Another Happy New Year?

✪ Previously, the first few days immediately following any New Years BC (before covid) were usually filled with all the hopes and imaginings of the much brighter future that the New Year would bring. Everyone welcomed the end of the holiday season and looked forward to the fresh start of another Spring; there was just always a shared optimism about better times to come. Yeah, well that ain’t happening after all of the insanity we’ve experienced during the last fucking year! We all did our best by remaining cautiously optimistic throughout every day of the shit show, even with all of the monumental stupidity and mass formation psychosis hanging above our heads! Please congratulate yourselves for doing that. We persisted on to celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ despite all of the Left’s attempts to deny us of that. They despise Christmas because it’s a holiday which reaffirms all that is good about Human nature while commemorating the deliverance & eternal triumph of the individual spirit over the worldly forces of sin and evil. Two things Marxists really hate! This year, we sent the Left another big Merry Christmas FUCK YOU while they played Kwanza again with their candles and fruit. It felt great!

Still, the start of this New Year felt like being trapped 1000 feet underground in a cave without any fresh air where it’s almost pitch dark and uncomfortably quiet. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear water dripping slowly from somewhere off far away; and, see just enough light barely filtering in to remind you that somewhere there’s another completely different & unreachable world where children still play and the flowers bloom. The moldy smell of soured air & rotting dead tree roots amid the movement of the tiny creatures which live there in the dark. No doors, windows or any perceivable way out. Sorry, but that’s kind of how the start of 2022 felt to me: like we’ve been buried in some old abandoned sewer or catacomb by a cabal of Godless demons. Godless in their lust after absolute power and their willingness to destroy the entire nation in order to achieve it. These are the destroyers of our World who now live and breath among us. these are the pathological criminals who have salted our land with their fucked up failed ideology in order to further enrich themselves at our expense. Fuck them.

However, the bastards still cannot rob us of our memories of how life was in our United States before they came along to poison the World with their pestilent presence. Try as they may, they will never destroy our faith in God; nor will they ever succeed in regulating our private thoughts. Regardless of whatever they said or did last year, it is still our way of thinking and acting which terrorize these commie cowards the most; even more so than our pride, traditions and heritage. They know we are constantly thinking & plotting about how we are going to end them and their bullshit; once and for all. That’s what keeps them awake at night and makes them piss their pants the most; as it damned well should. Because they are no longer really Americans, they have no way of knowing what goes on inside of our heads while we bide our time with these assholes. They simply cannot comprehend nor fathom the resiliency of the pure American spirit. And that, dear readers is exactly why they envy & hate us so much.  

Since they aren’t like the rest of us and never will be, their only answer is to try and take everything away from us. They now openly call us fascists, racists, Nazis, homophobes, islamaphobes, white supremacists, domestic terrorists, blah, blah, blah. They’ve painted us with almost every label imaginable in vain attempts to discourage and tie us down with all sorts of their ridiculous bullshit laws, mandates, edicts and regulations when in truth, it is THEY who are the problem. STILL we have PERSISTED! Just think of all the covidian maskholes and vaxturbaters: we don’t want any part of their fucking insanity! We just want to be left the FUCK alone; to work our businesses, raise our families and enjoy our lives in peace and quiet without the fucking Government or their stooges butting in. That’s exactly the point, the ONLY point!

We still have what most of these poisoned sewage suckers do not; the experience of living in America when it was at it’s highest mark; before they came along with their self loathing insecurities and decided the only way forward was to tear down & destroy everything good, pure and worthwhile. To make everyone else’s lives as pathetically miserable and unhappy as theirs. They go to incredible lengths to hide their psychosis by disguising themselves as the great saviors of humanity. “What the fuck is wrong with you Nazi? Why won’t you wear a mask, take the jab or agree to live the rest of your life in a 10’ X 12’ cinderblock box eating roach protein paste to save the planet? Why won’t you agree to ‘have nothing and be happy?’ Why are you so fucking greedy and selfish, capitalistic dogs? Why don’t you caaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeee as much as we caaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeee?” In their world, there’s clearly only one answer, a “final solution:” you must be punished and eliminated for your obvious inability to ever be as intelligent and enlightened as they are. Kumbayah! 

It’s not my job, nor will I waste valuable time here going into the psychological mechanisms at work by which these wretched people have completely lost their souls and turned into the monsters who threaten all of us now. Most of it involves an intense hatred targeted against God by blaming him for all of the unhappiness they have created for themselves in their lives, along with years of drug abuse, an habitual insistence on denial of reality and allowing themselves to be tempted and influenced by the forces of ideological darkness which constantly roam the world looking for fresh meat like Jack the Ripper. If you’ve ever tried to have an intelligent conversation with one of these brainless worms, you already understand that’s an exercise in complete frustration and futility. Most have never developed or progressed past the emotional development of a four year old. They have NO clues as how to critically think or reason for themselves with either facts or the truth. They live in their own little safe space bubbles of hyperbolic emotion fed by the unreasonable demand the rest of the world and everyone else in it conform to their pigheaded viewpoints, or else! Thank you publik edukayshun! It’s like having to deal with brain damaged, retarded children. Every last leftist is doing what they’re doing out of some buried lust for revenge. They’re too fucking lazy and stupid to ever want to build themselves up, so their only other choice is to bring everyone down to their own level. The only thing you can really do with a rabid dog is put it down; however, I digress…

They won’t ever admit this to us or themselves, but are absolutely scared shitless of us and everything we stand for. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have that constant hard on for absolute control; and, like all selfish children, they want to see just how far they can take things to get what they want. They’re also blinded by believing in their own stupid fantasies. They actually believe a communist world government is the only way forward as the solution for all of the fucking problems they themselves are responsible for creating. Boy, are they ever in for a surprise! Whenever facts and truth become inconvenient and inconsistent with their version of reality, they simply replace those truths and facts with another version that better suits them. That explains why they believe socialism will finally work this time; and, why they keep doing the same stupid fucking things over and over while expecting different results. What’s that called again? Why they keep making the same fucking stupid mistakes. Yeah, that’s called insanity; I call it the Left. 

Listen, the very last thing I want to be here is a killjoy, but I think we’re probably in for another difficult year ahead. Things will continue to deteriorate because the Left is clearly losing; more and more people are turning them off. People are angry because the current demmunist regime is overreaching in such a way that they’re making new enemies everyday as they continue to lie to our faces while destroying the quality of life for everyone. And that’s staring to make everyone very nervous. Look at their poorly written middle school play called the “January Sixth Insurrection” they performed on Thursday. That Donkee Theatre of The Absurd isn’t intended for us because we know better. It was designed for consumption by the foamers, droolers, sheeple and loyal cult followers to gaslight them into accepting a contrived reality which really doesn’t exist. The rest of us who can still think for ourselves know it was all complete bullshit. Anyone with more than two connected neurons inside of their heads knows January 6th was an inside job, DOJ/FBI false flag operation planned to give the communists a reason to eliminate their political opponents. That means anybody who voted for President Trump. That means you & I. 

I understand this edition of Double Barrel may be less optimistic than usual, but I’m only trying to be a realist here. Stay on your toes and keep your eyes open this year because I fully expect them at some point to go for broke. They become more desperate with each passing day. Look for the next very large false flag event soon because their rona scam is failing fast; they’re running out of alphabet letters for new “variants” and everyone is just completely worn out from all of the bullshit. The change the Left fears the most is now almost upon them, so watch out for more squirrels. I’m not so much really worried as I am concerned. I’m still confident that real Americans are going to prevail regardless of whatever these Communists pull out of their asses. That’s called Faith and I still have it and so should you. Continue standing firm and hold the line against these marxist minions of Satan. Keep your powder dry, wait for that trumpet and keep zeroing in on the whites of their eyes. I know it’s frustrating and at times may seem like we’re just rolling over, but precise timing and the element of surprise are decisive factors in any form of warfare, mental or physical. We can’t know when or how that exact moment in History will actually arrive, only when it does. Hang on. Shit’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. ✪

Carry on with stalwart purpose and courage,

General Mossberg