✪ It’s truly amazing, but it seems we made it through another week of Biden full diaper-brained baffonery! You can tell the Summer is almost here and we have now entered the final countdown to the November election cycle because shit is really flying everywhere. The communists, muzz and LGBTQ mentally disturbed butt bandits are all pushing their peak crazy to stir the pot. Yet, we are still here having endured another week of their pathological bullshit! OH, and before I forget, Happy Take It up The Ass Queer Month! Do you know what LGBTQ actually stands for? Let’s Go Beat The Queers! Stick that up your pride month and go fuck off, bleeding sodomite sores upon society! Butt enough about them and their perverted sexual confusions, mental illness which they and every rump ranger, pandering, slimy corporation want to force the rest of us to “celebrate” this entire month of filth and social debauchery. And then there are the politicians who slober all over gay buttcrack every time it’s pushed into their faces, Of course, all in the name of tolerance and inclusion. Eff them all!  Since this last week had some pretty significant political developments, I’m gonna rail on a few of those things which pissed me off. Things which defy the imagination because they’re so fucking stupid it hurts.

It now appears as if all the over the top illegal lawfare deployed against Trump by the Left is starting to backfire and bitch slap the Shithead Regime. The so called guilty verdict has had the exact opposite of the original intended effect. It has yet only served to further galvanize and EXPAND public support for Trump. I’m thinking there’s probably only 20% of the general population remaining who are still willing to vote for another four years of Joe. These are idiots in the most advanced stages of Donkee ass cancer, hardcore marxists and communists and people who are for whatever reason, politically retarded. Of course there is also the Fapdog News Media, which isn’t really a reliable source of objective information in any way; rather just another state weaponized misinformation politburo designed to keep as many of the Sheep as possible down on the Plantation, brainwashed & hypnotized. That’s why I laugh whenever I hear about some stupid manufactured lying poll from MSNBCLSD or the Communist News Network touting how Super Joe is still 5 points ahead of Trump in some blue toilet city or state.

All I need to do is take a quick look around to know there’s NO way that can possibly be true. It’s like the record 81 million votes bullshit. The optics don’t bear out to support the claim because all I see around me is everything continuing to go to shit in a hand basket thanks to the Democrats. The fucking border is still wide open and we’re still being invaded. Prices for everything from food to energy to housing (incidentally, three sectors which are NOT included for the quarterly calculations of the Consumer Price Index) continue to rise. People continue to be personally impacted by record levels of crime and drug abuse, the criminally corrupt Political Klass continues to loot and launder our tax money thru bullshit, foreign proxy wars. I could go on and on, yet Joe and his merry band of marxist thieves continue to tell us everything is hunky dory, peachy keeny and all sweetness and light. The problem is that we’ve just never had it so good that we don’t recognize a really good thing when we see it. EFF THEM ALL!

Only this time they have gone too far. Admit it. You know they have. The wild and wide divergence from not only the truth but the everyday reality people like you and I are forced to live under the heels of these crossdressing, money grubbing, kiddie diddling jackals is now too big to ignore or paper over. Unless, as I said earlier, you’re a complete moron who has had a democrat brain transplant and whose thinking and critical analysis abilities have been so scrambled that you actually believe women have penises and mean can have babies. We shouldn’t even concern ourselves with that minority demographic because like the Kensington fentanyl nod zombies, they are simply too far gone to ever bring back; not worth the effort. Eff them all! 

The Trump verdict has had a very negative effect on the Democrats’ plans to take over the world for their billionaire financier butt buddies. Jack Smith is now taking a tremendous ass pounding because he was never officially appointed as special prosecutor through the normal, legal channels. The shot callers never thought anyone would notice or care as long as it was all arranged to “get Trump.” Well, we DID notice! Smith has completely failed in his efforts to get away with his variety of mind boggling legal shenanigans. Perhaps there are still a few parts of the Legal System still functioning as they should. Now he’s all cry baby pissed off about it, but let that tool go ahead and cry. From the looks of things, he’s washed up and his threadbare case is now going nowhere. If Trump ends up going to trail on Smith’s bogus charges, it won’t be until after the election, anyway. Smith and his masters were hoping to try and convict Trump before the election. FAIL. Smith is also just another Deep State, ass licking, communist buffoon who needs to be trapped somewhere in a burning bus. He’s another NWO pool boy who’s only reason for having a political career is to “get Trump.”  He’s not going to be able to do that before November, so I’m thinking at this point he’s pretty irrelevant. After November, I predict he will completely disappear without a trace.

I remain optimistic that lots of these donkee hacks will completely disappear after November. That also includes the Georgia Silverback professional “Fanny;” everybody’s favorite virulently racist and bigoted DA of Fulton County. Her current campaign to “get Trump” has also recently gone into the ditch with a whole bunch of mighty unsavory scandals which include finance fraud, illegal junkets and sexual impropriety. Now that’s fucking rich! Irony sure is a bitch, right Fanny? How you liking the way that shoe fits on the other foot? There are only about 236000 people who live in Fulton County, yet 750000 people still managed to somehow vote for Dr Shitpants in 2020. Fanny was a major playa in the 2020 fraud machine and was bribed handsomely by the America hating Soros contingent for all her efforts! A couple of years ago, she may have had some political clout and momentum. However, that was before people started getting a real taste of Joe’s bullshit after he stole the election. That was before people started watching the weaponized Stasi DOJ go out of control and sentence conservative grandmothers to prison time. That was before most people started to be negatively affected and personally impacted by the avalanche of one fucking stupid, insulting and destructive democrap policy after another. Suddenly, the ubiquitous messaging of Orange Man Bad lost its appeal when people started to realize maybe the Orange Man wasn’t so bad after all.  Fanny Willis’ case against Trump is now on hold by a superior court indefinitely while she is being investigated on RICO charges, along with her idiot DEI staff of racist ass wipes. Now her case won’t be heard before the election, either. Hahaha, she’s toast! How the worm has turned on all these assholes. It’s the Trump curse again! Eff them all! 

