✪ A BIG HELLO out there to all you TNA Patriots!  I know, we’re another week farther down the road and closer to November; and much to my delight, we are still alive and doing reasonably well considering. Unfortunately, so are the flaming pride pud pullers and woke harridans among the secret Donkee Star Chamber cabal full of fools and criminals currently impersonating our government. Have you noticed? Almost ALL of society’s deviants, perverts and weirdos are on the Left. I don’t think there’s such thing as a Conservative drag queen. It’s like Ralph Kramden always said “One of these days Alice, POW, right in the kisser!” Only one week of National Sodomy Month celebrations remaining to endure. I don’t know if things this year have been toned down a bit or that I’m just going more out of my way to avoid all rainbow and fag shit. And how could we forget last week was Boonteenf! Another, imaginary, woke holiday. Boonteenf is kinda like a summer version of Kwanza. I bet 90% of the Black Community who celebrate this “holiday” probably don’t really know the history of this day or understand it’s significance. Which is that it’s really little more than just a B line state holiday for Texas which was somehow elevated to a Federal Holiday status. Well shit, anything which gives Government employees another excuse to stay at home for another day with pay, right? 

The new holidays the commies keep pulling out of their asses are all designed to highlight some aspect of their identity culture. That means they all are in some way either about skin color or sex; the two biggest wheels which drive the progressive universe. Boonteenf is the day Union troops arrived in Galveston Texas to inform the slaves they were finally free. TWO YEARS AFTER Lincoln’s EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION. The Democrats never bothered to tell the slaves in Texas they were actually free men. That’s because Democrats have always been such nice people. In effect, this extended slavery in Texas for two years longer after the Civil War than the rest of the country. It would take nothing short of direct action from a Republican Congress and military intervention to finally free all the slaves in Texas. Democrats luv their slaves. Some things never change. Democrats were still a pox upon everything great, shining and true in this country even back then. Yet, they are always busy claiming they are the champions of minorities, the discriminated and the downtrodden. Bullshit! If Juneteenth is going to be a Federal Holiday, then it should commemorate the union troops who freed them instead of the gaslit, revised history garbage they feed the colored folks today. 

I wonder how many people would run for Congress if the job only included stipend pay, a single four year maximum term and every bill had to be read aloud in its entirety on the Floor before they could hold a vote. I wonder how different this country could look now if we had a legislative body which created policies based on merit and the best interests of Americans. No more earmarks or pork bill stuffing. No more “voice” votes or back room deals. No more conflicts of interest because representatives are too busy trying to get reelected to keep the money power and influence gravytrain rolling instead of representing their constituency over special interests. No more fucking “secret” government BS. Responsible monetary and budgetary oversight. I know, I know. Already too late for that one, right? That means Congress would first have to propose a budget which they won’t, because a real budget would LIMIT the amount of money they can waste, steal and misappropriate. We should be setting Congress up in a way where our money is only spent stateside instead of having a bunch of corrupt, psychotic criminals launder it through bogus proxy wars, poison vaccine scams or any one of the Government’s ongoing, self enriching lies or schemes. However, Congress is never going to really change or work for anyone other than themselves. That’s why we’ll never have term limits or the one item veto. Why would these Klowns ever be motivated to vote in favor of changing up the system in such a way to limit their own abuses of it? Pathological narcissists would never agree to such an arrangement, so here we are.

Members of Congress should be paid a flat $20 per hour; and, have 40% of that withheld by the Federal Government for taxes. You know, the same as they expect for us. NO paid, special interest lobbying allowed. No more suitcases of cash or special “gifts” for Congress members to influence their decision making processes. Every sponsored bill must stand alone and directly benefit the country instead of only the region these thieves represent. BAN lawyers from holding all congressional office. We already have a government full of lawyers. That’s a big reason why we’re stuck in the quicksand now; lawyers who become professional, career politicians. We would be much better served by a Congress full of people with a previous work history completely exclusive of politics. People who have owned and operated actual businesses; instead of those born into politically privileged family legacies with a gold spoon stuck up their ass. Who live soft lives where they never need or want for anything and have others do everything in their lives for them. That’s why we have a Government which doesn’t really give a shit about you or I. That’s why we have a government which seems to attract mostly stupid, insane and corrupt people to serve. That’s why we have a government so out of touch with the people it is supposed to serve. No more dancing around it or pretending; they serve themselves, not us. Prove me wrong! And the message now, especially to Conservatives, seems to be “stay out of our way or we’ll destroy your life.” That’s why we have a government which defies logic by openly creating more problems, chaos, division and hardship. We need to END the permanent, lifetime incentives for people to come to Washington and become professional politicians. Look at the fucking MESS the “professionals” have saddled us with $35 TRILLION in debt and what do we have to show for it? We’ve given the pig Zoolansky $200 BILLION in coke money. Whatever it is they are all paying this fake Jew, queer Nazi runt to hide or keep his mouth shut about, it must be a real whopper(s) to command that kind of dough. The “professionals’ have “managed” us right into record crime, inflation, drug use, suicide, business failures and international turmoil. One TRILLION dollars is ONE MILLION BILLION! Let that sink in… And WHAT do we have to show for it? After spending that kind of money, we should be opening Walmarts on Mars now, but we’re not. In fact, we are socially and culturally regressing. Humanity is devolving back to a tribal animal level. Welcome to the jungle.

Here’s what really chaps my ass. They tax us on our income. OK, I understand it costs money to build and maintain a modern society. I have no issue with taxation so long as it remains minimal, fair, representative and appropriated to national necessities like defense or infrastructure. However, we are also taxed directly or indirectly on every transaction we make. The Government has it set up to where they now take their cut out of every business exchange and transaction conducted. You pay tax on that burger because the Government has deemed it to be “fast food” and “fast food” is taxable because as far as they’re concerned, they consider all preprepared food to be a luxury. You’re also paying numerous extra hidden taxes to cover all the taxes which were extracted at every step from all the players involved in the process of bringing that burger to you. The Government neither creates, manufactures or produces anything. It only knows how to TAKE & DESTROY. It has it’s dirty fingers in everything we purchase, use and consume, ten layers deep! WHEN and HOW did that happen? The concept of individual, private property ownership is really a Government old wives tale. If you don’t believe me, try skipping on your property tax; or, don’t renew your your car tags, registration or insurance and watch the Government step in to make your life a living Hell. 

Of course, their biggest crimes are theft and misappropriation, but there are others. We are taxed completely without representation and MULTIPLE times. Something we are told doesn’t occur, but it really does. Unfortunately, the same people who pretend to represent us are the same ones robbing us blind. Go figure. Government taxes the shit out of everyone and everything at every possible opportunity it can make for itself and then spends/wastes/steals/squanders the wealth it steals from us on every flipping thing EXCEPT providing for the safety and benefit of Americans! Meanwhile, bridges crumble and potholes grow bigger & deeper. Stupid boondoggle projects which will never be completed butt continue to receive tax funding to buy union votes. The Insane DC Known Posse can get away with just about anything they want from insider stock market trading to selling their vote, tax delinquency or fucking gold bars hidden in the underwear drawer! You and I? A day late and a dollar short and we risk losing everything we own or having our lives destroyed. There is NO negotiating or middle ground. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, or ELSE! I would love to see Trump completely ABOLISH the IRS and instead, establish something like a nationwide sales or fair tax. Eliminate ALL Federal taxes. Eliminate ALL double and multiple taxation. Can you imagine how the economy would take off overnight if we could finally STOP the vampires from stealing a huge chunk of everyone’s labors in order to buy votes from those who contribute nothing to improve society? Neuter the Federal Government’s size and scope by cutting it back down to about 10% of what it is today. Fund it exclusively with tariffs like we did from 1776 to 1913. It worked for almost 150 years and we got along just fine. Put this mandarin political aristocracy we are currently suffering under back in their box. For once, I’d love to see Congress have to beg  and actually do their job protecting the country. For once, I’d like to see Government finally forced to serve We The People.

However, we are already too deep into the unknown waters of History. The traditional sets of checks and balance which were originally built into the system to prevent these very sorts of things have been completely eliminated. That means the state of things as they stand now are beyond the point where they can be resolved by traditional means. Feel free to interpret that in any way you wish. They have set the game in such a way where the only way they will stop is when they are stopped. That includes self destruction. Americans now work the entire year until about July 4th to pay their annual tax debt obligation. Everything after and until the end of the year is theirs to keep. Thank you Big Government! How did we end up like this? Professional politicians is HOW.

Cancel the debt! At least all of it denominated in Federal Reserve debt promissory notes. Drop the bomb by issuing a hard Dollar backed by an asset basket heavily weighted in things we already have shitloads of: oil, natural gas, coal, etc. OMG, can you imagine what would happen if we got rid of the IRS and individual Federal taxes at the same time we cancel all debt and put out a hard Dollar? See? This shit isn’t very hard to figure out. What’s lacking is the political will to actually make it happen. That’s a nice way of saying the political Klass would have to stop serving themselves at our expense. That’s probably not going to happen without persuasion.  

END foreign “aid.” We can no longer afford the luxury of it. This is BULLSHIT! We need to stop pissing away money on stupid shit all over the world. I don’t care if it’s on bogus wars or studies on the long term effects of cocaine use by transgender Cuban hookers. That’s OUR money and it needs to stay at home working to make America a stronger and safer country. Foreign aid has just become another convenient way for the Political Klass to kick back money to themselves. I couldn’t care less about any crying and bitching we will hear should we ever be smart enough to stop foreign aid. Most of the people we are giving money to really hate our guts but the idiots in Government are too stupid or corrupt to realize this. Ending foreign aid also means stopping the money pipeline to organizations like the UN or IMF who really no longer work to advance American interests. We’ve become that stupid, that we are funding the very people who are working towards our destruction. Seize all UN properties and covert them to housing for homeless and disabled American vets. END domestic “aid” too. STOP the enormous giveaway of free gimedat shit to all the illegals aliens the Government is importing. Once all the free five star hotel rooms, food, medical care, cell phones and pocket folding cash dry up, I’m betting 90% of these worms will start self deporting back home. Good Times. Give them 30 days to vacate the country of face serious prison time. Adios, muchahas! 

We all understand there are no longer easy ways to fix this shit. Rehabilitating the system is not an option. It will not work because the rot is too deep and pervasive. Our best bet is to rebuild from the bottom up. This time without the unwanted influences of communist parasite messing everything up. Imagine no communists; it’s easy if you try. An America for Americans First. What a concept and we already have the building plans! Once the vermin have been cleared, everyone else can be put on notice the Federal Government has been restructured and restored in order to do what it was originally designed to do. What it was constitutionally mandated to do. Then we can finally start to be a Republic once again in the way as intended by our founders. I could go on and on, but it all comes back to this: we need to step up while we still can. We have them outnumbered; there are far more of US than THEM, butt I’m getting a little ahead of myself here and I don’t want to make it too easy for them to F with me or any of you. Life is already enough of a full plate without having to deal with any of that. With God on our side I can take the battle one day at a time but I still have my eyes on the long game. You should too. ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg