✪ Greetings, fellow Patriots! Another week’s worth of time has already slipped by. More water under that bridge!  Oh look, we are still standing and functioning in spite of the daily lunacy being perpetuated by the global merchants of chaos and destruction. Looks like our demise is proving not to be the automatic slam dunk they were counting on. In fact, during this last week, there have been some important victories for our side. House Speaker Johnson has actually begun to deliver on his threat/promise of releasing the January 6th videos. Pinch me, am I dreaming? Someone in Government who delivers on what they say? The first release this week was pretty damning and incriminating for the Stalinist Donkee Politburo who ran the sham kangaroo January 6th tribunal. It makes them look like complete shit, but we already knew that. What it shows is what we Americanists have already known and have been saying for a long time. There was NO insurrection! There was NO attack on our “cherished democracy” as they have claimed! They LIED! What there was instead was a political TRAP they set as part of the STEAL; planned and laid out by none less than the top brass of the Demonrat Party. That would be Nan Piglosi & Chuckie Schumer. A setup which invited the “protestors” into the Capitol Building. In the latest videos, we see them being waved in through opened, unlocked doors, guided on personal tours to the Gallery and various offices, sharing fist bumps with the cops. I swear, most of the shit I’ve already seen on these videos make the MAGA Trump protestors inside the Capitol look like a kindergarten field trip compared to the rabid jihadi luver temper tantrums at the White House where those dirty, greasy Mud-hammed fan bois & gurls vandalized statues and monuments, destroyed property and tagged the front gates and the offices of several lawmakers with antisemitic graffiti. But don’t hold your breath waiting around for any justice out of the Joe Junta to be served on this mob. Don’t expect to see indictments handed down and warrants served on anybody in the streets who actually broke laws. Not just yet. Don’t expect to see any of them rounded up and tossed without due process into some deep, dark, federal hole and left to rot as political prisoners. Oh NO! The fucking Ratz just absolutely LOVE their little Palestinian rabble rousing useful idiots! This is what ultimately happens after FIFTY YEARS of importing hordes of human SHIT into the country. And now these motherfuckers are floating the idea of bringing another million or two “Gazan refugees” here. You know, because we need to lead by showing the world we are a com-pashun-eight cuntry or some such Orwellian psyop propaganda bullshit. Just say NO!

I’ve pretty much been rationing myself on small doses of the “news.” As I told you before, I have completely sworn off any and all mainstream, alphabet, Ministry Of Truth mental suppositories because that shit will rot your brain. As far as they’re concerned, I will continue to tune out instead of tuning in. After a certain amount of time, you find yourself wanting to be Elvis and blast the screen with a high powered, high caliber weapon of choice. Either that, or you finally submit under duress to their completely mangled bastardization of reality in order for any of it to make sense. NO thanks! In other words, swallow big, heaping spoonfuls of that synthetic reality they keep serving up out of their asses. PASS! Orange Man bad! Oil bad! Meat bad! Gunz bad! God bad! Amerika bad! A record 81 million votes! Stand with Ukraine! Trans women are real women! Blacks are still slaves in America! The Chinese are our friends! We only have nine years left! Hunter didndu nuthing! Ket vaxxinated! Sheitttttttttt! I have a headache. Sit! Lay down! Roll over! Stand up! Sit down! Beg! Give us all your money & freedoms! STFU! Good Sheep! 

In the latest reversal of the synthetic reality, we find all the forces of the Fapdog State Media have been organized to hammer home the narrative that neanderthalic barbarians of allah who call themselves HAMAS are now actually the innocent victims of unprovoked Joo hatred, aggression and violence. I tellz ya Martha, the TV says those ugly Jooz are killing millions of poor palestinian babies in hospitals everyday for no other reason than they are just blood thirsty murderous monsters, so it must be true, right? WTF? In the News Media’s version of synthetic reality was the World created on October 8th? Is there NO written history or collective memory of anything that happened before that day? Fuck! Seems so, otherwise it automatically follows that most thinking people would be able to add 2 plus 2 and still come up with FOUR. Most thinking people would also be able to connect the dots between the events of October 7th and the current military campaign underway by Israel in Gaza to turn HAMAS into a fart in the outhouse of History. Oh, but I said thinking people didn’t I? Well, that precludes and excludes at least HALF of the brainwashed idiots in this country who have been purposely milk fed on the big Donkee tit their entire lives to be retarded, self loathing democrat voters. These are people who wander out of their staterooms on the Titanic as it is sinking and ask if there will still be BINGO tomorrow night. They don’t get it because in order to get it means they would have to risk having a unique thought of their own. A terrifying prospect they have been conditioned by the Hive Mind into believing is an impossibility.

So just like tranny fruits, EVs, the Ukraine war to save “democracy,” the Bat Chink Flu vaxxines and even the fucking weather, the Gaza War is the latest casualty of how the Synthetic Reality’s twisted ability to take and turn something which should be completely obvious to everyone, upside down and inside out, bass ackwards from the way it actually is and pound it home 24/7 into the heads of all the Sheep until they all BAAAHHHH together in an orgy of mindless Sheep agreement. Repeat after me: Palestine is a real country! All together now! Palestine is a real country! Yeah, it’s all the fault of the Israelis because they are evil, criminal bastards who enjoy launching wars against innocent victims just for the fun of it all and you are NOT allowed to connect ANY possible causation or accountability back to the ones who started all of this shit in the first place because they’ve already got everybody feeling so bad about them being the “victims.” If you point out it was HAMAS who started all of this, you’re an islamophobe! The same way you aren’t allowed to point out that men really can’t have babies because that automatically makes you a hater, transphobe or sexual bigot. Even though everybody already knows only birthing humans born with real uteruses can actually be mothers. Uhhh, the last time I checked, that would be only women! The same way you aren’t allowed to question the completely bogus premise of “climate change” without being publicly scolded and shamed by some scandanavian, fetal alcohol syndromed, sexually frustrated, marxist school girl. How DARE you! You have stolen my future! No Bitch, you’re trying to steal mine! The same way you dare not claim the 2020 elections were STOLEN. What are you, some sort of “election denier” who is trying to undermine our “cherished democracy?” Well, your blasphemous ass needs to be thrown in prison!

The same way they said we were selfish and should lose our jobs, businesses and freedom because we refused to take the clot shot. It’s all the same playbook formula for every one of these collective mindfucks! Forced conformity to the agenda under duress of manipulation and confusion brought about by the deliberate inversion of reality. Hic! You know it! The strategy is to make life and every fucking normal part of it so stressful, difficult and confused, that you want to take The Blue Pill, lay down and go back to sleep so they  can assrape you in your dreams. Let your pal Klaus and his buddies at the UN, EU, NWO, FBI, CIA, DHS, TLC, FED, RNC and DNC do all the driving on our happy little trip together into the Future. What could possibly go wrong? 

The outraged Left here at home almost never experience any of the pain, suffering and hardships in other parts of the World they seem to constantly be rebelling against. How ironic. Thanks to that evil Capitalism they so violently detest, they always return home from the latest outrage protest to a decent meal made possible by modern agriculture which is raping the world. If they had their way, we’d all be naked and dirty again, foraging in the woods for nuts and berries. Or eating bugs. That hearty post protest meal they enjoy is cooked by energy which increases their carbon footprint, followed by a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed made possible by all the accumulative innovations of the industrial revolution over the last 150 years. Crush capitalism! Butt not to worry, because tomorrow is another day! Another entirely new day to be outraged and miserable about shit which is completely unaffected by outrage and misery. Another day to be unhappy about everything they hate because they can’t face the fact it’s themselves they hate the most. Another day to march, protest, whine, cry, loot, burn, destroy, murder, scream at the sky or whatever because it’s never once occurred to them that perhaps they would be much better served by finding whatever happiness and fulfillment there is in this brief endeavor we call “Life.“ Fuck no! Time to get up and be miserable again; and make everyone else miserable too! Time to pile into the BMW I bought with daddy’s trust fund and drive to the next NO OIL or DEATH TO ISRAEL protest. Time to pick up another FREE RED union t-shirt and march in solidarity holding my pre-printed Socialist Workers picket sign. Time to block traffic to share my malaise with the rest of the World! Butt only after I first stop at Starbucks on my way there to pick up my daily, sugar free, non-fat, soi chai, free trade, latte with almond milk. Rage against the machine!

What I find astounding is how easily most of these Sheep are lead around by the rings in their noses. They don’t have the slightest idea who HAMAS really is and believe “Palestine” is a real place! From the river to the sea! Which river and which sea, assholes? Huh? These mindless, ignorant fucks have NO idea which river or what sea! Of course, talk is cheap when all the real shit is going down 8000 miles away in somebody else’s backyard. Free Palestine! Excuse me, are those scones made fresh today? Death to Israel! Death to America! An extra espresso shot please!

Many of them would probably be hard pressed to even find Gaza on the map. They are bereft of the history of the region while remaining totally ignorant of the reasons why this shit is going on right now. They only know what they are fed by their masters. The Synthetic Reality has them bamboozled into thinking the Israeli’s are the invaders and occupiers of the land! They’re too fucking dumb to know HAMAS couldn’t care less about whether “Palestinians” live or die! Yet, the Left is on a mission to protest for them! DUH! If I was them, I wouldn’t be going around calling myself “Palestinian”  because that’s a surefire way to be very unpopular in your own neighborhood. If you’re a “Palestinian” nobody wants you around because you have a shitty reputation for being lazy and making trouble. No wonder you’ve never been able to have a fucking country you can call your own. In fact, if there’s anyone who may have given you half a chance at self governance, it was… It was. Wait for it. WAIT for it. ISRAEL! Well, all bets are off, now! This time, it’s different! NO ceasefires! Mozel Tov, motherfuckers!

