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will be taking the next few days off to attend to a personal health matter which has finally reached a point where it demands attention and remedy. I prefer not to share specific details here because I do not wish to impose any unnecessary personal drama on this community. The ordeal of my move last Summer was more than enough. For those of you who are curious and wish to know more, please feel free to scroll the comments of last night’s Profiles. I’ll be around on this thread for another hour or two, and then I’m out.

During this time, there will be no new threads until I am able to return. My apologies , but unfortunately I am left with no other choice. My apologies also for any delays in responding to emails. I know I am very behind in my email replies and look forward to catching up with everyone hopefully some time later next week once I am on the rebound.

I also understand my current circumstances have required me to dramatically reduce my presence and involvement in the commenting forums. Specifically in the mornings during Muster and since my return from Vegas last month. Once again, my apologies. The truth is I have been feeling depleted and dragging in every area of my life for the past few months. I very much look forward to returning to my normal activity level.

In the meantime, let’s all take a brief respite from all the madness, stress and intensity to enjoy this completely open thread until I return. I’ll make my way back here at the first possible opportunity. Scout’s honor! Thank you for your understanding and your prayers are greatly appreciated. Take care.

God Bless always. 😊❤️🇺🇸