Leftover Celebs & Washed Up Politicos Melt Down Over The Hot Summer

Say what you will about things like climate change and other societal ills. They give yesterday’s celebrities & political has beens a chance to feel young and relevant again



or example, does anyone remember Jamie Lee Curtis? If you are under the age of 50, chances are you have no idea who I am talking about. But she had a good run and should have been content to settle down in a beach house and paint, sculpt, adopt cats, or collect seashells. Instead, in an attempt to regain some modicum of public attention, she has created a graphic novel titled “Mother Nature.” She used the occasion of its debut at Comic-Con in San Diego to wax poetic about climate change. According to American Wire, her remarks included the following:

“We’re fucking the world. There is a possibility of change, but we’re going to have to do it. It’s happening today! We are the hottest we’ve ever been in this country this week. I mean, talk about good timing. Seriously, we couldn’t be talking about something more important. I don’t care what side you’re on,” she said. “It’s happening, and there are things we can do to ameliorate it and to try to stem the tide, excuse the pun. Shit is happening, and so it feels absolutely on point right now.”

Earnest? Yes. Eloquent? Hardly. Yes, this is a hot summer. It has happened before; it will happen again. Has the climate changed as a result of humanity? That argument can be made, but our shriekers, posers, and has-beens do not want to consider any data that might conflict with the message that they hold so near and dear to their hearts. And while we are at it, Ms. Curtis, what do you drive? Did you take a bus to Comic-Con, or were you driven in a luxury SUV? Or did you have a limo drop you off a block away from the venue so you could bicycle in to meet your adoring fans who, up until ten minutes before your arrival, may not have been able to pick you out of a police lineup?  How big is your house? How many homes do you have? Where and how often do you vacation? Would you mind giving us a look at your investment portfolio? Do you fly on Spirit Airlines or are you afforded the luxury of private jets? Are your clothing and home furnishings ethically sourced? Do you worry about having enough gas to get to work, or parceling out your earnings so that you may be able to have the luxuries of feeding your family, getting to work on time, and keeping the lights on? I didn’t think so.

We know that your invective was aimed at those eternal boogeymen, the denizens of the American Patriarchy. But have you dressed down the polluters in India? What about the strip mines in Africa that use children to mine the metals needed for solar panels EVs, and, may I add, your cell phone? As long as you are ranting, would you care to shake your fist at China, which is contributing far more in terms of pollutants than the U.S. and is sucking up every oil and gas opportunity denied to American companies? No? But why? Oh, that’s right, because, China. Gee whiz. After all that work you put in fighting Michael Myers, to think you would pick up a knife of your own. But I’m sure you sold some books and some autographs. So you’ve got that going for you.

Of course, no examination of angry Left-wing women would be complete without Hillary Rodham We-Got-Pigs-If-You’ll-Slop-‘Em Clinton. Everyone’s favorite presidential candidate took to Twitter (or is it “X” now?) to blame our hot summer on…


You get one guess…

Don’t disappoint me…

You can do this…

MAGA Republicans! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Ma Clinton wanted to make sure we knew who the real culprits are and posted the following:

I’m not going to go into the whole-global-cooling-became-global-warming-became-climate-change fiasco. Isn’t it enough that I lived through all that propaganda the first time around? You young conservatives will never know the price my generation paid back in the day. One of you owes me a drink. In fact, you all do.

Of course, Hillary “ain’t no ways tard”* of blaming MAGA Republicans for the fact that she didn’t get to prop her high heels up on the Resolute Desk for eight years. But can you blame her? It was her turn, after all. Oh, Hillary. You’re not going to get the 2024 nod. Even the Democrats just aren’t that into you anymore. Your time would be better spent going over Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs with a bottle of Wite-Out.

As American Wire pointed out, the Left was quick to blame the high temps on climate change. Thankfully, meteorologist Ryan Maue was there to provide some context:

Of course, the Left knows that climate change is a surefire way to keep young people on the Progressive Bus to Nowhere. And remember, the Left also blamed the last year’s fires in Yosemite on climate change. As it turned out, it was just a guy named Ed Wackerman.

But like herpes, the Left and the saga of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change will always be with us. The best we can hope to do is treat the symptoms. The infection is here to stay.✪


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