Supposedly, there’s two million “Palestinians” living in Gaza. Supposedly there’s also only 12,000 of HAMAS. It seems to me that if the majority of the citizens of Gaza were unhappy about their HAMAS government, they would have already taken matters into their own hands by now to improve the situation. However they haven’t, so that leaves me really short on any sympathy for current shitshow they find themselves in. Too late. We’re already beyond all that now. WHY haven’t they ever risen up and slaughtered every one of these HAMAS pigs? On average, there are about 145 Gazans for every goat fucking HAMAS diaperhead. Why not dispatch every last one of them to send a signal to Israel it’s over and let’s rebuild Gaza together into a great Mediterranean business and resort port city! An offer the Israelis have already proposed to them only a half a dozen times in the past. Why not give the Abraham Accords Model a shot? That would be “Let’s make money instead of war.” If all the jihadis could be removed from their society, maybe the rest of the people living in Gaza who weren’t patholically obsessed with murdering Jews and destroying Israel might have a chance at a peaceful and prosperous future. Ya think? How farfetched is such an idea when even a bitter clinging, Bible thumping redneck like yours truly in flyover country can see it as plain as the nose on my face?  It makes sense! Butt that’s the problem and why it will never work. They have no sense. They are just more tribal muzz animals. Guys who honor murder their sisters if they text a western guy on their phones. Guys who believe their greatest reward in life is blowing themselves up for allah in a crowded market or church. Bloodlust maniacs who only live to kill as many non-believers as they possibly can. Guys who think nothing of machine gunning 260 innocent kids at an outdoor music festival. Guys who don’t hesitate to gang rape dead women before cutting off their heads. Guys who are too stupid to know that their handlers and master are mostly evil billionaires living safely overseas in places like Qatar or the UK. And yet somehow, Israel is the big villain in all of this.

What all the leftist, pro-Pali douchebags in the West fail to grasp is that if Muslims ever succeed in exterminating every Jew on the planet, they won’t stop there. Next, it will be the Christians, then the Hindus and Buddhists. The end game in their bat shit insane ideology is a completely Islamic world where everyone must be muslim. Butt it won’t even stop there because the stupid goatfuckers are also wired for self destruction with tribalism. After they have murdered everyone else, they will turn on each other to settle the next ancient score. It will then be Shi’ite against Sunni. It never ends! Whether they realize it or not, this is exactly what all the Pro-Hamas protest monkeys, Media and marxist, world government officials are pushing for with their condemnation of Israeli “genocide.” Even Saint Greta has gotten onboard with the “Death To Israel” message. Along with the UN and Pedowood. Yeah, all the same usual suspects who are always the champs when it comes to supporting the bad guys in every situation by always taking the wrong side. Usually because that’s where the money is for them. Well, they sure as fuck aren’t doing it out of some sort of commitment to integrity.

Some day soon; and probably won’t be long, these entitled, little snot nosed bitches are going to go too far. They’re going to be emboldened to go beyond vandalizing monuments, spray painting swastikas on doors and windows, beyond red finger painting on white marble government buildings. If they’re not careful, they will push and keep pushing until shit gets very real. The core activists and agitators will then use their useful idiots as human shields and back out. Blacks are slowly waking up and coming off the plantation. I expect that trend to continue, especially if by some miracle Trump is able to get back into the White House next year. Look for the illegal invader invasion to also peak once the country runs out of money to pamper their asses. Most of them will never be completely accepted here anyway; they will always be outsiders. We are already starting to see some of them self deport back to their home toilets. When the shit finally goes real here, all the GenZ weekend revolutionaries will skidaddle back to the safety of mommy’s basement where they can smoke weed, surf porn and play video games while deleting all of their social media. The decadent, self indulgent transfruit won’t last more than a month once society finally enters a correctional phase. See, every cloud has a silver lining. Who knows, perhaps Islam declaring war on the rest of the world might provide the rest of us with a golden opportunity to finally take back our country. Butt only through peace and understanding. You know the General, he would never harm a fly. It’s really about all of us learning to share this big beautiful world together in brotherly love. Am I right? Kumbayah. Namaste! 

I guess this is as good enough a time as any to tell you all I am currently writing the great American novel. So far, the working title is: “THIS IS AMERICA, FUCK OFF.” Always remember no matter come what may, you were born an American. Not a serf, subject or slave. You are much stronger, smarter and resourceful than the Ruling Class would have you believe. Any struggle for your family, friends, home, business and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic as originally intended is worth sacrifice. However, whenever possible, make certain it’s their side who makes the sacrifices. Of course, God is on our side, but he tends to help those who first help themselves. Only my opinion and you are free to interpret that in any way you wish.  If God is with us, then who can be against us? Hold fast to your Faith, because it’s carried us this far. It will carry us the rest of the way.

I’ll return again for next week’s mission briefing at which time we’ll discuss further national adventures in clusterfuckery. In the meantime, stay focused on what’s really important in life; your family, friends and those things and activity which provide real meaning. It will get better if we all do that. The rest is really all just noise and bullshit. The Synthetic Reality. ✪

For God, Country & Family!!

Stand up, dammit.

We got this!!

General Mossberg