✪ Hello again fellow Patriots! What a week we had, eh?  First, in addition to the usual boring, repetitive, completely predictable fear porn broadcasting from the usual suspects inside the DC Demokratik Kommunist Politburo claiming to be the current Government of the United States, TNA gets hijacked by a group of fat, fucking German, tranny, incel cyber-criminals who think they have some sort of self appointed authority to extort anyone they please on the internet. This they attempt to do by upsetting anyone they think they can sink their shit infested mitts into. I guess one way to look at it is that it’s some sort of bizarre rite of passage. I mean, they wouldn’t be picking on TNA if there wasn’t something about this site which chaffs their Eurotrash asses. I know I certainly wasn’t alone in being surprised when I went online that fateful day only to find the worms had somehow shut down this place. Damn, it reminds me of the old adage about how you never miss the water until the well runs dry. It also was a real kick in the head about becoming too comfortable by taking important things for granted. Shit, like all of you, I have just become very accustomed to coming here everyday without a thought to share fellowship with one of the most incredible communities of Conservatives anywhere on the Net. To be honest, after I found out what actually had happened, it righteously pissed me off how a bunch of worthless, sociopathic pricks on the other side of the World could be so full of themselves to have the balls to ever try such a thing.

In this case, it was a bunch of basement dwelling Germanic, Euro-peeon, tranny assholes playing international copyright police who were unhappy their demands to pay an outrageous ransom had been denied. I must admit, at the very beginning, I automatically jumped to the conclusion it was our own home grown version of the American STASI or Sniffy Shithead’s Just Us Department who had gotten a wild hair up their well pounded asses (they enjoy that sort of thing) and shut down TNA for some sort of made up claim about hurting the widdle feewings of a few secret and hidden Donkee Kult lurkers here. Much to my relief, we weren’t toast and it was only the lederhosen, braunschweiger sucking, Fuhrer Fan Klub trying to play that old, bullshit ransom gambit for some easy money so their North African, transgender boyfriends would have more some money to do their nails and hair this weekend.  

I don’t know all the exact details about how we got this place back, but all I can say is thank God we did. I guess this is one of those times when smart money was spent on the best possible security and support paid off as a very worthwhile investment. Whew! Web security must be a lot like owning a gun; better to have it and never need it, than to not have it when you do need it. It also sounds like the extortionists got NOTHING. Not that it really matters, because NOTHING is who they really are and what they started out with. Hopefully, they were subsequently kicked out of whatever sleazy Internet cafe they regularly haunt for being unable to pay their bill. Whoever these shiteaters really are, they are the worst among human scum. Anyone who makes it their business to profit and enrich themselves by kidnapping and holding hostage another’s efforts are complete fucking loser failures. Hey, but isn’t that what all socialists do anyway? 

Self important, wastrel jackoffs who still regularly pee themselves and wet their beds. May they wallow in their own filth. As the biggest Florida swamp meth hick would say, “Hackers must die!” Personally, I would love to render them completely unable to ever use a computer again. And I could think of several creative & amusing ways to accomplish that. I’m sure you could too. I wouldn’t cry if that involved them being in a wheelchair for the rest of their miserable lives or living somewhere with round the clock personalized care, with a greased feeding tube shoved up their asses while they incoherently mumble and drool all over themselves. You know, like our current occupant of the White House. Butt please don’t misunderstand. I am in NO way advocating unpleasant things should happen to stupid people who actually may deserve them. The General is all about accepting others by sharing brotherly love and understanding to solve conflicts and help make our World a better place. Kumbayah! If we can also solve climate change by doing this, then even mo’ betta! Double Kumbayah! No really! I’m actually a very nice guy who wouldn’t bruise a butterfly! Usually. Unless you piss me off or fuck with someone who’s important to me. Then it’s on. Kumbayah!

In the meantime, while we all languished without our usual, go to forum, the communists in Washington didn’t miss a beat by continuing their normal clusterfuckery at full speed; doing what they do best, LOSING and destroying shit. While forcing the rest of us to suffer yet MORE at the hands of their deliberate LOSING & destruction. Seems that ignorant, inbred, marxist, silverback sheboon Letitia James had already reserved a fleet of UHauls to empty out the Trump Tower. NOT SO FAST THERE, Letitia! What goes around comes around! Looks like your shit doesn’t smell like roses, after all! What about that conflict of interest involving all the special favors you’ve thrown to your boyfriend? I’m specifically talking about your failure to disclose a past and apparently ongoing relationship. That means getting your fat freak on with him while taking booty junkets together illegally on the taxpayer dime. Whoa, gurl! That on top of that, being an out if control, affirmative action, box checking, Soros funded useful idiot stooge who has shit all over the American criminal court system by fabricating a series of complete LIES about imaginary crimes Trump never committed as a way to damage him politically while slurping your masters’s asses. Oh, butt you’re a Demokrat so I guess that sort of bullshit is to be expected and passed over, right?  

Next, the grinning, narcissistic, cadaver tool Engoron woke up to discover his ridiculous & massively excessive fine of almost HALF A BILLION DOLLARS against Trump had gone down the shitter when an appellate court ruled he was a partisan, dick smoking, asshole hack with zero interest in real justice or the truth. Another fucking Donkey, kangaroo court, witchhunter employed to bring down and destroy Trump. Except he didn’t. Like everything the Democrats have tried against Trump, this stupidity also FAILED. The appellate court lowered the amount Trump needed to put up to appeal and even gave him extra time to come up with the money. Trump said he would be “proud to pay it.” Hahaha! Eat shit, Progressives!

