The Media According To NED

The Media According To NED

✪ Did you notice? This last week seemed even stranger than usual because the Leftist Fapdog Media couldn’t seem to get their talking points all lined up. Either that or there were too many new narrative directives being issued by the Ministry Of Truth by direct order of their masters at the WEF in Davos. That’s what happens when you turn too many squirrels loose at the same time: they run all over the place and get out of control. We start to see more brief and momentary cracks in the curtain of this Truman Show. We start to see the Matrix begin to glitch more as it begins to suffer under the stress and non-sustainability of its own lies. That’s a good thing because it’s a sign they’re starting to lose their shit. Weekends are usually reserved for the propaganda and brainwashing machine to take a breather for system maintenance, assess and reorganize its resources and chart a new carpet bombing mission on the Sheep for the next coming week. Friday afternoons are usually reserved for wrapping up loose ends and “dumping” or as I prefer to call it, “flushing” information deemed dangerous or counterproductive to “The Message.” It’s also the time of week when it’s easiest to slide things by the zombie masses because everyone is so tired of slaving away the entire week in order to help the Government send more money to Ukraine. By that time, the masses just want to settle into 48 hours of being numbed by cheap tranny light beer while they worship at the altar of televised, professional sports. Go Team! By the time another Monday rolls around, the Media apparatchiks have revitalized and received new marching orders on how best to spook the Sheep with new outrages, disasters and gaslighting. You know because they all parrot the exact same words on every television station, social media platform and dirtbag lefty blog. What are the actual chances of 50-60 different people are all spewing the exact same words at the same time every time the next “big story” breaks? NONE. They’re not in any way “informing” the public; rather conditioning the worker bees in how the Elite wants them to think. Questioning the synthetic reality is dangerous and will not be tolerated! Blue pills all around for everybody! Der Message uber alles! OBEY! 

Of course, those of us who have already taken the red pills find no fascination whatsoever by having our time wasted with this kind of bullshit. We have better purposes with which to occupy the priorities of our lives. Mainly how to keep our heads above water, our mental health in check and our financial realities in a condition whereby it allows us to stand and survive one more day in the howling storms of all this cultural insanity being purposefully perpetuated by these marxist, luciferian bastards. 

However, this last week, apparently someone in Davos dropped the ball, called in sick or got their wires crossed, because this weeks “news” was more of a hit or miss hodgepodge of a variety subjects all pointing in different directions and lacking the customary cohesion of a central narrative “theme.” Are the wheels finally starting to come off? I mean come on, man! How much more limp dick can you get than an unknown curry monkey in an empty, rented UHaul “crashing” into the White House fence? Pardon me, but I’m old enough to remember at least two other times where whackos who scaled the White House fence were immediately shot dead. Butt not this time! What was this master genius’ plan? To crash the gates, occupy the White House and “take control of the nation.” HIS words! Fuck, is that really all there is to it? Well, Punji didn’t bring any guns, bombs or weapons, so I’m not too serious he was about all of this. In fact, the rented UHaul was completely empty except for a Nazi flag which the arresting police prominently laid out on the street for the perfect Media photo op. The so-called “coup” was a complete fucking failure! And his charges were downgraded into wrist slapping territory within 24 hours of this daring, failed “insurrection.” Imagine that!

To everybody else besides the contingent demographic among us who still prefer to live their lives with their heads squarely planted up their asses (in other words, everybody who voted for Joe and thinks he’s doing a wonderful job), it should be completely clear exactly what this is all about. I mean, a dumb Indian guy is the best they could come up with? At least find somebody like Ray Epps to carry that false flag across the goal line because an imported Mumbai cab driver and the Nazi flag are just about as ideologically distant and opposite from each other as you can possibly get. Do they really expect nobody to notice that? I guess it’s still enough to grab the attention of and trigger the legions of Leftist Donkee Sheep lost in the haze of surfing queer porn on the internet under the influence of free government weed. In their insect brains which have not evolved any further past the Mesolithic Period, you can almost see their only half a dozen or so synapses popping off: Nazis = MAGA = Conservatives = White Supremacists = Christian = Republican = Fascist = Racist = Homophobe = Transphobe = Domestic Terrorists = DRUMPFT! Yawn! In any case, the story of the punji white supremacist attacking the White House in an empty rented UHaul armed with only a Nazi flag didn’t really resonate in quite the way they were hoping because the dramatic staging was pure shit, so off it goes down the rabbit hole over the weekend! POOF! Do you suppose somebody at the FIB forgot to put explosives in the UHaul; or, a couple of evil black rifles? It’s looking like NED is really off his game these days.

Or perhaps it’s probably that actual Americans like you and I who are now so used to the sophomoric, FIB false flags that they’ve completely lost their ability to shock and confuse us. Nobody no longer really gives a shit anymore because we all already know who’s behind all of this and why. It’s like the crazy Uncle who comes to visit and spouts off dirty jokes over Thanksgiving dinner. The first couple of times, everybody is shocked. After the 100th time, nobody cares because they know what’s going on and have come to even expect it. Don’t get me wrong here! If you somehow find yourself showing up on the FBI’s radar, they can and still have the means to seriously fuck with you six sides from Sunday. Because if you love America and don’t fall into line behind Great Leader and the DC Applesauce Gang, they consider you to be the enemy and fair game! Shit, they’ll do it to you just for fun and sport! Laws? They answer only to Congress! We don’t need no stinkin’ laws! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the January 6th political prisoners. The US government is now plenty big enough to exempt itself from following the same set of laws it enforces on those who may oppose it and they know this! Sure, you can take them to court, but GOOD LUCK winning because the average citizen can’t in any way compete with the overwhelming amount of resources the Government now has at its disposal to defeat you. And they know it! Besides, the Just-us system today only exists as yet another extension of Government. It’s OWNED by the Government, FUNDED by the Government, STAFFED by the Government, OPERATED & MAINTAINED by the Government. IOW, it IS the Government! I think you get the idea. And more and more, the Just-us system has become just another weaponized arm of the corrupt Democrap Party. Don’t believe me? Remember the January 6th political prisoners! NED’s definitely a single party rule kinda guy!

Hell, all you have to do to break one of the infinite number of petty shit laws or regulations or be a Conservative! Remember kids, that’s the FIB’s definition of a terrorist! If you also happen to be white, well there ya go, you’re also a racist, white supremacist! Are your moral sensibilities also insulted because you refuse to smile every time the Fag Mafia jams a big 20 inch rubber, rainbow dildo down your throat? Which happens now at least 100 times a day! Well then, you’re also a Bible thumping homophobe who has an unhealthy tendency for committing hate crimes! How dare you not bow in supplication before the one true god, the STATE! Apostate! Heretic! Zealot! Und finally, der citizen, are all of you tax filings and tithes to the State ACCURATE and CURRENT? You know, it’s your duty as a citizen and required by LAW to decipher and OBEY all 80K PLUS tax laws on the books which comprise the Federal tax policy. Many of which contradict one another and are so vague, obtuse and poorly written that even the thugs working for the Infernal Revulsion Service do not completely understand them. Butt that’s a feature and NOT a bug; all on purpose and by design in order to leave lots of gaps and wide open spaces in which their Just-us system can find any interpretation they need to garnish your wages, confiscate your personal property, throw you in jail and completely destroy your life. So much for NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, right? Are you starting to suspect this country has turned into something completely different than what the Founders originally intended? Rhetorical question!

The commies among us have a goal they’ve been working on since WWII to achieve. This goal is precisely what has brought us to this point. I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say the FIB is now a government weaponized arm of this illegally installed criminal regime. The first time I saw that photo of about fifty of their agents kneeling in homage to Saint Fentanyl was enough to make me a true believer. They’re now the hired mob muscle for Congress and their corporate special interest pets, higher education, the unions and any other group intent on destroying American society by abusing the Rule of Law. Nazi Germany had the Gestapo. Russia had the NKVD. We now have the FBI. Our master overseer here is NED. His job is to be the all seeing eye who reports on us to safeguard our cherished “democracy.” The reason any of this shit has become as bad as it already is is simple. The other side interprets our inherent moral goodness as our greatest weakness and our most vulnerable point of attack. Fuck me, but I’m sad to say they may be right. For better or worse, we still believe in the Rule Of Law and all of the traditional values which have made this country the greatest on the face of the Earth. The dilemma appears to be that we are the only ones who still believe in playing the game by these rules. What other choices do we have? To drop down to their level and roll in the sewage with them? That never bothers a pig, because pigs LOVE rolling in their own shit. The twist here which I am certain comes to you as NO great surprise is that our worthless, corrupt elite, political klass who make the laws have NO intention of following them. Al Sharpton is still a free man and making plenty of trouble regardless of the fact that he has owed more than $4 million in unpaid, back taxes since the Klintoon era. WHY is that? HOW is it a policeman who was only doing his job is now serving 25 years in prison because George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while in his custody? How is it Hunter Biden is still a free man after screwing underaged children, breaking Federal firearm laws and selling his father’s political influence to hostile foreign interests? HOW is it the CIA can for all practical purposes come out and admit to assassinating JFK in 1963 and nobody says or does anything about it? That’s because those who legislate, enforce and judge the laws no longer feel any social duty or moral obligation to follow them. The communists have made justice in America selective and fleeting in order to cover their own crimes, which are MANY! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the January 6th political prisoners!

Yeah, we all gonna die again. For the 1000th time. This time it’s because of all the crying, screaming, pearl clutching and fear mongering going on about the deficit default. Oh dear, the Sheep are nervous again. Haven’t we already been through this shit before? I vote for default, especially if it helps bring this simmering pot on the stove to a boil faster, I’ all for it! Yes sir, just tell the FED to fuck off. All the other countries we owe money? They can go fuck themselves, too. What are they gonna do? Economically, they are joined at the hip with us. Including China, especially China. The RMB is still pegged to the Dollar. If the fucking Chinks want to become the World reserve currency, let them float the Yuan and compete against other currencies in the international market. They won’t and don’t because they know without the Dollar peg for support, the value of the Yaun will sink like a flushed turd. Go on Slant Eyes, make our day! For all I care, let this shit default and starve the Beast! Burn this shit house to the ground & chase all the money changers out of the temple. That includes completely bringing down this fraud of a government and holding all its criminal accountable for all the misery they have heaped upon the World. It’s all gonna happen sooner or later anyway, I guarantee it! End all the bullshit money scams like climate change, state sponsored illegal immigration, the Great Reset, the Green New Deal, the EU, UN WEF & NWO! Wipe that slate clean! WooHoo, ride ‘em cowboy! Purge the country of all the parasitic communist filth and introduce a stable, asset backed currency. FULLY reinstate the Constitution. NO compromises! I’m deathly serious! It’s time! No, I don’t want to kick the fucking can farther down the road only to buy the current World masters more time to forge their chains around us. Fuck that! 

Ok, I admit I’m not telling you anything really new that you already don’t know or suspect anyway, but sometimes it really helps to hear it from other sources. That confirms you aren’t going bat shit crazy or slipping into the mass formation psychosis NED and his merchants of the insane chaos machine keep pumping out for mass consumption every day. And that’s exactly what we are all up against; no less than evil merchants of chaos doing the Devil’s work! They say order is the first law under Heaven, so it only makes sense that these disgusting maggots are all in for complete chaos, but I don’t give them enough credit to be able to think through far enough to what comes next after their chaos. I have no idea and neither do they. What I do know is at some point, they’ll finally succumb to becoming their own best customers. They’ll eventually choke and die on their own bitter, wicked medicine. They’ll end up shooting themselves in the dick and bleeding out. Call it karma or whatever you like, it’s inevitable. While we on our side are ultimately our own best friends, they are their own worst enemies. Only they don’t see or know it yet. The Good Book says the wages of sin are death. I believe that to be true because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Numerous times. They’re too busy distracting themselves with all the sick & twisted pleasures of their dark perverse sins that they fail to notice the tide is coming in. Geez, if there’s only one thing I can write here in this week’s Double Barrel that sticks with you and makes an impression, please let it be that regardless of whatever happens in the future, you and I are saved by grace as to never be so stupid to make such horrible mistakes of judgement. If I’m going to go out, at least let me take my integrity intact with me. AMEN.

One fine day, the Sun will rise and this Nation will finally decide enough is enough. A sort of momentum which has been building quietly over time will suddenly and unexpectedly reach critical mass. People will then just refuse to play along anymore. They will simply refuse to be governed. The coup will collapse in upon itself and the collective organism of society will begin a natural process of removing the cancer and restoring itself. I have no idea of when of how this will occur so don’t bother asking me. I don’t know. IMO, the chances are very good that even some sort of Divine intervention make take place to influence this dramatic shift. Even God must be growing sick & tired of this bullshit by now. What I do know and hold Faith to is that every time there is a struggle between Good and Evil, Good always triumphs. That’s because although Truth may sometimes be clouded or obscured, it still remains eternal. On the other hand, LIES are ultimately outed to be only illusion and hollow shadows. Are you getting that NED? Your days are numbered! END of transmission.✪

Faith in God and Country!

General Mossberg

PS: Fuck you, Ned!