✪ A big HOWDY from the Heartland of Middle America where we still believe in Guns, God and the Constitution! Where good people can still pursue and live the American Dream! As I have already told you, I avoid most of the bullshit the Fapdog Media spreads around because I’m sick to death of being continuously LIED to by people who want nothing more than to create confusion and diversion to smoke screen over their countless crimes. Whether those crimes be selling influence, taking bribes, laundering money, diddling little kids or just all round ignoring the Rule Of Law because they think their shit smells like roses and they will never be held accountable for anything wrong they do. Yes, as usual there were tons of DC hijinks all during the last week. The fallout and hangover from the debate continues to haunt Democrats. Good times! Talk about an avalanche of dishonesty released upon the country for damage control. Talk about a Media blowjob to paper over Shitpants decomposing before our very eyes for 90 minutes on national television. Yet, they’re going out of their way to tell us it was all because of every other reason except the real one: that his brain is rotting away inside his head and he is completely incompetent to even wipe his own ass. However, if you are reading this, you probably already knew that a long time ago.

So I have completely tuned out all of the communist mainstream media with all of their lies because at this point they consider you and I no more than targets for brainwashing. Fuck them. There’s another national institution the communists have completely destroyed in the name of weaponizing their power for the agenda. The Fapdog Media now joins healthcare, doctors, vaccines, the FBI, Congress, the legal system, established corporations and a whole host of other institutes, entities and individuals who were once trusted but have now betrayed that sacred public trust and confidence by whoring themselves out to destroy the country in order to enrich a small select cabal of psychos. But you know, real life goes on, regardless. The Sun continues to rise and set each day, no matter the blather, gaslighting, fear mongering bullshit they continue to vomit up inside their little artificially manufactured synthetic reality fishbowl bubbles.

I’ve discovered it really helps to stay busy with home projects and regular chores which provide a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once you complete them. The same can be said as a worthwhile alternative to pissing your life away on the couch, sucking watered down, crap beer and getting yourself all worked up over televised professional sports while they bend you over every ten minutes during a commercial break to shove more shitty beer, overpriced razors, garbage fast food and $100K trucks up your ass. If there’s one good thing we could say actually came out of the entire Bat Chink Flu Scamdemic, it would be that it finally broke the hypnotic spell of decades of Media cultural conditioning on the American consuming public. We finally see them now for who they really are. Their LIES don’t work as well as they did before. Now I just ignore the lying bastards because I know if I let them suck me in, they’ll only pack my head with more lies and who has any time to waste on that? Whatever they’re selling, I’m no longer buying. In fact, I’m not even interested. Whatever public trust and confidence they may have once enjoyed is now GONE and it won’t be coming back any time soon. 

Today I replaced the top part of some deck stairs which was suffering so bad from dry rot it almost looked worse than Biden on Thursday night. ALMOST. This wasn’t really a big deal even though it was pretty hot outside. 96 degrees F and 67% humidity. In other words, a NORMAL summer day and not some desperate abnormality of the weather brought on by climate communism. It was so hot there was a possum close by who kept trying to bum a beer from me. Yeah, it’s hot now. So WHAT? Because in JULY it’s supposed to be HOT, lefty assholes! Don’t tell any of the Stop Oil morons or Greta Cult groupies because I have it on good authority this time of the year historically designated as fucking SUMMER and it is supposed to be hot! Turned on the TV to check something as innocent and straightforward as the local weather and learned we were smack in the middle of “record heat.” Oh dear, it must be true because the local map behind the weather guy was completely colored in RED like the entire country is now on fire. See what I mean? Nothing is sacred anymore. Everything is either disinformation, hyperbole or exaggeration designed to twist reality and the truth into a fucking pretzel. It gets even more urgent and dire; record heat advisories have been issued and that means we’re all gonna DIE! Damned that cly-mutt change! WHY didn’t we listen? I remember the similar stretch of hot weather which happened last year all because, of course, Western Civilization’s reckless and ravenous unchecked appetite for “fossil” fuels and I thought to myself, “Now wait just a fucking minute here.” So I went online to check the temperatures for the same time last year and the all time record is 103F set back in 1936. Butt, butt, butt shouldn’t every year be growing hotter now because of atmospheric CARBON? Yet communists everywhere continue to bark at the Moon claiming that’s exactly what is happening when it really isn’t. In other words, THEY LIE!

Trust me, it’s to the point now if I hear it coming from a politician, it’s a LIE! If I hear it coming from some news channel talking head, it’s a LIE! If I read it on an alphabet company’s “News” website, it’s a LIE! If it’s something coming out of the mouth of a democrat voter, it’s really a LIE! If I just called them stupid, that would still be giving them much more credit than they deserve. This sexual fetish they all seem to have for dishonesty is more than only mere stupidity. It’s obedient stupidity. They get their marching orders and daily talking points directly from the Ministry Of Truth Star Chamber and regurgitate it everywhere all at once in order to “saturate” us with their LIES. I guess the idea is that if we encounter the same fucking lie everywhere we look, then we’ll eventually come to accept it as truth. Mental reasoning and critical analysis has NOTHING to do with it. It’s directly from the old Nazi playbook which says, “if you repeat a lie long and often enough, it will eventually become the truth.” That certainly may be true if you are a Sheep, zombie or cockroach; in other words, the typical democrat zombie. However, it’s a much tougher sell on free people who are determined to continue thinking independently for themselves. 

Liars have to have good memories and these particular liars have been LYING so often for so long they no longer have any idea what the real truth may be. Nor do they seem to care. They’ve been lying for so long, they think they’re actually being honest. That’s how far all of this bullshit has gone. What we really get from them is a HUGE shitpile of lies, one stacked on top of another stacked on top of another, etc. I guess their idea is maybe their shit won’t stink nearly so bad if they pile it high enough. They get the scripts and cough it all up. They bounce it back and forth between one another to manufacture the illusion of credibility thru consensus. Another LIE. Holy shit, does this rabbit hole ever go deep! Next, they’ll throw it out to their esteemed panel of political anal-ists who will then proceed to politically anal-ize it down to a molecular level of irrelevancy. If by this point you are still watching and find yourself involuntarily nodding in agreement when the Pfizer commercials command you to “talk to your doctor” then they’ve got you!

The crap and mental manipulation on the internet doesn’t score much better in terms of honesty. Remember in the 90’s when the Net was just starting to take off and everyone believed access to so much information would make it virtually impossible for anyone to LIE? How’s that working out? I’m old enough to remember how they said the same thing when television was still fairly young. How it was going to be the great teacher and bringer of light. Instead, we got soap operas, the Gong Show and the Banana Splits. Unfortunately, the Internet has turned more people into mindless Sheep who can’t be bothered to think a single thought for themselves even if their lives depended on it. And the joke’s on them, because ultimately, their lives WILL depend on it. On any given day, just take a look at who and what is “trending.” Talk about digital fluff which consumes 47 times its own weight in excess reality! The trouble is, the walking dead will believe almost anything if it comes out of the mouth of their favorite Rap star “influencer,” multi-millionaire bawl god or anyone with an account of more than a million “followers.” Butt it MUST be true because Nikki Douchebag told me it was. Sheeeittt, Mozart got nothing on Cardi B and her Wet Ass Pussy.

The News Media machine thrives on crisis and outrage. Their objective is to get your central nervous system hooked on and addicted to that juicy biochemical rush which occurs in your body and brain every time they push out the next crisis. That’s why things are never allowed to settle down. That’s why they keep hammering away on us. To condition us to the biochemical thrill only the exaggerated fear reaction which they provide. Does all this sound too far fetched? Then consider what life must have been like before television and the internet when newsworthy crises only came along few and far between with events like Pearl Harbor or the crash of the Hindenburg. The rest of the time people were left to directly experience the truth of their own lives instead of having some large media propaganda machine constantly trying to get inside their heads with endless gaslighting of one stressful development after another. When we think in these terms, how can we honestly claim technology has actually improved our lives? Sure, it’s made lots of things possible which before were not. It’s also made lotsa things more efficient and easier. However, it certainly doesn’t look like we’ve done ourselves any huge favors by letting it be commanded by a minority of a few to control the way they want the rest of us to think and act.

And that’s exactly why I enjoy living in semi-rural America. So I can completely ignore or turn off this shit whenever I want. Because now it has taken on a Life of its own. It all endlessly runs and loops onto itself. Enforced repetition until the lie is finally is accepted as the TRUTH. That’s the motive behind all of the climate and gender bullshit. To pound that crap into everyone’s head until they finally accept it. When you think about it, the entire thing is evil and sadistic and the common thread throughout all off it is dishonesty.  Some of their lies are tiny and seemingly inconsequential enough, while others are fucking, in your face whoppers. Yet we are still expected to believe them! The vast majority of this country now knows our Media is thoroughly compromised and dishonest: we have largely tuned them out. Chicken Little and the Boy Who Cried Wolf are excellent metaphors to describe today’s media.

President Shitpants is the hands down champ at exposing Media lies. They have propped that sack of shit moron up for years, calling us out as the liars because we noticed how he shits himself or mumbles incoherently again and again on national television. How DARE we? We should be ashamed of ourselves! You see, I just don’t like being lied to because dishonesty plays no part in the natural order of the universe. Exactly the same reason I refuse to cut queers any slack. Because what they do doesn’t create children. It’s serves NO natural purpose or function which justifies its existence. Instead it creates all sorts of problems and social diseases. It has NO fucking place, standing or validity in the bigger picture. It serves NO purpose or has any reason to exist besides the fact that sick perverts seem to enjoy it. 

What I hate the most is being gaslit. To endure so called ‘important’ people telling me everyday what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears isn’t what I’m really seeing and hearing! In other words, the message is to trust THEM and NOT myself. Whatever THEY say I see and hear is the Truth! Crime is actually down across the country! The border is secured! This is the most robust and successful economy in US History. They LIE! Everybody fucking lies about everything! The vaccine was a LIE. The Covid 19 virus was a LIE. Social distancing was a LIE. Don’t use ivermectin or HCQ was a LIE. Masks were a LIE. Lockdowns were a LIE!  All of it was one gigantic miserable LIE parroted by countless dishonest people because they were given the power to destroy lives. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. Millions of people who bought the LIES as Truth are now dead or suffering and dying because they believed the LIES.

They are still telling us LIES, now more than ever! The Trump trials and his 34 felony convictions. A LIE. Political lawfare against the opposition. A LIE. “Nobody is above the Law.” A LIE. “Some people aren’t paying their fair share.” A LIE. The war in Ukraine. A LIE. Identity politics. A LIE. Gender sexuality. A LIE. Climate change. A LIE. A fiat based money system. A LIE. FREE healthcare. A LIE. Socialism, Marxism and Communism. As Mark Twain would say, “Lies, more lies and damned LIES!” I’m sick of it all. The silver lining in this cloud of all of these lies? They’re finally being exposed! And in a brutal way as they’ve never before been exposed. If there’s one HONEST thing Resident Potato accomplished during that debacle of a debate it was to expose the bottom of the huge pit of LIES all those in positions of influence and power have been feeding us. No way that genie gets stuffed back into the bottle. No way they can unfuck all of this now. That’s how I know we have hit some sort of turning point in all of this. Because from here on out, what they have been doing all along is no longer going to work for them the same way. Take cheer because that’s a GOOD thing! After that debate, we’re in an entirely new ball park now. It may not be immediately apparent, but I believe it will become more so as time passes. In their overreach, they have immunized us against their dishonesty. That really SUCKS for them when you consider LIES are really all they have to offer. What’s more, we have something the Left will never have. Our Faith in God. That means the TRUTH is on our side. How else do you think we have been able to outlast this shitshow so well for so long? Their fate rests in the government and the State. Good luck with that, suckers! They can never destroy God, but God sure as hell can destroy them! Ok, I’ve come to the end of Rant Road again for this week. I’ll return again next week even more pissed off and charged up to spank these commie bastards again! I promise and that’s NO lie! ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg