FUCK YOU to Resident Depends and his dysfunctional, drug addled family of incestuous whores, his Insane Clown Posse Administration, the FIB, WEF, UN, EU, CIA, DHS, ATF, IRS, CDC, NEA, American Chamber of Commerce, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Planned Parenthood, PETA, NO OIL, GLADD, pantifa, Bowel Movements Matter, the entire Alphabet, Apparatchik State Media Machine, Illegal Aliens, Child Molesters and every other form of Godless, Satanic, immoral, anti-American parasitic, communist shit worm out there currently feeding off the host of what was once the greatest country in the History of the entire world.

Have I missed or left out anyone? The last thing I ever want is to be accused of being “non-inclusive.” I just don’t know how I could ever live with that yoke of shame saddled around my neck. So please pardon me if I don’t get all worked up into a frenzy this time around over stumping for Nikki or volunteering to put another Kennedy back in the White House. Fuck you, I’m voting for Trump! That easily eliminates 98% of all the bullshit. Instead of getting sucked into the play by play media drama, just wake me up in November when it’s time for me to cast my one vote as a symbol of civil disobedience because to be honest, there are plenty of other things in my life which are far more important and deserving of my time and energies than the never ending political playoffs before the “Big Game” on November 5th.

I think we have already discussed this subject in detail here more than once in past editions of Double Barrel. WHY do we continue to stick with a election system in this country which encourages a campaign cycle which now consumes almost three years out of every four? WTF is up with that? I think lots of it has to do with the Kleptomanic Political Klass wanting to allow themselves the maximum amount of time to soak up as many donor sucker bucks as possible. Because 90% of these worthless worms KNOW they have ZERO chances of ever winning office, it then becomes all about running the ultimate campaign which never ends. That’s why Mumbai Nimrata continues to hang in there. Shirley she knows she has absolutely NO chance in Hell of ever becoming the President. Shit, she’s not even eligible nor qualified as per Constitutional law to be President of the United States, but that’s certainly not going to stop her. It also doesn’t matter that Liz Cheney, Adam Shitt and crybaby Kinzinger have all endorsed her; or, that she’s the most phony, dishonest, corrupt, greasy, duplicitous, wishy washy, corrupt, self serving, war mongering Establishment RINO hack whore to come along in a good while, so long as idiot neocon billionaires are still willing to continue donating to her campaign for a tax write off, she’s gonna stay in until the bitter end.

This is unfortunately the current state of American national politics. It tends to attract more bottom feeders and ambitious criminal hacks looking to steal BIG than honest people capable of effective leadership. This is what happens when your nation abandons God. Don’t believe me? Look at Barbie Peron, the NY Puerto Rican bartender who now has a net worth of almost $30 million. She didn’t become that rich because of her amazing intelligence. Actually, she made most of that money on her back in the House. Butt back to the soap opera which is the small state primaries. Look, I was already long sick to death of all this shit when they were speculating four fucking years ago who would be “running” for president this time around! Give it a rest already, just stop, will you please, assholes? All the Media whores wouldn’t have a clue about how to fill up all that empty air space if they had to actually stop yapping for a few minutes and trying to brainwash people into how they want them to think. I’ve noticed by and large, very few people in the country give a rat fuck about something that won’t be happening for another four years because, they have more pressing, immediate concerns in their lives. I don’t really think anyone with the exception of the Political Klown Klass begins to give a shit about elections until about three months out and by that time, I think most people already have made their decision WHO they are going to vote for and NO amount of smears, dirty tricks, gaslighting, bullshit lies or some “October surprise” works anymore they way they once did! Most people are now onto the script & all the manipulation. The STEAL woke up lots of folks and that Kool Aid doesn’t taste as good now as it once did before.

Yet the Establishment, media cottage industry of political electioneering forecasts still marches on. Remember FUX’s infamous “Decision Desk” setting up the STEAL in 2020 by calling Arizona for Joe ten minutes after the polls closed and before a single vote was tabulated? Yeah, I remember. The Decision Desk took lots of heat for that horse’s ass move but guess what? They’re still around and have been invested with even more power and influence; for any of you dumb fucks out there who still need The Machine to do all of your thinking for you. It’s worse than the fucking weather. Bunch of pretentious political “anal-ists” who obviously know so much more than the rest of us are paid seven figures a year to sit around 4-5 hours a week arguing on camera about every possible “what if” scenario ad infinitum until they are blue in the face and you start to feel like your fucking head is going to explode. And like the local weather, they STILL manage to get it wrong more times than they ever get it right. I don’t need for somebody to tell me it’s snowing outside. I’m smart enough to know all I need to do is look outside for myself. If I see snow, that means it’s snowing. For fuck’s sake, can it get any easier?

The very same goes for all the endless, insane, mind numbing, blabbering, needless political commentary designed to fill up empty space. I never pay any attention to those pretentious twatwaffles because I understand they all have an agenda, and that agenda is never objective honesty. Like I said, I will go cast my vote for Trump on November 5th, then go home, crack a beer, put my feet up and do anything else BUT watch Martha McCallum and Brett Baeir call the election for the preferred communist with only 2% of the vote in while insisting the rest of the evening the election results are completely honest and fraud free. Suuuurrrrreeee they are. Kiss my ass, Media whores. They’re all in on it and I don’t trust any of them farther than I can spit at them. It used to not be that way, but Hell, in the past, I also used to trust doctors and hospitals. They broke that, not me. Suffice to say, I won’t watch any news organizations for election night coverage or results because they simply cannot be trusted. I think it’s a much better strategy to hang out right here at TNA on election night and sample several alt news sources at the same time to arrive at my own interpretation of events. I already know Trump will receive the most votes; the same way I knew back in 2020 he got the most votes. However, I’m still worried about backed up toilets or tarred out boon ballot counters who will suddenly have to go home in the middle of the night for their beauty sleep before they can finish the count. I’m still concerned that the communist choice selectee will get the most ballots. Hell, they pulled 15 million ballots out of their asses for Sniffy Gramps last time, but the fucking government doesn’t care.

This time I predict it won’t be mail in voting which carries the STEAL for the Donkees. It will be our newest 50-60 million imported invaders who will somehow, by hook or crook (mostly crook) be magically awarded full citizenship with full voting rights before the election. Ain’t democracy grand? The traitorous cocksuckers in Congress are already working on another one of their fucking infamous “closed door” deals to make exactly this happen. I swear, HOW fucking much more, America? WHEN? We gotta be getting close. I can feel it! They’re going to waggle some crooked shit way to let their precious illegals vote. We may vote, but they print ballots; as many as they need! If they somehow pull this shit again, Trump will win but will not be allowed to take office. I think it’s really worthwhile to assume the worst in order to be prepared for it while still taking the chance we may be mistaken. So if that happens and they STEAL it AGAIN, what are we going to do? I think that’s a fair question to ask. Are we going to once again pursue “legal action” in a rigged judicial system which has been completely infiltrated, corrupted and weaponized against us? Yeah, look how well justice was served for election fraud the last time. Are we going to simply bend over again for another righteous commie cornholing? I’m telling you folks, we won’t make it through another four years of these psychotic assholes. However, lots of things can still happen between now and November, so this is a delicate subject that I will addressing later in the year in future editions of Double Barrel.

This last week,Trump beat the sari off of the NWO WEF WHORE darling, Nikki Haley. This happened even after tons of Rat voters crossed party lines in New Hampshire to vote for her. Hey, butt there was NO primary election interference, right? NOT because they LIKE Mumbai Nimrata, butt because they HATE Trump. Delicious! Of course, the media did their absolute best to blow life into Nikki’s dying campaign because the secret GOP Boosh, Cheney, Rove, Wall Street, Neocon, RINO Star Chamber Cabal has ordained Nikki as the new chosen one to ascent the throne as their nominee. This of course, after wiping their asses with DeSantis and tossing him aside. Darling Nikki got only forty something percent of the vote, but since it’s New Hampshire practically anybody can vote in their primary! So the Rat operatives shifted into high gear to get their most loyal Sheep to switch affiliations and vote for the dirty Curry Twat. 70% of Mumbai Nimrata’s votes were from Rat turncoats, communist Klaus Schwab ball lickers. Can we just STOP with all the pretending bullshit and admit the obvious? She has no path to the outhouse much less the White House! Check out her concession speech! May the best woman win? WAT? Followed by more talking points to keep stroking the stupid rich jack offs who keep writing checks to her campaign. Don’t you wish you had that kind of money to piss away on completely lost causes? It must be nice, right? People are sick of her and her shit but look for her to hang in there until her ass gets flattened next month in her own home state. Then finally her cash will dry up. Nikki will take all of her left over unspent millions and fade away into the dung heap sunset of political obscurity. Until the next time. These fuckers are ALL like a bad case of herpes; they never completely go away.

So as the endless campaign news season drones on and on, take a look at the astounding shit happening now in Texas. Biden has ordered Abbott to stop the National Guard from guarding the nation! Hey, nobody messes with our Swingin’ Dick Joe, especially when he wears his union hard hat on backwards! The park at the Eagle Pass entry point has successfully been seized by the National Guard and is now under the control authority of the State of Texas. Yee haw! Illegals apprehended there are now being arrested and charged with trespassing! The Border Patrol command has since issued a statement saying they will support the Texas National Guard instead of the FEDS. TWENTY FIVE other states have also since gone public in announcing their support for Texas; and that support includes sending some of their own National Guardsmen to Texas.

It’s taken Abbott three fucking years to finally take a stand, follow the law and deny further federal interference under existing constitutional law that says if the federal government fails or abrogates their sworn duty to protect the nation’s borders the states affected not only can assume that duty, but they must and can’t be stopped! So Biden punts to the SCOTUS and they actually say it’s OK. Ha! WHY should I NOT be surprised? No wonder the FBI confiscated and kept all the Epstein hard drives! Hey Roberts, you’re still a LAME shrimp dick! The Court merely sent it back to the Fifth Circuit for review. Fuck em.

Anyway, Abbott is now doubling down with miles of new barbed wire, sheriffs, state troopers and National Guard deployments which are supposed to protect the State from foreign invasion. Abbott has also told Diaper Joe he is prepared to go all the way to confront the FEDS on this issue. Holy fuck, pinch me I must be dreaming! The FEDS have fired back threatening to prohibit Texas exports of natural gas. In say Texas has plenty of shipping infrastructure on the Gulf and they should tell the communists in DC to go fuck themselves. What’s Joe gonna do. Send the US Navy to blockade the Houston Ship Channel? Hey, this could all become a lot more serious a lot faster! I say that with a smirk on my face. A stand off, showdown, succession, shoot out or who knows what? No less than the future of our entire country could be at stake. If Abbott is smart, all he has to do is tell the FED faggots that if they don’t stand down and step back, he will put out a call to all armed Texas patriots and those from other states to do whatever necessary to prevent a Federal coup d’tat of his state. He will order all his state Marshals and Sheriffs to start deputizing the crap out of every armed Texas patriot into an official State militia. Who knew the ugly issue of States’ rights would rear its head again after sleeping for almost 170 years, but here we are! And don’t forget, Texas has already been its own nation state; from 1834 to 1845.

How any of this could play out in the next few days or weeks still remains to be seen. President Potato needs to blink quick otherwise he will continue with each passing day to put himself and his criminal administration at odds with at least one half of the rest of the country which has already aligned itself with Texas. I only expect that opposition to grow over time. The sweetest part? It doesn’t matter what Joe decides to do to either prolong or end this political crisis. Either way he loses. There is no way for him and his Beltway communists to win in this stand off. None. Joe’s not gonna be able to force this genie back into the bottle. This shit is already bigger than him or the Deep State can control. When it comes to these criminal marxist assholes shooting themselves in their dicks because they miscalculated an overreach of power and control, I hate to tell you “I told you so.” However, I told you so. Pride always goes before the fall. Shit, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of traitorous, criminal idiots.

So continue to keep that powder dry and one ear to the ground, Patriots. The Fat Lady is warming up and I completely expect Sloe Joe and his handlers will be stupid enough to continue pushing this. During the last three years, they have grown to believe they are unstoppable and invincible in their treachery. In truth they are neither. Be prepared for these jerks to pull almost anything in a last ditch desperation effort to hang on to power, including activating those sleeper armies you know they’ve been busy importing. Yeah, I guarantee you, that shit has NOT gone unnoticed. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. I believe that is their actual working plan right at this moment. Prove me wrong! Well! I’m getting maudlin and long in the tooth here, so let me just say Taylor Swift sucks tranny balls and it’s cold and rainy outside today. Enjoy your Saturday night and the rest of your weekend. FYI, I’m in NO way feeling down, discouraged, depressed or out of the game. Quite the contrary, I’m seeing more positive GO signals emerging from the course of current events than I have during the entire last three years. I have Faith God understands the war Evil has engaged upon us and this country, so keep the Faith! Always! Stand with Texas Patriots, because when we do, we are standing with America! This fucking nightmare is finally going to be coming to an end soon. I can feel it.✪

For God, Country & Family!!!

General Mossberg