✪ Yet another greeting to you from the rural, solid Midwest America where the America we all love and miss still lives! Another week chocked full of everything you expect from the usual criminal suspects working to demoralize us by making us believe living is a hopeless exercise in futility because the world is in the shitter. Well, maybe you wouldn’t be totally wrong in that regard my friends, because thanks to these merchants of fear, chaos and destruction, it seems as if a sizable portion of the world has indeed already shit the bed. Because they need it to appear that way so they can keep fucking with our heads and lives. All the better to bend you into conforming to the Hive Mind, my Pretties! You will be assimilated! I think we can all agree, there are far too many communist leftist assholes in the world now. Actually only ONE lefty communist asshole is too many! Imagine NO Communists, it’s easy if you try! Imagine the world on that glorious day when the LAST communist POS on Earth takes its last breath. Seriously!  Desperation is in the air because the propaganda wings of the State Fapdog Media apparatus are still engaged in high gear gaslighting reality at every opportunity in a way designed to beat us all down. They still expect us all to just roll over and say “uncle.” That isn’t going to happen, EVER. If we already haven’t by now, we’re not gonna! Never give up and NEVER give in! 

Yet they still have the fucking gall to call themselves the “News.” As the desperation increases, divergence from the truth proportionally increases. It’s like a law of physics. You can see it as now it’s almost 180 degrees opposite from what’s really going on. It just gets more outrageous and farther out there everyday. The Deep State is FULL of MAGA conservatives! Ukraine is winning! The economy is on fire! Joe is 4 points ahead of Trump in the polls! Sound familiar? What’s that smell? Excuse me? What color is the fucking sky in the world where these liars live? I would guess probably shit brown. Goes to show you how these pathetic people will say anything if you pay them enough or threaten to post videos of them high on drugs copulating with farm animals. The talking head political anal-ists they employ to give themselves more “credibility” are mostly pay-off positions to reward Deep State Establishment toadies for their loyalty. You know what I’m talking about. Washed up slugs who get a million a year to work four hours a week on the air buttering Joe’s ass about the fantastic job he’s doing for the country; OR, trashing Trump with their play by plays of Trump bread and circus show trials. Oh yeah. Nice work if you can get it, right? It’s always some planted squish like Juan Williams! Not a single stinking thing they say is anything more than reading from a narrative script from their masters to keep the entire Grand Illusion going. OMG, Trump will be a dick tater if he gets back into the White House. It’s the end of our democracy! They lay awake in bed at night wetting themselves claiming he will put black people back in chains, queers to death and close down the free press of our “cherished democracy.” Hyperbole, thy name is Democrat! Shit eaters, all.

I wish I had a way to stop time and freeze everyone exactly where they are in the present moment. I think they actually did an episode about this on the old Twilight Zone. I would round up the top 1000 people or so who are making 98% of all the trouble in the World and drop them off some place extremely remote and uncomfortable. You know, some place north of the Arctic Circle where the freezing wind blows 50-60 mph all the time and it never gets warmer than 40F. Someplace where they can live out and experience all their incredible fantasies on each other for global green sustainability with no heat, electricity or modern comforts. Kumbayah. You know, exactly the same kinda shit they have planned for all the rest of us. If it’s good enough for the goose, then why the fuck shouldn’t it be for the gander? Then broadcast it live pay per view and watch them suffer for a change. I figure we could completely pay down the national debt in about a month. I’d call it “Globalist Survivor.” What a concept! I should walk this around Pedowood to all of the cable news channels. Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch at Spago! I guarantee it would pull tons more eyes than any of the crap they run now. Think of the incredible story twists and excitement watching these idiots plot and consume one another just to stay alive for another day. You know, kinda like the same way they amuse and entertain themselves by watching us struggle to get thru another day of their bullshit. Tune in for the season finale! Who will be the last starving, RAVING globalist covered in their own shit to survive? WHO will emerge as the final king of the hill, the Lord Of The Flies?

Speaking of which, WTF has happened to Klaush Slob? It used to be hardly a day would pass where we weren’t subjected to this old gelatinous Nazi spouting off while tugging his dick about his new Master Plan for the Human Race. Last I heard he went into the hospital with a serious health condition about a month ago and then NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA! No tweets, announcements or press releases since, ZERO. Perhaps they finally succeeded in uploading him to that big mainframe in the sky and he is somewhere in the digital hereafter fucking a porn star forever in a faraway galaxy under a glass dome on Tralfamador. Well shit, if he actually DIED do you think anyone would bother to tell us about it? Probably not, because that would be really bad for the WEF business model, seeing how these assholes are trying to corner the market on human immortality. Not necessarily for you or me, but only for the dues paying members of their transhuman timeshare pyramid scheme. Come to think of it, his evil little mini me minion Yuri Mengele has also been suspiciously quiet. Let’s hope NO news is really GOOD news.

The Palestinian BS continues to play out in American universities and across the world. This is because there are too many stupid people who are so anxious to fit in somewhere that they are willing to burn down the entire world over a LIE about an imaginary country which has never existed. Have you noticed that? Almost ALL of the outrage and turmoil is centered around nothing but LIES! Palestine: a LIE. Climate change: a LIE. Racism: a LIE. Gender theory: a LIE. Legions of clueless, unthinking Sheep on the march, being stirred up, driven into a destructive stampeding frenzy. ALL based on nothing but LIES. And now Saint Greta has arrived on the scene to take up the Palestinian cause. Why of course! You can pretty much count on that smarmy useful idiot to support everything which advances global communism at the expense of Western Civilization. And the cameras are always rolling by the time she arrives to make the scene and juice the Sheep. More artificially manufactured synthetic reality for mass consumption. YAWN! BAHHHH!

