✪ A big Memorial Day weekend shoutout ‘Howdy’ from the central lands of rural Missouri where the pavement ends and real America begins! Yes, it’s once again already that time of the week where I pick and choose from hundreds of obscenely stupid things the Leftists are doing which piss us all off. Another opportunity to put into words on the screen what I surmise we are all thinking and rant about how worthless these Donkee fuckers really are, hopefully to put a smile on your face long enough to at least temporarily break the tedious monotony of this entirely unnecessary shit show. However, this time around it’s not so much another passionate rant against those brainless, Beltway, rainbow butthole warrior gender sodomites, it’s a somber reminder that in two days we will once again honor another Memorial Day to pay tribute to all of those exemplary Americans before us who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation. Unfortunately, they only officially command one day of tribute during the entire year; while the bug chasing, dirty riding, shit playing, fisting, piss drinking, snowballing, filthy degenerate unofficially get an entire month to constantly assault our superior moral sensibilities in an effort to force our acceptance and conformity to their unnatural and very unhealthy, sick and twisted sexual lifestyles. Fuck that! (Figuratively, not literally). 

This coming Memorial Day is also the time for us to remember and pay tribute and support to many of our fine veterans who thankfully did not fall in defense of this country; but instead, still had their entire lives nonetheless dramatically changed (and not necessarily for the better) by surviving the dangers of their duty missing important body parts, without their sight, or with their minds permanently scarred from the severity of all they endured in their service to America. Most of us can’t even begin to imagine. It righteously PISSES ME OFF watching this illegal crime syndicate, installed crazy commie klown posse government COMPLETELY IGNORE their sacrifices and needs while continuing to channel HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars into corrupt shitholes such as Ukraine and Gaza. That’s OUR money, yours and mine which they now extract from us at every turn each time there is a transaction anywhere in the economy. Fucking THIEVES! That money NEEDS to STAY in AMERICA and be responsibly appropriated in such manners to such ends which rightly best advance the interests and security of ALL Americans. That includes taking care of our veterans AND their families who have been left unable to care for themselves as a result of their service. That’s the very least we can to do to provide for them. The very least we can do to HONOR them. Do you hear me you corrupt, influence peddling, kiddie diddling, corrupt Beltway dicksmokers? Before I continue any further, please allow me now to just say THANK YOU one thousand times to ALL of these veterans still living or passed. Whatever this country has given back to you, it can never be enough.

PTSD is really a silent killer. It’s very real and has been with us as long as Americans have been serving and fighting in wars. It’s been renamed several times throughout history but it remains the same; battle fatigue, shell shock, etc. It can be very disabilitating if not treated properly. And by treatment, I mean advanced, extensive therapy protocols designed to help the individual reassemble themselves mentally into a newer, more functional and empowered version of who they were before. Not some bullshit, cost cutting approach where a VA doc prescribes drugs after a 15 minute evaluation and kicks your ass out the door. PTSD is a very problematic phenomenon; an illness brought about by mental fragmentation under intense circumstances in extreme situations. Specifically, that would be combat environments. PTSD shouldn’t be in any way discounted or taken lightly because the mind retains and harbors all the intensity of the sounds, smells, screams and explosions internally more accurately than any video.

This is also further made worse by the fact that the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between an event being real in the external environment or an internal mental image action sequence it has recorded to memory and is continually replaying over and over again in an effort to resolve all the pain, fear, confusion and suffering it contains. There is plenty of really bad shit which can happen to human beings in this world which produce mental perception impressions so strong and so extreme that they push the mind past a point where it is unable to heal or reorganize itself. It then requires professional help. However, the biggest problem is not that adequate means or resources do not exist to lift up our veterans back into a state of improved, productive mental health; the problem is we are now saddled with a marxist government which actually hates this country and all of her citizens. And since active service members and veterans represent much of the best of who we are, I sense that much of the Government’s hatred for this country is targeted against veterans. Prove me wrong! It seems as if these smarmy, communist cocksuckers go out of their way to purposely piss away our money on crap like $100 million to study the cocaine habits of transgender Pakistani sex workers; or, $100 BILLION to build a single mile long concrete bridge over a washed out gully for a magical high speed choochoo train out in the desert which will never be completed; or, $200 billion to process and import tens of millions of illegal invaders and give them all free housing, healthcare, food, education and plenty of disposable spending money; or, BILLION$ for bullshit alternative energy initiatives; or, bogus proxy wars where we really have no national interests in faraway shitholes, like Ukraine, Yemen, Niger and Syria. BUT, NO fucking money to give our vets a helping hand us as a way of saying THANK YOU. NO fucking money for a WALL or anything which provides a SINGLE advantage to American citizens or businesses. Don’t think we haven’t noticed and aren’t taking notes, you worthless Donkee asspricks. Considering our thus far disciplined and restrained response to your ever overreaching authoritarianism and tyranny as tacit compliance and agreement to your ongoing agenda to “transform” and destroy this country would be one of the biggest fucking mistakes you could ever make; but then again, intelligence is not one Marxism’s outstanding character qualities.

You corrupt bastards seem to enjoy jizzing yourselves every time you open up a new Pandora’s Box. Well, one of those times, WE are going to pop out and you bastards are going to have one Hell of a problem. Not a threat, only a promise.  Much stronger men than I live each and everyday with the weight of their life experiences from the theaters of war. Some times I actually have to wonder if those who gave their lives aren’t in some way better off because at least they are now at peace and with God; instead of being stuck with some Government who despises and considers them an inconvenience. Who knows? During Trump’s Administration, the VA was actually reorganized and moving in a much more resourceful and helpful direction to offer mental and physical support for our Veterans. However, Resident Shithead reversed and changed all of that once he and his crime syndicate stole the 2020 Election. Funny thing that; how Trump had LOTS of things in this country tuned around and headed in the right direction before Joe was installed and reversed ALL of them. Perhaps some of you have had personal dealings with vets who have had a rough go of life after returning from active duty. They could be friends, employees, fellow workers or business partners; perhaps even your own family members. So give combat veterans every break and gesture of respect you can. Not only this weekend or Monday, but EVERY day of the year. That’s especially important now seeing how the government has completely abandoned them and the rabid Left accuses them of being terrorists. It isn’t the mentally ill, confused, faggot, cross dressers who comprise “the Spirit Of America” as the junk and screw obsessed Donkee loyalists insist. It’s our veterans and active service members who put their lives on the line for America and ALL of us. In my book, that makes them HEREOS of the highest order. May GOD BLESS our veterans and fuck this crooked corn holing government. 

The youth of today, meaning pretty much everyone born after 1990 have had it too good and too soft for too long without any understanding or appreciation whatsoever of HOW that has all been possible by the mission and duty of all our men and women in the military. It’s REALLY true, women and children can sleep peacefully at night in their beds thanks to the efforts and willingness of some incredibly badassed motherfuckers out there who are always on watch and won’t hesitate to do very bad shit to annihilate any approaching enemies. OOH RAH!

The latest crop of pudding bears who have grown up living their entire lives with mommy and daddy under the protection of such incredible men and women don’t have a CLUE. They’re too busy having intercourse with their smart phones while posting their Marxist calls to “crush capitalism” on their social media accounts on their $3000 MAC BOOK PROS while savoring the cultural austerity of their daily $7 free trade, non GMO, soy chia Starbucks lattes made with organic almond milk in a climate change aware paper cup. Unfortunately, a fair share of them have also drunk the Donkee Kookaid by allowing leftist controlled and run indoctrination centers of “higher education” to perform brain transplants on them to turn them all into baby commie activists and revolutionaries. You know, the kind off arrogant, self righteous, racist, antisemite pissant POSs who go on hunger strikes to protest “genocide” in GAZA, but order in DoorDash to be delivered to their independent, autonomous little, neohippy encampment fiefdoms on the second day. Skidmarks who cry and whine about “genocide” against bunch of rabid muslim jihadi fucks while in the same breath are completely down and OK with the murder of 75 MILLION unborn children in their mother’s wombs since 1973. Fuck me, some times it’s all I can do to stop myself from walking around the house and punching holes in the walls. That’s usually the time Mrs. Mossberg asks me if I ‘d like a beer and a shoulder rub.

Baby communist “revolutionaries” brainwashed and indoctrinated by our Government and its government funded entities to teach them to hate the very people who protect them. To hate the very country which has given them them all the modern comforts of living these ungrateful shits take entirely for granted. I also must point out here how today’s military has been too corrupted and compromised by all the DEI and CRT bullshit which all new recruits are required to bow and submit to. It will be interesting to see if Trump is actually able to get back into the White House again whether he can restore our military to their original mission which is breaking shit and killing people who mean us harm. I certainly hope so! All I know now is that Joe and his merry crew of commie pirates have put US behind one hell of an eight ball by putting our Military behind a HUGE eight ball.

This these bastards have accomplished that by spending the country into a debt oblivion, depleting our strategical petroleum preserves for purely political reasons, spreading our forces thin by meddling in all sorts of stupid shit wars all over the world which are really NONE of our business, designating the REAL patriots in this country as “domestic terrorists’ and America’s “greatest national security risk,” failing to secure our borders or fund important weapons systems development to stay competitive with the Chinese. And finally, forcing everyone in our military to eat their giant DEI, CRT SHIT sandwich. NO, I don’t think Queers in the Military openly being QUEER makes us stronger or adds to securing the national defense. For that matter, grunts are all green. The Military is NO place to be celebrating “diversity” or racial differences. When the moment of truth comes, you’re not going to give a damn about the skin color of the guy next to you; rather, you are going to thank GOD and your lucky stars he was there to pull your shit out of the fire. Cohesive well trained units are indeed  dangerous and formidable weapons. Those based on ridiculous enforced priorities of correct personal pronouns and all sorts of bullshit rules about “not offending” by celebrating “equity” become cannon fodder. I’m sorry, but for the most part, the Joint Chiefs are rainbow ass slickers who obsess about “white rage” like it’s some sort of sin. Excuse me, but I would  think “white rage” would be a force to be reckoned with if only we had leadership in our Military intelligent enough to know how to properly channel it against our enemies. Can’t have that, no sir! Butt, butt, butt LUV is really LUV and LUV is really the only way, right? The Japs hiding in holes with flame throwers on Okinawa certainly knew this, right? Kubayah my Lord, somebody is really stupid and lots of people have and will lose their lives because of this stupidity. Don’t believe me? Witness our recent masterful withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Chinks must be laughing their asses off at us now…

Sorry,  but too much of today’s military is managed and directed by boot licking, cake eating, REMFs in cush administrative positions. They make decisions which directly impact military readiness based on how they can best climb the promotional fish ladder to retire with a phat benny package. I believe too many of them are too driven by the personal ambitions of greed and power. Please prove me wrong because I am completely open to being convinced otherwise. I’ll even go so far as to say most of them above the rank of Major are on a fast track to a cozy Pentagon position where they can be wined, dined and romanced by eager lobbyists trying to sell less than perfect systems that don’t work optimally in real combat situations. Just take a peek at our current inventory and readiness standards.  There’s plenty of surplus $800 toner cartridges for all the copy machines, but much of our combat equipment and systems cannot be fielded due to insufficient maintenance or worries about climate change? Got 155mm Howitzer shells? Not so much. What the actual fuck?

If I’m not careful, I might almost be tempted to concede they just don’t care; or at least care enough to do whatever is right instead of what is easiest, most convenient or pushes their careers. I’m looking at you Mark Milley, you fat fucking communist pile of steaming dog shit! Got you that seat on the board, did you? What’s worse is the people in charge of accounting for all of this corrupt waste don’t! They fill in spread sheets and push paper on to the other 45,000 affirmative action hires who don’t do a stinking thing except put them in their outbox to keep on getting their $145,000 a year with full benefits. AND, they can’t be fired no matter how lazy, stupid or incompetent they are. Has this become a great country or what? The American people demand a FULL audit and accounting of the Military Industrial Complex of EVERY expenditure they have made with our tax dollars! WE DEMAND to know from the General Accounting Office HOW TWO TRILLION DOLLARS just managed to “disappear!!” Sorry, but “we don’t know” isn’t an acceptable answer. Neither is “the fucking dog at our homework” defense. TWO TRILLION $$$ of our taxpayer dollars on top of and in addition to the hundreds of billions they waste every year; and nobody can account for it. POOF! It just disappeared. The unicorns took it!

Ok, back to Memorial Day and the important significance this somber holiday represents. Enough of my tirade of unhappiness about the corruption and outright thievery of the MIC. It’s the commitment of America’s finest men and women who have answered the call to step up to face the challenges our enemies have posed against all human freedom and liberty. There are NO questions whatsoever about the sacrifices made by these courageous individuals and the gratitude we will always owe them. This weekend and Monday, fly your flag. Shit, fly your flag every day! NO, not the buttfuck mafia cult flag; or, the bullshit ”from the river to the sea” terrorism flag. Fly the AMERICAN flag to honor all our military service members both living and passed. It will also provide the added benefit of pissing off the Leftist assholes who still unfortunately live, breath and walk among us. Butt for HOW long, who actually knows? Visit the military cemetery in your local area to say a prayer and give those brave folks a salute and a heartfelt “well done.” We haven’t forgotten them and we won’t ever forget them; regardless of all the political bullshit being stirred by a particular demographic of mentally ill, freedom and prosperity challenged assholes. I’ll bet there would be a lot fewer wars and waste of precious American blood and lives if our pampered Political Klass warmongers who are always talking shit to spike their defense contractor stock portfolios were forced to finally put their money where their big mouths are. That means suiting up and going to the line in Ukraine. I’ll bet lot’s of people would be much happier if they did that, too. Yeah, I know, it will never happen.

Veterans should be rewarded for their service. They deserve MAJOR breaks! Start by waiving all veterans from all income and property taxes. Free quality and unlimited healthcare. Housing purchase subsidies or at least interest free conventional loans. Phones. I’d say free education too, but that shit the bed years ago. Let’s honor the ones who are still here with us. Every day, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. Honor and take REAL pride in their fellowship of national defense which involved  them risking their safety, health and lives by courageously going to faraway places sent by people who would never take such a risk themselves.

This Monday is Memorial Day. A day to give thanks and be grateful…

“No greater love hath a man than he who lays down his life for his brother.” AND his country! THANK YOU, Veterans! ✪

At ease Americans, as you were

General Mossberg