Bill Gates And Others Are Behind A Massive Deforestation Scheme: All To Stop ‘Climate Change,’ Of Course

The plan involves deforestation and the destruction of approximately seven million acres of trees; 110,000 square miles. The land surface area equivalent of the entire State Of Nevada…



n a startling revelation, investigative reporter Joshua Philipp of Epoch TV’s Crossroads program has unveiled a disturbing alliance between billionaire Bill Gates and a group of undisclosed investors. This shadowy coalition has funneled a staggering $6.6 million into the coffers of a California startup known as Kodama Systems, championing a “novel” approach to the ever-controversial net-zero agenda.

Among the enigmatic backers lurks a figure by the name of Jackie Kossman, a partner at Congruent Ventures, an investment firm nestled in the heart of San Francisco. What makes her involvement intriguing, if not alarming, is her prior association with In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm intrinsically tied to U.S. government intelligence agencies, most notably the CIA.

Now, what diabolical plot is Kodama Systems hatching, you might ask? Brace yourselves for this shocking revelation: they intend to deforest a jaw-dropping seventy million acres, equivalent to roughly 110,000 square miles of our precious woodlands, in collusion with the U.S. Forest Service. To put this into perspective, that’s an area as vast as the entire state of Nevada! What’s even more astonishing is their intention to squander this invaluable timber rather than addressing the current housing crisis or the exorbitant lumber prices, purportedly driven by supply and demand imbalances and supply chain disruptions.

According to Philipp, this audacious endeavor aims to obliterate “1 billion tons of bone-dried biomass.” However, a nagging question lingers: Are they also targeting living trees? An unsettling report from the MIT Technology Review, another institution with unsettling ties, echoes concerns raised by experts in the field. Decades of aggressive fire suppression policies have led to densely overgrown forests in the U.S., exacerbating the risk of catastrophic wildfires when they inevitably strike.

The implications of this collusion between Gates, Kossman, and Kodama Systems are ominous, raising questions about their true motives and the ecological consequences of such a massive deforestation effort.

We’re being held hostage by “green” megalomaniacs with man boobs and CIA-linked eco-terrorists.

So exactly what does Kodama Systems have in mind?  Well, the company is launching efforts to deforest about seventy million acres, or around 110,000 square miles of trees, and then bury the biomass, all with the help of the U.S. Forest Service.  

Yes, really, they’re going to waste the wood instead of turning it into lumber, despite there apparently being a “housing crisis” with not enough homes on the market, and despite sky-high lumber prices, allegedly due to supply and demand and supply chain issues.  Watch a clip from Philipp below:

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As Philipp states, the initiative would remove “1 billion tons of bone-dried biomass,” but I have to wonder if they intend to ax live trees, too.  From the MIT Technology Review, another CIA-linked institution, reporting on the deforestations plans:

Forest experts have long warned that decades of overly aggressive fire suppression policies in the US have produced dense, overgrown forests that significantly increase the risk of major conflagrations when wildfires inevitably occur.

Of course, my initial reaction is one of supreme annoyance at the admission that “overly aggressive fire suppression policies” were actually destructive to the environment, rather than helpful.  Anyone with a functioning brain could have told you, with complete confidence, that when a bureaucracy, or twiddling-their-thumbs unconstitutionally minded legislators, develops policy, the “solution” is going to be worse than the “problem.”  The government has a “Midas Touch” of sorts, although everything it touches turns to dung instead of gold — not such a good deal for us, the citizenry.

The obvious reality is that at some point, “scientists” and “experts” promised there was a problem and the solution was “fire suppression” policies.  Things went from copacetic to imbalanced — they created a problem where one didn’t exist!  Now “scientists” and “experts” are saying we need to chop down trees and bury them? These ideas are becoming more and more ludicrous by the minute.  It took me all of 0.41 seconds to find a litany of pro–climate change sources highlighting the importance of “deadwood” in the health of forests and the ecosystem as a whole…so we should strip it all away?  Start the clock, because it’s only a matter of time before MIT publishes another article touting some “novel” idea to fix the “overly aggressive carbon reduction policies” of 2023.

I also have to ask, how do these geniuses plan to chop down 110,000 square miles of trees, and move enough dirt required to entomb trees that, for comparison, would blanket the entire state of Nevada?  Here’s another reference: the Empire State Building weighs 365,000 tons (and remember that the initiative plans to remove 1 billion tons), so this is roughly the equivalent is 2,740 Empire State Buildings.

Obviously, they’ll need heavy machinery, and a lot of it.  How much diesel will they burn to complete the project?  (Now, I personally don’t believe that humanity’s use of petroleum products is creating an existential threat, but these clowns do, so how do they justify it?)

If the “need” to “offset” carbon were actually a real problem, this would be the exact wrong way to do it.  Remove the carbon consumers to fight “too much” carbon.  Make it make sense.

Just like how socialism is still socialism even when “democratic” comes before it, green tyranny is still…tyranny. ✪


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