The Fate Of The Union

The Fate Of The Union

✪ Good evening my fellow Americans. Last Thursday night, you might have suffered and endured through an hour and eight minutes of pure unmitigated, insane bullshit from the Chief Executive Resident of the ongoing Communist Coup. I expected Joe’s State Of The Union speech to be BAD; but holy shit, nothing prepared me for what I actually experienced. It was yet another historic first for the Insane Donkee Klown Posse in DC. The first fifteen minutes of this offensive lecturing diatribe wasn’t even about our country. It was more queer Ukraine asslicking; more “big bad Russia” is going to take over the entire World if we don’t cough up another $63 Billion for our CIA installed, color revolution, runt gimp who is doing a much better job at destroying his own country than the Russians ever could. Dig deeper Suckers, because nothing less than all of “democracy” and the fate of all Humanity depends on you continuing to let these grifting cocksuckers get away with looting our economy so that they can launder it all thru Ukraine.

There wasn’t a single stinking thing I heard during this prolonged 68 minutes of angry, yelling, out of touch, confusing, rambling, stutter and gaffe-filled, shit brained exercise in teleprompter reading that even vaguely resembled fact or truth. It wasn’t even about you, me or America. It was about Joe and his Red Klown agenda. As a matter of fact, the ONLY thing that was blatantly obvious was his remarkable ability to LIE. That’s ONE thing Joe is a pro at. However, we all kinda already knew and expected that, right? Right on cue, he blamed everybody else for everything HE fucked up. He refused to be held accountable or take responsibility for anything. Exactly just the sort of “qualities” you expect to find in a great “leader” right? Trump’s fault! Grampy Shitpants just doesn’t care about anything but his offshore accounts and playing President for his globalist, Deep State master buddies. He sure as fuck doesn’t give a shit about this country, you or I. That maggot riddled, drugged up, walking cadaver stood there for over an hour screaming his fool head off about how much he hates the half of the country who hates him. Sorry Joe, but that’s all on you! Instead he babbled on and on about how much he likes his pet muslimes, pinkos, race baiters, faggots and the slimiest shitbags of all, his fellow Congressional companions in crime. BTW, Turtle and Joe have a real bromance going on! There were several times I just could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I mean seriously! The Rats in the Galley couldn’t help but jizz themselves at the end of every sentence that fell out of this old, corrupt moron’s mouth; breaking out in wild hooting, hollering, screaming and spastic applause like a bunch of 12 year old girls at a Beatle’s concert. Joe was their god! It was both shocking & disgusting to watch! It made me physically ill. Our government has become nothing but a sick joke under the heels of these crooks.

For fuck’s sake, it was supposed to be a State Of The Union speech that never really mentioned the state of the union. Not once! It was more of a spastic, over the top Joe Biden reelection, pep rally, campaign stump speech intended as red meat to pump up the buzz of his most loyal Joe groupies. To hell with the rest of us and any of our concerns about inflation, the economy, the open border, out of control crime, drug use or the half a dozen bullshit wars this demented cocksucker and his marxist handlers have fomented all over the World. Fuck Joe Biden! At several points he drifted off into how fucking wonderful he is; a legend in his own mind. The greatest and most popular president evah! The same broken record crap we have already heard numerous times over the last three years. You know, “my administration has created 14 million new jobs and inflation is finally slowing; but only because it’s an election year, suckers.” Joe promised to continue fighting for a feminist’s “right” to murder her unborn child; or, if you’re a sexually confused man who dresses like a woman, your “right” to use a women’s restroom. Joe told us all about the great job he’s doing by keeping the evil Russkies in check in Ukraine. He promised to never give and abandon “democracy.” What a swell guy! Then he told us we must keep pushing forward to completely destroy the economy in order to solve the imaginary problem of “climate change.” Fuck me in the morning! Border problem? Joe don’t see NO steenking border problem! Everything this treasonous son of a bitch touches turns to absolute shit and now we can include the traditional State Of The Union Address in that category. Like everything else in America, he’s succeeded in crapping all over it and he seem to be proud of it! Way to go, Joe! 

All the clapping seals in the Ministry Of Truth, state fapdog media were gushing and ejaculating themselves over his speech. “The President is coming out punching strong tonight; putting his critics and adversaries on notice and letting them know he means business. Taking this opportunity to bask in all of his leadership successes; most notably the robust economy and his decisive handling of a multitude of foreign policy situations.” Oh yeah, we can all sleep like babies tonight knowing Sooper Joe is on the job and taking care of business. I knew he would lie, but never on this scale of magnitude. 

Americans weren’t the only ones forced to watch and listen to this fraud. I can guarantee you ALL of Americans enemies across the World tuned in to see Sleepy Joe trip over his own dick. From Teheran to Pyongyang, commie tyrants and jihadi goatfucking dictators watched his spectacle of arrogant, incompetent buffoonery with happiness and delight because none of them have had anywhere near the success of taking down America like our Joe can. I just wonder how he managed to make it through the entire thing. Drugs? A body double in a rubber mask? There were still plenty of classic JOE moments where he would ramble off and forget to complete sentences. He referred to Laken Riley as Lincoln Riley and committed the cardinal sin of calling her killer an “illegal” instead of a “divine spark of light.” See? That old bastard KNOWS! At one point about 45 minutes in he pulled down the zipper of his pants and whipped out the biggest LIE of the entire evening; the good ole trusty ”The state of our union is strong!” LIE. He’s not fooling anybody! His performance was an complete embarrassment to the entire country. One gigantic, humiliating clusterfuck. But hey, that’s our Joe! I’ve never seen anyone else fail up so easily by fucking up so much. After fifty years, Joe is the undisputed champ of failing up by fucking up! 

It wasn’t a State Of The Union address. It was an angry, disjointed, drug fueled, demented tirade of a campaign speech! However, the Donkee Sheep ate it all up! They hung on his every word like he was the second coming of Christ. Unfortunately, I forced myself to listen to every word and NEVER ONCE did I hear anything about “for the good of the country.” Just lies, more lies and still more damned lies. And of course, blaming President Trump for every last one of his horrible policies while taking full credit for Trumps successes. What a shitworm!

This was a raw, naked speech by an angry. drug addled, pedophile, corrupt, career politician who knows he’s really a huge loser. I guess someone coached him that yelling would somehow make him look stronger and more believable. All it did was make me want to punch that spare nutsack growing on his chin right thru the television screen. I know he was juiced up on some serious drugs. The yelling, talking 100 miles per hour, the slurred, run on sentences and jumping all over the place on subjects were all dead giveaways. Then there were those evil, dilated black eyes that looked like they both had an extra set of eyelids. Honestly, I’m not 100% certain it was even really him. Everybody saw it! You saw it, too! Someone on TNA posted last night that The Machine is running psyop within psyop within psyop to keep this Truman Circus going. Holy shit, does that every make REAL sense! Somebody in the back was monitoring his vitals and gave gave the remote electrode buried in his ass a fresh dose of Edison medicine every time he started to slow down.

And how about that script!?  Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine! And then still MORE fucking Ukraine! The State of Ukraine speech? Most Americans with more than two braincells in their heads couldn’t give a dead rat fuck about Ukraine, Emperor Zoolander or the grifting syndicate of thieves in our Congress who are stealing our tax dollars to pay the blackmail demands! How about our border Joe? How about your treasonous, ILLEGAL importation of more than EIGHT MILLION illegal aliens? How about all the dying American cities and the fentanyl, Joe? How about the 35 trillion in debt, Joe? Instead, you seem to be calling for a third world war while you play us right into the hands of the Great Reset. You stupid and astoundingly selfish pigheaded, horse’s ass! Keep shooting off your big mouth and there’s a very real possibility you might get us all killed, but that’s probably the plan, right Joe? That’s why you keep trying to stir up shit in Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Ukraine and now Haiti.

Let’s talk about Israel, Joe. Let’s talk about how much of a lying treacherous snake you and your worthless administration has been to one of America’s greatest and oldest allies. Yeah, we know Joe. We’re not as stupid as you are or as you think we are. You don’t really support Israel in their fight against terrorism on their own land. That’s all bullshit political double speaking lip service. The truth is, you really support HAMAS because so many backwards, smelly, diaper headed goatfuckers have been imported and established in this country over the last twenty years, you are scared shitless that showing an inch of backbone with support for Israel will turn them off to their lives on your Rat plantation. Once again, it’s all about the Democrat Party and their endless quest for complete power and control instead of what would actually be best for America and the World. This is why you and your shit don’t win elections, Joe. This is why you instead must steal them. Because everybody hates your fucking guts. The best thing in the World you could do right now Joe, is mind your own fucking business and stand down while the Israelis take out their own trash; instead of insisting on pushing sixty year old failed “solutions” like that two state bullshit. If two states were really the answer for peace in the Middle East, don’t you think it would have already happened by now, Joe? Get a clue! And the same goes for Ukraine, asshole, I don’t give two shits about what happens to Ukraine. I don’t want ONE DROP of American blood to ever be spilled there for your globalist pals. 

