✪ A great big Mid Western HELLO to all of my fellow patriot friends that make TNA the best conservative site on the entire internet! I’ve become so jaded by all of the other talking heads’ and their 24/7 opinions & speculation which the legacy, alphabet bolshevik apparatchik,  Fapdog media, politburo, Star Chamber squeezes out and passes off as the “news” around the clock. It’s practically impossible in any way to engage the mainstream media without first agreeing to turn yourself into a lobotomized zombie. The sky really is a different color in the world these liars inhabit. Why would I wanna do that to myself? However, it continues to amuse & astound me as to how many people still invest any credibility in these frauds. How many of them are still taking & swallowing the  Donkee medicine? To quote Marcus Arelius, “There is no such thing as fact, only opinion.” Hey, poor Joe had a cold! He answered all the questions!  The war in Ukraine will not be televised. Greedy corporations are causing inflation. The weather is going to self-destruct unless we all immediately submit to global communism. I’m afraid of the bird flu, should I be? Fuck, it goes on and on. It’s not so much that they insist upon forcing their fucked up interpretations of reality on us as it is that they so repeatedly insist it is the Truth. ENOUGH! Then there are the egg-spurtz who are paid to be the egg-spurtz because they know everything. Yeah sure, that’s it. The political anal -ist roundtable who are always available to split every fucking hair & tell you what you should think about something you just got finished watching with your own two eyes.

Usually made up of washed up losers & oddballs who were fired from somewhere else. It’s another one of those strange businesses which seem to reward repeated career failure. The bigger a flop you are, the higher you rise on their spawning ladder. The absolute worst people become the ones who always end up on top. Go figure. Hacks like Whoopie, Joy, Keith, Jake, Madcow, etc. 

The only things they need to report are the event, location & time. Updates should include only new facts as they pertain to the previous event, location & time. Not this fucking incessant, mind rotting garbage they jam down our throats around the clock.  I’m sick of it so I don’t watch it anymore or as little as possible. I get my news right here at TNA because it’s still fucking news! And it’s more accurate without the communist agenda attached to it! Since their desired end result is the hypnosis of the consuming masses, they loop this shit over and over again. Have you ever tuned in when there was a really big story breaking and then soon discovered you where only listening to repeated deliveries of the same information over and over again because nothing new was happening? These people sure can talk about nothing for a really long time! Contrast that to here in this forum where we often know what’s going on before the rest of the country. We think & conclude for ourselves! And our information isn’t filtered thru the kaleidoscope of modern progressivism. It’s refreshing and I’ll believe whatever you guys post long before anything which comes from them because I know they are LIARS! That means you and I are still fighting for truth, justice and the American way!

Ok, here’s a “newsflash.” Slo Joe fell FLAT on his face during the debate. Trump annihilated his worthless, kiddie-sniffing, daughter showering, influence peddling, money stealing, lying sack of progressive shit ass! Dear Leader was in way over his plugs! he floundered! And this, supposedly after he devoted an entire week to “training” for the debate. Holy shit! Imagine how he must of looked and the miserable shape he was in before! You know they juiced him up, but Grampy Stinkfinger is already so far gone that the magic of cognitive chemistry produces less and less of an effect on him. You could tell he had been given amphetamines, because his throat and mouth were dry. He came out like a pasty white 81 year old piñata who could barely catch enough breath to speak. And when he did it sounded pathetically weak like he was gargling with his own shit. For the first ten minutes in, I was, “Ok, what’s the catch? What am I missing here?” It all seemed too good tobe true. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never did. It took a while before I could be honest enough to convince myself it all was as bad as it really looked. BECAUSE IT WAS! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! After I finally learned to trust the cringe, I started gleefully considering, ”Still and hour and twenty minutes to go. HOW bad can it get?” REAL BAD! It was precisely at this moment I realized I was watching the Democrat Party self destruct on national television in front of the entire country. It seems to have lots of people out of their Donkee trance. That’s a very good thing.

HaHa! Joe is completely screwed! The Rats are completely screwed! The pep rally after the debate for Joe hosted by Dr Jill was creepy as fuck. I mean, what the Hell do these idiots have to be celebrating, anyway? Biden is totally fucked! Meanwhile, the rest of the cable network news channels were melting down. Numerous slick marxist media players like Van Jones were over at CNN saying the same thing, “Joe sucked!” For a brief moment, the emotional intensity of everything that had happened temporarily overwhelmed any sort of control over the narrative pretenses. In other words, we got a glimpse at the truth before it could be reigned in and painted a different color. That sure didn’t take long to happen, either. Within the hour, marching orders went out from the Ministry Of Truth for everyone to call Trump a liar. The narrative suddenly went from Trump neutering Biden to “Trump lied about everything during the debate.” Holy mother of gaslighting, Batman! I’m sorry, but somebody really has to be two sandwiches short of a picnic to buy that much crap. It’s been Orange Man Bad ever since, nonstop, everywhere & all the time. Once the Sheep are adequately hypnotized and a new version of reality has been installed, they will launch a new campaign on ways to mitigate and equivocate all of Joe’s numerous shortcomings, fuckups and liabilities within the public psyche. It’s already begun. Joe wasn’t feeling well, he over prepared, everybody occasionally has a bad night, he actually did very well for someone his age, he’s a really good guy who has a great heart and really loves America and cares about people. Blah, blah, blah! Fuck me running! NO, actually he’s a demented, sociopathic, criminal, thief, manipulator, embezzler who wears a diaper, showers with his daughter and is married to his wet-nurse. You gotta admit, ALL the rules and conditions going into the debate were set by joe and ALL of them worked against him. That takes skill and talent. That’s what gives me hope and confidence again; knowing what we saw wasn’t how they would have managed the debate were they actually in control & executing some kind of strategy. Instead, Joe got his clock cleaned. Not only cleaned, but smashed. Ok, I confess my original expectation was that the same forked tongued, drugged up, body double who appeared at the State of the Union address would be the one to show up at the debate. You know, the rubber mask faced, reptilian Joe with the pitch black eyes?

