✪ What a wonderful week it was! Everything is hunky dorry great, cotton candy sweetness and we are all happy as pigs rolling in shit! Said NO one living in today’s America; except of course, the Ruling Klass and their precious special interest pets who beg and dry hump their ankles for a few meager crumbs from the Big Boy table. WTF? Who are they trying to fool? Stop fucking LYING to us, about everything! We know better! This economy SUCKS! On purpose and by design for anyone who has to buy groceries, put gas in their car or pay monthly rent or a mortgage. We can’t all be born into aristocratic privilege with gold spoons stuck up our asses. We all can’t live in the splendors of Capitol City as happy worker bees in the hive of Government. Inflation is NOT slowing and the only new jobs are shitty $15 an hour part time crap or new government paper pushers.

The fucking border is NOT secure and the greatest existential threat to our national security is NOT “climate change!” It’s DEMOCRATS, MARXISTS, GLOBALIST SHITBAGS and all their fucked up LIES and mentally ill ideas about reality. Oh, how I want this dark night to come to an end as quickly as possible; for a NEW day to dawn over America! It’s coming! I’m so TIRED of all this quack bullshit! How in the Hell has this country become so trashed by our own government before our own eyes? Of course, there are plenty of places where the REAL America still exists and we all know that. Unfortunately, those places do not hold much influence over the overall policies which run the country. It’s NO coincidence the parts of the country where the most of the power is centralized are the worst: because most of the governing power IS centralized there. We have been infiltrated and subjugated ever so slowly over an extended period of our History, as not to draw too much unwanted attention to the devious plots of those who would wish to undermine us for their own satisfaction and enrichment. Now that their crimes are finally fully out in the open, they are trying to change the laws to make it illegal to point them out.  

The good news (if we must for the sake of sanity consider something as “good”) is that all of this is being carried out by a relatively small cabal of people who are already wildly paranoid, insecure, insane and desperate about implementing whatever their twisted agendas may be; whether it be climate change, the next plague, World War III or total economic collapse. How has this come to happen to us?  I’ll tell you how.  We let it happen.  Now hear me out before you go getting your panties all twisted in knots. We didn’t just “let it happen” because we were necessarily careless, apathetic or indifferent. More we were distracted by the duties and demands of a normal life working to support our families. We also “let it happen” by our strong faith in institutions which had already served us well for a very long time. For example, until the STEAL of 2020, most of us were still convinced that the majority of our “leadership” is “elected” by a fair and honest electoral process. Until the STEAL in 2020, most of us still believed our vote actually counted for something and we had skin in the game of shaping our own futures. I guess my point is we allowed it to happen because we were basically GOOD people who still had faith in our traditional institutions. What we have finally come to realize is while we always considered that to be a strength in the past, it has now become a liability because we are now dealing with a group of power lusting, anti-life, anti social, insane, degenerate, morally bankrupt psychopaths who worship death, destruction, chaos, division and just about every form and fashion imaginable of filth and perversion imaginable. I’m talking about Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Communists and Leftists in general. They have NO intention of following rules or “playing fair.” Now we know better.

We no longer hold out until the next election believing things will be fixed when we get our guy in office. We now know better. We now see that our supposed “two party” system has more or less become an ongoing twisted game of ‘good politician, bad politician” and that there is really only ONE political party, the Uniparty. Unfortunately, the joke has been on us. We now know better. We now know the Uniparty exists for only for it’s own benefit and all of it’s special club members really couldn’t care less about the quality of life for REAL Americans like you and I. In fact, they actually hate our guts and hold nothing but contempt for us. We now know better. We feel the same way about them. NO MORE PRETENDING! We now know better. It all makes complete sense now: why the worst people who do the most damage always wind up being “re-elected” over and over again. Not because a majority of voters are too stupid to know what’s best for their own future; but because the entire process of voting has been reduced to a sort of worthless going thru the motions window dressing. I honestly believe the Uniparty Machine has been hacking our elections for who actually knows how long? I suspect for much longer than most of us would expect. I mean, a second Obama term? REALLY? Give me a fucking break! I think a secret, behind closed doors Uniparty Politburo has been choosing and installing our “leaders” already for quite some time. And I think Reagan and Trump may have been the only exceptions since LBJ. I think the winners are already selected well before the elections and installed based on their degree of loyalty and willingness to advance THE AGENDA. Don’t believe me? Then take a look! The enemy is already inside the gate and staring us directly in the face.

At first they didn’t even call themselves “liberals.” They considered themselves Americans with more “liberal” ideas. We now know better. Then, the “liberal” concept was hijacked and whored out like so many other things the radicalized Communists soil with their filthy ideology. But back then, they didn’t ever call themselves “communists.” Instead, they covered their tracks by making the word “communist” sound too extreme. Of course, that approach has evolved and completely changed over the decades as they have become more organized and emboldened. Now they openly admit it because they have succeeded (at least until this point) in gaming the system totally in their favor. Call them whatever you want, Commies, marxists, Maoists, leftists, leftards, Rats, Pinkos, Antifa, Socialists, Progressives, etc. The face of evil has a thousand different fucking names, yet it’s still EVIL.