Last but certainly not least, there’s that Manhattan fat fuck, affirmative action, donut huffing, plus sized model Alvin Bragg who we already discussed in detail last week. Ok, so he managed to win his made up case. However, almost everything about it was illegally manipulated. The charges were imaginary. Oh wait, WHAT exactly were the actual charges? The presiding judge was total narcissistic piece of human shit with all sorts of financial and nepotistic conflicts of interest. The jury was deliberately fished from a group of open Trump haters and were instructed to find him guilty even if they had to make it all up, which they were only so happy to do by complying. Bragg may have been the only one of these legal hacks to earn his Soros money, if he remains alive long enough to enjoy spending it, because useful idiots generally get flushed like used toilet paper once they are determined to no longer be useful to the Machine. EFF them all!

That’s only one out of four, a pretty piss poor set of odds if you ask me. Considering how many hundreds of millions Soros has flushed on “Getting Trump” since 2016. Did you notice how quickly the memo went out for the nut nibblers to stop gloating and circle jerking themselves in absolute glee over their “convicted felon” accomplishment? So far, that bogus verdict has resulted in more than $400 MILLION dollars being donated to the Trump 2024 presidential campaign. Oops! Who didn’t see that one coming? Talk about a huge vote of confidence in Trump by the American public. Americans of all walks and stripes were obviously disgusted by the blatantly biased and one sided Soviet star chamber dog and pony kangaroo court trial. Alvin Bragg & Juan Marchon are the now biggest Trump fund raisers in election history! The problem with commie progs is they have a permanent and fatal blindspot when it comes to the law of unintended consequences. In other words, they’re stupid puds! Every time! Eff them all!

Then there are the rest of the homosexually frustrated lizard people who nest in the DC Beltway who want to charge Trump with wearing socks which didn’t match his shoes in 1968. Or some such other bullshit. Classified documents! Blah, blah, blah! Oh yeah that’s it! It doesn’t seem to matter to these rectally impacted shiteaters that Trump has executive authority to declassify any documents he wants. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID BECAUSE HE WAS THE PRESIDENT! Not so for Hillary and Shitpants who were illegally in possession of classified documents for which they lacked the authority to declassify. Butt why the fuck should we bother with the law and facts when we have an agenda to “get Trump” to promote 24/7/365? Trump committed NO crimes and broke NO laws by declassifying the documents he took with him when he left the White House. Everybody knows this, although they continue to play stupid. So the corrupt DOJ sent the corrupt FBI to raid Trump’s house at Mar A Lago and plant phony evidence so they could create yet another way to “get Trump.” Eff them all!

The same criminals are now claiming Presidential immunity applies to everybody else except Trump? WTF? The presidential immunity issue now goes to SCOTUS to be decided. Sooooooo what do we see happen next? The Left launches smear campaigns against Alito and Thomas in oder to get them to recuse themselves from the case and swing the ruling to the donkee court majority. These fuckers never stop! That’s communism in action, folks. However, this is just another gambit which has blown up in the Left’s face. Both Thomas and Alito have refused to play along, telling Garland and the DOJ to go get bent. They will be NO recusals. EFF them all! 

The real story behind the documents case is that Trump took very incriminating files with him when he left the White House which the Left is desperate to retrieve. Their trousers are wet because they can’t get their hands on them. I have no idea what might be in those files but I’ll wager it’s really big and damaging to the Left, perhaps fatally; otherwise they wouldn’t be going to such extreme lengths to get them back. That’s the only reason why Trump is being targeted now by the Deep State while Cankles and Shitpants get a pass. That’s why it’s so important for the Machine to “get Trump.” They are scared shitless because everything they have thrown at him to stop him over the last eight years has failed. All of their supposed victories have been hollow and short-lived. The Bragg conviction will be no different. It will either be turned over on appeal or by the Supreme Court. The title of “convicted felon” will turn out to be a badge of honor, because it will only serve to remind most people of how the Democrats illegally weaponized the justice system against one man who was eventually found to be innocent of all charges. They have failed spectacularly because I believe Americans still favor then underdog! And if you’re paying close attention to all of these developments, you can feel a definite shift in the political atmosphere and direction of the country. The Left is finally desperate and running scared. They feel threatened, as anyone who has done what they have done should feel! They know their time is almost up and all they have to offer is crisis, chaos, violence and division. Eff them all!

So cheer up, as I see there’s good reason to remain optimistic now! Their poorly constructed castle of balsa wood and tissue paper cannot continue to stand under the weight of the reality they have created. However, America still rests on a solid foundation, regardless. The Left may have spent the last four years wrecking the rooms, tagging the walls and breaking the windows of our national mansion; but despite their efforts, the foundation of America still remains strong and intact! That’s because the foundation of America is you and I! You can’t build a solid house on sin, lies, emotions, greed, lust, thievery, hate or fantasies because it just doesn’t hold up. America survives to this day because it has been built on a bedrock of Judeo/Christian beliefs and values, merit, excellence and the Rule of Law. Real Americans will soon be completely done with and kick these criminal communist donkee asslickers out of our house forever. It’s coming! Suffice to say, being one of “them” will soon be very hazardous for their health in the near future. They are fighting for global communism. Eff them all! We are fighting for no less than the continuation of individual human freedom and liberty. That’s America! They are a huge steaming pile of shit. We are Americans and as such we will restore this country to greatness, but this time, without the Left. Eff them all! ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg