✪ Another entire week has already gone by without some sort of war breaking out somewhere in the United States. Remarkable when you consider all the shit the Democrats have been pulling. The red states where we live are still in America and the blue states under the heel of the Marxist Donkees are the War Zone. The blue states are almost no longer the United States of America at all! They are blue communist run shitholes. What’s strange is some of them are almost red except for being held hostage by one or more large urban areas which have become Rat and roach nests. You all know exactly what I’m talking about. Large Demon Rat cities are like festering boils on their entire state and the country. If it wasn’t for the infestations in the Bay Area and the Southland, California would be Red and they wouldn’t be stuck with Governor Hairgel and twenty million illegal parasites. The same goes for Washington State and Oregon: as most of the worst cases of progressive rabies can be found in the large toilet cities in those states west of the Cascade mountain range. Most of the folks living east of those mountains have NO interest in drinking the socialists’ Kool Aid. Quite the opposite, those places have lots of farmers, ranchers and salt of the Earth small town and city people who who still believe in God, family, an honest day’s work, small government and being good people. They haven’t allowed themselves to be brainwashed into perpetually agonizing over a bunch of fucking pretended, imaginary problems like climate change, racism, a two state solution and transgender genocide. They’re too busy & smart to waste their lives being afraid all the time simply because that’s the method this corrupt commie government uses to distract the public attention away from all of their crimes. Most Conservatives who live outside of large blue Rat cities know exactly what’s going on in America. We aren’t dumb like Biden voters and groupies.  

Red America continues to soldier on as the safety and quality of life in blue cities continues to deteriorate. Must be part of that “fundamental transformation” only made possible by an election system now rife with cheating and dishonesty. There’s the obvious cheating we all know about like the 2020 STEAL. Then there’s the cheating that’s been going on for years and years behind the scenes that we may not even know about yet. You know it exists! You know it’s been happening! Really, an Obama second term? Fuck me running! And yet the government and the Media continue to insist everything is completely legit. They continue to PRETEND. Check out how the primary election season is being hyped like a Monday Night Football playoff game. Who’s going to the Sooper Bowl this year? Will it be the RED Team or the BLUE Team? GO TEAM! States with millions of people jammed into large blue metropolitan areas always carry Election Day for their commie candidates who are chosen and backed by The Machine because The Machine doesn’t like to lose. Ever. Have you noticed that? Sometimes, they’ll let conservative candidates will a primary or a special election, but when that person finally goes to the general election, they almost always lose. The same meely mouthed, wishy washy, disingenuous, corrupt, destructive, sons of bitches assholes who are running the country into the ground are somehow always re-elected, every time! How can that be? Rhetorical question. Are Americans really unable to distinguish for themselves who works for them for their benefit as opposed to those who work against them for the special interests? Are we really that dumb? I certainly hope not! Only in the blue cities! As far as the blue cities are concerned, the rest of the state can eat shit and die for all they care.  

When you look at a political map of the United States, most of the isolated blue enclaves are the cities on both coasts isolated and separated by a huge sea of red. I don’t remember how many counties there actually are in the entire country and I’m too tired to look it up now. However, I believe it’s more than three thousand. The Communists keep their political death grip on the country by controlling only about 500 counties of those; mostly due to their proximity to huge cities and suburban areas traditionally packed full of psychotic, self loathing fools who hate themselves and America so much they are willing to vote for shit, criminal people who only make everything worse, every time. Shitheads who believe America is inherently a bad country and deserves to be taken down a few notches to make everything else in the world more “equal.” Progressive sheeple loyalists who believe men can have babies, the Earth and its climate are on fire, oil is evil and capitalism must be crushed.  West coast, East coast, Shitcago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, bah, blah, blah you get the picture. Whatever these brain dead unwashed progressive masses can’t directly accomplish by voting a hundred times, institutionalized fraud like Dominion will take up the slack to deliver. If it’s a really critical and important race; like one in which the out come determines the direction of a particular Senate majority, you can always count on the Rats to cheat or do whatever needs to be done to win it, hook or crook. Usually mostly crook. And they fucking get away with it every time because they practically own the judicial system & their crooked Media covers for them. More pretending.   

They insist on pretending even in the face of overwhelming contradictory questions. Like HOW is it possible for there to be 10-15% more votes cast in a county or precinct than there are actual registered voters? HOW can they guarantee any accuracy when voting machines are illegally connected to the internet? HOW is it that a sack of shit as sorry and vile as Joe Biden got a record number of votes? Eight million MORE votes than the ever popular holy chocolate messiah? HOW was Joe able to accomplish such a thing by hiding in his basement? Like I said, most Conservative who live outside of large blue Rat cities know exactly what’s going on in America. We’re not stupid, so if there are STUPID voters in America who are screwing it all up for everyone, they’re certainly not US.  

Of course, Democrats now run and manage the entire voting apparatus in America, so is it really any wonder how things always mysteriously turn out good for them, but rarely anyone else and certainly NOT for the country. WHEN did we turn that corner where democrats are in complete control of presidential debates? THEY are the only ones allowed to handle and count ballots on Election Day; and when Republicans demand accountability, we are locked out of the tabulation centers where they cover and block out the windows. AND WE TAKE IT! More pretending. Then there is all that dirty money flowing into Rat campaigns coming from only God knows where; Soros, Fuckerberg, dark money pools, commie PACs, unions, corporations, special interest lobbyists, CHINA! I thought there were campaign finance laws which were supposed to limit single donations amounts to something like $2500. You know, to stop corruption and money laundering. I guess that’s another set of rules which only apply to our side. Like everything else, they don’t care and never play by the same rules they hold to us. They just make it all up as they go along and do whatever the fuck they want. And WHY not? So far, nobody’s stopping them yet. It’s a fucking stacked deck all the time and you know it.

So most of a state may actually vote red, but the dead registered voters, fictitious voters, people who vote 100 times, imported entitlement slaves, clueless union dopes, Muslims and pet victim demographics, along with mail in ballots, voting machines that eat republican votes, voting machines that change red votes to blue, voting machines illegally connected to the internet, absentee voting, early voting, extended voting, delayed tabulation and final results, cheating, grift and payola are all hallmarks of the Blue Crew. You don’t really want to know how long all of this shit has been going on. Hint: however long you may think, it’s been happening for much LONGER.

Remember, without all of these dishonest and corrupt tactics, NO current democrat candidate could ever win any race on their own merit. They are all lying, hypocritical shit eaters who are outraged by the very mention of paper ballots, photo IDs and ONE Election Day instead of an entire month. You know, the way it to used to be which worked perfectly well. The ONLY way Democrats can win is by cheating. They can’t win unless they cheat! There, I SAID it! Prove me wrong! That’s not election denial, that’s an objective fact! If they really had any new ideas to solve issues and move the country forward constructively, they wouldn’t have to resort to cheating and fraud. If they really had anything to offer to make America great again they wouldn’t be cheaters!  Therein lies the rub: they don’t want a great, free or prosperous America. “Democracy” is their dog whistle word to counter anything and anyone who may challenge their wealth and power. They consider the rest of us as their free range tax slaves and hate our guts.

I keep thinking about easy ways we can negate most of this horseshit and level the playing field without having to rely on the worthless Uniparty because it’s already been clear as day for quite a long time that the Rats and The RINOS are actually opposition actors playing good cop, bad cop with the rest of us while in reality, they are both two sides of the same coin. NO, as much as they would love it, it’s fucking insane to go to the same group of people asking for a solution to the very problems they actually created. That’s only asking for more trouble. Nope, we’re completely on our own now. While this entire retched dilemma stinks to high Hell of shit and is  fraught all sorts of risks and pitfalls, the answer may be so incredibly simple I wonder why it’s never been suggested before. Well, the reason any successful remedy hasn’t been tried is because nothing terrorizes the Elite Political Klass as something that actually works. I mean, look at how completely committed to failure, chaos & destruction they have become. That’s because they find those qualities best serve their own interests which are mainly acquiring ever more money and power for themselves. That’s why. They aren’t about budge from the current status quo by relinquishing when conversely, the way the entire system is now set up & everything they do is designed to directly benefit them and whoever they anoint. Why would they? The rest of us schleps are supposed to keep our mouths shut, our noses clean and play our parts in perpetuating the illusion we still maintain some sort of voice and hand in how we manage our destiny thru our vote. Because if we don’t, this corrupt regime won’t think twice about throwing you or I in jail.

To be honest, our Republic has been hijacked and stolen by a bunch of career, chair warming, paper shuffling, thieves, frauds, liars, grifters, pedos, perverts and Media parrots who have NO personal sense of accountability. Almost everyone in government seems corrupt & compromised. Even the Supreme Court seems to be doing whatever they are told. This is NOT at all the constitutionally based constituent representational government our Founders designed. More fucking pretending. It’s not an accident nor coincidence how the country is being held down by one BAD policy decision being made after another. The only things marxists and communists are good at are losing and failure. BTW, that’s not a flaw or limitation of Communism, it’s THE feature. Under communism, everybody loses in order to assure equality in failure. Except of course the Elite who pull all the strings and run the entire show. They always seem do FINE for themselves. Go figure.

It’s all by design and has until recently has been put into effect over long periods of time as to not draw undue notice before the decisive moment of the cultural revolution. That’s why they call themselves “progressives.” They are always progressing their agenda and ideology forward.  Reduce inflation bills which actually increase inflation. Infrastructure bills which mysteriously never improve infrastructure; that money somehow finds its way to other people and places only to finally evaporate before the next “continuing resolution” or “omnibus” looter rape bill is proposed with another dumb shit name designed to fool the gullible into thinking the new money about to be stolen next will actually be used for what they say. That’s why we keep getting clusterfuck policies like a “border bill” which has absolutely no provisions to secure the southern border! Billions to Ukraine and billions to Israel although I won’t fault that because the Israelis are doing God’s work by eliminating thousands of radical, diperheaded, sandbox goatfuckers. Hey! What about our border? Right now, we don’t even have border and we all know it. Yet, these elected and appointed officials can stand in front of cameras and LIE to our faces as they tell us the border is secure. Keep pretending. These bastards make me so angry!  And unfortunately there are too many of them comfortable with this present culture of corruption and theft. 

Follow the money! What’s most galling is how these assholes have dropped us down a hole into 35 trillion dollars in debt; this, in addition to taxing us into oblivion at every possible turn. While the FED openly abuses the power of the Dollar as a world reserve currency printing trillions of pretend dollars every year for our elected stooges to piss away on their pet projects, donor paybacks, bribes and their holy grail, those off shore accounts. A great number of members of Congress owe back taxes while making shitloads of money on insider trading! They spend like drunken whores, and somehow, nothing really ever gets done, solved or improves. It’s not their money! They don’t care! WHY should the rest of us be forced to pay taxes when the Federal Reserve can just print any amount of money out of thin air for the political Elite Klass? Why won’t they let us keep ours? The debt is so large now it will never be completely paid off. All these clowns have done is turn future generations of Americans into debt and tax slaves. Who cares, so long as they got theirs, right?

Please excuse me whenever I get off topic because sometimes I get so pissed, I can barely write. The people in our government apparatus who are planted operatives working for Soros or the WEF do not do things honestly. Shitpants and his pretend 81 million votes already proved that. To Hell with these stupid cities controlling the rest of their states. I propose each county tabulate their own ballots starting the minute after the polls close. ID verified paper ballots only. A purple stain on everybody’s thumbs when they leave the precinct. Thumbprints on ballots to verify and confirm ownership. All ballots tabulated the SAME night and a clear winner announced; not this bullshit of waiting around for another month on bogus ballots which may or may not arrive from wherever. Fuck that.

I think a lot of people would feel pretty good having the current voting system simplified to a point where it could be trusted once again. Such reforms would go a long way on eliminating all the fraud and corruption which allow only a handful of larger blue cities to determine the political direction of the entire state. But that’s exactly WHY the Rats will oppose it at every opportunity; because with honest elections, the Democrat Party would eventually cease to exist. How’s that for some pretending? I’m taking about the prospect of real citizen justice and that’s got them nervous. God only knows what smoke screen, manufactured crisis they will churn out in October. Another scamdemic will be too obvious and a very hard sell. Oh they may try, but only the most dense of the Sheep will follow it this time around. The vast majority of Americans still clearly remember how our government and healthcare system conspired to kill as many of us as possible and they still haven’t really stopped. It may be something else like a nuked city somewhere, I don’t know. What I do know is if they pull anything which places me or mine in direct jeopardy, there’s going to be Hell to pay. Fuck em. Unfortunately, our America is currently infested with loathing communists at almost every level and position of power. To make America great again they all gotta go; totally removed and banned from any public sector job for life. I’m not pretending now. It really sucks the system has been abused so much that it’s no longer possible to fix this crapfest by voting or diplomacy; however, there are still other options and alternatives. I leave you this week to ponder what that fix may be.✪

Carry on as you were,

General Mossberg