Bill Gates Claims The ‘Exclusive Rights’ Patent On Humanity

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Fauci’s frontline mentor Bill Gates has much to offer if you’re looking for a little comic relief from the drudgery of everyday life in a soiled America. With loving encouragement from Klaus Schwab’s faux brainchild, Yuval Noah Harari, Gates has assigned himself to take the place of the Creator himself. His message is simple: “I am the savior of the world.”


Of course, unlike God the Creator, who spoke the world into existence, the Microsoft mastermind needs a little help to correct the inherent flaws of God Almighty, like creating a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” scheme. The Disney movie was pure comic science fiction, but Gates’s comedy lies in his belief that he can actually impose his evil and deluded plan upon all his servile human fellows, whom he believes obviously have not the mental capacity to thwart his agenda.

Fully supported by the World Health Organization, Lord Gates plans to save the planet from its mortal consumers through… why, GMOs, of course. How possibly will this self-acclaimed humanitarian dehumanize us? He has already taken step one: reduce the population by striving to inject every living corpse with a substance called a vaccine. Step two, computerize them to become more bio-environmentally friendly in every way possible. Step three, capitalize on existing technology to modify humans and reduce their ecology-crippling footprint. How noble.

Saving the world is no easy task. Therefore, other specialized minds like Matthew Liao, an NYU global public health bioethicist, was consulted. Only his genius could devise a three-prong plan to rescue mankind from himself. His “science” is truly mind-boggling! First, shrink the physical size of humans by injecting children with growth-hormone blockers. Second, implant into the uterus only fertilized eggs that have been genetically screened for short stature and small size. (Tall people consume so much more of the world’s food than dwarfs.) Then nurture the new little creations by making them allergic to naturally-produced meats. Get them to eat Bill Gates’s own lab-synthesized meat that can be produced from one’s own skin cells. Auto-cannibalism will be the new fad!

The next step is to focus on the ovary-bearing humanoids who actually bear children. We used to call them females. Increase their intelligence with “smart” drugs like stimulants because smart people have fewer children. Who knows, it may even work on trans males also. In actuality, amphetamine-derived medications do nothing to increase intelligence. But it’s still an ingenious plan — if you have a penchant for dark humor.

Let’s stop there. The fact is, if turning us all into cute midget cybertrons is the best they can do, these self-perceived thinking giants must be under the influence of their own neuronal blockers. Or they just aren’t very smart. I don’t want to give them any more ideas, but such brainstorming in the field of blighted science suggests they must be injecting themselves transcranially with Botox. That’s about the only thing that could account for this type of pathetic pseudoscience. These people are a self-contained New World Order comedy act.

What lacks all semblance of humor, however, is the fact that they even dare to conjure up such cyborg delusions and believe they can implement them unhindered as if they themselves are the only beings possessing any importance above the level of a lab rat. Imagine what grim avenues they would pursue if only given half a chance. Actually, don’t imagine it; look what Gates has already done. See what evil a spoiled little eugenics lover can do with dangerous and expensive toys.

Bill Gates is a twisted sociopath who himself is enslaved to the demons of Megiddo. He is fit for a lifelong psychiatric observation unit.

What makes him so dangerous? Wealth.

Gates can buy off anyone he wants. Well, almost anyone. But exactly how does any human being get to patent the computerization of human bodies in the first place? International law says nothing in nature shall be patented. That’s what clued us into the bioterrorism goals of the patented SARS-CoV-2 virus. It was genetically manipulated, not a natural-existing virus. The eugenics whips obviously have concluded that all Covid-injected people are now biosynthetic humanoids since they now harbor patented genetic material.

Does Bill Gates actually believe he can now claim ownership of other humans that he intends to further genetically manipulate? It’s a far stretch. Take any perspective you wish, but even if this were possible, would we ever allow it? That question takes us a little deeper into the globalists’ minds. Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari have already answered the question: “You won’t have a choice.” According to their thinking, what say has a lab rat in its own destiny? What rights have “hackable animals?”

Before we decide to discard this mad science into the cognitive circular file, we might just want to pause and think this through. If we look at the evil traits shared by all eugenics advocates, globalists, climate change fanatics, Communists, and all dictators, we find a strong common thread. They all deem individual rights to be insignificant. Every human is expendable and of no intrinsic value. Therefore every person is but a commodity, something to be managed, manipulated, and used for any desired “higher” purpose.

This is precisely why we must do all in our power to stop the tyranny that now is successfully killing off a large number of the human population. It’s also the primary reason we must return to the Bible and restore real Christianity to America. Drifting apart from the Christian God — the one, true God — is ultimately a death sentence. God says very clearly that those who reject God’s truth will be deceived, will be judged, and will perish under a deluding influence from God Himself. Evildoers choose their own tragic destinies. They will have no second chance for redemption, nor will their followers. But prior to their demise, they will cause much human suffering. Which is the greater misfortune?

If we want a reprieve from the works of those who are dancing with the demons, let’s begin by comforting and strengthening our hearts in every good work and word that we see and hear — in all that comes from God. Some of us have prayed to God, repented from our own arrogance and indifference, and humbled ourselves to follow God and speak as His ambassadors. Could this possibly be why Elon Musk has suddenly come forth to expose the evil that shames our nation? Is it God answering our prayers? I don’t know. But I do know we have the power to overcome evil with good.

Opposing an enterprise that dehumanizes people to the point of poisoning, enslaving, dehumanizing, and annihilating them is a necessary act of kindness that we mustn’t ignore. Let us not fail to recognize the woeful violence that is being perpetrated against innocent people every day.

Fauci and Gates have already killed millions with lethal injections. The World Economic Forum believes they can exterminate much of the world population, just as the Democrats believed they could steal an election. Their confidence grows daily because we give them free reign. While no human realistically can be patented or their brains unwillingly hijacked, the harm that these satanic allies can accomplish is already manifest throughout history. It is real.

Let us not be so self-important as to think we needn’t do our part to shape history. Let us not consider ourselves helpless and weak in the face of evil. And, above all, may we never forget the Lord God whom we serve; and let us serve with passion. We must never believe the greatest of all lies, that evil can conquer good. But the fruits of a good heart are revealed only through actions of righteousness against the forces of darkness.

With the start of a new year, might we newly resolve to be the light and salt of the earth. The plight of all humanity is this: let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. Maybe we should patent this as an exclusive right of every human. May Bill Gates be accursed! ✪


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