There are only eleven weeks left before the election and I think it’s growing harder for more Americans to make all of their ends meet, put food on their tables and a roof over their heads. People are also tired of the Ukraine war and the Democrat’s Trump monkey trial. Actually, people are PISSED at how the legal system is being abused for the benefit of one political party. It doesn’t matter how many time democrats go on camera and claim that everything is wonderful when everyone knows from their own personal day to day living that ‘s a LIE. The longer they carry on this stupid charade, the more dishonest and pathetic they look. The more of a price their miserable asses will have to endure once everything finally comes crashing down. That image is now permanently etched into the minds of millions of American and the DNC can’t do jack about it. I

n politics, things can turn on a dime exactly as they have here. It only took a little more than 90 minutes for the illusion to be completely destroyed. Butt it was bound to happen soon enough anyway. BOO HOO, it’s about time for all of these Establishment toadies to swallow some of the same misery they’ve been dishing out to the rest of us for the last three and a half years. Fuck them! I’ve been telling you all for some time now that the globalist marxist would not be able to sustain this pogrom they are currently waging on Western Civilization forever. It’s ok to stand back and watch while they destroy themselves. If they were already worried before about being able to cheat enough to still win over the growing support for Trump, then I imagine they must really be pissing themselves now. Personally, I know they are going to cheat, but I don’t think they are going to be able to outpace all the incredible support for Trump; at least without it becoming completely obvious to everybody. WHAT then, Amigos?

Isn’t comforting to know every major world leader also tuned in to watch the debate? I’m certain they are giddy and can’t believe their good fortune. I’m certain they are also feeling the urgency to accomplish their own national objectives and conquests in the remaining five months before real leadership is hopefully restored to the United States of America and the World. That means the political environment until the election is going to be ripe for historical events more extreme and intense than usual. Everybody is now on a deadline to take advantage of a weakened America. They know everything is going to change when the new sheriff comes to town. So this summer, we can probably expect some surprises and shenanigans from many of the usual players like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and the Cartels in Mexico. They won’t give up their easy gains or plans for death, destruction and mayhem  without a serious confrontation or struggle. Like our elitist rulers currently in power…..they won’t stop until they are stopped. Butt, back to the news! We finally saw a sharp, successful & energetic America loving president standing next to Joe Biden. The contrast was palpable and disastrous optics which will haunt the Rats forever. Butt what did everyone really expect? Joe simply did what Joe is the best at doing, fucking up and failure. And FAIL he did, spectacularly in every possible way.

Trump wants to Make America Great Again. Biden wants to destroy America. Trump cares about America & Americans. Joe Biden and the political Establishment hate the country and our guts. We are only tax slaves and votes to them in their constant quest for perpetual power and immense personal wealth. There are still tons of hurdles and challenges for Trump to surmount before the election. They certainly are trying to stop him. When Leftists panic or lose control of the evil they gave given birth to, they become especially dangerous and destructive without considering the ramifications of their stupidity. We are not out of the woods yet. In fact, I think things are now probably more risky than they have been for some time. Remember, these jackals won’t stop until they’re stopped and anything is on the table with them.

Will Shitpants be on the ticket in November? Who knows. It would be so easy to conclude after Thursday’s incredibly pathetic showing that he will just drop out to be replaced by an even bigger fuck up, but so far, Resident Potato is towing the line and hanging in there. Probably because Dr Jill is dreaming of squatting for another four years in the White House at our expense and refuses to take “no” for an answer. Probably because as demented as he is already, somewhere in that tiny brain of his, Joe somehow still believes he is the greatest thing since sliced bread; Lincoln, Washington & Roosevelt all rolled into one. The most popular & successful president ever! However, the Truth is now out and the Emperor has no clothes! Besides, anybody else the Rats would think about changing him out with is disliked even more. Big Mike? Guvna Hairgel? The Hag? The Willie Sucker? Maybe Bootyjuice? Heaven forbid. Come on, Man! They got nothing!

Between now & November, the Left is going to do everything in their power to stop Trump. We sure do live in interesting times, don’t we? Be prepared, Patriots. Don’t be caught with you pants down should everything suddenly go into the crapper one day. It could happen! There’s still time left to get ready, but not much. You can still purchase a gun and ammunition. You can still stockpile food and precious metals. You can still build networks of support and refine plans and contingencies. Keep your car filled. Stay rational and avoid unnecessary emotionality. Take nothing for granted and listen to your gut. Practice situational awareness until it becomes second nature. Carry everywhere you go, NO excuses or exceptions! Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Our best offense is a solid defense; at least for now. Wait the fuckers out while they die choking on their own puke. Don’t let yourself become distracted by all the noise. The Joe Shitshow isn’t over quite just yet, but it can’t last much longer. Is that the Fat Lady I hear singing? I leave you now with this: Prepare to take your country back, Americans! ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg