BEN DOVER Memorial Open Thread

Welcome to Ben Dover’s Memorial Thread. This is a completely OPEN THREAD honoring Ben’s life and his contributions to this community. ALL are welcome to post here, including members & friends from other communities.

✪ Dave was a faithful Christian, father, son, husband, grandfather, business owner & conservative patriot who loved his family and country. He was also a good friend & an established regular member of this community. Until he became ill, he came here everyday to share his optimism, wit, humor, insight & opinion. ALL will be sadly missed. Dave also particularly enjoyed creating humorous political memes. I’ve known Dave online since 2015; and as many of us will probably agree, it just won’t be the same here without him. He was a reliable and authentic presence.

We all knew something was wrong when Dave went quiet for three months only to briefly reappear to post again from the hospital. Knowing how he loved so much to post, I knew he would be here if he possibly could; and since he wasn’t, that meant he couldn’t. And we were relieved when Dave & his family escaped harm & injury during last year’s hurricane. Many of us were hoping & praying Dave was just on the long road to recuperation & recovery, but now we see that was not God’s Will. That’s a real loss & very sad, because if there is anything the World needs now, it’s more Daves, not fewer.

May we find some comfort in the knowledge Dave is now free and no longer suffering in any pain; that he now rests in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. I’m sorry I never made it to Florida for that “Welcome to Florida BBQ Party” you offered to throw for me. If I may, I’d like to take a raincheck on it until we meet again. Thank you for making me laugh, think & cry. Thank you for being my very good friend, Dave.

Because Dave always kept his Disqus account open and never locked it, you may still visit his Disqus Account Profile page. I have unlocked and reactivated comments on the final TNA thread where he last posted. You may now scroll Dave’s comment history, steal his memes (he would be honored) and say goodbye or tell a joke by leaving him a reply with a little love on one of his last comments:

Dave’s Family has also set up an online obituary & memorial to his life @