These Donkee Pod People have been working away during the last half century to weaken the foundations of America. This they have mostly accomplished by sowing hatred and pitting division between specific groups in society. The poor against the rich, black against white, the old against the young, the ugly against the beautiful, men against women and death against life. Constantly sowing division by indoctrinating separate groups to hate each other. They have hijacked our common language and weaponized it in service to advancing their causes. There are now more bullshit made up words and phrases than ever before. Stupid shit like “job lock, climate injustice, trans genocide,” etc., etc.. Blah, blah, blah. But you better be careful not to say anything which might be interpreted by any one of their specialized victims groups as hate speech, because if you do, you could suffer the loss of your job or even risk jail time. Various politicians have been paid very handsomely by the Fag lobby (among others) to codify lots of the newly weaponized language into hate speech policies! If you’re white, you’ve already know for a very long time that the N word is completely off limits. Saying it in front of the wrong people could even prompt physical violence, mostly from though those who are actually the biggest users of the world in everyday casual conversation among themselves. Queers have almost got things to the point where the fucking world comes to an end if you don’t support their mental illness by complying to their demands about “proper pronouns.” I’m sure there will eventually need to be a “law” passed about that soon. Stand by, because it may soon be against the law to criticize or utter “blasphemies” against the Holy Profit. That fascist insanity is already happening in Canada and Europe.

Suddenly, if you’re a white, straight, middle class American, you are the new second class citizen. The Federal Government and their fellow merchants of chaos both seem to think it’s alright to inflict upon white people everything they claim white people have been inflicting on the rest of culture and society. Of course, we now know better. No, I’m not talking about art, music, medicine or advancing the technological comforts and abundance of the general Human condition. No, I’m talking about all the patriarchal, Neo-colonialist, sexist, homophobic, capitalist oppression we have enslaved the entire World in since the Renaissance. The only way to address and correct this grave Historical injustice is apparently to completely deconstruct “whiteness” is by deconstructing America and all of Western Civilization. What a fucking brilliant idea! Whew, won’t you be relieved when corrupt, unskilled third world illiterates are finally in complete control and running everything? At least everything will finally be “fair” and “equal” again, right? 

How is it a particular race or demographic of people constantly get preferential treatment in every segment of society and yet still whine and bitch about being oppressed? Because evolving past or abandoning victimhood to responsibly and maturely face the challenges of living means that all of that preferential treatment and all of it’s free shit will come to a complete stop.  Why do blacks and queers get to have their own months and WHY would such a thing for straights or whites be met with so much outrage, anger and hostility? WHY does there even need to be a fucking trans day of visibility when you can’t help but see these stupid fucks everywhere they go? Trans visibility? Like that’s a real problem? An ugly, fag guy dressed up as an even uglier woman is about the most visible thing you can spot out there. That’s because to any NORMAL, well adjusted person, there’s something very wrong about such public displays of mental illness. They are OBVIOUS. So, we don’t need a fucking International Transgender Visibility Day. We also don’t need a fucking International gay sex workers’ appreciation day. Have you recently told your favorite gay sex worker just how much you really appreciate them? If you haven’t, you should and what better time to do that then on their special day. Fuck me running!  

The truth of the matter is it is now impossible to IGNORE the trans queer movement because they’re everywhere and always rubbing their dirty perv asses in all our faces. Demanding we elevate and join them in celebrating their filth and perversion. NO thanks! They’re yet another crybaby victim class who are always bitching about being “oppressed.” Wanna see some real oppression? Try being a white guy who applies for a good paying job he’s completely qualified for and being passed over so some woke HR dolt can feel good about himself checking off a few more affirmative action boxes. Politicians benefit from it. Corporations benefit from it. We have become so conditioned to accepting mediocrity as the new standard that we almost no longer notice how many slugs have now been placed in important positions only because of the color of their skin. Not because of their experience, knowledge, abilities or merit, but because they continue to cry “oppression.” And everybody wonders why everything is falling apart.

We let this shit continue because we are still not yet in any position to change it. It’s like a really bad case of the flu which just has to run itself out before it can finally start to get better. Oh, speaking of bad cases of the flu, the entire Chink BatFlu scamdemic was a dry run test for global genocide. Who do you think fared the best through all of the lies and bullshit that was floating around at the time? Take a wild guess. I’ll tell you WHO. The people who refused to buy any of the bullshit and comply. The one’s who suffered the most were the fools who listened to and followed the government “experts.” The Sheep who constantly masked, stayed at home rolled up into a shivering ball hiding under their beds. The fools who became anal retentive, obsessive compulsive about washing their hands 100 times a day and above all, the hapless idiots who swallowed the jab, hook, line and sinker. All the real Sheep lined up to stay current on the 67 boosters and now they are dying because of it. Yet, NOT one person who enthusiastically participated in the vaccine roll out, the lock downs, the masks or any of the scamdemic social restrictions will ever admit they directly participated in an attempted, global, mass murder plot. They’re still “baffled” by the sudden deaths of seemingly healthy people and hold fast to the ridiculous claims that it is anything and everything other than what it actually happens to be. Call me cold, but at some point, people’s stupidity has to become life threatening.Those of us who know better remained pure bloods. They missed us this time. We’re still here and not suffering from cardiac problems or foot long, rubber blood clots. The Bat Flu was the trigger meant to spook and stampede the Sheep. Right into the vax. The vax was designed to be the real killer and kill in a prolonged and relentlessly slow manner. I guess they somehow think that still isn’t genocide. We now know better: the vax is actually the bigger killer. 

Trump’s greatest legacy will be how he ripped the blindfold from the eyes of America to expose the utter astonishing level of corruption in our government at ALL levels. The money laundering, the influence peddling, vote buying and backdoor dealing. The lobbyists who purchase favorable legislation for themselves and their interests by purchasing the lawmakers who VOTE on that legislation. Do we still carry on now believing that our officials still represent our best interests? No, because now we know better. Gutter politics have become the norm. It seems most of our major institutions are being run by people who are blackmailed, compromised and otherwise, unable or unwilling to perform on their oaths of office with any honesty and integrity. Suddenly, this shit is almost everywhere and yet, nobody is really doing anything about it. None of these criminals are being arrested, charged or punished. However, there is one really big foul stench which haunts the air of Washington DC and thats the specter of human trafficking along with numerous underage kids who mysteriously disappear and are never seen again. I’m thinking this sort of activity could easily be a sort of lynchpin giving a blackmailer HUGE control over many people in important positions of high power. Rumors abound, now more than ever; and, there is a strange feeling in the air that an evil so horrific beyond all expectations may soon finally be uncovered. What then? The signs are all there. Notice how many people involved in exposing it have been killed before they can talk. Look at the entire Epstein thing. Now P Diddy. I can’t help but think our intelligence community is somehow involved in all of this.

The Department of Just Us is now the Jack Boot arm of the Democrat Party. The IRS is their bag man. The Fed is making trillions charging us interest by loaning us the use of our own money! Why do you suppose THEY call militias “terrorist organizations?” Why are veterans now labeled as “domestic terrorists?” WHY do they call people who question & expose DEI ESG and CRT “haters, bigots” and “deniers?” If I ever decided to call up a group to form a real militia, how many who answer would be FIB informant moles? The Federal Government is trying to create a social environment in which people are discouraged from openly speaking their minds or not allowed to address the Government by peaceful means, unless you’re already a communist who is advocating for the “revolution.” Then you can pretty much say and do whatever the fuck you want because this shitpile government loves your donkey ass. But if you’re a seventy year old grandma who prayed inside the Capitol Building on Jan 6th for the salvation of all the souls harmed by abortion, then it’s off to the Gulag with you!  People can’t gather as safely as before and we are not free talk as much as we have in the past. Government doesn’t even follow their own laws and rules. They consider themselves beyond that. Almost four years later, the J-6 political prisoners continue to rot away in prison as a warning to the rest of us. Don’t challenge the new status quo of criminal corruption, evil and perverse degeneracy unless you are willing to have you life destroyed. I’ll admit, that’s a tough one. Some of us are already too old to be of use and others have care obligations they can’t neglect. Still others hold jobs in this tenuous economy they can’t lose because their families are depending on them. The cabal has plan to replace us with a new entitlement culture of illegals whose loyalties can be bought with the empty promise of a better life. The fucking Government is lying to them just the same as they lie to us. America won’t quite turn out to be the land of milk and honey for these imported invaders once all of the free money runs out. And run out it will, count on it. Probably much sooner than later because these communist fools have absolutely NO concept of the realities of modern economic theory. As I have said before, that is their vulnerability we must exploit. Once their socialism has run out of everyone’s money, that’s when we take back and rebuild our country. Once the money runs out, even illegals will feel betrayed and hate their guts. And at the rate the government commies are pissing away money, that day can’t be too far off. Plan and prepare accordingly!

Shut off their water, electricity & cell phones. End all supply and commodity deliveries for gas stations, grocery stores and repair shops. Send a message to these bastards they don’t really know who they’re screwing with. Once all the government freebies run out, most of the illegals will self deport and leave. The worst of the criminals will probably stay to take advantage of the chaos until they are eventually eliminated. It’s attrition without an army. According to the communist cabal in Washington DC, it’s the real Americans whose ancestors built this country who are now the enemy. That arrogant hubris will prove to be their downfall. They simply have NO clue how much of their existence relies directly on the people the profess to hate so much. They should know better. We need only to withhold from them and the entire Ruling Klass will collapse. You are your best bet to make it through all of this. You, your family, your most trusted friends and colleagues. Don’t ever let them divide you for any reason. Never give up and never give in because for us, failure is never an option. Only for them. We need to get our collective heads out of our asses faster. Less complaining and more action! A wrench somewhere in the works is a good start. You know what I’m talking about. Fuck Ned. The time to take our country back is nigh. Be ready. They are going to pull out all the stops between now and November. It’s their Swan Song and death rattle. They’re out of breath and out of runway. America still lives beneath the wreckage of all this current insanity and will buff right out when done properly. We now know better. ✪

Stay safe and be well fellow Patriots,

General Mossberg