✪ A fine hello from the storm ravaged Midwest as yet another week has passed us by without our faux government sparking off WW3 or stabbing us in the back any more than they already have. The Pali Pussy Hamas supporters are still actively playing the role of useful idiots on our college campuses with almost boring predictability while the rest of the country continues to slowly sink into the bottomless morass of unchecked communism. Fuck me. I would love to say all of this chaos, gaslighting and social destruction are finally starting to grow on me or I’m getting used to it all, but I’m not. Not even close. Fuck them, they can stick their ‘new normal’ up their asses and I’ll even help them. They just expect everyone to eat their big shit sandwich, smile and ask “may I have another, sir?” They expect us to grow accustomed and comfortable with all of their choreographed chaos. Not happening! That’s a key part of their plan; compliance and submission after beating the country into submission with prolonged hardships and discouragement.

Of course, all of this righteously pisses me off; but there’s a couple of specific things which really chap my ass in particular. In 2020, we saw how Big Tech colluded with Big Government to manipulate information in order to interfere in the election & throw it to Doctor Shitpants. Specifically, that means how they controlled information to cover for their cheating. Well, they are getting ready to do it again. In fact, the process has already started but we don’t hear anything about it because, wait for it, wait… because they control all the information platforms.  

We all know that Google is just another leftist, marxist, propaganda arm of the globalist commie financiers and troublemakers like the WEF, EU, UN and CIA, etc so it comes as no surprise they only allow you find only what they decide they want you to see whenever you search. There is even serious speculation that companies like Google and FuckBook may have been originally created by the US Intelligence community. So why use them at all? Old habit? They STINK like an old pair Joe’s underpants ! They also treat us like little kids they want to keep inside the playpen of their own version of reality. They don’t want us to escape to explore the real world which lies outside and think for ourselves. So I just made a deal with myself a very long time ago: I just don’t use Google/YouTube/FuckBook whenever at all possible. Why bother? I refuse to swim in their fishbowl. Every totalitarian dictatorship throughout history has relied on the selective control and limitation of the public’s access to information in order to grasp and stay in power. This shit government we now suffer under is no exception. And yes, I consider President Potato and his illegally installed regime to now be a full fledged dictatorship. If you still doubt that at this point, you better hope they don’t succeed in stealing the election in November. If they do, then I guarantee old Joe will make you a true believer. Thankfully, Google is no longer top dog or the only game in town. The same with X (formally known as Twitter) or FuckBook and its Meta and Instagram bastard children. While all of these companies may be smug in their open censorship and manufacture of the current Truman Show artificial synthetic reality, I believe they are completely in denial about how many people are waking up to their manipulation and leaving the bounds of the playpen. Playpen or mental slavery plantation, call it whichever you wish. Google’s company motto originally used to be “Do No Evil” until they discovered how much power and money there is in actually doing evil. Google has now been thoroughly weaponized as just another tool of the Communist Left. Once they were much more important, but that’s what happens when you sell your soul to the Devil. The Game is quickly changing. Fuck Google.

Speaking of the evil empire known as Google, have you noticed what’s been happening lately with fucking YouTube? Oh yes, Google owns YouTube and supposedly Google is owned by another company called Alphabet. Are you keeping up? The Darkness possesses many layers. Before Google bought YouTube, there were NO advertisements. Then the greed and control set in. It all came on gradually. First there was only one commercial at the beginning of a video and you could opt out or “Skip Ad” after the first five seconds. Then there were suddenly two ads back to back before each video, then three. Before we knew it, we arrived at where we are today which is basically a shitload of ads at the front, middle and peppered all through videos. And you can’t always opt out by clicking “Skip Ad.” In other words, fucking Google has taken You Tube and turned it into the internet equivalent of network television. Go Google! Progress! However, if you have a YouTube channel and produce content Google deems “unacceptable” (anything and everything which counters the current ubiquitous leftist reality mind fuck) you can expect to be demonetized, shadow banned so people cannot find your content or downright cancelled because “you have violated the YouTube terms of agreement.” Translation: you refused to bow before Zod.

Now they are pulling this stupid shit where they inform you that you may only view a certain limited number of free videos (usually three) and then you must buy their subscription service to see more. Fuck that. I go out of my way to avoid using them, so there’s NO way in Hell I’m giving them any of my money. I’ll go one even better when I am forced to sometimes engage them as the necessary evil they are. Now they no longer offer you a chance to “Skip Ad” after the first five seconds. They insist on forcing the FULL commercial on you as well as the next four in sequence. You also get saddled with a series of full commercials interrupting every 8-10 minutes. The message? Give us your money for a subscription or we will make your viewing experience here as unpleasant as possible. Talk about EVIL. It seems that YouTube execs were getting pretty pissed about everyone using ad and malware blockers in order to disable all the ads they were seeding into videos. So these geniuses decided that if you don’t remove your Adblocker they just won’t let you watch a video! 

Instead, this is what you got: Video Unavailable.

This video is restricted. Please check the Google Workspace administrator and/or the network administrator restrictions.

Ok, if you follow the prompts to proceed and check, then they tell you to disable all your adblocking programs or malware protections or they won’t allow you to watch the video! They sure showed us! The fucking arrogance! In essence, they are in a roundabout way once again trying to force their hands into your pockets for a subscription, otherwise your other choice is to endure constant interruptions, or real risks from hackers, or relinquish all online protections whatsoever from any sort of virus or malware your computer may pick up from clicking on one of their videos. They are in control! 