Engoron is the poster child for everything which is currently wrong with our justice system. He’s not really an actual judge but a planted, Soros operative. He can’t even play a real judge on TV! That was blatantly apparent by the way he acted like a spoiled six year old during Trump’s trial. She Boon James proved she was no better by bringing made up, baseless charges against Trump for crimes which he never committed. What sort of Soviet Star Chamber have these two progressive clowns turned their courtrooms into? And our vaunted Department of Just Us who’s job it is to oversee prosecutorial misconduct and judicial overreach in the system instead conspired with those two fucking clowns to help them in every way possible!  

That’s where we are today kids; and trust me, we ain’t seen nothing yet. One thing I’ve learned from all this is that every time Trump kicks their asses in court, they come back to double down on the insanity. Stand by. It’s a LONG eight months until the election and they aren’t in anyway done. We can fully expect them and other useful idiot clowns like them to pull more imaginary felony charges against Trump out of their asses because they are shitting themselves in desperation to stop him in any way they can. They are scared shitless support for Trump in November is going to be sooo huge and over the top, they may not be able to pull off another STEAL. At least without setting the entire country on fire. Oh, Trump eats beef! He’s destroying the planet by contributing to climate change! He’s a climate criminal! He hates Mexicans! During the scamdemic, he told everyone to inject themselves with bleach! He’s a billionaire who isn’t a communist! He raped Jean Carroll! (Lol). He once said “pussy” to another guy in a locker room! As we get closer to November, watch them throw everything including the kitchen sink at the wall HOPING to make something stick! Nothing will! Watch their desperation grow and hilarity ensue! Will we see another manufactured Russian Piss Dossier hoax? They’re already losing at every turn and too delusional to stop. That makes them dangerous so be prepared for anything these communists deploy. It’s going to be a long, wild and hot Summer.

Last week, a foreign registry container ship fully loaded with hazardous materials plowed the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor and knocked it completely down. If this wasn’t an outright act of terrorism, then they must have had a DEI crew on board. I don’t know which is worse; either it was directed terrorism or industrial strength wokeness because it was a perfect storm of fuck ups and boy, has it ever fucked up things. I won’t waste time here on speculation about the actual truth of what may or may not have happened, because like so many other things, our completely dishonest Government will never tell us. There are tons of possibilities and probabilities, but the exact same can also be said about mysteriously burning food processing plants, energy facilities, exploding vital factories and important warehouses, so go ahead and believe whatever you want. 

However, the bottom line in this latest catastrophe out of an entire ONGOING series of catastrophes is that Baltimore Harbor is going to be closed a long time to lots of shipping traffic until the channel can be cleared. And who the fuck knows how long that may take? Not to worry! Our illustrious Secretary Of Transportation, the queer Superman from South Bend is on the job! He’s already told us that fixing the bridge is going to be very difficult, take forever and cost a shitload of money. Probably the first and only time this poofter has told us the truth! Of course, the closure of the Port of Baltimore for a lengthy and undefined amount of time will cause additional disruptions in the supply chain because it is the 11th busiest port in America, but hey, who ever said building back better was going to be cheap or easy, right? I think our best chance for repairing the bridge and getting everything in Baltimore Harbor back to normal as quickly as possible involves the Federal Government staying the fuck completely OUT of the process. After watching Pecker Buttjooce’s riveting speech, I actually feel better knowing yet again he hasn’t got a fucking clue what to do or how to do it. It’s actually better for us if he just takes more personal time off to man nurse his rented kids. 

Unfortunately, Baltimore is in for a long haul before they will be able to open again. Add yet one more challenge and limitation to honest people trying to work, live and survive in that Rat run hellhole. The ships trapped inside the Harbor are screwed. The ones which were lined up waiting to get to port are instead putting on steam to go to a different working port. We heard from Buttface Biden that it will once again be we the taxpayers who eat this newest turd sandwich. Wasn’t there an insurance policy on that bridge? I am required by law to buy insurance before I can drive my fucking car, so I have a real hard time believing that bridge wasn’t insured. What about the shipping company who owns the freighter? Taxpayers don’t manage that Port and we don’t maintain that bridge, either! See? I bet every one of the players involved is insured. The ship. The cargo. The crews. The bridge. So why the fuck are taxpayers going to foot the bill again for insured entities? So Joe and his crooks can overcharge $179 billion to replace the bridge? So the Rats can launch yet another humongous money laundering SCAM? 

It’s not the taxpayers responsibility you worthless, grifting, greedy, corrupt assholes! Let the State of Maryland pay for it! After all, they directly benefit financially from their port. Better, bring in experienced contractors for an honest bidding process. Promise them attractive bonuses when they finish the project on time and under budget. Oh sorry, that would require rewarding merit and efficiency! Silly me! How fucking hard can this be? Trump already knows a bunch of those folks, so give him a ring! He’ll have the port cleared in a month and a new bridge opened within a year. We used to be able to do shit like this! It’s the American way.

Butt Joe and his crooks won’t do the right thing. You and I already KNOW this. They won’t because doing what’s right for America never PAYS as good as it does when they don’t. I hope I live long enough to participate in the great national lamppost decorating festival we all know is going to happen! Trust me, because it’s coming. Aside from this being yet one more very trying week, who knows what they’ll pull next week. Stay prepared. Just continue laughing in their stupid faces at every chance, at all of their lies, mistakes, failures, gaslighting, fear and doom porn. Go about your daily lives and focus on what’s more important than them and their bullshit; which is just about everything else. They can’t keep this crap up forever and as I have already said here numerous times, they’re almost completely out of gas. They have shot their donkee wad. Hang in there, Patriots! We got this. Sometimes it may not look that way, but believe me, we got this. Trust me and trust in God. Trust yourselves and whatever you do, never waiver. No matter what. Especially now. Carry on and endeavor to endure. We shall be victorious. I guarantee it! ✪

Keep the faith always,

General Mossberg