However, The TRUTH about all the LIES is that there is far less public support for all of this insanity than they tell you. It’s only a small contingent of the most fanatical zealots the media portrays as millions and millions. If we were to stop and really look behind the circus tent, there probably isn’t even half a million of these idiots total worldwide. The rest of us are just sick and tired of all their bullshit and just want to be left the fuck alone. Just like the economy, the government controlled media specializes in distorting the numbers. We are led to believe they are everywhere when in actuality, almost ALL of them live exclusively in smelly, third world, democrat run toilet cities. 

Aside from  a few commie billionaire financiers and their bag men, the marxist professors and their graduate cock suckers, bored rich kids and disillusioned old, burned out hippies, professional antifa and Bowel Movements Matter paid operatives, where are the millions of disaffected normal people with jobs and families calling for the destruction of the only country which offers these idiots the freedom to be assholes? We have about 320 million American citizens and maybe as much as another 60 million illegals living here now. I think it’s being entirely generous if we say there’s even barely half a million of the worst kind of stinking commie garbage among us. They should really watch themselves because I’ll take those odds any day! I ain’t skert, komrade! Even if you double that number by including all the stupid retarded attention seeking rich kids who are pretending to attend school, there still isn’t but barely a million of those reeking steaming useful idiots against the rest of us! Not counting in the illegals that’s about 319 of US to each one of them. I don’t worry much about illegals because they stick out everywhere like sore thumbs, they’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel should things ever get really serious. Because this communist trash barely knows how to wipe themselves, they haven’t bothered to think thru how badly outnumbered they’d be if things really do ever cook off. Right now, the system they are working relentlessly to destroy is the only thing really protecting their miserable asses so they should probably be really careful about what they wish for.

The reason I say that is because there will ultimately be a catalyzing moment which comes to kick off a reaction nobody will be able to put back in the bottle. That’s in no way intended as a threat, rather just an honest statement of FACT. Once things finally cross that line, we will find ourselves in a completely new world. There will be NO going back for anyone. The release of all that pent up energy will be tremendous! The Earth will tremble. The next great tsunami of History will sweep everything away. Shit, that doesn’t frighten me. In fact, I welcome it because at this point, that’s the only way we are going to get back our country. These people have made it abundantly clear there will be NO bipartisan cooperation together going forward. What? I going to negotiate with communists and include them in discussions about reorganizing the country? Fuck that! They have told us numerous times there is no place for us in their future plans. Really? I’m going to continue asking congressional fucks for their blessings and permission to live? Hardly! When we study the history of marxism, socialism and communism, we discover the final solution is always the final outcome. And I don’t really see how this time will be any exception.

Once the purge begins, we’ll see just how few of them who have been huffing and puffing are willing to put themselves on the line to make those 1000 flowers bloom. My guess is it probably won’t be more than 5% tops. The majority of Americans will stand for America because they want to be on the winning side. They also want to live.  After about a week of full on purge, there will be no doubts who the winning side will be. The rest will hole up like the cockroaches they are in their blue city toilets waiting for their enablers to come to their rescue like they’ve been promised. Only they’ll be waiting a fucking long time this time because the billionaires who funded all of this crap and their groupies will have fled the country to save their own worthless skins. The public sector unions which have been living so long and high off the fat stolen from the private sector will dry up overnight. This includes all the redundant, paper alphabet agencies and Congressional Klown circus. Starve the Beast! Did you know Kamala Harris maintains almost 5000 staffers for her office with a monthly payroll budget of almost $3.7 million? WTF? This is exactly the kind of crazy waste and dry rot we’ll need to eliminate before we can start to rebuild a much leaner, smarter and stronger America as it was originally intended. Thank God we already have the blueprint and plans! However, sooner or later, somebody will try to once again game the system by reintroducing corruption. They’ll only try it once, because in the new America, Government corruption will be a capital offense. The rampage of complete disregard for the Rule Of Law will finally be finished. Actions will once again have consequences; specifically, crimes will have punishment. Makes you feel better just reading those words and thinking about it, don’t it? Everything will need to be revisited, re-evaluated and improved upon including taxes and regulations. Especially taxes and regulations. After a few years under constitutional reorganization, America should emerge out from under the shitpile these criminals buried it in, all shiny and new.

Go ahead and feel free to accuse me of the sin of optimism. After the last four years, I still believe in this country. I also believe this fucking amoral, psychotic, dystopian hellscape we are currently suffering to endure can’t last much longer. I know I have said that here many times. The greatness of American life is not so far in the past that it has been completely forgotten. And try as they will, I believe these worms will never be able to completely erase it. At some point, Humanity will opt to change directions and revert more back towards a center of peace, comfort and simplicity. You know, things like a spouse, family, kids, a home and a good steady job. Vacations, yardwork, holidays and tradition. I mean, how much longer can the world beat itself into a frenzy over flaming gay rainbow unicorn rectums? Sooner or later, the last homeless fentanyl addict will OD. That’s part of the nature of extremes; they cannot endure indefinitely. They contain the seeds of their own temporary nature. These things shall pass too. It may not be obvious yet, but the kids will eventually grow to want what we once had; and they will resent the Hell out of the fucksticks who ruined it all for them, and us. It will be a glorious spectacle watching the sycophant dick smokers among us when they become more worried about saving themselves than the planet. There will be no place for them to hide. Covid completely convinced me people will sell their souls for money and power. However, that arrangement only lasts as long as those stupid people continue to be rewarded for their treachery, which is never indefinitely. Once they finally come to see the reality of communism, well, they’re fucked aren’t they? Because by that time a few million Americans will be looking for some long overdue paybacks. I know I will. I bet you will, too.✪

Yeah, I know I kinda went all over the place on this one.

As you were!

General Mossberg