However, it’s not all bad news. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to outsmart these greedy Mumbai marxists. If there is one thing that communists aren’t, it’s smart. In fact, they have never relied on their own intelligence to succeed. Instead, they rely on other people’s stupidity. Enter the free market and creative new ways to beat the Google commies at their own game on their own turf. There are now a number of very easy to find, simple to install, self updating apps or plugins which will completely eliminate all the Google/YouTube advertising bullshit with only a single click of your mouse. I probably shouldn’t mention any specific names here because you know, the evil empire may be listening and come after me for taking money out of their pockets. I’m also certain some dirty, filthy, bought politician whore somewhere has already written and passed a law prohibiting watching shit on YouTube for free without commercial interruption. That’s “theft.” Uh-huh. I won’t mention any names, but if I did, the first one I would never mention here  would UBlockOrigin.com. Completely FREE, like God originally intended video on the internet to be. Now you can say goodbye to all those annoying commercials while sticking it to the man. I still remember the old old days of YouTube when you could find instructional tutorials or music and just enjoy them without all the commercials or hassle. There are now other alternatives to the Google/YouTube juggernaut like Rumble and bit chute which aren’t nearly as uptight and determined to manipulate your user experience for the sake of getting your money. In the past few years since the chink bat flu scamdemic, they have grown tremendously in popularity because they still provide completely FREE content with a minimum amount of censorship.

Another set of controlling restrictions Google has implemented on YouTube to degrade the user experience is limiting the number of times you may watch a particular video. This really sucks because there are some videos (particularly instructional or tutorial videos) you may need to watch numerous times until you have enough confidence to know you can do something like replace the heating coil in your water heater or the brakepads on your car yourself without screwing everything up. Leave it to Leftists. It really is true, everything they touch turns to shit. 

Which leads me to what I find to be the most egregious form of online censorship of them all.  Blurring and the removal of what I call “NO” words. What this amounts to is basically watching a video in which you are not allowed to actually see the thing that originally interested you. It’s like ordering a ribeye and getting a hamburger instead. The blurring shit is just completely out of control. YouTube requires blurring of all sorts of things they consider too “objectionable” or shocking for us to actually see: faces, documents, weapons & drugs while at the same time demanding the removal of key words from the accompanying audio they have deemed “objectionable.” This is why when you watch videos of bad car accidents or police shootings of criminals, they always blur or freeze the actual event at the moment of time it happens so you really never see it. WTF? They will often blur out any guns appearing in videos because as we all know, guns are bad and hurt people, m’kay? If you were to come to the conclusion that all the blurring out of shit in videos on YouTube is a ploy to demean and insult your intelligence as an adult to chose for yourself what you wish to see, well, you probably wouldn’t be wrong. They treat their audience like children. 

I’m of the firm belief that one of the best ways to prevent more wars is to stop visually sanitizing them in Media. An initial “Graphic Warning” at the beginning is sufficient  to let me know what follows may be unpleasant or uncomfortable; but for fuck’s sake, let me make up my own mind. Worse, like everything else, they can’t help themselves and take it all to far. Many times YouTube is so restrictive you may have no fucking idea why a particular video ever required a “graphic scene” warning plastered all over it. It’s if it’s all set up to a snowflake level of non-offensiveness. There are blobs and squares of grey blurs constantly blocking events on the screen and that’s it. There’s nothing graphic about that! They do the same crap with police and gang shootings, car chases and wrecks, drug use or anything that shows the results of violence or illegal activity. That may be good in their eyes, I doubt it tho, but I don’t want somebody deciding for me what is graphic and what isn’t. If dead & mangled bodies, wounds and injuries, the consequences of horrific crimes; in other words, if people were not so nanny insulated from the brutal reality of what actual violence looks like perhaps they would have more reasons to pause and reflect upon the possible outcomes before they decide to do stupid, horrible things. I don’t know. Perhaps I am giving Humanity more credit than it deserves.  If YouTube, Farcebook, Instagram and all the others were more willing show the actual results of poor decisions then maybe people would be less inclined to drive drunk, steal, murder or do drugs because they would think, “I don’t want to end up like that.” Hey Google and YouTube! How about showing us what’s really going on in Ukraine? Why don’t you want us to see what our stolen tax money is actually buying there? Could it be because what’s really happening there is not what we are being told? Nahhhhhh, couldn’t be!  Quit peddling us your artificially manufactured synthetic version of selective reality. Stop treating us like stupid children.

So much of what we are forced to endure now is the direct results of too much power in the  hands of unelected bureaucrats and wealthy bored billionaires. Unfortunately, there is NO ‘fixing’ any of this. At best, completely rebuilding and replacing it, but only after removal of all the dry rot. The truth is, this country needs a serious shock back to reality, to start it’s heart beating once again. This dystopian donkee fantasy theatre they are forcing us to endure each day can’t last indefinitely because it isn’t reality. THEY know this. And NO amount of indefinitely artificially prolonging it is going to make it any more real or permanent. The tough reality is that the billionaire funded communist coup must be STOPPED in November if it is to be STOPPED completely from succeeding. That window is only open for another six months. If the communists prevail in November, it will be because of only two reasons; because they will STEAL it once again and we will allow them to get away with it. Again. Then we will be faced with an entirely different and new set of tough questions. I can’t really say any more about that here but just do a search on “partisans in WW2” and come to your own conclusions. What’s happening really isn’t anything new; what’s new about it is that now it’s happening here, in America. And trust me, that really pisses me off. I friggen hate Google and YouTube. ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg