✪ A big hello from way out here in the the sticks of the Ozark Mountains. This week might have been one of the worst ever in the history of the country, but it really wasn’t, or was it?  I tell you, in all the excitement, I often lose track! It was only what appears now to be some sort of NEW NORMAL they are trying to establish!  WTF, Batman?  I refuse to allow this daily chaos, outrage, larceny, ignorance and incompetency to become “normal” because I know damned well what “normal” really is and “normal” is not this communist horseshit they keep throwing at us every day. If you were born anytime before 2000, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re not even in the same neighborhood as “normal!”  This rampant idiocy our Government is perpetuating and participating in can be called all sorts of different things, but “normal” is not one of them. I like to call it the “mother of all clusterfucks,”  but hey, that’s just me!  

There’s a couple of things which happened last week that set me off so much, I had to give myself a “time out” from “news” of any kind.  I just kinda reached a critical mass of sorts and couldn’t take it any more.  I realized I was allowing those who are in positions of power and control mess with my head and happiness by reacting to all the stupid shit they were doing over which I have no control. None. Better to center my power in that which I can control. That’s better. I was becoming so angry it could have become hazardous to my health. Mrs Moss noticed and kindly reminded me that stroking out over the current state of our country would be very counterproductive. I agreed. Instead, I went outside and did some sweat work: things I’d been putting off because I didn’t want to get sore and tired, but I got them all done. I was so pissed I could have chopped down a 65 foot walnut tree with a spoon. What could possibly piss the General off that much you may ask? Well, a combination of several different things.

Last Monday, groups of spineless cross-genital, communist degenerates who love terrorism once again blocked key bridges and airport access at several places across the country. It doesn’t matter if it’s for climate change, public support of jihadi terrorists or God knows what other stinking imaginary outrage; they do this shit all the time! It now happens so much and often people act like it’s no big deal! The NEW NORMAL. All it takes is about two dozen of these unwashed human bacteria to cement themselves together across a highway or bridge and everybody stops? When the cops show up, they don’t clear the garbage off the roadway, NO! More times than not, they’re there to protect these precious little marxist malcontents. This crap continues because it’s being selectively ALLOWED by the very people who are supposed to prevent it!

Thousands of cars back up for miles while the human ticks sit in the middle of the road in support of Islamic terrorism! To stand up for the stinking terrorists! Haven’t we already been thru this crap at least once before? I thought after 9-11, perhaps we’d have enough common sense to know better than to shack up again with Islam. Then the gleeful media broadcast the “Death to America” chants in all the fucking American cities as though it was no big deal! The NEW NORMAL. Except it was a big deal; a VERY big deal. The camel’s head has already been inside the tent for more than a decade and now he’s challenging anyone to dare to do something about him!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a contingent of white leftist trustafarian muzzie ass lickers joining in! HAMAS and terrorist sympathizers blocking commerce & transportation to advocate for the murdering scum Muslim terrorists! Go figure. That was nothing compared to the spineless, worthless responses by the coward police who showed up to these nationally choreographed events only to stand around with their thumbs up their asses like they were clueless as to what they should do next. Forming lines across the road to HELP and PROTECT the diaperheaded goat lovers as they blocked roads. DOING NOTHING TO OPEN TRAFFIC! NOT A THING! Ninety  policemen standing there to protect 10 protestors, letting them block a busy freeway!  

I’m not making this crap up! The local and cable television channels were breathless and giddy in anticipation of the communist insurgents successfully bringing evil capitalism to a complete halt, at least for a few bright and shining moments. The “revolution” gets them wet. They too are more “Death To America” fanatics. The cops looked really dumb acting like nothing more than hall monitors standing there looking all badass and shit but not doing a single thing to enforce the fucking law! Yet, when it’s an eighty year old woman praying across the street from an abortion clinic, they go into full SWAT action takedown mode!

The cops were there to provide muscle to protect the protesters in favor of terrorism. The only time cops really ever moved to confront anyone was when one of the blocked drivers got out of their car to directly confront the dickless allah ball cleaners. Then right back to work allowing the pro Hamas jerk offs to block traffic. This sort of thing went on for hours! I couldn’t believe it! Some people were late to work and may have lost their jobs. Communists don’t care! Some people missed important doctor appointments or scheduled treatments. Communists don’t care! Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs. 

It was downright embarrassing; yet they couldn’t care less. They’re just “following orders” and “doing their job,” right? If they want to retire by 50 with a 90% pension and perks; they don’t want to swim against the current by disobeying the orders of their masters. Did anyone who experienced an emergency that day actually die? And if they did, how would we ever know? The cheerleading, legacy alphabet Media in this country would never report anything that would tarnish the pristine image of the stinking, unwashed, marxist, muzzle loving old hippies blocking the Bay Bridge for islamic terrorism.  Not while those self loathing, America hating bags of old commie hippy shit have plenty of police protection. How ironic! And district attorney protection. And court & judge protection. No wonder they do whatever they want; because they know NOTHING will happen to them! Maybe if they had real jobs instead of being professional parasites, they would have less time to engage in this sort of stupid virtue signaling for attention and perhaps the rest of us would not have to suffer for their stupidity. However, I digress.

I noticed there were some heart lifting and encouraging results when the dirty unwashed tried pulling this crap in Miami. They tried it in Miami and within minutes about 30 cops arrived and descended on the road blocking maggots, grabbed them and threw them in a van after placing them under arrest. Now they’re in jail. At least until some weepy hearted, Soros backed commie legal support organization bails out their worthless asses. Of course, these cowards won’t go anywhere where they aren’t shielded by government assurances of protection and no consequences. Guess how many roads the “Palestinian” shills blocked in Florida? That’s right. None, zero, nada. That’s because Florida has a real governor who doesn’t lick federal asscrack for money; and it shows. California and New York have marxist, tin pot dictators.

Watching the police humiliate themselves like that still put me over the top. It’s a wake up call for the rest of us; if and when shit seriously breaks loose in this country, it’s pretty much a given lots of cops will be out there protecting the troublemakers and arresting actual American citizens. I really hate knowing that. I really do. They should exercise great care and thought over choosing their pensions over their country. In any sort of conflict there are always people standing behind you, standing beside you, and those in front of you facing you down. Anybody standing in front of us will be considered an enemy of America. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they are wearing, even if it’s a uniform. By this time, everybody should already know which side they’re on and those who still haven’t decided are by default against us.

So rather than ACT to enforce laws being broken and doing their jobs immediately, the police allowed the vermin filth to continue blocking traffic for over five hours. They handled the commie scum with kid gloves and tender loving care. Didn’t want to risk another situation where someone of a privileged, pet victim, felony committing retard demographic was injured while in the custody of the police. They had all attached themselves to each other with cement filled barrels and PVC sleeves that prevented them from being cut off. I would have done it differently. A chainsaw across the wrists would have broken up that line immediately and awarded each of the protesters with a treasured amputated stump by which they could always celebrate their loyalty to the cause. Or, just throw them over the edge of the bridge, cement filled, oil barrel still attached. Clear the damned road and then arrest the ring leaders standing at the front. Every state legislature and Governor should pass a bill that punishes the willful and illegal blocking of any major highway with a mandatory 10 year prison sentence and a $100K fine. Then let’s watch how many of these cockroaches would still be willing to get out in the road to make trouble. I bet NONE! The roads would remain clear, I’m positive.

Everybody is guaranteed by the Constitution to the peaceful right of public assembly. Everybody has the right to protest. However, those rights do not extend blocking public roadways or bridges. THAT is a felony. If we weren’t so soaked up to our eyeballs with an infestation of installed communist judges, DA’s, prosecutors, city council members, state legislators communist governors and stinking coward simp spineless doormat police departments, these protesters would be arrested, charged and sentenced! There’s good, old fashioned NORMAL! Butt unfortunately we are saturated with communists and they are now running the country! You know it, I know it and everybody knows it. It’s the NEW NORMAL!  Accept the coup, and comply with this communist dictatorship or suffer the consequences! The losers who blocked the bridge are already back at home and enjoying the great time they had ruining people’s day. I don’t think their acts of social disruption won over a single person to their cause. Instead, they just pissed off lots more people by making their politics personal. I know I was pissed off just watching it on the “news,” and I wasn’t even there!  

Since January 6, 2020 there are over 100 people who have been held as political prisoners while being denied due process under the law for merely walking into a building they actually own! They’ve been rotting in prison for four years with no signs of release. Joe “Tail Gunner” McCarthy was completely right! There are tons of communist operatives burrowed inside the US Government and now they are teaming up with the Muslims and Illegals! I know they still haven’t done much yet. Just wait until summer and the weeks between Nov 5 and Jan 20. Those ten weeks are going to be some kind of crazy and dangerous for this country. If they cheat and steal it again, you’re going to see our side contest that outcome. Or, if Trump actually overcomes all the fraud and actually wins the election, you will see some sort of shit go down during that time in order to keep him out of office. Either way spells inevitable conflict. Prepare accordingly. I bet we’ll see why they imported so many single, middle eastern males, Chinese military, Venezuelan prison gang members, cartel foot soldiers and Haitian murderers. All with the blessings of our own treasonous “government.” This is also part of the NEW NORMAL they are trying to make us swallow. I know normal because I have already lived normal. This is just another instance of them naming something the complete 180 opposite of what it really is. They’re really good at doing that.

So refuse to comply. Refuse to consent to be governed. That’s the only way. Instead of remaining quiet, tell Joe and his marxist merchants of chaos where they can go stick their NEW NORMAL. All during the chink bat flu scamdemic, I refused to wear a mask or comply with any of the vax or six feet bullshit. Once at a store, a Sheeple came up to me and said I had to wear a mask. I said ok, then give me yours. He said he couldn’t do that and then I told him to shut the fuck up because I had offered and he refused. Funny, but nobody else ever bothered me about wearing a mask after that. And I didn’t care! I still don’t! And when they know you don’t care what they think or say, they’ll stop because they know you aren’t drinking their Kool Aid. Just say NO. Who gives a dead rat’s ass about what they may think? Just say NO to their NEW NORMAL. As for the police? Just do as you’re told when you cross them and after you are released you can sue the crap out of them. It doesn’t solve or improve anything if you decide to become a hero and they ventilate you. Strive instead to revive that standard of the “old normal” that allowed regular people to live their lives without fear of the government meddling in everything. To do that, you gotta stay alive. We all gotta stay alive. That’s what’s really NORMAL, kids. Not this Insane Klown Posse Circus dramatizing itself in a completely artificially manufactured synthetic reality. I think we can all agree, it’s already gone well past the point where we withdraw our cooperation and involvement. It really needs to stop! REJECT THEIR NEW NORMAL! ✪ 

As you were,

General Mossberg