Biden Administration To Build John McCain Library With $83M In COVID ‘Public Health Emergency’ Money

Biden paid a visit to Arizona to claim that everyone who opposes him is a threat to democracy, to brag about encouraging former Senator McCain to cheat on his disabled first wife, and to announce $83 million in taxpayer money for the John McCain National Library...



he 80,000-square-foot library built on 22.5 acres at Arizona State University will archive all of McCain’s papers and claims, implausibly, that it will have over 100,000 visitors a year. Was there a quid pro quo in the McCain family backing Biden?

Politicians stealing taxpayer money to build useless monuments to each other’s vanity is nothing new, but what is unusual about this particular project is the source of the money for the John McCain Library.

The Biden Administration put out a press release announcing that the $83 million in federal funds for the McCain Library were being drawn from the American Rescue Plan’s Capital Projects Fund. The full name of the fund is actually the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund.

The Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund consisted of $10 billion that was supposed to “directly support recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency” in response “to the public health emergency.” Now nearly 1% of that original $10 billion is being used to build a non-presidential library that will somehow help us “recover” from the pandemic.

The John McCain Library is getting nearly as much CCF cash as the total given to tribal governments. It appears to be one of the largest single beneficiaries of the coronavirus emergency fund.

There is something appropriate in one career politician honoring another through a massive misappropriation of funds that were only allocated due to a national emergency. A politician’s library is not a response to a public health emergency. The Biden Administration’s justification for the massive misappropriation of funds is the claim that the John McCain Library will provide a space for health screenings and job fairs. There were far cheaper ways to provide a space for job fairs than an $83 million senatorial library. Arizona could host ten thousand job fairs for that kind of money and provide actual health resources to the people who really need them.

The $83 million in misappropriated coronavirus emergency money had nothing to do with a public health emergency and everything to do with an urgent political emergency.

Biden is underwater in the polls and the McCain family have become crucial allies against Republicans. The 2024 presidential candidate didn’t travel to Arizona to promote an $83 million space where someone might occasionally hold a job fair, but to use McCain to attack Republicans. In a speech with McCain family members and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who supervised the gubernatorial election that she claimed to have won, in attendance, Biden warned that Republicans represented an urgent threat to democracy.

In his ‘democracy’ speech, Biden claimed that, “democracy means rule of the people, not rule of monarchs, not rule of the monied, not rule of the mighty.” If that’s what democracy means, what does it mean when a career politician takes $83 million in public health emergency funding to build an institution honoring another career politician that is backing his unpopular campaign?

Does the John McCain Library represent the rule of the people or occasionally elected monarchs?

In what sort of ‘democracy’ do politicians lie and then misappropriate taxpayer money in this way? And what sort of democracy fails to hold them accountable for their corruption? These questions answer themselves.

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Biden’s speech made it clear that he values the John McCain Library primarily as a political institution. The McCain Institute’s donor list is already packed with leftist foundations, organizations and individuals like the Ford Foundation, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.

Not to mention dubious foreign donors like Saudi Arabia and Imaad Zuberi: a Pakistani Clinton Foundation donor sentenced to 12 years in prison for foreign lobbying.

Between the leftist donors and corporate donors like Amazon, BlackRock, Microsoft, SpaceX and Verizon, the McCain Institute ought to have enough money to build its own facilities, but the whole point of political influence is being able to leverage access to public money.

Politics is the business of trading public money for political support. The $83 million in coronavirus public health emergency response funding is politics in this most traditional form. Practicing this kind of politics requires subverting “democracy, free and fair elections” and the other virtues that Biden hailed in his valediction to McCain and attack on Republicans.

The public generally doesn’t like it when politicians steal their money, especially when it’s been allocated for an emergency, to trade to other political interests to shore up their candidacies. That is why the first business of politics is to suppress democracy and the public will.

Biden is widely unpopular and his poll numbers keep dropping. He’s unlikely to win a free and fair election, which is why he keeps claiming that his opponents are a threat to democracy. Such rhetoric has already been used by his government to censor political opponents. It’s now being used by his campaign to argue that voting for him is the only ‘democratic’ alternative. But if voting for one party is the only democratic alternative, then where’s the democracy?

Would the public approve of $83 million in public health emergency funding being used to build a library for a former senator? No more than they approve of most of his administration.

Biden wasn’t handing out that $83 million and delivering a speech about the importance of democracy to uphold it, but to undermine it. Faced with an unwinnable election, Biden is turning to Arizona as a model for his 2024 election strategy. The plan, there and everywhere, is to stigmatize his political opponents as dangerous extremists, to divide the GOP,  break off influential party interests, and encourage public officials to violate the law in managing the election and counting the votes by insisting that democracy will be destroyed if he loses.

This isn’t democracy: it’s an end-run around democracy. The majority of Democrats and Americans don’t want Biden back in office. The polls have been crystal clear about that. But Biden isn’t interested in what the majority of his party and his country think. He’s not betting on democracy, but on a political establishment that bridges party differences.

What do McCain and Biden really have in common? McCain spent 31 years in the Senate while Biden spent 36 years there. What they have in common isn’t democracy. Behind the lofty rhetoric ripped from hundreds of presidential speeches and reassembled by ChatGPT, Biden and McCain were career politicians who remained in office despite the public tiring of them.

In the year he died, only 20% of Republicans had a positive view of McCain while 68% had a negative one. Among voters in general, he was underwater 44% to 39%. Biden is even more comprehensively underwater than that. His rhetoric about democracy isn’t intended for ordinary people, it’s a call for the solidarity of elites under the guise of protecting democracy.

The $83 million in coronavirus recovery funding allocated to the John McCain Library shows why Biden, like McCain, feared democracy and chose oligarchy over listening to the people.

The real threat to democracy comes from established political interests subverting elections and the multi-trillion budgets they pass and then distribute shows how they subvert America. ✪


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