According to you, you inherited the worst economy in history from Trump? GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE! Another Biden whopper! We had the absolute best economy under Trump and you know it! And all you would have had to do after the STEAL was absolutely NOTHING! How hard is that? However, you seem to be possessed by a pathological compulsion and obsession to meddle in things strictly for the sake of breaking them just so later you can position yourself as some sort of phony FDR savior figure. It’s NOT “job growth” when fifteen million people out of the twenty five who lost their jobs during covid finally return to the job market taking shitty fast food jobs to make ends meet. Ballooning government spending is NOT the same as an expanding GDP. You didn’t create any sort of vibrant, robust economy. People just went back to work after the covid scam because they had to and you decided you would take credit for that. Fuck you, Joe. Furthermore, only communists insist on including reckless and irresponsible government spending in national GDP statistics, because if they didn’t, everyone would know they had shit all over their faces. Everyone would know the GDP probably really SHRANK! More LIES! And it hasn’t gotten past us how you fuckers always come out with really good sounding economic numbers every quarter only to REVISE all of them substantially down months later when you think we are no longer paying attention. The truth is your filthy cabal full of gay pedos intentionally destroyed a vibrant economy to punish your political opposition. Prove me wrong! 

The Supreme Court justices and Joint Chief members who attended Joe’s State of the Union did not at all look pleased. They sat there the entire evening like rocks, never moving, smiling or jumping up and clapping like all of the other trained seals. And why should they with Joe’s threat to order Roe V Wade to be reinstituted as the “law of the land?” Who needs a fucking Supreme Court when America has its own Donkee King sitting on the throne issuing orders and edicts? If I were them, I probably wouldn’t be too happy, either. Abortion is the Rat Holy Grail, their biggest sacred cow. That’s how they keep calling it “reproductive freedom” with a straight face! How does murder of another human being equate to “freedom?” How can murder be justified as any means to “freedom?’ I know, I’m talking to myself, again! And once you condition a society to accept the murder of unborn children, then it’s only a hop, jump and skip over the hill to grandma’s house where murdering other people can somehow be rationalized and justified. Prove me wrong! Why General, are you saying that progressives are really murderers? No, I would NEVER say such thing because we all know how much, Progressives really CARE about ALL LIFE, Kumbayah! What I’m saying is they are COMMUNISTS. Cough, cough.   

We heard you loud and clear last night, Joe. Wars and promises of more wars, dead children, imprisoning your political opponents for years without charges and calling us the “insurrectionists.” All while looking down at us and dropping all those high and lofty ideals from your ivory tower. “Integrity, dignity, respect.” Please, bitch! You stupid asshole! All this is starting to rack up some really lousy karma for you and your Donkee komrades. Trust me, Americans don’t like you or your merry band of marxist social engineers; and everyday, you turn MORE people against you. People can only take so much of the lies, corruption, thievery, crimes and all the bullshit double standards. We’re all TIRED of you and your kind grinding us down everyday. We’re TIRED of all the needless hardships and suffering. We’re TIRED of watching the Political Klass grow richer while we grow poor. We’re TIRED of watching you drive the country off the edge of the cliff while continually lying to our faces about how wonderful everything is. Most of all, we’re TIRED of you Joe, but I doubt if you really ever think about that or anyone or anything besides yourself. I think NOT.

Here’s the deal, my fellow Americans. Shitpants told us his plans on Thursday night. He wants to disarm us in order to keep us “safe.” Oh yeah. Then move to control our means of production, housing, healthcare, food, energy, transportation and education in order to keep us “safe.” He may be stupid and incompetent but he means it. The Democrats mean it. Just look at how far being a complete loser has taken him over the last fifty years. The “leader of the free world” only the World is really not free any longer. We’re standing in the way of his plans and trust me, his plans do NOT include “making America great again.”

The Union is in a state, alright. If there is one thing Joe has successfully accomplished, it’s to show the rest of the world how great we aren’t. However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t be, again. Trump will win in November and then all Hell will break loose. Count on it! They’ll throw everything they have at him to stop what they know is coming. When that happens, we will be tasked to get our country back by any and all means necessary. Remember what they say about fearing the wrath of the quiet man who just wanted to be left the fuck alone to live and enjoy his life?

So Biden gave a campaign speech disguised as the State Of The Union Address, but he didn’t fool anyone. Resist everything and refuse to comply. Refuse to consent to be governed. I want future generations of Americans to know individual liberty as I have known it. Biden wants AI. The General wants USA. Let’s stay together until we can get ourselves out of this, ok? We’re Americans and they can never take that from us. Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck them. Be proud. Be Strong. ✪

As you were!

General Mossberg